Gigi Hadid: What Would Gigi do? | 10 Things You Didn't Know | British Vogue

In this exclusive Gigi Hadid interview, we asked what would Gigi do if someone was being mean to her sister Bella Hadid? Or if she was sitting next to her ex-boyfriend on a six hour flight? Or if she had to pretend to have a British accent? Fortunately, the British Vogue cover girl always knows what to do - and now she wants to know what you would do. Watch the film and then comment below.

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Gigi Hadid: What Would Gigi do? | 10 Things You Didn't Know | British Vogue

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she's just so chill, you can tell by the way she's sitting and talking I love her
Who's here after she announced her pregnancy!
That is super creepy that photographers take pics while the models are changing, not cool and I'd do the same thing if one was trying to photograph me or anyone else. Go Gigi!
Gabriela Chang
Gabriela Chang:
LOVE her personality I love the fact that she is not skinny bones like other models, she is actually very natural and that makes her special and super beautiful
Al M
Al M:
"If you could only have one thing from England"
Directioner 4ever
Directioner 4ever:
When they asked "Who woul be the 5 people you could get to a dream dinner party?"

Nobody :
Me : All of One Direction
I actually love her voice , it's so charming and somehow suits her?
The Anonymous Black Kid
The Anonymous Black Kid:
At 1:58 am I the only one that noticed how dirty her feet is? 😂😂😂
British Vogue
British Vogue:
What would you do if you could spend a whole day with Gigi Hadid?
Bella IB
Bella IB:
I love the fact that she is just not sitting with attitude with makeup and high heels! she is just so real and pretty 😘
Mary Kate Daniiher
Mary Kate Daniiher:
She is one lucky woman. She was born with beauty, brains, parents that love her so much,  and lots of money.
Benkhelil Maroua
Benkhelil Maroua:
Gigi doesn't deserve at all those hate comments. She is amazing, funny, beautiful and that's why a lot of people are just jealous and wish they could look like her.
Mind me, I am *not* a fan of Gigi Hadid. I see all these hate comments about Gigi: how she tries so hard, how she's not that extraordinary, how she's only famous for her family etc etc. But I remember seeing Gigi before: in a bikini photoshoot with a fellow model, and I *totally* noticed her. Mind you, i had absolutely *NO* idea who she was. Im not familiar with her family or tge show her mother was in.She's pretty, in a way that's balances instagramish-street style girl with sheek sexy, which would make her very popular with this generation. And the first thing which I also noticed was that she had an *AMAZING* body. She's not too skinny, unlike other models.
Ilaria xx
Ilaria xx:
she's so...normal. i like her
Myriam E.H.
Myriam E.H.:
She's a Hufflepuff.
Laura Reid
Laura Reid:
loved this! she's so down to earth!
I do like Gigi Hadid so much, she's pretty cool:)
But is it me or why do I not understand half of the interview?
If there's one things about Gigi, is that she's always smiling. Never looks pissed or bitchy. Genuinely seems happy with her life and career. I'm so happy for her. Her dream has come true. She's studied criminal psychology and was recuited to go the junior Olympics. She's started modeling at age 2. No matter what anyone says, she's a hard worker. Queen.
People are complaining that Gigi was born into a rich and famous family, and doesn't deserve what she has. What's there complain about? She didn't choose her parents. She didn't choose privilege. Yes, it's unfair that other people don't have a good starting point like she does. But *life* is unfair. You, reading this on your computer, are privileged and have an unfair advantage over other people just for being able to get an education. Here's the thing though, in any career, or hobby, or interest, you have to work hard. Some people need to work harder than others, but to get anything done you have to work hard. Gigi worked hard enough to model. She deserves it.
Tatyana Hadi
Tatyana Hadi:
Rosa R.
Rosa R.:
Zayn’s so lucky to have her haha
Nhat Ha Pham
Nhat Ha Pham:
no one:

not even a single soul:

the captions: *heLLo tHiS iS gIGi DiSeAsE*
Tatia Irwinn
Tatia Irwinn:
"One time i sat next to my ex boyfriend on a 6-hours plane flight" yeah and he posted it on snapchat lol Cody!
Cheese Cheese
Cheese Cheese:
"I would work it. Don't quote me on that."
- Gigi Hadid.
Scrambled Egg
Scrambled Egg:
You're saying she's plain but if she had plastic surgery you'd complain about that too.. She's so stunning
Imbra Kim
Imbra Kim:
So many say Gigi isn't the most beautiful woman; how they know much prettier girls. I can tell you this - all the pretty ones maybe become catalogue models or one of the million Instagram girls. It's the interesting faces that climb to the very top of fashion industry.
Brianna Nelson
Brianna Nelson:
Fight Sleep.
Fight Sleep.:
She looks like Fergie
Aria Jia
Aria Jia:
Not hating but she does not seem like a high fashion model. More so like a Hollister model or something
Directioner Forever 1D lover
Directioner Forever 1D lover:
2:27 she just mocked how Zayn talks like. Lol.
I love Gigi, she's real.
BaddieVicky MSP
BaddieVicky MSP:
British Vogue: What would you do if you could spend a whole day with Gigi Hadid?Me: make her feel sorry for taking my man Zayn.
Lots of jealous people in the comment section here ...
She talks about cody! Hahahahha she's cool i love her
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora:
she's like aggressively american but i still love her tbh
Bethany olivia
Bethany olivia:
She's so chill 🔥😹 that's why she's perfect for zayn 💗 love them!
Nina K
Nina K:
and everyone says that models are fake unrealistic people?!!?? done
hey leila
hey leila:
and now she‘s pregnant
Anna S
Anna S:
Gigi's face is like a mixture of Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr, which equals really adorable.
Jonny lizaola
Jonny lizaola:
I don't get the fascination....
Mayuri Gadi
Mayuri Gadi:
I love Gigi. She's so down to earth
Cats Try
Cats Try:
This girl is my spirit animal LOL I finish my food in like 5-10 minutes too hahaha. Love how she isn't only gorgeous but has a great personality as well
she have a great personality, that's what matter.
I never really paid much attention to her but wow she actually seems like a really chill and cool person to hang out with lol she's really funny too which I didnt expect which is cool!
cody on the plane! AHAHAH xx
Caleigh Nicole
Caleigh Nicole:
i love her omg shes so real
Emmeline McCarthy
Emmeline McCarthy:
Haha she's so chill I love it... And she's gorgeous
Super gorgeous. Bland personality.
Omg she was being so nice about the plane ride w Cody ahahahaa
"Bella, bring back my belt!"
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen:
I love Gigi! She's gorgeous, so chill and nice. I didn't even know she came from a rich family until I read the comments and I've already liked her ages ago 😍
witch, please
witch, please:
She's cool.
psychotic fairy
psychotic fairy:
and she's actually really smart, too!
Disha Dokhe
Disha Dokhe:
shes actually so freaking adorable i love her so much💓
Really surprised, in music videos she always seems so unattainable and almost flawless, but here she's just a normal person. Nice
Ineffable BTS
Ineffable BTS:
She's pregnant now with baby of Zayn ...
I'm so happy for them😇😇😇😇
Rapid Gamer PG3D YT
Rapid Gamer PG3D YT:
Gigi's British accent sounds really good.
Gladiz Cassiopeia
Gladiz Cassiopeia:
she's badass, love herr
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay:
Why does every genetically popular woman think she's the funniest, quirkiest person on Earth?
Laura Limede
Laura Limede:
"everything works itself out"
S P:
She is one of the most amazing models that are out there today. Very down to earth
Nicole Diaz
Nicole Diaz:
I love her so much oh my god. She's so natural and down to earth
Marta XO
Marta XO:
Anyone knows where can I buy the same/similar jeans she's wearing in this video? Thank you!!
Nissy Svxvsx
Nissy Svxvsx:
I would love to see what the people that call her ugly look like lol
Julia Strzalka
Julia Strzalka:
I bet Caspar Lee watched this.
Miss Clark
Miss Clark:
She’s pregnant now
Tyrone Jay
Tyrone Jay:
Imagine BEYONCÉ and Gigi Hadid having dinner together that's my dream come true
Universe Destroyer
Universe Destroyer:
Gigi has a unique look, awesome personality and she is gorgeous as a whole. Definitely not another one like her out there.
Maya Leander
Maya Leander:
I love this girl, she’s so calm and have humor
Elias Saca
Elias Saca:
Hadid is of Palestinian ancestry
Aleka K
Aleka K:
i love her, she's adorable, but i also think she's trying so hard to seem cool and extraordinary
lol idk why people cant understand her its so funny. i find her cute
Loved this, I really love how down to earth Gigi is! How she answered the questions is basically how me and my friends talk to one another 😊 She's hilarious!
Ametaf Johora
Ametaf Johora:
"some troll was having a bad day" LMAO
Ok. lately I’ve started to love gigi hadid i feel that she is different with another girl, she just loves being herself and humble I think and of course she is beautiful.
In 1:45 someone said "what about Zayn?" Or it's just my fangirl ear? I love zigi (idk how is it called) tho 💚✨
Hey it’s Fayy
Hey it’s Fayy:
I love her personality she's so chill 💕
lol the ex boyfriend was Cody Simpson after some award show! he posted a Snapchat story about it haha
Nicole Cabello
Nicole Cabello:
please help!
i saw that her real name is Jelena Noura Hadid
its true?
Safriani Andira
Safriani Andira:
Omg I like her attitude
It’s me Eris
It’s me Eris:
I started laughing when they asked gigi what would you do if someone was rude by the way she look and i am like who wouldn't like the way she looks 😂
I'm so in love with this woman.
She's so cute I love her ahh
Alyssa Marie
Alyssa Marie:
really want her and cody to get back together :'(
Ryana Kobeissi
Ryana Kobeissi:
I would cry if I had the chance to spend a whole day with Gigi Hadid. I love her so much
gabby loren
gabby loren:
I actually like her a lot more now lol
When she started talking about her ex boyfriend, I couldn't stop smiling ahahaha
Diana Balmaceda
Diana Balmaceda:
in 1:52 it looks like that was cara's voice
I think Gigi Hadid's pretty cool, she's got that elegant yet swaggy vibe to her. She's also got an amazing body figure <3
Christine Karler
Christine Karler:
I love the way she reacted to some on shooting Bella while changing
victoria mathew
victoria mathew:
I wish I had a sister like her. She is so chill and cool
Anastasia Florence
Anastasia Florence:
Why do people want to be like her?
She's just average but she's just dated like 3 guys in less than a year but okay guys you do you.
Mara P
Mara P:
she looks like ellen pompeo
Bianca Reyes
Bianca Reyes:
I think her and Zayn are perfect tbh
I love her, she makes everything she wears effortlessly elegant, even a simple pair of jeans and a white tshirt. Her full and fresh face bring something new to the industry. I'm older than her but her style definitely inspires me.
Random Itzel
Random Itzel:
I have seen like five comments saying she's normal and has nothing special but i think that being normal is what makes her special...And again this is just my opinion.
No wonder she and Kendall are besties.. They literally have the same tone. So cute
She MADE her name. You do you think when you hear Hadid? She's was scouted when she was three years old! She's known for her modeling and deserves her place after all these years. Why do people want to hate on and belittle everything she does? Smh.
That made me so happy when she said Serena Williams