Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles Lakers Full Game Highlights | October 19 | 2022 NBA Season

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Giorgos Varsamas
Giorgos Varsamas:
The highlights were like 75% Lakers but other than that I enjoyed the game.
Bjelica is probably the biggest steal of all off-season moves. I see loads of potential if playing Green and Bjelica at 4 and 5.
Indra A
Indra A:
This channel run by a Lakers fan? Skip too much of the Warriors points 🤣
daniel kemph
daniel kemph:
When I saw this video, I thought the Lakers won because most of the highlights were Lakers highlights, but actually the Warriors won. I believe if Kaly played this game, the Warriors would win by more than twenty points! Again, the Lakers attack strategy is still led mostly by LaBron, even though Westbrook has joined them.
Compared with the Lakers, several Warriors players can lead the attack. That's why I think
so far the Warriors are better than the Lakers.
Almost gave up on them. Thank God for Poole and Bjelica.
Solomon Hii
Solomon Hii:
Look at Westbrook so inspirational for having triple single by just playing for 35minutes tonight!
Edwin Poon
Edwin Poon:
The main highlight is the final score. GS(W) vs LA(L). Thats enough for me.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
Brother Dusk still got it in his 19th season 👏🏼
Romnys Gonzalez
Romnys Gonzalez:
Thanks for the Lakers highlights dude. Didn't even notice they were playing against another team
sandy edler
sandy edler:
Off night for steph, but everyone step up and bring the win 🔥poole... Wooww 🔥🔥
the gummy sisters
the gummy sisters:
The ball/player movement is almost like you are watching a team from Euroleague, which is why Bjelica (Be-elitza) is no surprise - how he fits the Dubs system. Though, you can still see how we could use another big body in the interior in some stretches. We pass the ball so much more than we dribble it, so I personally think we dont really need too many guards, we are ok as is. Payton, only 7 seconds, Chiozza did not play, Looney did not play the second half, Wiseman still indefinite, why not get another big who can play the system, like Nikola Mirotic, or other similar vets.
Imagine if Steph's got a decent shooting game and Klay's on the court. Someone go tell Vegas that they should change their bet immediately.
Danny Bautista
Danny Bautista:
Well done! Golden state Warriors.
Andre Yu
Andre Yu:
It is true that the Lakers played a beautiful game after watching the clip, but it doesn’t make sense to be beaten and lose the ball and show so many beautiful baskets, and it’s on their own Lakers home court.
senni bgon
senni bgon:
Imagine if Steph's got a decent shooting game and Klay's on the court. Someone go tell Vegas that they should change their bet immediately.
Caccia Dennison
Caccia Dennison:
Brother Dusk still got it in his 19th season 👏🏼
pam pam
pam pam:
Rojon rondo is the missing piece ...
That's y lakers dying to get him back
Salute to you sir RR ❤️
Jos Allapa
Jos Allapa:
Let us see their first 10 games. If lakers below 50 pct, it will be like that until playoff time and they will be around 8 or 7 seed if not eliminated.
Rayene Boussetta
Rayene Boussetta:
I get that it's just one game but how the hell did the Lakers lose with LeBron and AD playing great and Curry having an abysmal shooting night...
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
Well done! Golden state Warriors.
First game and already had enough of Reggie Miller for this season
popo popo
popo popo:
as a laker fans, this play at 06:53 , everytime AD's back is bumping with other players, you all getting nervous..
Great job from GSW. Bad job from the one who made this highlights 75% Lakers
Based on the highlights on this channel, the Lakers should win by 30. Poor work. Unsubscribe.
I thought Warriors lose based on how many shots I saw in the video from the Lakers.
Yefta Lionheart
Yefta Lionheart:
So basically, the lakers are gangsta in the first 3 quarters but due to aging team stars, 4th quarter is quite the struggle.

Personally I’m rooting for the lakers compared to the nets. We’ll see
Davide Cuccato
Davide Cuccato:
Winners: Warriors
Dino Zhang
Dino Zhang:
Good to see the real audience are back
Roni ZR
Roni ZR:
Curry on fire ....brinquedo assassino é fera demais ,chora LJ
Let g warriors 😍🔥✅
Charles Matthews
Charles Matthews:
I disagree and I don't like the coverage of the Lakers game, the video only seems to show Highlights of all the Lakers Scoring and not all of the Warriors scoring, not good but the Warriors won anyway...... LET'S GO GOLDEN!!!!
Great game for GSW..I'd even say a quiet win. But got the job done. Lot of work still to do for the Lakers bruh...
Nilson Dias
Nilson Dias:
Rapaz o que está acontecendo com o lakers um elenco tão maravilhoso
Ga Nesha
Ga Nesha:
The ball rotation of the Warriors is clearly better than the Lakers' and they are also a faster team. I felt the Lakers ran out of gas in the 4th quarter. I wonder how the golden oldies will hold up as the season progresses.
Warriors win? Lmao i really left stream at firsthalf .goodgame GSW and curry🔥🔥🔥🔥
Adalberto Aracena
Adalberto Aracena:
Pon el resultado del partido para ver la estadística de cada jugador
Radames Vaz
Radames Vaz:
Bro they were up by 2 and next clip they're up by 9, those clips would've been nice
Tomek Dyrc
Tomek Dyrc:
1:35 That alley Oop is so good
Dan 80
Dan 80:
Golden State Warriors are back 💪
Bubarech Cyberdvach
Bubarech Cyberdvach:
Why don't show drives to basket and free throws then? I want to see all the events that affecting the game.
Sharing the ball still beats iso-plays.
T R A E Z A R:
Run by a Laker fan ....😂😂😂😂😂 Bruh at least next time be objective 😂😂😂
Raymond Arsedale
Raymond Arsedale:
I swear steph’s scoring is usually shit if he mayches against the lakers. He impacts the game differently against lakers all the time tho.
Eralp İnci
Eralp İnci:
I guess that Lakers got stucked in the same vicious cycle just as 2012-2013 did
Phodisho Ratau
Phodisho Ratau:
Beautiful game.
Lmao if u watch this highlight reel you would think the Lakers won by 30 points..... early prediction is that Westbrook isn't gonna like his time in LA
Salih Can
Salih Can:
we didnt see a lot of baskets of warriors in this highlights. don't like it
Marvin Armado
Marvin Armado:
This sums up much of the whole lakers season going to be... 🥸🤓🧐🤠
Mighty Juriz
Mighty Juriz:
Hooper is the pro-Laker team. Bron and AD thought they gonna win that game at full strength. Only to discover that they are not strong enough to beat the Warriors.
poch vincent oporto
poch vincent oporto:
Just here reading the reasons of the Lakers fan why they lost 😂😂
Wayne Turner
Wayne Turner:
Warriors for the win 😎
Ashok Ashwanth
Ashok Ashwanth:
I don't know why would any team celebrate scoring a 3 against the Golder state warriors.
Jus Heated
Jus Heated:
LBJ got too much haters waiting on LA to get their shit together and then the haters going to be saying super team unbeatable and then the bandwagons come in from other teams and I’m just like damn again doubt the king and then join him when he wins crazy huh.
iHave NoName
iHave NoName:
Westbrook 4-13 FG 4 TO: here we go again. He won't last long in LA, he's a terrible fit for them. Before long they'll realise that they play better without him on the court. Bad move by the front office.
Bruh ive only seen the lakers in this highlight how did the warriors score and win
Mookie Blaylock
Mookie Blaylock:
LA bunch would be happy to get play in stage)
Vjeran Magdalenic
Vjeran Magdalenic:
Even the Freddy Kruger has nightmares from the nightmare Lakers!
Nadhif Dolla
Nadhif Dolla:
Bro bazemore got a 3 when he was shooting it in the midrange area... wow reff
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
Imagine if Steph's got a decent shooting game and Klay's on the court. Someone go tell Vegas that they should change their bet immediately.
Sheikh Khalifah
Sheikh Khalifah:
0-7 for real i love ma boys..leggoooooooo !!!
Steve Harold
Steve Harold:
Bruh Bron is made of something else man at this age still doing this? That dunk coast to coast was nasty. I got hyped by the commentators too crazy
Enjoy Belly, gonna miss watching him as a King tho
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio:
as a laker fans, this play at 06:53 , everytime AD's back is bumping with other players, you all getting nervous..
Denver Zorro Zoki
Denver Zorro Zoki:
Bravo Nemanja! Glad the team that has a fighter and ball distributer and shooter like Bjelica. Svaka cast. All honors. Imagine
there was an NBA team with Bjelica, Zubac, Pokusevski, Saric, Bojan Bogdanovic, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Cancar, Avdija, Dragic, Marjanovic, Doncic, Vucevic and Jokic...
Good night dear other teams. Most American fans scream after Monster dunks... But basketball is not wrestling or MMA or boxing... YU know?!
daddicat yo
daddicat yo:
Love how they got Kobe poster at the u kobe
Warriors' the champion.
Duduzz Clips
Duduzz Clips:
Deus nunca disse que a jornada seria fácil, mas ele disse que a chegada Valéria a pena. Sucesso pra geral que leu esse comentário🙏🏼🥳

Tenho um canal quem poder da uma força lá
Edit:não estou mendigando, vc não é obrigado a ajudar
Steph Curry
Steph Curry:
Bron and Davis at therir best in shooting and still lost
Is this the NBA or is it a friendly match?
cant wait until Klay comes back
Eros Bonita
Eros Bonita:
Resume left out all the sweet threes in Lakers 🍑.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
Reggie Miller: "Wow."
Muhammet Ali Yersüren
Muhammet Ali Yersüren:
Poole is my goat
😂😂😂 The Lakers have so many good players and then they lose… wow
Adam Cathcart
Adam Cathcart:
OMG Melo defense 5:20
Laith basim
Laith basim:
Golden will win this season
Lakers need speed movement soon, players like THT, Nunn and AV. Its too big and slow now.
Jorge Luis Mendez Beltre
Jorge Luis Mendez Beltre:
Lets go warriors
Himura Battousai
Himura Battousai:
And the Lakers won in the highlights imao
Can’t have two players drop 30+ and still
Warriors plays ok. Wiggins still can’t turn the ball around though. Given his hefty salary, I think Warriors should trade him for someone who can fit in the system.
Chef Curry played no good but still got triple double 😎😎
Poole and Bjelica played very well
popo popo
popo popo:
iggy drinking that fountain of youth,,, not sure where all the energy coming from...

as always lebron stops grinning when he knows his team is in danger...
david gochioco
david gochioco:
As always when the going gets tough the king disappears.. Nothings new😅👏👏💭💭 when it's not yet crunch time he swaggs a lot. But when it's pressure pack and close he suddenly turns into a hush puppy.. 😆😱👎
Russell 'the basketball' Westbrook 😆 🤣
Carmel Nkeshimana
Carmel Nkeshimana:
GSW win nice collectif game
Theodorus Suwatan
Theodorus Suwatan:
there have been big 3 and 6 times in a row losing nonstop? you're kidding, how come
Lovence Loving
Lovence Loving:
Bro..did the Lakers win or what😂..80% of highlights is just Lakers.
Daniel Feliz
Daniel Feliz:
Go warrior !!!!!
An Airball Connoisseur
An Airball Connoisseur:
I think there’s a lot of potential for the Lakers 5 being Davis. As it should be. There seems to be a better flow there
Guy Hanoi
Guy Hanoi:
Thanx. It'd be nicer to put at the end the stat pages instead of this Kobe drawing
Mack Yarofailam
Mack Yarofailam:
Five all stars vs one and two big guys😂😂
jilo kizito
jilo kizito:
Now that MLG is missing in action, here we come.
Camila Barbieri
Camila Barbieri:
Coming back to this just to see Naomi Scott and Jordan Spence watching it lol
Fikhri Abdi Digdaya
Fikhri Abdi Digdaya:
Lost streak complete🤣🤣🤣🤣
Azaan Sabir
Azaan Sabir:
the exact same score as last time.
Russ and anthony gonna be bench warmers real soon.
34 LBJ and 33 Davis. Damn this lakers team is in trouble.. Feel sorry for Lebron. Still top 3 in the world.
Winson Ang
Winson Ang:
Westbrook is playing for warrior