Ghislaine Maxwell profile: who is the British socialite associated with Jeffrey Epstein?

She’s the socialite who was a big name in American and British high society for decades, hosting glamorous dinner parties and hanging out powerful people.


But did Ghislaine Maxwell use her connections to facilitate Jeffrey Epstein's crimes?

In this video, we look at the life of the youngest daughter of media baron Robert Maxwell and what led to her becoming associated with Epstein.


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100+ comentarios:

If you’re low class and jobless you are unemployed.
If you are high class and jobless you’re a “socialite”.
P J:
Don't worry. In America, the rich and elite are innocent until proven innocent.
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Rising:
Her Dad was a scumbag also. The Apple did not fall far from the tree.
Gina Hamlyn
Gina Hamlyn:
Father and daughter both sociopaths.
Dan Didnot
Dan Didnot:
The fact they are calling her a socialite just shows how normal it is to the scum that control us
British Socialite
More Like
Evil Pimp
Joanna Path
Joanna Path:
She was her father's 'favorite girl' of all 9 kids, and wouldn't let her boyfriends around her? He definitely abused her, and she in turn learned that behavior and passed it on
Lower class + jobless = Unemployed
High class + jobless = Socialite
Orwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse
Orwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse:
I'm taking bets on how long until Ghisi has an "accident".
Protests should be against people like this
Pauli M
Pauli M:
She didn't evade the FBI for a year, they were monitoring her.
We found Maxwell “Tucked Away” at Tucked Away. These people man straight up laughing at all of us. Where’s that mugshot
Mat Broomfield
Mat Broomfield:
She didn't "evade the FBI" ffs. She was living discreetly. They were aware of her location the entire time.
Byron Cudworth
Byron Cudworth:
Both Ghislaine and her dad worked for Mossad it's more important to see who she doesn't flip on.
yetanother retroreview
yetanother retroreview:
She is a monster like the rest of them.
J Bagger
J Bagger:
Ghislaine Maxwell profile: who is the British child trafficker associated with Jeffrey Epstein?
Why are these people never referred to by the mainstream media as paedophiles? That's what they are but its always watered down by 'underage'. Scandalous
Z Johnston
Z Johnston:
Wow a mainstream channel that didn't go along with the Epstein killed himself. Simply said he was found dead. Well done Ch4!!
Denis Brennan
Denis Brennan:
She said her father was "inspiring" . Is that some code for being a rogue and criminal ripping off his workers pension funds. That's a great "inspiration" for her!!!
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso:
I just want to know how and why the British people aren’t demanding for answers....why aren’t you at the doorsteps with pitchforks? The royal family is literally protecting a pedophile
Alexandra Metcalf
Alexandra Metcalf:
I don't think anything will come of this. She's far too rich and powerful with friends in the highest places. Hope I'm wrong.
Jennifer Cartwright
Jennifer Cartwright:
They'll be a whole heap of people sweating right now knowing the info this woman will be handing over. Prince Andrew will now know how to sweat again (if you watched the Prince Andrew interview, then you'll understand what I mean)
one is suddenly sweating
Mike Rempel
Mike Rempel:
Everybody knows that Jeffrey was killed in jail by powerful people in government and associates that want to keep things quiet. After seeing the proof of your corrupt government, demand a total rehaul of your government. Toss everybody out and start fresh with people that are honest and have morals.
Gabor Persotzi
Gabor Persotzi:
Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself
Lee Boriack
Lee Boriack:
Media is silent about no pics / mug shots of Ghislain's arrest? How do we know if there is a Ghislain double in prison?
Craig Hall
Craig Hall:
She's the royal familys pet
brad fiser
brad fiser:
She'll make a deal by giving up some politicians , and later write a book and make millions
Catherine Patterson
Catherine Patterson:
Furthermore, G. Maxwell is controlled by the Mossad, as is Les Wexner. The Maxwell family has made their money by theft and blackmail, period.
K S:
I don’t think she’ll spill. I’d be surprised.
Robbie Craughwell
Robbie Craughwell:
The secret service of both England and America have known of her where abouts from day one, Be in no doubt about that! SHE has now been brought in from the cold, lucky for far.
Beatle Stories
Beatle Stories:
Prince Andrew should be afraid
It’s way more than just these 2, they need to go ahead and get all of them. They seem to only talk about these 2 at the moment for some odd reason.
According to Maria Farmer, one of Epstein’s victims, the FBI actually protected both Epstein and Maxwell from prosecution because they were intelligence assets; the FBI went so far as to hang up on victims and deny their claims.
My Way
My Way:
She now a liability and will be Epstein’d
Sam Lutfi
Sam Lutfi:
Why is the Mossad involved in so many shady crimes
the only thing missing in maxwell case is the idea that she killed young women and bathe in their blood. what an evil witch
How did so many come from nothing in Eastern Europe yet manage to buy media groups....not long after? Who backed them with start up money to the tune of £millions or were they simply fronts for the Zionist mafia?
Js Comp
Js Comp:
Not one photo of his drowned body
Chelle Keeton
Chelle Keeton:
Being a British Socialite should have zero effect on her treatment in the American Justice System.
mimi chan
mimi chan:
Hmmmm so her dad helped Israelis invade Palestine? Wow I guess evil runs in their blood
mayfield norris
mayfield norris:
I wonder when they will defrost her body and put it in the cell?
soraya tebbani
soraya tebbani:
where is her mug shot ?!
pam b
pam b:
if any single ladies are dating and watching this, stay away from greg prenatt of kenmore, ny. he's got the same desires as epstein, but not the billions of dollars.
Dom R
Dom R:
Get your facts straight!! R Maxwell wasn’t part of the Czech resistance in 1949 (been proven false already). They had no resistance then as Hitler and the German military weren’t in Czechoslovakia at that time, your regurgitating what he said without Czeching (pun intended )
Lindsey Craig
Lindsey Craig:
Epstein had videos of everything why aren’t they using those?!
John Does
John Does:
Lot of these connections can’t sleep anymore fearing she gonna drop some names !
Ken Powers
Ken Powers:
Why doesn't 60 Minutes Australia not allow comments on Youtube, like Channel 4 does?
IGYB Productions
IGYB Productions:
She didn't avoid the FBI. They had survalliance on her the whole time you liar. Quit hyping stuff up for a story, you look like a fool.
Dennis Menace
Dennis Menace:
she’s a dead woman walking
chomp chomp
chomp chomp:
her name is damaged forever now.
I have heard the prosecutor had trouble spelling her name: Ghislaine or Gyslane. At the end they settled on “Jizzlane” and everyone was happy...
Fire Starter
Fire Starter:
Now that it is confirmed of Andrew being on Epstein secret tapes the establishment must stop pretending that everything is going to be alright and do something that will send a clear message to the UK public and the world including the woman whom have Beene most effected by this Andrews behaviour and most disgusting behaviour that we do not tolerate or want our generation and the next... To dean okay we want a clear message remove his land holdings and title have him taken from line of succession and most of all MAKE HIM acutely cooperate no matter what crimes he can later be charged for his heinous acts should not and will not be tolerated....These smart tactics lawyering are not going
To help him in the long run this time the truth will come out and it’s would be most gracious if Andrew make an confessions full and COOPERATE...
Js Comp
Js Comp:
Any proof of their death in Holocaust?
Tara Satterfield
Tara Satterfield:
“But transgressors will all be eliminated; the future of the wicked will be destroyed.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:38‬ ‭HCSB‬‬
Pamela Cook
Pamela Cook:
I've heard she had a weird relationship with her daddy. Maybe that's why she felt what she was doing was normal..
Remember, Robert Maxwell worked for the Mossad. He was buried on the Mt Of Olives.
How will the elite escape ? Stay tuned
The Scoop!
The Scoop!:
And to think that 15 years ago this story of the Lolita Express was a conspiracy theory.
Gabriel Afonso
Gabriel Afonso:
Ghislaine and possibly Epstein were spies for Israel. And they did a damn good job
Cliff Warden
Cliff Warden:
You would think that a man like Bob Maxwell, with his fortune, could invest in a wardrobe consultant, and maybe a plastic surgeon, to avoid being the doppelganger of Shemp Howard.
is the background music necessary?
Ken Underwood
Ken Underwood:
10:10 Epstein didn't even go to prison. It was a major let-off.
Rickie Lindemann
Rickie Lindemann:
What we are witnessing right now are the dying breaths of the deep state responsible for over a century of embedded corruption, that has been slowly destroying our Republic from the inside. Their mass crimes against children are but a small piece of a much bigger picture, but it is what will ultimately be their downfall. But keep in mind, they need us divided and distracted. They want race wars. They want class wars. They want religious wars. They want political wars. They want censorship, blind obedience, and self annihilation - and their media hounds will properly see to it. But this isn’t about black vs white, Republican vs Democrat, Conservative vs Liberal - it is We The People united against the one Cabal who have freed themselves but enslaved the people. Stay strong, and stay together.
Maxwell: Socialite
Me: Unemployed
Bea Six
Bea Six:
Her father owned british msm and was a mossad agent.
Giuseppe Nuzzaci
Giuseppe Nuzzaci:
she care more for the océan but consider the people like a plastic in her world
Gunter Braunkinder
Gunter Braunkinder:
There are so many "Jeffrey Epstein" everywhere, unfortunately, they don't have that money to realize it, Epstein does.
greg finn
greg finn:
Damn! Her mother looks Iike a dude.
Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver:
Her dad ripped off the workers. She and her brothers are still rich.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
She didn't "evade the FBI" ffs. She was living discreetly. They were aware of her location the entire time.
Catherine Patterson
Catherine Patterson:
He was after the PENSIONS OF THE TRUE and upright employees, period.
Alfred Ellis
Alfred Ellis:
I hope they make her sing like a bird
General Omar Bradley
General Omar Bradley:
U failed to mention that Epstein was a Mossad asset who had a big operation and Maxwell’s involvement with Mossad as well.
Connie Kimble
Connie Kimble:
Amazing to me how people of her ilk, (and there are MANY of them) can so easily lie.
Louise Harrell
Louise Harrell:

ඔව්මම ගුටි කයි ඔව් ඔව් ඔව්
betty boop
betty boop:
Oh for heaven's sake, old Maxwell wanted Ghislaine to marry JFK Jr.? That has got to be hubris and egomania in itself. What is wrong with some egos. If it wasn't so tragic, it would be hilarious. 😶
Sloane DeRothschild
Sloane DeRothschild:
Her, Chrissy Teigan & Hillary Clinton are set to appear on the Real Housewives of Guantanamo Bay, cant wait!!!
misty heyen
misty heyen:
She almost looks like a man her father has many models men go butts over. Victoria secret that are transgendars
Brum Man
Brum Man:
Imagine being a reporter on the Epstein case. You can show us everything under the sun about it but surely they know it won’t catch the attention of the public as much as it should.
Ahhh shame she didnt get Bail and has to stay locked up for a year in a tough jail her father was a Vile man and a Gangster
Funky Doolittle
Funky Doolittle:
like father like daughter
Truly?! She's part of an elite who believes themselves to be above the law, because they are.
She's trying to claim to be a victim? G Maxwell was the devious brains of the crimes, and J Epstein was her stooge.
Shine Bright
Shine Bright:
He’s not dead. It’s too “convenient” he has enough money to go to another private island with the rest of the people who can afford to run away from the public eye
Logan Cruz
Logan Cruz:
“I wish her well. ... Let them [Department of Justice] prove somebody was guilty - trump
Illuminati Devils love Children so Mutch!!... I hope you All Will be in prison son..?
Charles Kristiansson
Charles Kristiansson:
She's her father's daughter - a cheap crook....
Yevi Shenko
Yevi Shenko:
What a cunch of bunts!
The money and power was more important. Just like her Dad
Anabela Da Guerra
Anabela Da Guerra:
and the show goes on....she met Andrew in 1999 so he's out of 'the picture' for this court case along with others mentioned in this video, funny how this works and people think something is going to come out of it, plus. we watch the same story being told over and over with no real evidence that she's even in jail :))) another phantom in the opera my friends.
T Go
T Go:
This whole thing is so messed up and sick! If she is truly a victim I pray she will prove it by releasing ALL information about the sick people that utilized Epstein to feed their sick desires. If EPSTEIN was a tool used by our Govt to blackmail various influential people then this information MUST come out!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi:
She didn't evade the FBI for a year, they were monitoring her.
Dead man(Epstein)tell no tales
She plays the victim And gets off easy.
3:29..... can anyone confirm that`s *Elton John* on Maxwell`s right ? 🤔
cottonwood tree
cottonwood tree:
the FBI of course did not think of questioning her brother who hired a x military guy as a bodyguard to protect her in New Hampshire. In real life he would have commited a crime and also be charged.
The name of the crime you committed would vary from state to state, but
yes you could be prosecuted for it in pretty much every US
jurisdiction. you'd probably charged as an
accomplice or for hendering apprehension or prosecution. In either
case, your sentence could be as serious (or almost as serious) as the
actual killer’s.
rafael albizu
rafael albizu:
He (the father) was an appropiator,
socialite for "thief"
Such the wood, such the splint
Normie death squad
Normie death squad:
Yiddle me this: you got the last one so let's pick up the pace, who pretends to be white but never reveals their race?
Becky Buttdumpling
Becky Buttdumpling:
It was an Intelligence operation but y'all leave that out.