Gigi Hadid’s Body-Sculpting Boxing Workout | Vogue

Boxing enthusiast Gigi Hadid hits the ring at Gotham Gym, where she demonstrates the secret behind her toned limbs and made-for-crop-tops abs.

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Gigi Hadid’s Body-Sculpting Boxing Workout | Vogue

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100+ comentarios:

effsin kololi
effsin kololi:
How was this girls ever considered chubby by some people?
Lucila Ramos
Lucila Ramos:
I will never look that cute exercising...
Ashley Stevens
Ashley Stevens:
she looks like she could be a sports model instead of a high fashion model......she looks cut.
Jess Wain
Jess Wain:
I'm in the mood to start boxing .....
Her body is amazing!
Stephanie Sinatra
Stephanie Sinatra:
"They said I fight like a girl... Good."
- ROWDY Ronda Rousey
Pale Torres Rangel
Pale Torres Rangel:
Damn, I was about to eat cookies :c
Hmmmm boxing actually looks kinda fun.
god how can her stomach soooo flat...
Trin C.
Trin C.:
Haha all these people hiding behind their computers or phones deciding who is and is not a "supermodel". Remember, THEY (Cara, Gigi, Kendall, etc...) are the ones landing campaigns, covers and runway gigs. And YOU? Writing snarky comments on videos featuring THEM.
Gigi is actually very athletic, she's been doing competitive riding and volleyball pretty much all her life
She's such a f*cking boss
Ishani D
Ishani D:
shes better than Kendall
ai zj
ai zj:
Her sparring partner after a match: "GG Hadid"
Amanda Chan
Amanda Chan:
She is a stunner! Might look into Boxing actually...
Anni June
Anni June:
i love gigi, she is so natural and down to earth. and not so obsessed with herself like other girls <3
Why tf do y'all care so much whether she is called a supermodel or just a model. Chill.
uvuvwevwevwe onetuenuevwe
uvuvwevwevwe onetuenuevwe:
Preparing herself to knock out Zayn when they have a fight
Alessandra Claro
Alessandra Claro:
I don't understand how someone looks pretty exercising, when I exercise vomit looks better than me
Shes adorable!
Doina S
Doina S:
It's amazing how much Gigi has grown and developed in terms of her career. She's going to be huge and successful!!
Leena Alh
Leena Alh:
It's so sad how people take their time to insult celebrities, I promise you it's not getting you anywhere. You guys are arguing about whether Gigi is a supermodel or a model. Be aware that a person doesn't define a word so you can't say the difference between them is:
Supermodel-Naomi etc
Model-Gigi, Kendall, Cara
Oh, and a supermodel in the 90s is completely different nowadays. Also, Gigi, Cara, and Kendall didn't have to work as hard being from a rich family, but they did land huge roles and had to have some kind of talent to be accepted in the model industry. (IT IS THE MOST CRITICAL AND HARDEST CAREER TO GET IN)
-FYI nowadays almost all models have ties and come from a rich family! So stop taking your time insulting people when you yourself have nothing to compare to them.

Especially Cara, Kendall, and GIGI!
Alessandra Claro
Alessandra Claro:
She's the prettiest after Perrie Edwards of course why u hating? She's perf
Math W
Math W:
the only reason I start boxing is Gigi... and now I love it, it's addictive!! 😊
Elena Vanderwoodsen
Elena Vanderwoodsen:
she is amazing.
Mohd Khairul
Mohd Khairul:
I can't believe I'm jealous of a sandbag, lucky sob got a full on hug.
For those who need the music ... Birgt trick - dub drop :-)
Boxing is the new zumba! More boxing videos!!! :D I love it!!!!
Cristian 250
Cristian 250:
She's such a beautiful soul<3
Elena Vanderwoodsen
Elena Vanderwoodsen:
she is amazing.
wuraola olagunju
wuraola olagunju:
Me: Eats 3 cookies
Watches this video
Me: Looks at body rolls "I need to work out... right after another cookie
Regina Islas
Regina Islas:
I want to see Gigi hadid's abs workout
Crimson Kane
Crimson Kane:
In love with Gigi and her amazing body👏👏😍
Eastern Western Treasures
Eastern Western Treasures:
Super cute, she's growing in her look and doing it naturally instead of injections and surgery like the kardashians and rest of instagram girls. Great role model
football is my life
football is my life:
The only difference between zayn and gigi is their voice😂😂😂😂
Orhun Kartal
Orhun Kartal:
musıcc??????? what's the musıc name?
juliet balkian
juliet balkian:
she would get knocked out so easily. her guarding hands are in the wrong place
Wow, I did not expect her to sound like that!
Proud Lovatic
Proud Lovatic:
that hug at the end 😣😂
Afnan 525
Afnan 525:

The man in back:

“Why it’s not me?!!😂”
Sunflower Field
Sunflower Field:
Now that made me want to do boxing. I love her!
love me some Gigi.. she's beautiful 
Definitely a great face:  interestingly enough her little sister reminds me ever so slightly of a young Yasmeen.  Gigi's still in her Fresh Face years, but I can't wait to see the kind of girl she will develop into at about age 22.
Mariana Ribera Forteza
Mariana Ribera Forteza:
She's perfect😍😍😍
When Pigs Can Fly
When Pigs Can Fly:
I do martial arts. Could never look this cute doing it. My hair is a mess and my face is bright red. I have to wear headgear though so that might be it. 😂 Love Gigi though it was cool to watch her do something like this.
Was edited bc of spelling
Rebecca Chen
Rebecca Chen:
If and when I move to NYC, I'd love to attend Gotham Gym. Love the name and love their boxing ring
two sweet
two sweet:
She literally looks gorgeous, how could the modeling industry say shes too fat?!
Mibox Mibox
Mibox Mibox:
GO miss Palestinian girl!🇵🇸❤️ Viva!
Good job! Very Proud of you! Keep doing what you doing 👍🏻
you go girl, love you Gigi xx
Marcus Geier
Marcus Geier:
As a professional southpaw boxer I feel discriminated against when she only tells orthodox fighters how to punch
her body is amazing!
M Stelios
M Stelios:
Imagine sparring with her and accidentally smashing that million dollar face. Better have a good insurance!
In my boxing class it's whatever hand you write with it would be your cross or powerful punch. I'm a lefty so it's my cross or powerful punch. Your position should be in an L shape, if you're either and orthodox or unorthodox. And always be on your toes. But I understand that Gigi is a newbie so
Mootje Dh
Mootje Dh:
Her coach after the workout:
GG Hadid!!
NYC Entrepreneur
NYC Entrepreneur:
I must be getting old cuz she looks like she’s about 12 to me 😂
Sara Grace
Sara Grace:
love that energy - damn
Fancy Charmlet
Fancy Charmlet:
She has such a toned body I'm jealous
Seoyoung Park
Seoyoung Park:
She is gorgeous ! 
Infamous DK Official
Infamous DK Official:
ken tobias
ken tobias:
Love Gigi :D, THE Best Supermodel. Very Driven and Ambitious, she also has a mean Right Cross!
Alayna Kim
Alayna Kim:
i have those leggings twinning!!!!!
Gorgeous girl!
Great!!! <3
J jjjunizzaax
J jjjunizzaax:
My eyes get sick when she jumped around in circle while explaining to us
Song: Nifty Trick - Dub Drop
Dosa Taiseer
Dosa Taiseer:
What is the name of the song plz? Can any1 tell me? Thank u
K A-T:
I wish I was that punching bag at the end...
Amandine Hétu
Amandine Hétu:
Everything she said is true, I always want more and more when I'm boxing!🥊❤️
sheed izi
sheed izi:
she dont even sweat, what a workout
im kinda motivated into starting boxing now :)
Sarah Castro Dourado
Sarah Castro Dourado:
Ótimo exemplo! Fazer exercícios físicos é maravilhoso para ter uma vida saudável.
Great example! Practice physical exercises it's awesome to have a life healthy.
More Gigi!!
Dee's Production
Dee's Production:
0:53 this ain't no upper cut, LOL😂
filiz atalay
filiz atalay:
Omg now she is pregnant 😍😍
Cassidy Toth
Cassidy Toth:
aww I always hug my boxing bag when I'm done
I will always look cute exercising
I'm actually impressed. Wow.
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp:
"body sculpting"
This ain't boxing - it's only fitness workout in the boxing gloves
Lordjim Balsamo
Lordjim Balsamo:
What's the title of the background music/song?
Ianna Patrice
Ianna Patrice:
Omg this kinda looks fun❤❤❤
Zemi Nema
Zemi Nema:
Yes Thats My Girl
Sarfaraz Erahdun
Sarfaraz Erahdun:
I would knock her out in 10 seconds 😂😂🤗
doug y
doug y:
Step one: be naturally skinny
hola lol
hola lol:
Omg she's perfect
who is here after her pregnancy
Thomas Moser
Thomas Moser:
Full 12 rounds please, with a proper infight ! ( that was just fun . . .
Jen Lynne
Jen Lynne:
I do kickboxing and she's right, you get so into it that you can't believe it when the hour is up. Something about putting those wraps and gloves on makes you feel so empowered.
Shannon S
Shannon S:
Boxing!!?!! But she never did anything when she was groped by a stranger in public🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Irene L
Irene L:
I took a boxing class today, it was really amazing and fun!
If you are thinking whether to start doing it
Let me tell you, go for it now, please!!!😚
Daniel Santiago
Daniel Santiago:
love this video Gigi is amazing
I wish I had her body
max leonardi
max leonardi:
um that boxing advice will get you killed predictable much
Romaine Athey
Romaine Athey:
Just look for Unflexal workouts. There is all you need about workouts :)
Love the Under Armour sports bra :)
That uppercut tho lmao
Stela Kaleva
Stela Kaleva:
La Vequiasignora
La Vequiasignora:
Her face is the best. I love that monolid look.
i have an unhealthy obsession with harry styles
i have an unhealthy obsession with harry styles:
gigi is the most beautiful woman on this planet
Shayma Hr
Shayma Hr:
Vive la taille mannequin sans aucun effort :D !!