Gillian Anderson Talks The Crown & Plays X-Files Trivia Game

Gillian talks about playing Margaret Thatcher in the new season of “The Crown,” how people in the UK have been responding to the U.S. Election, working with her boyfriend Peter Morgan, meeting the real Queen, working with Alex Trebek, and Jimmy tests her knowledge of plotlines from “The X-Files."

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100+ comentarios:

Javi Vasq.
Javi Vasq.:
I was today years old when I found out she’s AMERICAN!????!?
Gillian is one of the most underrated 'beautiful woman' ever.
earle Felkins
earle Felkins:
Gillian gets prettier everytime I see her.
Rebecca Gibbs
Rebecca Gibbs:
i love her. She has improved with age in every way.
Raza Alee
Raza Alee:
Otis would be so glad. For once his mother isn't embarrassing him.
Jasmine Peters
Jasmine Peters:
Her accent switches over to more American the further into the interview she gets
It’s so weird to hear her switching from American to English accents.
Gillian Anderson is a legend. Absolutely brilliant actress. She keeps getting better and better with age. Beautiful and so classy. Have loved her since X-Files. And boy that gorgeous laugh 🥰
She'll definitely get the Emmy and golden globe. She is so gorgeous too
Umair Ahsan
Umair Ahsan:
She's so completely nailed Thatcher's voice that it feels like the old bag is back from the grave! Bravo Gillian.
She was in The Fall, sex ed, Hannibal and Jimmy is always there just for txf😂
Ricca Shaps
Ricca Shaps:
Gillian is amazing as Margaret Tatcher. I didn’t see Gillian Anderson at all. I saw a awesome prime minister in The Crown. Truly deserving of a best actress award.
FinalShineInc AMV's
FinalShineInc AMV's:
my first crush!, and 25 years later, ive got good taste
Salome Arbel
Salome Arbel:
She's in England so she's been speaking in her English accent for a while now and talking to an American while in England is just confusing her 😂
Mandy S
Mandy S:
Did you guys watch The Fall? No matter what part Gillian Anderson plays, she is amazing. Love her personality - such a good sport! Can’t wait to see the next season of the Crown. I was living in London at the time Thatcher was in office. Fabulous speaker. Horrendous person. I begrudged her the Alzheimer’s. How dare she forget her horrible treatment of the Irish.
She is fantastic on “The Crown” Looks, accent and bitchiness are perfect. Lock for an Emmy.👀👈
OMG she's so beautiful...Most women can only dream about being so beautiful at her age.
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes:
Don’t mind me, I’m just here for Gillian Anderson!
Agent Scully was my favourite character on TV decades back!
Kangda Kong
Kangda Kong:
GIVE HER ALL THE AWARDS. Jesus just the few scenes from the trailers is enough to give me chills. Shes definitely the equivalent to Meryl in television. She’s so sweet and funny in real life. Just the consummate actress.
T Angeles
T Angeles:
Nuno Vasco
Nuno Vasco:
She mastered Thatcher’s voice 😍😍😍
I am still pissed to this day, there have been no more seasons of The Fall. That was a great show. I loved her in that show.
Alandra Hartmann
Alandra Hartmann:
Since she carried two accents I think the more she hears one over the other she falls into it. My husband is like that. He is from the deep south but has Canadian parents. The more he speaks with his parents his accent dissipates, and the more he speaks with southerners, it comes out more
Ravyne Hawke
Ravyne Hawke:
Gillian is such an amazing actor. I've loved here in everything she has done. And she is such a beautiful woman. Can't wait to see her in The Crown!
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
Gillian is phenomenal in the Crown as Margaret Thatcher.
Yoda Dravidan
Yoda Dravidan:
How the hell does she get more beautiful every year!
Megan Dunklin
Megan Dunklin:
She's def gonna be award's sweetheart
Antônio C
Antônio C:
when all this press stuff for the crown ends i'm gonna miss having daily gillian anderson interviews recommended to me :/
Ryan M
Ryan M:
I was an early blooming teen during the X-files and have had a massive crush ever since, she’s still the best.
Moira Lauten
Moira Lauten:
She is so awesome, everything she's done.And still so beautiful. She was also my favorite waitress at The Dojo Restaurant on St Marks Place, back in the day. Served us tempura on roller skates, coolest chick ever with punked out rainbow hair & makeup! No joke <3
I'm only two seasons into the X-Files and I already adore Gillian Anderson and Scully. I also can't wait to to see her on The Crown. She's going to be amazing!
Amazing how she transformed for the crown. I mean, look at how amazing she looks in "real life".
Randy Schwing
Randy Schwing:
Her English accent is one of the best around...and her Thatcher impression is 100% bang on!
"He asked if I thought that I could. And I thought that I could." - Epic.
I love her... I love how Jimmy also is such an X-Files fan. His interviews with Gillian and David have shown that. :)
She deserves an Emmy for her performance! Never thought she could play Thatcher! It’s incredible! Just perfect! Meryl got an Oscar for it! Wow she’s some amazing actor! It’s really believable, the look, the voice! The transformation! Bravo! 👏🏼😍 Gillian certainly deserves an Award for this! Emmy, Golden Globe, BAFTA etc! I was blown away by her outstanding performance! How lucky that she was cast as MT! 👍🏻
Diane Walker
Diane Walker:
Her role as Bedelia in Hannibal and also her work in The Fall were fabulous!!! She just gets more powerful in her performances. I love watching all of her performances.
Salome Arbel
Salome Arbel:
*everyone in the comments talking about Gillian getting better looking with age
I adore her since the 90s and am so proud of the impressive career she was able to build.
maude boggins
maude boggins:
Gillian is absolutely brilliant. She, like Meryl Streep, captures her beautifully.
Tessmage Tessera
Tessmage Tessera:
During the first couple of seasons of the X-Files, I had a HUGE crush on Gillian. She was adorable.
Martha Pfahl
Martha Pfahl:
how can someone be so beautiful?! She´s truly a piece of art.
Anthony Koeslag
Anthony Koeslag:
Gillian Anderson is a legend
Sky Crystal
Sky Crystal:
Why am I not surprised that Jimmy implemented x-files into the interview. He's their biggest fan ^^ now all he needs to do is get GA & DD back in another interview together!
Alexander Tsiolkovski
Alexander Tsiolkovski:
I had a huge crush on Gillian during the x-files days and cannot believe that she doesn't make the list of gorgeous celebrities.
I shall take a moment to appreciate the gentleman, Yoshiki from the legendary J-Rock band @6:28 LOL. Love him, Gillian and this photo. ❤
Carly Philpott
Carly Philpott:
the x-files will forever be my favorite show and gillian anderson is a huge part of that
When I was in elementary/middle school I had a celebrity crush on Gillian when she was on X-files. It's absolutely crazy to see her 20+ years later and she's even more attractive than I remember. Great personality too.
If I were Gillian Anderson I'd be afraid for my life. Literally her home might collapse after the absolute bombardment of statuettes and prizes she deserves.
We need her for X files season 12. I hope they will conclude the storyline. It has gone on forever confusing the audience without a proper ending.
Giovanna Baldasserini
Giovanna Baldasserini:
To her credit, I don't remember a lot from 30 years ago either.
Neil Rivera
Neil Rivera:
Gillian should win an Emmy for every episode she appeared on The Crown. She's THAT good.
I have always enjoyed her performances, of course the X-Files, The Fall, and supremely in American Gods. Can’t wait to see the crown, she will win the Emmy judging on the 15 seconds we saw here.
Barkos Vega
Barkos Vega:
HELL! Scully really did age more gracefully than Mulder.
J J:
So used to seeing Gillian playing quite dour characters so wow! what an amazing smile :)
Sable Baxstrom
Sable Baxstrom:
She's the best human being that exists
Carolyn A.
Carolyn A.:
Oh my gawd! I did not know that was Gillian Anderson I’m dying right now. She really does deserve an Emmy my Gawd. 👏
Neil Rivera
Neil Rivera:
I love how even during interviews Gillian still does Margaret Thatcher's low pitched voice
Omigod she’s so pretty! Just as pretty as when I watched her in the mid-90s. God I’m old.
Sudesh Thapa
Sudesh Thapa:
Not only accent her voice too WOW!👍👍
Gillian is the best. I wonder how many times more she will have to explain her accent. I’m pretty sure she’s been explaining it for at least the last 10 years. Probably more.
Aiden Eugene
Aiden Eugene:
I love her so much. I have no real interest in watching the show but almost am tempted because of how much I love her as an actress.
Wasn't sure what accent we were going to get this time, haha!
Matha Rocha
Matha Rocha:
Gilian é muito brilhante mesmo!!😍
Blackstoises _1
Blackstoises _1:
Excelente actriz 👏👏👏Grandeeee el presentador 😍😍😍🕺
She is still so so beautiful.
David Burgess
David Burgess:
Check out the recent BBC production of "Great Expectations" Her Miss Havisham is amazing.
I love how she switches between her UK and US accents.
Gisselle ST
Gisselle ST:
She’s one hell of an actress and still so damn beautiful 🤩
Alan Wong
Alan Wong:
I think Jane Lynch was in that insect episode with Aaron Paul—she was in some episode where she was part insect, anyway
Girl With Scales
Girl With Scales:
It really weirds me out when she randomly doesn’t have an American accent for some reason but then other times does lol
David Datura
David Datura:
Gillian Anderson deserves some kind of major award for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in this season of The Crown, she’s that good! And I thought Meryl Streep’s portrayal of MT was unbeatable, Gillian’s is easily on par with that.
it's ya boi no name
it's ya boi no name:
“i was quite shy” 🥰
Jimmy is curiously slow witted here. Gillian spent most of her growing up in London so what’s with his curiosity over her accent? Then the suggestion the the “role” of Maggie Thatcher was, somehow, a script writers creation. Scratching my head over that one 🤔
Dilraj Mann
Dilraj Mann:
I had absolutely no interest in this show but Anderson's performance looks incredible.
That’s crazy how she can do her voice like that in the crown
Isabella Kosoglaz
Isabella Kosoglaz:
“I never try stuff, I always fail” looool
Father Gabriel Stokes
Father Gabriel Stokes:
The new X-Files seasons had 6 and 10 episodes each, I want a new season with 22 episodes
1 2
1 2:
Beautiful and nostalgic.
Captain Pipsqueak
Captain Pipsqueak:
Over the years, my opinion of celebrities has been measured by their appearances on Graham Norton’s couch. I’m so here for Gillian Anderson!
Kay Chan
Kay Chan:
The man behind queen is the pianist, drummer, composer and leader of the band X JAPAN. His name is Yoshiki. ☺
BTW, Gillian sure is a wonderful woman 💖 Love her sense of humour.
Anthony LeRoux
Anthony LeRoux:
I was a fan of X-Files from the beginning episode Sept 10 1993. When I moved to Vancouver in 1994 I continued working as a background/extra, etc., in movies and TV. I was very fortunate to get work several times '94 - 96 on X-Files episodes.... what a blast that was !!! 🤩🥳
Love this woman so much. Jimmy always makes her laugh a Lot AND She looks confortable
Love the mandela effect on the quiz. Some of the plots do sound like real X-File ones.
Chisty A
Chisty A:
I am amazed by the way her natural accent changes when she's speaking to an American interviewer versus an British interviewer. I never knew that she naturally had two separate accents because of the way she was raised in both countries. One or the other becomes dominant depending on where she is and who she's speaking to. It's really pretty interesting
Simon Trépanier
Simon Trépanier:
She just gets funnier and more beautiful each year
This is the BEST and most accurate depiction of Margaret Thatcher on film I have ever seen. Well done, Gillian.
Rachel Schwebach
Rachel Schwebach:
I recently heard Gillian talking in a much more British accent than in this clip. She got teased as a child for her British accent when she moved to the US, so she adopted an American accent.
Aleah Boone
Aleah Boone:
I don't know her. But I did Google het and WOW!!! She is so beautiful, timeless and ageless. Simply timeless and Beautiful!!!😄😄😄
E B:
Jesse Ventura in an Xfiles episode lmaooo
anubis 1812
anubis 1812:
I've always had a crush on her and still do ..i get butterflies when i see her...shes DAAAAMMMM GORGEOUS stay pretty my pretty
harun ahmed
harun ahmed:
can't wait to watch her performance in 'the crown.'
ben gri
ben gri:
I love the new Thatcherson by Gillian!!
Pedro Advincula Gonçalves
Pedro Advincula Gonçalves:
Gillian is such an amazing actress, I wish she did more things in cinema
Dava Roopchand
Dava Roopchand:
What an absolute gem of a woman. One of my favourite humans EVER!
Elisa Duarte
Elisa Duarte:
Eau Rouge
Eau Rouge:
Gillian Anderson, the platonic love of my life...
Tom McGrew
Tom McGrew:
When the X-Files was on, I fell madly for her like every other dude on the planet. But now? It defies logic that how much more beautiful she is.