Gordon Ramsay's Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

As it's Thanksgiving in the USA, here are some delicious recipes, including two Turkey recipes!

#GordonRamsay #Cooking #ThanksGiving

Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Fit Food/Healthy, Lean and Fit – http://po.st/REpVfP

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Arcade Craniacs
Arcade Craniacs:
Just In
Just In:
Turkey: I've never been touched like this before..
"this can feed 8 people easily"
you know, i'm something of 8 people myself.
slowmotion Milk
slowmotion Milk:
I could imagine this being made for a christmas episode like 10 years ago, but they just uploaded it to youtube as a thanksgiving recipe
Anthony Hunt
Anthony Hunt:
I could imagine this turkey in heaven bragging to his friends that he got cooked by Gordon Ramsay
Scott Reacher
Scott Reacher:
"Why don't you go play with the kids." Translations: GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN, YOU DONKEY!"
HoneyComb Princess
HoneyComb Princess:
no one:
literally nobody:
not even jamie oliver:
gordon ramsay: *buttah*
Andhika Sarasono
Andhika Sarasono:
7:14 chicken/turkey's best part
He is a complete different person in front of his mother 😂
Jay M
Jay M:
It's funny how they literally just took the Christmas Turkey Recipe n relabeled it Thanksgiving.
Tushar Singh
Tushar Singh:
Gordon's a gangsta until his mother shows up
Veritech Girl
Veritech Girl:
Gordon:”oh look it’s mum!”
Nervous laughter
Mike Meyer
Mike Meyer:
When your a world famous Chef and your mother questions you’re cooking
Logan A
Logan A:
Imagine him being your dad
“dads what for dinner?”
Gordon:(Pulls out menu)
"This can feed 8 people easily"

Matt Stonie:
Preston Perrigan
Preston Perrigan:
Those awkward laughs Gordon does in reply to his mother, as he realizes it isn't a sous-chef that he can yell at. Love it, lol.
No one:
Literally not even my mom:
Not even Jamie oliver:
Gordon ramsay: uSe ThE mAsHeR
Dennis T
Dennis T:
Why does Gordon always cook so agreesive hes more outta breath by cutting up onions then I am running miles
“Keep that bird moist.”

“Oh hi mum.”
Drinking game
Take a shot every time he says
"Sort of"
Title: Thanksgiving
Music: Christmas
Drinking game! Take a shot for every time Gordon say “beautiful” and “incredible”
Eddie Haugh
Eddie Haugh:
Gordon: “Onion, beautiful, look at it”
Me: Yes Chef
Иван Иванов Иванович
Иван Иванов Иванович:
"Take that off. That little baby right there, I want that"
- Jewish doctors
Umar Adnan
Umar Adnan:
Gordon: "a little touch of salt and pepper"

Also gordan: twists the holly crap out of that pepprr
Jack Lou
Jack Lou:
imagine you are a turkey and think you’re going to be dried and burnt and then gordon ramsay picks you up and says “hello beautiful”
Agnim Chakraborty
Agnim Chakraborty:
His culinary skills looks effortless. Such a talented chef👍🏻
Everytime Gordon cooks something, it's always looks like he's speedrunning it.
Gordon "the smell is incredible" Ramsay
Alex John
Alex John:
0:47 "that smells incredibly light!"

it's butter.
His mom didn’t learn how to cook by herself, Gordon did
Sean Ferree
Sean Ferree:
Can you imagine going to Thanksgiving and Gordon was the chef?
Kev Denny
Kev Denny:
Gordon’s discovered the value of reposting.
complex reality
complex reality:
How did he learn to become such a great chef and how come he sometimes says food is really good but you never hear about other great chefs
The Memeest Film Buff
The Memeest Film Buff:
The only person who has the guts to critique Gordon *is his mom.*

_Like seriously she went at him about those roasted potatoes and chili._
he violated that turkey😂😂😂
Priscilla akosua Kyei
Priscilla akosua Kyei:
I cant afford his equipment and ingredients I just love to watch him cook its called passion
Anthony Isgro
Anthony Isgro:
"Finish covering the breast with butter"
Yes, Chef!!! 😍
Alex Pushing
Alex Pushing:
Am I the only one who heard him say Christmas Eve instead of saying “ Have that turkey ready for the next morning of thanksgiving day”
Jonathan Driver
Jonathan Driver:
“Don’t chop the truffle to small because you want to tastes and identify the truffle”

Oh yes, for that money they better see what I did lol
Gordon Ramsay: -*drops a thanksgiving guide the day after thanksgiving*
Daniella Freya Tanaja
Daniella Freya Tanaja:
me watching this thinking :
"did gordon ramsay gain fire immunity"
isabel aria
isabel aria:
whenever you're feling down, just imagine gordon at church
Yong Lee
Yong Lee:
I am here after watching cr1tikal’s video thanksgiving sausage, and I must say that Gordon needs a bit of variety in his ingredients
Gordon with that Christmas spirit🥲
Brian Cao
Brian Cao:
I think this is my 1st hearing him say “could u” when asking for sth.
Top show video 7
Top show video 7:
Wow that dish looks amazing, you can maybe become a great chef.
Samiul Sakib
Samiul Sakib:
When ever I am watching you, my "Pavlovian Conditioning ", application: conditioned hunger, starts! Thank you for being an inspiration. 💌😍😇
I love how the last turkey recipe, it sounds like a trailer of a movie or smthg. Especially when Gordon was speaking like that lol
Richard Andrade
Richard Andrade:
Thanks for putting this out the day of thanksgiving plenty of time for prep work lol! Even though I have been making your turkey for years.. c'mon Gordon ya idiot sandwhich
Gonna wait another decade when this gets reuploaded
Popy Moly
Popy Moly:
Title: Thanksgiving
Music: Christmas
Melanie Cameron
Melanie Cameron:
This has been my turkey recipe for the last 5-7 years and everyone always loves it ❤
Ba Nha
Ba Nha:
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Joey Tamu
Joey Tamu:
The most important part " keeping that bird incredibly moist" 😏😏
S U B - I N T E N S I O N
S U B - I N T E N S I O N:
The most important part: keeping your bird incredibly moist 😁👍
Arthujbr _
Arthujbr _:
“It oozes flavour and turkey”
Gordon’s mom seems like a sweetheart. Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving/Friendsgiving 😌
11:43 Hahaha THAT VOICE!
Vanessa Shearer
Vanessa Shearer:
I’ve been making Ramsay-style turkeys for years. And every year they come out awesome. Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas!
You know he’s good when you let a British guy guide you to making a good thanksgiving meal
x ImBlxssed_
x ImBlxssed_:
I love how he pronounces butter. “buttah”
220 for 10 minutes in Celsius or Fahrenheit lol I’m guessing Celsius.
shaun shaun
shaun shaun:
staring at a bowl of butter... "That smells incredibly light"
Boston Terrier
Boston Terrier:
Plot twist: His son never get out of his room. Choosing Kfc for dinner.
STH exe
STH exe:
God, my family tried this for thanksgiving and we don’t regret it, amazing Ramsay!
YL Mompreneurs
YL Mompreneurs:
Man, so dramatic turds the end. I love it. And, a ad of Gordon Ramsay came up on his video lol!🤣🤣🤣
Mr Scott
Mr Scott:
Followed this recipe for christmas this year. Amazing! Everyone said it was the best they ever had!
La Morenita K.y
La Morenita K.y:
woo those recipes look super delicious that's why this chef I love how he cooks
Black Crow
Black Crow:
The passion Gordon Ramsay has for cooking is astonishing . My one dream is to meet the guy irl and have a bite of his food after watching him cook. Happy thanksgiving everyone!
I feel smart for once 😭 I've been making my Turkey that way for 25 years! 🧡🍂🍁
Isaac Fanelli
Isaac Fanelli:
I love how gordon complements his own cooking
Edgar Merino
Edgar Merino:
Gordan: so good like so much flavors :videos ends gordan:I made
Mistake no one is going to know
Last- Reflexz
Last- Reflexz:
POV your the camera man:” sniff hmm it smells good I guess”
Gordon: that smells amazing so much flavor
Ryan Sonny
Ryan Sonny:
How can u smell something incredibly light lol
I love how cost is never an issue with this bloke, 12£ of butter
Schäfer G.
Schäfer G.:
I’ve actually been using this recipe for thanksgiving for the last 3 years 😂
jessie jane
jessie jane:
He makes it look so simple...
James Beardmore
James Beardmore:
“The bird is standing upright, to attention.”

(Dead turkey lies motionless on surface)
Pauline DuLacy
Pauline DuLacy:
when he does the voicover it sounds like an add for construction machinery
Nicky Kellum
Nicky Kellum:
Literally made this for thanksgiving yesterday and it came out perfect
I made this recipe for new years dinner. It turned out amazing. I was a little apprehensive about the turmeric potatoes but they were enjoyable. The gravy needed to be thickened though. All and all a keeper.
Chris Wordley
Chris Wordley:
This cost FIFTY QUID, yeah I won't be having that then! 😂
why when this man cook do i feel like im watching a cooking anime lol. maybe just maybe its cause his cooking is on another level like anime cooking
ayush007 _
ayush007 _:
I just want a video when Gordon was young and learn how to cook with other great chef🔥
Ellen Loch
Ellen Loch:
I used this recipe (it's from his Christmas special a few years ago) for my thanksgiving turkey and my bird came out perfect! Thanks, Gordon!
Adrian Beltran
Adrian Beltran:
I made this for Christmas Eve 🔥 came out amazing
DanielAlexander YT
DanielAlexander YT:
Who else knows that theres no way theyll make this but watch anyway
Greek warrior 1821
Greek warrior 1821:
When gordon add piper at turkey
Turkey: my a*s burning!!!!!
Marthdan’s Kitchen
Marthdan’s Kitchen:
I just made this and it was delicious and perfect!! Will be uploading videos soon!!
Jaimey Janidu
Jaimey Janidu:
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, and we have never prepared turkey since turkey is not available here
So I don't know whether this is normal but did he just season that turkey butthole??
Emily Encarnacion
Emily Encarnacion:
I made this turkey for my friends on Thanksgiving and they loved it!
Max Berdyev
Max Berdyev:
Imagine speed cooking this recipe before Thanksgiving dinner... can relate.
KratosPlayz 420
KratosPlayz 420:
Man this is reploaded from like a few years ago
Count how many times he says “sort of”
this dude good at cooking he should be a chef
Everything îs perfect when you a a little bit of olovole
Azo AE
Azo AE:
This is literally just his Christmas turkey video I watched last night
Nick Jaye
Nick Jaye:
We used this recipe yesterday 🦃 came out great! And the gravy was so good
King Khilan
King Khilan:
I love his cooking I want to be a chef after I get done with sports