Gigi Hadid Gives Jimmy the Only Men's Pair of Her EyeLoveMore Mules

Gigi Hadid chats with Jimmy about her obsession with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, being Glamour's Woman of the Year and using her Stewart Weitzman shoe lines, the EyeLove and EyeLoveMore, to build new schools in Guatemala, Ghana and Laos.

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Gigi Hadid Gives Jimmy the Only Men's Pair of Her EyeLoveMore Mules

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100+ comentarios:

Damla Bahri
Damla Bahri:
**Jimmy gives Gigi a burger**
Yolanda: 👁👄👁
ftmeh Bgdli
ftmeh Bgdli:
When Kobe just passed away and I cannot believe it 💔
Serdar Durak
Serdar Durak:
R.I.P to legend "KOBE BRYANT" :( :(
Zayn, you lucky bastard.
Valeria Gonzalez
Valeria Gonzalez:
Here after her pregnancy announcement!! Obsessed with her.
gigi is one lucky person.
i mean like- she's a super successful supermodel, has ZAYN MALIK AND HIS BABY AND HIS HEART AND HIS FAMILY'S AND EVERY DIRECTIONER'S
ayesha farooq
ayesha farooq:
her dress is so pretty i can’t😭
Mohammad Zaid
Mohammad Zaid:
My favourite line was -she used the word "Palestinian" on a global platform
Mike Reed
Mike Reed:
Love that she mentions Palestine a lot. Respect!
sweetheart fernandez
sweetheart fernandez:
she is so beautiful
Sanjana Manjunatha
Sanjana Manjunatha:
And now we’re here where she is gonna have a baby with Zayn!💛💜
Brooklyn Burns
Brooklyn Burns:
I can’t imagine how sad Gigi must of been when Kobe died. She was such a big fan.🥺
Love Yourself
Love Yourself:
It’s nice to have famous people who don’t use there fame and money for themselves and are not total idiots thank you 😊
If she were on Ellen, everyone would get a pair. She's so kind
kamar sofie
kamar sofie:
2 years later:
Kobe passed away💔
Gigi is pregnant💜
In every interview her voice is shaking. She is adorable
Diya J Marar
Diya J Marar:
Anyone here after she's a mom??!!
That baby just won the genetic lottery ❤️
Bidisha Deka
Bidisha Deka:
Gigi looks smart, talks smart, jokes smart, i love herr
Sam Aarons
Sam Aarons:
“are your toes warm?” “yeah they’re really TOE-sty” never ignore a good pun
Lea Arlene Natividad
Lea Arlene Natividad:
She's so happy and excited when he presented it. She's so nice!
Leslie Lidot
Leslie Lidot:
She’s so tall thinking she’s not wearing any heels at all! 😱
Your Blythe
Your Blythe:
After she announced her pregnancy. I started obsessing with her. I’m even glad that I have my nickname same as her name, Gigi♥️
Glori_ Td
Glori_ Td:
4:01 she is so excited to se a burger 😭❤️
Omg I Love her
J Mikhael
J Mikhael:
Full support and everlasting love to Palestine 🇵🇸❤💕
White people when Gigi said her dad was Palestinian: 👁👄👁
She was so happy to eat the burger
Rameez Qureshi
Rameez Qureshi:
Gigi is beautiful like any other Palestinian ♥
Nafeez Ahamed
Nafeez Ahamed:
I just noticed something Gigi Hadid and Dixie damilo vice sounds actually the same
Nikki King
Nikki King:
Her body language and voice show how anxious she is people should stop hating on her. You would probably be anxious too sitting there on live tv in front of an audience
Ilam Kettani
Ilam Kettani:
When 3 years later the woman of the year is Charlie d’amelio ( it’s literally not hating, just saying it we never know )
Kelli Kocha
Kelli Kocha:
I love that she mentioned being Palestinian
Daisy デイセロン
Daisy デイセロン:
I don't think that's a real burger. That's probably a vegan burger
James Glimco
James Glimco:
I didn’t expect Gigi’s voice to be that deep
Isabel Torres
Isabel Torres:
I love how happy she gets when jimmy says that he has a couple pairs in his size.
Sleeping Lion
Sleeping Lion:
Wow!! Every time I think I've seen the hottest woman, someone like Gigi hadid pops up
Andrew Kaumba
Andrew Kaumba:
She talks like she is crying and I love it.
R.i.p kobe 😭💔
Daniel Elumba
Daniel Elumba:
shes getting better at talking! her voice shakes less
Ella es hermosa, pero los zapatos no haha
TheBlogger 7
TheBlogger 7:
Love when she mentions Palestine🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
Fatima Mahboob
Fatima Mahboob:
" *my mom is gonna be so proud of me that im putting napkin on my lap* "
But your mom is gonna be angry at you because you ate that burger
Ruth Salas
Ruth Salas:
Gigi is such a beautifull person in the outside and inside 🥺
Miah Meshel
Miah Meshel:
she’s wearing flats and still looks suuuuper tall dannnnggg 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sudeep bhurat
Sudeep bhurat:
Gigi has a new shoe line :ok let's promote it
Zayn :had a new album no promotion not even a single interview if we promoted icarus falls it would have sold millions of copies
Zayn please promote z3 plz
Mohd Monawar
Mohd Monawar:
RIP legend...Kobe😭💕😭😭
دونالد ترامب
دونالد ترامب:
Palestinian women always beautiful
This is LITERALLY cultural appropriation! These are Moroccan Babouche (traditional shoes) 🇲🇦
Penguin TV
Penguin TV:
She is a beautiful girl ❤She visited Bangladesh 🇧🇩She is wonderful
Ms. Bu tter
Ms. Bu tter:
she is so beautiful in her dress 💜
Like an 👼
Damien Cooper
Damien Cooper:
She is so beautiful 🥺
Prabhat Satpathi
Prabhat Satpathi:
I like every actor and couples of America.
how can anyone not like her? she's so loveable and down to earth ❤
Dena P
Dena P:
She looks so much like her mother.
Shahin Sharaf
Shahin Sharaf:
"He was 7 and......." Jimmy that hurt!!!
Mexican little guy
Mexican little guy:
She is one of my favourite celebrities.
Alexis Pasos
Alexis Pasos:
For those of you commenting about her voice. It’s actually her anxiety that she mentioned in an interview. If you hear her lives on Instagram or old Snapchat’s, it’s not actually that shaky :)
Micko Micks
Micko Micks:
gigi have more masculine voice than zayn
Sandra Pacardo
Sandra Pacardo:
I love Gigi's voice it's so simple
Usama Muhammad Ismail
Usama Muhammad Ismail:
0:56 Fun Fact: Jimmy is still barely a comedian.
She is truly stunning
She seems so cool, down to earth and grateful.
Pra -theek
Pra -theek:
They both eat hamburgers
People : let’s cheer them
هبة hiba
هبة hiba:
Love her ❤
Anita Virginillo
Anita Virginillo:
Have a veggie burger, save a cow <3
She’s very gorgeous and talented
Divyanshu's sarcasm
Divyanshu's sarcasm:
Never seen soooooooo much beauty than you gigi
I ❤️ you
I wonder how Yolanda will react after Gigi eat a burger 😂
Rhiona Daffodil
Rhiona Daffodil:
Classy gorgeous and has a commanding voice!
Ei missing Elsa
Ei missing Elsa:
so adorable❤️
iggy rap
iggy rap:
This is the first time I'm hearing her voice and I wasn't expecting this
DIY Projects
DIY Projects:
3:18 her response is everything 😂
TJ Maxx
TJ Maxx:
Beauty and respect for humanity 👍🙏🏻
Rosie Rose
Rosie Rose:
Who else is watching in 2020 and missing Kobe ;-;
IG: JosesMindofLava
IG: JosesMindofLava:
Thank you Jimmy, you tried
ammu kutti
ammu kutti:
Omg she's so tall😍😍😍
Katie Kurylo
Katie Kurylo:
She's beautiful, yet humble and doing great things.
I feel like Kendall adapted Gigi's voice
She's so chill
Cataleen Wright
Cataleen Wright:
I love the impact that buying the shoes have on other countries!When celebrities show compaction to others it makes me like them even more!!🤩
Rain for Rest
Rain for Rest:
she's seems so down to earth
Aisrang Debbarma
Aisrang Debbarma:
Her nervous voice makes me fall in love 💖💏
ND 2006
ND 2006:
I love her so much she is the most natural beauty i’ve ever seen
D R:
Gigi Hadid
Such a unique and authentic sexy woman.
Gugugih •
Gugugih •:
jimmy looks a bit anxious too
Mjaatr Hz
Mjaatr Hz:
That’s what ur supposed to do when ur famous: use ur fame to sell something and give idk thousands of children a life!!! Yeeesss I have a goal in life
Evie Media
Evie Media:
OMG Gigi look suuuuper gorgeous and beautiful i love her so much 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
I love how she was ready to eat more after the first bite, if I were her I would be like "Fuck now I will have to eat in front of 60 people or more watching me while I’m eating"
Irène & Rosalie
Irène & Rosalie:
I love GIGI and her dress she's look so fabulous 😍😊💖
C C:
His story about Kobe was interesting he went on a beer run with him when he was a rookie which means he was buying beer with Kobe when he was a minor lol
Nadia GN
Nadia GN:
Jimmy talking with his mouth full 😂 🙌
She looks amazing with that look
steve harrington Farmer
steve harrington Farmer:
GG is a REAL human bein' ya'll, I want to see more of her in this human race!
Nimit Dev
Nimit Dev:
Her voice is the best part about her...😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
James Miller Helena La Una Laurel
James Miller Helena La Una Laurel:
This is my beloving beautiful twin sister.
Those shoes are very similar to traditional Morroco shoes 😂😂😂
It makes me so happy that a highly well to do woman like Gigi is using what she has to help others who don't. 😍
Luciana Galvagno
Luciana Galvagno:
Why i saw the shoe and went Harry Styles would wear this in a heart beat
Angela mendoza cardenas
Angela mendoza cardenas:
Taurus moment: gigi eating an hamburger
baby hyun
baby hyun:
Your legs 💜