Gigi Hadid Reveals How Escape Rooms Bring Out Her Competitive Side

Gigi Hadid chats about her escape room obsession and how being a competitive beast on the volleyball court inspired her to design a Reebok activewear/athleisure collection you can actually work out in.

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Gigi Hadid's Competitive Volleyball Past Inspires Her Reebok Collection


100+ comentarios:

Veronicas Outlit
Veronicas Outlit:
Who's here after they found out shes pregnant?!?!?!?
Ben King
Ben King:
I served her at a restaurant during sxsw like 5 years ago. had no idea who she was until after she left and tipped me 200 bucks
you had ONE job jimmy, and it was to ask about zayn.
Plot Twist
Plot Twist:
She always sounds like shes about to cry
Michele Williams
Michele Williams:
I don’t know much about her, but she seems pretty down to earth.
Lisa zain
Lisa zain:
When Arabic and European genes mix, that's what you get
Noora Queen
Noora Queen:
She’s one of the prettiest models that actually haven’t had anything done on her face
Kay X
Kay X:
She looks 17 and 40yo at the same time
*Zayn* : Yo Gigi I think we should split up.

*Gigi* : You're right we can cover more ground that way.
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim:
She’s so down to earth and kinda tomboyish
Brock Albert
Brock Albert:
Gigi's mom didn't like her playing volleyball, she was afraid she'd get a muscular figure(as if that's a bad thing). Now, Gigi embraces a more muscular figure than most models. Good for her.
she actually sounds genuine and like she knows what she's talking about, not just putting her face onto something.
I love Gigi's trembling I voice, it's adorable
Gabriel Ramos
Gabriel Ramos:
Most of these big models have a bland personality, but she's cool.
Sunny Love
Sunny Love:
She's beautiful, and it's nice that she's not super skinny and frail, she looks toned and strong
Great life
Great life:
She's a model who can also do some serious detective stuff
Hannah White
Hannah White:
I don't think she wanted to model. She said she's a volleyball player and it seems she is interested in criminal work. Maybe she'll try after she makes enough money during her prime.
How to be a super model? Before you born, god gave you a rich family, and a beautiful face.
Being Pras
Being Pras:
Detective ? She'll be one hell of a girlfriend.
Gigi is the most chillest and smartest model!!! I absolutely love her! ❤️
Billie Whyers
Billie Whyers:
Good for Gigi that she really doesn’t consider her beauty to be her most important asset!
Sophie Gale
Sophie Gale:
She’s that friend that finds every detail about ur crush....
Gigi's baby face is adorable 😀
Athaya K.
Athaya K.:
I was only thinking One thing through out this video, is she still with zayn?
Ayantu Bedaso
Ayantu Bedaso:
Mohit kumar
Mohit kumar:
Her eyebrows r like most beautiful eyebrows I had ever seen😍
gi gi
gi gi:
I really like Gigi but I dont think we’d get along.. I’m so goofy and having to be serious makes me anxious lol
Fel ix
Fel ix:
Trembling voice still adorable 💖
Her skin colour and hair colour are made for each other only .
Ruby V
Ruby V:
You can tell she’s an over achiever
Fam Chu
Fam Chu:
I feel like Gigi is one of the most unique celebrity I know.
Hidden pearl_
Hidden pearl_:
She's a supermodel...but her dressing style is always simple but elegant,that's what I love about her😊🤗🤗
Sara Rivera
Sara Rivera:
Never been this early OMG!!😜☺
Aanhek Kumar Ray
Aanhek Kumar Ray:
Finally a girl not forcing humour
Gigi is so gorgeous
I know that she is beautiful but like Damn!! She's a goddess
Lyannie Bodilla
Lyannie Bodilla:
Gigi is sooo gorgeous, humble and cool.
Ayesha Gull
Ayesha Gull:
Not all models are nice but she is good ☺️
She’s literally perfection 😍
Smit 0306
Smit 0306:
Wait... They didn't talk about ZAYN ?
Matheus Cardoso
Matheus Cardoso:
her and karen gilllan has similar voices different accents
Ringwald Renovatio
Ringwald Renovatio:
a beautiful lady chowing down on a burger, is this what love feels like? 😍😍😍
Roxanne Guenette
Roxanne Guenette:
Kept me engaged, so, cool interview.
She's so pretty :(
Siddhant Kamble
Siddhant Kamble:
Someone ask her what’s going on about her relationship. I want to see Zigi together 😭😭
Junnie Reid
Junnie Reid:
This is the first time I hear her speak and now I love her even more. can that be possible?
Wait A Minute
Wait A Minute:
so proud of gigi she's awesome
shahed at
shahed at:
She came to the show couples months ago why did he bring someone who came to the show months ago he could bring someone new artist or director and talented!!
Delilah Montgomery
Delilah Montgomery:
She dropped out of college, so she can't officially say she studied it completely lol
Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال
Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال:
She's so beautiful! Imagine married with Zayn coming soon !!
Blessed Me
Blessed Me:
She is truly one of the dopest.
Tea Baggins
Tea Baggins:
Why am I watching this at mid night
She’s sooo natural
Areeba Manzar
Areeba Manzar:
How can she sound nervous but also exude confidence simultaneously ?!
I love her so much. Models get a bad rep for being snobby, but she is the most down to earth, fun model I’ve seen.
maengi jr. Boitlug
maengi jr. Boitlug:
Wow.....she so pretty and classy😍😍
Jacob Suarez
Jacob Suarez:
I know that she is soo beautiful and stuff, but now that I’ve learnt she played volleyball and wanted to be a detective.. i mean HUGE CRUSH
Carlota Martínez
Carlota Martínez:
Their Best Burger’s Besties relationship is so cute!!
Momang Peyang
Momang Peyang:
beauty with brain 😍
Rosa R.
Rosa R.:
ah she has an amazing personality. plus, she’s gorgeous;)
4isyahsf —
4isyahsf —:
I love her but her voice is so unsatisfying 😂😂😂😂
Zubair Dar
Zubair Dar:
Jimmy should have asked her about ZAYN
Maria Xx
Maria Xx:
No hate but she looks and sounds like she‘s in recovery of her wisdom teeth pulled out
wow i just missed Her on tv and was so mad because i stepped away lol! omg thank you Jimmy Fallon YT!
Alice Vigano
Alice Vigano:
She's gorgeous, an amazing model, genuine, was captain of her volleyball team, horseback rider, and smart... I'm...
unlucky guy
unlucky guy:
She's a smart women
tara ss
tara ss:
Ugh I started feeling sleepy in the first 30 seconds of this video. No interview is this damn boring with Jimmy. Gigi can really make eveything soooooo boring even lipsync battle.
Khyati J
Khyati J:
Is it just me or did it look like she was holding back her tears before the burger thing
Angie Portillo
Angie Portillo:
She’s so beautiful 😍🔥😭
Zul Hilmi
Zul Hilmi:
She’s so adorable
Arnav Srivastava
Arnav Srivastava:
I love her personality. She sounds kinda tomboyish.
Music Løver Gįrł
Music Løver Gįrł:
These 6:28 minutes where golden minutes of *inspiration* ✨💖
She really is quite stunning.
F. Belal
F. Belal:
She is very beautiful 😍😍
I love you Gigi you’re the best 😍♥️🥇🥇
Viji A
Viji A:
5:37 i love this😅
avnee singh
avnee singh:
who wants a series of Escape room with Jimmy
Damien Kd
Damien Kd:
I love gigi hadid
Laura Nickson
Laura Nickson:
This is the first time I’ve hear her voice and I’m so surprised
Pata Pata
Pata Pata:
Btw she gained some healthy weight love it😍😍😍
Ximena Gomez
Ximena Gomez:
She is my most favorite model ever
Rowanshere C
Rowanshere C:
I love hoe jimmy keeps cutting her off 😂
Just realized Shane dawson has more subs...
Marianna AKA artistic_muggle on IG
Marianna AKA artistic_muggle on IG:
We went to an escape room for a school trip once, I love it, it was awesome! Wanna do one again at some point
Damn, I’m suprised she even has the brain capacity for escape rooms
Maple Abdullah
Maple Abdullah:
Never done an escape room seems interesting I’d like to try it one day
Lea Chase-Haller
Lea Chase-Haller:
I'm impressed with this young lady. Beauty, compassion and so down to earth.
Wow... I’ve only ever seen her in photos! But she’s actually a sound role model! It’s a shame we hear more from the Jenners/Kardashians than Gigi!
Even the *schip* kinda voice she makes after every two seconds when she closes her mouth is appealing ❤❤ she is love <3
vgaur -
vgaur -:
Ask her about Zayn please
mia sutton
mia sutton:
gigi is so inspiring 🥺🥺
let gigi be successful w/o making zayn need to be involved plss I love zayn but
Sony Nz
Sony Nz:
Her earring is like james charles’🤔🤔
4:52 I do love Gigi Hadid and I do love burgers. So I guess I love both of them!!!!!!!!
Blue Lemonade
Blue Lemonade:
im here!!! love Gigi so much shes so gorgeous and stunning gurl!
suma iya
suma iya:
did she talk about zayn in this interview ??
bubu toybox
bubu toybox:
She’s very smart and well spoken
C. Lalrinkimi
C. Lalrinkimi:
She's so pretty❤❤❤
Aou Celloutus
Aou Celloutus:
Voice does NOT match the face.
Margo O' Mahony
Margo O' Mahony:
I like her. Voice is still quivery. Her life is so removed from normality.
I love how her voice doesn’t match *her*