Michail Antonio and Jesse Lingard goals gave the Hammers a massive 2-1 win over London rivals Spurs.

How good does that feel, West Ham fans?

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100+ comentarios:

THE GRANDE Music net
THE GRANDE Music net:
Lingard is very happy with west ham
Muhammad Trinanda
Muhammad Trinanda:
lingardinho teaching west ham pleyer's how to dance
Uncle Wong
Uncle Wong:
Enjoy the lord Lingardinho while you can.
Herdiana Heri
Herdiana Heri:
When Jesse LingGOAT scored
Offiside decision was decided by himself so he could celebrate it twice
Adzkia Talitha
Adzkia Talitha:
GOAT is back...Lingardinho the Maestro
Is it just me or Lingard looks so comfortable playing with West Ham? I mean their celebrations look cute lmao. Jokes aside, I hope he plays well and shows the world that he is capable of improving.
Coach RD
Coach RD:
VAR made Lingard celebrated twice lmao
syazwan S.
syazwan S.:
it has always been part of Ole's mastermind plan; loan out Jesse Lingard, who will be determined to prove he is still "worthy", and let him steal points from the rest of the top 4 contenders 🌚🌝
buu leeet
buu leeet:
he's not selfish
coz he know the mate already offside
Herman diip
Herman diip:
lord Lingardinho dances over Mourinho's misery😂🤣
Everyday Food
Everyday Food:
Keep scoring Jesse, I love you baby.
Hilal GTK
Hilal GTK:
Wayan Cahyo
Wayan Cahyo:
Lord Lingardinho,, 1 goal and 2 celebration,,
Man red
Man red:
"I chose the number 14 shirt because I was twice as good as Ronaldo"
Jesse Lingard
Rayhan Almadhany
Rayhan Almadhany:
Since lingard score,i always watch every highlight 😂😂
Lindgardinho showing why he is the best of all time
Daniel Halvarsson
Daniel Halvarsson:
The perfect celebration dosent exist... oh well
Nuke Pacifista
Nuke Pacifista:
Gareth Bale : Im getting stronger and stronger everyday ....

Lord Lingard : YOU CANT STOP MY BAND!!!!
Ben Cunningham
Ben Cunningham:
Great game Were coming at Man city strong COYI
118 Pratyush P Kurup
118 Pratyush P Kurup:
" Im glad to be alive to watch jesse lingard play"
- Queen Elizabeth
Alexis Elvando
Alexis Elvando:
"I am a lion but Linggard is a zookeeper" - Zlatan
Yuthow Abass
Yuthow Abass:
Bale is back to his best & so as Iingard
David Wenas
David Wenas:
Bale after that crucial miss: Motherfather!
AZ Fan
AZ Fan:
When Lingard serious your keeper is Karius
Yousef Farrokhpour
Yousef Farrokhpour:
After 1:36 I remembered that there was a viral video of FIFA19 and that how realistic it was. You could lip-read Bale's curse in that video.
Tjak Ghoenz
Tjak Ghoenz:
Lingard is not a LORD anymore... he is back insanely
Antonius Joseph
Antonius Joseph:
I don't believe how that Spurs defense are so bad now..while before, they have one of the best defense in Premiere League..I don't know what Mou have done now..so bad
Hallur Hólm Stefánsson
Hallur Hólm Stefánsson:
i watched this just to see jesse Lingard be happy
Dendy Adilaga
Dendy Adilaga:
"Do you have to .do you have to..do you have to let it lingard.." The Cranberries - Lingard
Gerry Hasni
Gerry Hasni:
Lord linggard 😂

Got his ass revived
Gidraff Taker
Gidraff Taker:
Remember when you all mocked him? You know who am talking about
Harshini Sarvaiya
Harshini Sarvaiya:
1:36 so now he can speak English😂😂
John Matthew Stones
John Matthew Stones:
West Ham Win the Premier league it a dream to dream
01:37 - Bale saying "M*****F*****"
Kautsar Jalaphaksi
Kautsar Jalaphaksi:
The man, the myth, the Legend.
Even VAR doesn't disallow his goal
Samir Grg
Samir Grg:
Enjoy him when you can
Lingardinho the man
The legend.
Firly Shardi Habibie
Firly Shardi Habibie:
Im happy at Lingard for finally find his comfort zone
Mac Doeseverything
Mac Doeseverything:
I Said it before his debut Lingard finna make a comeback
Elijah Karash
Elijah Karash:
As a Man Utd fan, I'm completely happy for Lingaard
Jad Nasser
Jad Nasser:
How many times lingard celebrated his goal?

Twice twiiiiiiiice
M. Rizal Akhsani
M. Rizal Akhsani:
When played as MU player: 1 season 1 goal
When played as West Ham player: 4 match 3 goals
Only lord can do it
Due to lingard the views on this channel has increased
Abg James Bond
Abg James Bond:
West Ham: We are lucky to have Moyes & Lord Lingard becoming fusion.. “Lord Yesgard”
Kaung Myat Han
Kaung Myat Han:
1:05 This is what you wamt to see.
Arief Eko
Arief Eko:
Lingard scores for West Ham.
Indonesian and/or Manchester United Fans:
"Lord Lingardinho is back"
Flip Flop
Flip Flop:
Only Lord Lingard can do Celebration 2 times in 1 goal with the whole band after Var check

Permadi Bakhtiar
Permadi Bakhtiar:
Only Lingard can celebrate twice in just one goal
Crevzna Zigua
Crevzna Zigua:
Imagine how embarrassed he would of been if it was not a goal and did that celebration😂
Everyone's laughing until West Ham reach the top 4.
Mo Irfan
Mo Irfan:
Battle of wonderkids:

I love lingard is doing great. Blessing for him.
denford muvindi
denford muvindi:
"A team with 11 Lingards can easily win the UCL" ~ Jose Mourinho
DTodo Futbol
DTodo Futbol:
Lingard GOAT😈👌🏽
Cameron Cruickshank
Cameron Cruickshank:
Well I'm not English but atp, I see no reason why a fit Lingard shouldn't start in that no.10 spot at Euros. He's faster than Mount as well as more nimble and gritty. Grealish's diving can slow the game down too much and Madders can be subbed on, he's still a bit inconsistent
We'll see of he's still like that until he dragged Michail antonio into handshakes, and suddenly calls Declan, Beans with rice.
Jay Hansen
Jay Hansen:
look what Lingard has turned this team into 😂... you love to see it
J Mukoka
J Mukoka:
Lingard has the bast celebration ever
Omar fearless Motovation Neil
Omar fearless Motovation Neil:
Lin hard is back in live and living colors no joke it’s the best of lingard at westham
Lionel Game
Lionel Game:
hammerwell 08
hammerwell 08:
I'm still dizzy at being in 4th place 😎 I forgot that we even played the squirts today 😁 Not only that but beat them to stay 9 points above them 😄 COYIS ⚒ .
Ruthless Ogre
Ruthless Ogre:
1:36 look what bale said
Lucas Camarasa
Lucas Camarasa:
Bale: "Motherf**K"
Sema Gigaramadan
Sema Gigaramadan:
Lord Lingardinho is just so great, that the ball decided to hit the post out of respect
Owen ##
Owen ##:
1:06 influence on the Great lingardinho
Mark Maingi
Mark Maingi:
did I just see Bale say "Motherf*****"
Неопознанный Шакал
Неопознанный Шакал:
West Ham will win the league with Lingardinho, no doubt of it 😉
Hendi DS
Hendi DS:
Bale hit the crossbar: "what the fuck!"
1:36 bale said " what the fuck"😂
Dr. Bartholini
Dr. Bartholini:
They talked about haaland vs mbappe being the successor of messi vs cristiano, little did they know that the true successor was the battle of joga bonito that is lingardinho vs neymar.
Nick Barros
Nick Barros:
Cool to see again flashes of Bale’s brilliance
That west ham goal celebration can really piss off the opposition 😂🤣
Dominic Cadman-Gotch
Dominic Cadman-Gotch:
And to answer your question Mr Admin, omg this win feels absolutely amazing.... No win this season has given me a better feeling than this one, when the final whistle went I felt on top of the world #COYI #FOYS ⚒️⚒️⚒️
Palazo's Tech
Palazo's Tech:
"I train very hard to be good as lingard" - Phil foden
Jakob Jäger
Jakob Jäger:
As a ManUnited fan I'm really glad Lingard's doing well for the hammers. Good job for beating Tottenham by the way. : )
Viet Anh Bui
Viet Anh Bui:
" One day i want my son to grow up and play football like Lingardinho"
__Cristiano Ronaldo__
Justin Karki
Justin Karki:
1:37 Bale said "Motherfaka" Lol
Kamaboko Gonpachiro
Kamaboko Gonpachiro:

what a contributions he made so far!
Solusi Cerdas
Solusi Cerdas:
When Lord Lingard dance, the earth will rumble awokawokawok
Damski Kidams
Damski Kidams:
Best epl team celebration so far, so much joy of them 😂
Nishant Kumar
Nishant Kumar:
Lingod actually got more happy when he got chance to celebrate twice 😂😂😂
Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan:
So good to see Lingard shining. He gets too much hatred, I think
Vinamra Shinde
Vinamra Shinde:
1:36 bale swears
Wong Anthony Joseph
Wong Anthony Joseph:
Messi goal in premier League : 0
Messi Lingard in premier league : 3 goals in 4 games
Lingard is finest
Christian Gherase
Christian Gherase:
All these stupid ironic “Lingardinho” comments and still none of the commentators never achieved some kind of success as Jesse
Corporate FBI Agency
Corporate FBI Agency:
1:06 wtf is that rice
Lingard must be the best player on the world in Just Dance.
Jaka Mahardika
Jaka Mahardika:
Admit it. He's not in the best team. But he fit there, so much happiness!
Am just here ftom united to celebrate my bff lingard
Good Grief Grievous
Good Grief Grievous:
0:29 almost offside but our lord says *no*
JIPP Piano
JIPP Piano:
Love to see Lingard happy with west ham... ❤️GGMU
Sim Simmer
Sim Simmer:
I see what's going on here. Jesse was sent to befriend Declan so that they both return to Old Trafford
Biplab Dutta
Biplab Dutta:
The God is back on his way
Ledoo Duma
Ledoo Duma:
He's been freed and they let him the way he want
Mirzha Bn
Mirzha Bn:
The legend is "back"
Shomik Biswas
Shomik Biswas:
Poetic isn't it? Mourinho's most improved player in man utd now giving it to him.
Slap on the face of the people who trolled him
LIN~~~GARD~~~~~ I Love his goal ceremony!!! Fantastic!!! Lingard is Lin GOD!!!
MW Parker
MW Parker:
The Lingard memes are getting old
uoy ebut
uoy ebut:
Enjoy him before he comes back to us