‘Had to DIG DEEP!’ Jurgen Klopp Press Conference | Liverpool 1-0 West Ham

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp spoke to the Press after his side defeated West Ham 1-0 in the Premier League at Anfield.

The Reds maintain the three point difference to Manchester City in the Premier League Title Race, ahead of the Manchester Derby tomorrow.

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55 comentarios:

Kop Huddy
Kop Huddy:
Luis Diaz's run was a real glimpse of the balls and quality the lad has in his locker, I personally want us to sign younger players to start building the next team but I still knew Diaz would be a good signing, and so far he looks like he's going to fit right in as time goes on. Our recruitment is second to none, City can just throw money at players who've already been developed and made a name, we're spotting potential and developing them ourselves (Harvey Elliott) or spotting hunger/ability and giving them a proper platform to show the world what we've seen in them (Jota, Diaz).
What a game it was!
Luis Diaz is on 🔥
italo lima
italo lima:
Our attacking players are too selfish ,that's why sometimes we struggle to win easily
Peter Burke
Peter Burke:
This team is now about trophies and getting in the picture for all 4 competitions.
Klopp doesn't have to answer questions about his defenders, they are more than justified in what the team are achieving
Olugbenga Wentworth Ajayi
Olugbenga Wentworth Ajayi:
Klopp likes to defend his players no matter what.A reporter there appear to be questioning Trents defending which everyone talks about but klopp simply said if he couldn't defend he won't be playing that position,even though klopp himself knows about his defensive issues and sometimes shouts at him on the field. Loyal to his players to the core
Klopp's press conferences always calm me down cause he describes all those mistakes i scream at my tv when i watch liverpool every time
Salah incompetent mane perfect this match!
Yeah buddy
Yeah buddy:
This game I was really nervous about because westham are doing well and fighting for their for first CL place in an eternity
mingajing lilian
mingajing lilian:
Tough game fair play to west ham gave us a proper game but huge 3 points 👏 well done lads keeps us just 3 points behind city so still in title race ynwa
andrew lloyd
andrew lloyd:
Will there ever be a more much loved German Manager than Jurgen Klopp in the Premier League, whether at Anfield or any other club? I don't think so, and I sincerely hope that the Liverpool board move heaven and earth to keep this, not only incredible manager, but more importantly, an incredible human being.
Andy Gene
Andy Gene:
Diaz was electric. Give him 1-2 seasons more. He will b one of the greatest. Good speed, skill and agility...he is a good buy
Tootsie Nairobi
Tootsie Nairobi:
Diaz is electric...

Sometimes...attackers... gotta release the ball and let others have a go to score...TEAM gotta win....
AJ 24
AJ 24:
Huge win ,.😍😍
Darren Wessman
Darren Wessman:
I’ve only read the first few comments, no one mentions Robbo, thought he was brilliant today. 🙏97
Kiran Jude
Kiran Jude:
FIRST half we played well -- and 2nd half esp after 70 min --- most of them are fatigued n dropped a bit .. happens after a huge week n huge number of intense games.... 3 imp points..
Kay Day
Kay Day:
Hard game .but it's a win..Diaz Trent and Vvd were very 👍
Reynaldo Gutierrez Arroyo
Reynaldo Gutierrez Arroyo:
The game not was easy at all. I was very worry some times but I always believe in my team.
John Monks
John Monks:
Come on fellas a trophy last week 3 points this!!!. Not 100 % right now but sometimes you've got to just get results in these moments and this squad can and does, 12 straight wins😁
Bohlim Creation
Bohlim Creation:
I feel like our attacker are playing as if they wanted to proof themself individually... Team coordination is missing in attack if there's no Bobby upfront..... Overall valuable 3 points 🙏
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman:
Diaz was brilliant Mane goal LFC ynwa
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth:
It´s been update after update really. With all respect to Shaqiri, would you pick him or Diaz or maybe Jota? Lovren (mistakes) is gone, but now we have Konate. Not to mention what we almost achieved with Mignolet and Karius, now we have Alisson and Kelleher. Then there´s been Lallana, screwed by injuries, Ox, but with one huge injury, and without that I´d loved to have seen him without that one. VVD and Salah are the absolute top players, Fabinho is a beast... It feels like they´ve been here forever, but not really. Step by step, update after update. There could be 1000 page -essay on this, by now.
Balal Rehman
Balal Rehman:
Tough game tonight Liverpool made it hard for them self but got win 3 points LFC ynwa
Alvin Aditya
Alvin Aditya:
Best football manager in the world imo
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
I don't care if Mo Mane Jota Diaz sometimes too selfish as long as we got the results that s all that matters YNWA
Warrior J93
Warrior J93:
Hard fight but we got a good win at the end
But was I the only one annoyed about our attack today?
Marius Strøm Glendrange
Marius Strøm Glendrange:
Alright boss next, we march on you LEGEND <3
Camiel Phillips
Camiel Phillips:
Salah wants do to much on his own. Sometimes he can make it easy for the other player to score but no he wants to do it himself... too selfish. We could have had more than one goal at half-time.
Be nice to hear the questions one day, better quality in the 90s.
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
Luis Diaz playing like he s been in Liverpool for 10 years.. He s World Class and cost only 37 Mil lol
Henry VIII
Henry VIII:
why can’t we change tactics when we go 1:0 up. less high risk. sit deeper. encourage THEM to attack. allow counter attack.
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu:
Great win
Valerie Purves
Valerie Purves:
Paralysis of analysis. Keep going
Fak'syn Fak'syn
Fak'syn Fak'syn:
I heard Liverpool may be separated with Mané,but if you people today studies the today's game, you will realize that Salah and Luiz Diaz are so selfish. The only player who always try to link with these two is Sadio,clear. In my opinion,if Mané leave, this club will have problems with some games becoz the linking one with front side will be miss. Liverpool should keep Sadio for two more years,that's my point of views
bani yamin abas
bani yamin abas:
Its lucky win...west ham also have few good chances.
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore:
Should have started Minamino.
Mohammed Khan
Mohammed Khan:
A big win YNWA
Parviz Dzhalolov
Parviz Dzhalolov:
Ave Klopp Boss 👏 YNWA 🔴🚩
Welsh Lad
Welsh Lad:
Very much a dirty win today. When you’re on the run Liverpool are you will get these types of games. Recently we’ve had games like Burnley, Palace and today. Long May it continue. A wins a win.
Klopp should join Barcelona since so like back passing
Jukka O. Parviainen
Jukka O. Parviainen:
Why to suffer so much? Origi was available for the last 15 mins. Choose Life. Choose Origi.
William Marsh
William Marsh:
YNWA come on Liverpool YNWA
Nana Kwabena
Nana Kwabena:
LFC Forever Family
Who Knew 22
Who Knew 22:
Won ugly sometimes that's all you need
Kamaruzaman Ramly
Kamaruzaman Ramly:
Come on guys.. 3 days per games n winning a cup.. Its not easy even for players like Salah n Mane.. Not rested more than a month.. Afcon, league cup, CL, FA Cup n EPL they all still give their best n still winning.. And Hammer is not a easy opponent.. Even city lost n draw in past 5 games..
Amiin Saleban
Amiin Saleban:
I love liverpool ilove all super ❤💖♥💕
Konate is a beast
Keita just isn't influential on the field. Jones or Ox would have been a better option.
Lester 06
Lester 06:
super sadio was the best player of the front three today followed closely by diaz
Jane O'keeffe
Jane O'keeffe:
bani yamin abas
bani yamin abas:
Pray that city will lose point to MU tonite game....
Mole patrol
Mole patrol:
Why is the sound quality the worst of all prem league post match news conferences? Can this not be sorted?
William Marsh
William Marsh:
Luis Diaz better then Bruno
On Screen Learning
On Screen Learning:
Remember this post. SALAH will get super greedy of Diaz gets too much praise. This could be similar to Ronaldo and Gareth Bale at Real Madrid. Diaz will try to over impress. Played too much too soon.
Beer Monkey
Beer Monkey:
Other guys sound like they are underwater
Vincent Judge
Vincent Judge:
Who will want United to win tomorrow
Stelios Stylianides
Stelios Stylianides:
Luis Diaz is great yes but greedy. He must learn to pass the ball. In my opinion he couldav cost us another goal or 2