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Manchester City welcome Steve Cooper's newly promoted Nottingham Forest to the Etihad Stadium, but the big question amongst City fans is whether Erling Haaland or Julian Alvarez will start for City. Pep Guardiola has hinted that changes could be made when midweek fixtures arrive.
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23 comentarios:

I actually think he'll start them both, just like he did with Jesus and Aguero at the begining of the 17/18 season and we were getting 5-0 wins on a reg. Also he tried it out vs Palace and it worked.
Thor Pettersen
Thor Pettersen:
Haaland movement on the pitch is also much more focused on the final third now than when he played for Dortmund, where he had to do much more box-to-box work for the team. Haaland will not have the same physical strain playing upfront for City and shouldn't have the same injury and fitness issue.
Barry H.
Barry H.:

Chuck Foden, Haaland AND Alvarez at Forest, Pep!

Even if it doesn't work, the the pre-match City line up on the team sheet will scare the shit out of Forest!
We want do see more ilkay and Bernardo start with phil to assist haaland
We should start haaland and take him off after 60 mins if the game is done and dusted
Albert Deyi
Albert Deyi:
I hope you are right mate, Haaland has to play more he is young
Politically Correct Redskin
Politically Correct Redskin:
Pretty sure Haaland wasn't brought in as a rotational player. I know he's said that he doesn't want one star and ten other guys, but that's basically what Pep's got anyway. Certainly in terms of drawing eyes. A lot of people want to see Haaland more than they want to see City, and that will last until he at least drops down below his present obscene 1:1 ratio. Not starting him would be like the circus without the bearded women and the elephants. "It's just not the same, let's go home. Clapping seals and clowns are boring. And I think the contortionist over there has been drinking. "
Is Phillips hurt? He should start vs the lessee quality type team if healthy
Pete Shepherd
Pete Shepherd:
That's definitely a direct comment towards Sterling. No doubt about it.
I'm glad Pep said the world Cup isn't going to influence his decisions. Why should Pep rest players ready for that, when they work for city at the end of the day? After the world Cup is a different story.
Christian Catley
Christian Catley:
5-1 to Manchester
rowen beukes
rowen beukes:
4 0 city let's go 🔵🔵
martin soldén
martin soldén:
Never rest a striker while his on fire..One rest game and he might turn up cold in the following game..always cash in on hot streak. No..dont try and spread it.. cash in always.. cold streaks are always right around the corner.
Abu Khalid Ali
Abu Khalid Ali:
Must rotation TIME for City in this N Forest match.
Alvarez, KDB, Halland, Gomez, Esbrand, palmar, Foden, Bernando, Walker, Cancelo, Mehrez., RIco lewis.
J T:
I hope Alvarez starts this one. He deserves a chance, and there's no need to risk Haaland against weaker teams in the league when the Champions League is just round the corner. I don't think Haaland starts against both Forest and Villa in any case.
Adam Quinn
Adam Quinn:
3-0 city haaland foden Barnardo'
We are not winning more than 2 nil. I will be surprised if we score more
Lou Back
Lou Back:
9:50 #weirdflex
Riley Rupert
Riley Rupert:
Pep said haaland won't play every 3 days... it's been 4 and I still have haaland as fpl captain this week, hoping he rests him at villa instead 😅😅
If I wanted to wait almost 4 minutes before the show starts on an uploaded video, I would have just gone to cityxtra
Matthew Adshead
Matthew Adshead:
I believe Alverez is ready to lead the line alongside Foden and Mahrez. KDB and Bernardo just behind with Rodri covering. Back 4 with wingbacks Walker Dias Ake Sergio Gomez. I emailed Pep this morning 😂
Riley Rupert
Riley Rupert:
Day 5 of no nicotine! Hopefully city give me a big dub to help my mood.. I been really pissy 😅
Just Sum Guy
Just Sum Guy:
As crazy as this sounds...I'd try Alvarez up front for this one...[at least the 1st half anyway]...If not put Alvarez on the Right-Wing, and Haaland up front....