Greenwood & De Gea star in record breaking win | Wolves 0-1 Manchester United | Highlights

See all the highlights from an eventful afternoon at Molineux, as Manchester United break the record for the longest run of unbeaten away games in English league history, thanks to a magnificent strike from Mason Greenwood and a sensational double save from David De Gea.

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100+ comentarios:

Erick Isack
Erick Isack:
Solid display from De Gea, impressed with his performance.
Fred's first touch is like a tackle and his tackle is like a first touch 😂😂
Daniel Gafà
Daniel Gafà:
The way Greenwood opens up his body when shooting reminds me of Van Persie. Pin-point precision with both feet; that's a skill that many established world class players do not possess
Aryan Wagle
Aryan Wagle:
Mason Greenwood is the best young talent in the prem, and no one can change my mind about it. Also, why isn't anyone talking about AWB's last man clearance
Hisguardianis Quran
Hisguardianis Quran:
What a block by AWB and that double save was just stunning by De Gea.
Also A solid start by varane. AWB didnt need to tuck in that much with him on the side.
Didier Kooren
Didier Kooren:
Varane, coming in, kept a clean sheet, gave an assist and was very solid. What a player, he will be crucial this season.
Astrolead Strovouszky
Astrolead Strovouszky:
Everytime Fred has the ball, my soul is trying to runaway from my body. He can't pass, he can't steal the ball, he can't tackle, he's a Brazillian for God's sake but he can't freakin pass
Bradley Lefika
Bradley Lefika:
De Gea now playing like a man with serious competition on the sideline. He knows that someone is watching
Ankit Ojha
Ankit Ojha:
We were lucky to get 3 shot on goal till 50 minutes mark.
Wolves were tactically superior...we need to sort out our tactics!!
Greenwood and De Gea = ⭐
Aniket Purohit
Aniket Purohit:
Please play Lindelof as CDM. He will defend the back line and can provide the passes for the forwards. We need to consider this as an option.
GB 192
GB 192:
Those saves by De Gea... World class.. wow!
So nobady gonna talk about the brilliant clearance made by bissaka ...that was a goal to be sincere.
Bert Jia Jun
Bert Jia Jun:
Honestly great team display with everyone stepping up(Awb's goal line clearance, varane's assist and important blocks etc especially greenwood's goal and de gea's double save)
Praveen Mathew
Praveen Mathew:
Had it not been for De Gea, Varane would've had his match rating sky dive due to his defending for that particular corner.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy:
AWB saved a goal, he needs some credit
Ryan Sheridan
Ryan Sheridan:
Fred is awful, its like having a player sent off in the first 10 seconds when he starts, in fact he's worse, he's a liability because you have to trust him to do things he can't do and then make up for it after, why Ole keeps starting him is beyond me, Ole was lucky today really to scrape that win, we still don't look anywhere near the level of City.
Wins like this come in handy at the end. Keep up
Heroko X
Heroko X:
Again, David is our savior 🔥🔥🔥
Deswan Saputra
Deswan Saputra:
De Gea back to the top, and Greenwood always 🔥🔥
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος
Γιάννης Παπαδόπουλος:
i think we Really need a consistent defensive midfielder in order to claim trophies with bigger chances . Also except of better defence , this will help Pogba to play more freely. If we only had a player like Park Ji-Sung as a midfielder ...
Nath Patel
Nath Patel:
Varane is exactly what we needed
أحبك ربي
أحبك ربي:
Rohan Singh
Rohan Singh:
This comment is to appreciate that paul pogba played his socks off… he ran the maximum i have seen in one match for a long long time
lempeng kelapa
lempeng kelapa:
Solid performance from varane on his debut!
Yohannes Misikir
Yohannes Misikir:
The scary thing about Mason Greenwood is he has a very precise and strong shot on both left and right foot.
Raja Salman
Raja Salman:
and we have donny , who warms up the bench since he came , sell him if you cant give him playing time , hes a gem of a player
Marc Aomine
Marc Aomine:
1:26 Outstanding performance there by De Gea
Ron W
Ron W:
The double save itself was great but as a Goalkeeper (I used to be one) he is supposed to go out and get any high ball coming in only a few feet in front of him. Why did he remain fixed on his line?
Zainul Arifin
Zainul Arifin:
VDB can actually be KDB if given playing time.
Meanwhile Fred looks like Mini-Lukaku but giving goals for opposition.
Emmanuel Awuah
Emmanuel Awuah:
For this game, Fred was more of a liability than an asset
we still really need a CDM, McFred is somehow the only midfield that works, they both can't do it on their own
After International break The Goat is Coming ❤️
De Gea , AWB, Varane were the heroes of yesterday's performance...they kept us in the game...Maguire too was solid as always....Hats off to yesterday's defense,Attack was really poor...lucky that greenwood scored in the final minutes
Liberato Nsue Ada
Liberato Nsue Ada:
what a clearance from AWB i was pretty sure that was gonna be a goal
AWB saved a goal, he needs some credit
Fred tries to tackle Adama,
Adama: so you've choosen death
Hai AL
Hai AL:
really need solid DMF :( that was nice game tho
Liberato Nsue Ada
Liberato Nsue Ada:
the way Greenwood can use both feets is beautiful what a goal from our wonderkid
0:33 is why fred is worth 50 mil and following up from AWB is the main reason we won this game
Shah Yaqoob
Shah Yaqoob:
Unbelievable match for De Gea can’t believe how wolves didn’t score it. He’s absolutely world class.
Nii Amart
Nii Amart:
That block off the line from Wan Bissaka was fantastic!
- Chelsea fan
Ruben Neves issued a ‘come & get me plea’ with that performance..grt it done!
Safwan mujawar
Safwan mujawar:
Great match , can't wait for Ronaldo to play for united ❣️
Playing for Country is an honour and if it means quarantine for 10 days and miss games just allow . Fred has earned it .
Rafly Nurrachim Agusta
Rafly Nurrachim Agusta:
Varane, we need him for every single game this season if we wanna win some trophies, vamon, GGMU Indonesia 🙌
Morning Star
Morning Star:
Varane looked solid alongside Maguire, enjoy the bench Lindelof. All we need now is a CDM to let Fred enjoy the bench for once. Vital three points even tho we played poorly. Greenwood you beauty!!!
Rufai.ali.ibrahim Ruffee
Rufai.ali.ibrahim Ruffee:
What a performance 😃
snazi ke
snazi ke:
Tough game thou' 🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪😁🤳
Thanks to defenders, Dave n Mason ♨️♨️♨️⚽🥅 3points
Abdul Raouf
Abdul Raouf:
That goal line save was lit🔥
Jason Wells
Jason Wells:
Mason is so natural! Like everything he does is fluid and on point.
Alvaro Daniel
Alvaro Daniel:
A match well done ❤
David Alderson
David Alderson:
Wolves should have won that.

I say that as a Unted fan, and supporter of Olé.
Tom đẹp zai
Tom đẹp zai:
wonderfullllll De Gea!!!!!!! 🥶🥶🥶🥶
Life of Uariumue
Life of Uariumue:
Yes Greenwood and De Gea played really well but let's not forget the clearance Wan-bissaka made!🔥
Adox 28
Adox 28:
Greenwood man. So glad to see him play like this again
Skie Surfer
Skie Surfer:
Massive win for the momentum and history books.
rifqy alfadila
rifqy alfadila:
With this performance, ole's gonna have a lot more headache about our goalie problem🔥
Ronaldo: *About to take freekick in training
De Gea: *Sweats Nervously
Benedict Terfa Shishi
Benedict Terfa Shishi:
You're doing a great job uploading early, Admin.
Loved Greenwood’s celebration who dedicated his goal to actor Chadwick Boseman the Black Panther who passed away today a year ago.
Art is Data
Art is Data:
Varane di mainkan langsung clean sheet 👏
PapNen 05
PapNen 05:
Perfrect de gea ,solid defend ❤
Big Dave did it again!!! He’s the man, 11 yrs going strong🙌🏾
ITZ ム SG07
ITZ ム SG07:
Why the hell is no one talking about awb epic goal line clearance 🔥🔥🥵🥵
MA Gamerz
MA Gamerz:
Gue lebih fokus ke penyelamatan wan bissaka 😎
wonderful performance by De Gea
TSAL_ Me me
TSAL_ Me me:
When Mason does that samba in the box I already know ITS LATE
A Aljeed
A Aljeed:
Congratulations 👏🏻
Aranyak Shukla
Aranyak Shukla:
Imagine if Rashford and Greenwood upgrade their game in the company of Ronaldo.
No defender on the pitch today made more ball recoveries [10] or made more interceptions [3] than Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

Arguably kept United in the game in the first half. 🔒
Deto Qcney
Deto Qcney:
After International break The Goat is Coming ❤️
Mwangi Wachira
Mwangi Wachira:
Neymar: I used to miss training just to watch Fred play football.
Jeff Scoober ™
Jeff Scoober ™:
I love it when the notification shows up “someone liked your comment” and “you have a new subscriber” It always make my day
Inam Cheema
Inam Cheema:
That block from Wan Bissaka 🔥
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger:
I am going to be honest. Wolves dominated for most of the match, that double save by De Gea was crucial. Oppositions find it very very easy to just run through United's midfield because of you know who.
Awesome performance by De Gea
doni gara
doni gara:
We need a solid DMF
Pamir Soydamal
Pamir Soydamal:
1:28 that save was 🔥
Keep Trying
Keep Trying:
Great defense by 29no. MU 🔥😍
Brill Vanez
Brill Vanez:
Greenwood is such world class... Varane made his presence known, what more can you ask for? GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED.
Khume Ighalo
Khume Ighalo:
0:43 a moment of brilliance from AWB😳
i made ary
i made ary:
de gea has proven he deserves to be in the ranks of united legends
ManU pls its time to notch up your level! Had this been against Man City, the result could have been against you. Win the Title goddamnit!
amjad mamoojee
amjad mamoojee:
great performance we should build on that and continue winning
Anthony Chibueze
Anthony Chibueze:
That is a De Gea we knew and loved and would want to see in every match this season. An applause 👏🏾 for the Star man @Spider-Wan🕸. Varane was clinical in his assist plus the Wiikiid Strike from Greenwood! I bow for those four difference makers. Glory Glory Glory, Man United 🖤 ❤️
Lukhanyiso Matikinca
Lukhanyiso Matikinca:
How does Adama traore feel costing wolves six points leading them to zero points
Greenwood is on fire 🔥🔥
imrog 20
imrog 20:
How Fred gets in the starting 11 is beyond me
raynaldy gunawan
raynaldy gunawan:
great performance!!
Andrae Taylor
Andrae Taylor:
David Gea is the best 🔥
What an incredible SAVE.DAVID DE GEA.
Lijo Litty
Lijo Litty:
Can't wait to see Cristiano Ronaldo in the red ♥️🔥
This is why fred is worth 50 million
Varane was immense so composed and if it was any other centre back we would have lost the game. Top top defender
Varane was solid. What a signing!
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed:
*Mason Greenwood will become United Top Scorer of All Time in the Future. Happy 20 Premier League Goals*
Adams Golan
Adams Golan:
nice debut nice performance from varane!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue:
Varane, we need him for every single game this season if we wanna win some trophies, vamon, GGMU Indonesia 🙌
BC Liege
BC Liege:
Congratulations to De Gea foremost, I always believe he's number one in united
Haj To
Haj To:
De Gea

trio madness 🔥🔥🔥