Hamilton & Perez’s Wheel-To-Wheel Battle | Turkish Grand Prix 2021

Lewis Hamilton looked favourite to take the P4 away from Sergio Perez, but the Red Bull driver was determined to stay ahead in a thrilling battle, eventually finishing on the podium in P3.

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Another reason why Perez was a great choice for Red Bull! Amazing defence!
Gross Jean
Gross Jean:
"Perez seems to have that straight line speed advantage over Hamilton" 🤓
Josh Revell
Josh Revell:
Great freakin' racing 👏👏👏
mph_mtb & Arthur
mph_mtb & Arthur:
Love how Lewis does his special “off the track you go” signature move. Then Perez calmly comes back past whilst being the gentleman and leaving room. Bravo 👏
I can imagine Checo having the biggest smile on his face after this
Mario Alvarez
Mario Alvarez:
Checo and Alonso are the only drivers I’ve seen actually try to defend against Lewis.
N N:
Nobody ever defends against Lewis, much less retakes a place after they've been passed. FINALLY
Checo and Yuki showed extremely great defensive driving against Lewis, and that isn't an easy task.
Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi
Ahmad Ridwan Fauzi:
It is crazy how Perez found a grip outside the dry line to outbrake Lewis and regained the position
Max Darrow
Max Darrow:
I love how controlled Perez was coming out of the last corner. I feel like a lot of drivers would have picked up too much throttle to try and hold onto that position. Excellent driving.
David More
David More:
If Checo is able to classify in front Lewis or another similiar scenario he could be the title decider if he continues to defend against Lewis the way he did here and Baku
The Deamon Meteor
The Deamon Meteor:
Lewis: Im gonna win this race
Perez: Prepare for trouble
Strategy: and make it double
this is why Perezy needs to quali high, he can do a lot of damage to Merc if he is in the mix
This is honestly one of the best battles of this race. Though some might say this race was boring, small battles like this makes it worth it.
Luis Rodríguez
Luis Rodríguez:
"That's what we've been waiting for" Oh Jenson, that joy in his voice describes all of us during this battle
Leonardo Sebastian
Leonardo Sebastian:
As always.... every driver gives enougth space to Hamilton..... but as always, Hamilton pushes them out of track.......... Great defense Checo!!!!
Kay Rose
Kay Rose:
Perez 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

BTW, I love hearing the fans cheer when Checo took back the lead. ☺️
Perez has one of the best abillity's in this year f1 grid
-best in tyre management (by far the best)
-Race Pace (one of the best i have ever seen.)
-and he is the master of late braking.
AK 7563
AK 7563:
Hamilton: "I will challenge Verstappen"
Perez: "no, I don't think you will"
joy joshi
joy joshi:
Sergio is like a rock and reliable and does what he says, and halted Hamilton's progress. If I had to trust an f1 driver's word, I would trust Perez. Most others don't do what they say. He said he won't let Lewis pass and he didn't.
Waleed A
Waleed A:
THIS alone made him driver of the day for me, immensssseeeeee stuff, this was sooo important, if Hamilton went thru he could have even won the race
BYBY Driver
BYBY Driver:
He gave a great favor to Max and Perez is Max's best teammate so far
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis:
Surprised Lewis didn't get a penalty for forcing Perez into the pit lane.
Amazing! 😎👌
King Bwemmie
King Bwemmie:
Hearing that crowd go wild. Simply lovely!
Muchas veces es frustrante ver a Checo calificar muy atras ya sea su culpa o del equipo y se le critica pero hoy si dio una catedra de lo que puede hacer cuando no hay cosas raras...mis respetos para Sergio Perez,...ojala y sea el comienzo de mas podios y triunfos para el y el equipo,... Buena Suerte Checo....
Ah Crofty... Merc has a clear pace advantage. Checo just had a bigger set and out-braked Hammy into the corner to retake the position. Love that little wiggle from the rear end at 0:47. He has that RB16B right at its absolutely limit!
Jorge Lourenço
Jorge Lourenço:
Can we appreciate the fact that the commentator said "Hamilton pushes Perez out". Who would have said someone like Lewis does such a thing.
Modern DIY Craftsman
Modern DIY Craftsman:
That was the best moment of the Race. Perez showed his caliber.
J P:
This was a fun and exiting as when Hamilton was wheel to wheel with Perez and Hamilton flew off the track because he cooked his brakes.
TheProBro -
TheProBro -:
Perez looked so much confident in braking this weekend
Vineet Shetty
Vineet Shetty:
The only thing Perez is lacking is qualifying pace, if he improves on that then he will be consistent in many podium finishes for Redbull
Cpt Cloudz
Cpt Cloudz:
You can clearly see that Hamilton tried to push Perez off the track... Amazing defence Perez!
This is what Perez can really do and it’s great to watch
Fer Mendoza
Fer Mendoza:
¿Como no admirar a este gran Méxicano? ❤🇲🇽🏆
Horner and Marko must be satisfied today; Checo gave Max the lead in the title fight today with that defense.
Hamilton pushes Perez wide like he does way to often when Hamilton is on the inside. Also really enjoyed hearing Button commentating the race. It brought so much more to the viewing experience.
Rishabh Mishra
Rishabh Mishra:
Perez's racecraft is top notch, he just needs to qualify higher then it would be a great advantage for Redbull for the remaining Races.
Luis Paulo Pizzo Silva
Luis Paulo Pizzo Silva:
In my humble opinion Checo was the driver of the day, Sergio and Yuki really Helped Max today! I loved it! Keep charging guys!
I’m so glad Red Bull decided to sign Perez and if he can do something like this, it’ll be exciting to see what he can do next season too
Caleb Roberts
Caleb Roberts:
Love how most drivers didn't defend off Hamilton and just practically let him by.

Great work from perez I'm so glad he's finally showing why he was chosen at redbull
Ameya Godbole
Ameya Godbole:
Perez defense was absolutely another level... Belgium football should learn something
Marko Lar
Marko Lar:
Checo and his team had such a great performance today, everything just worked out as it’s supposed to be. Sainz did a great job, but Checo deserved driver of the day imo
Timo Studio
Timo Studio:
Great battle, clearly best defense with such sport act, keeping cool head, and end with no collision - this is how you defend and attack. Perez is a star and giving the best to be on the team.
Yuki also defended well against Hamilton. 💪🏻💪🏻
One of the best battles this season... Perez showing why he deserves that second Redbull seat. absolutely loved it. Any other driver would have yielded, going behind into turn one on the wet side of the track and then braking late still being able to make the corner!
I hope we see Perez in a position to tangle with the Merc guys more often, you know it's going to be exciting stuff.
Luis Matias Mendez Brandan
Luis Matias Mendez Brandan:
Aguante Checo Pérez, el orgullo latinoamericano de la F1! Sueño con qué gane el GP de México!
Kevin Rodriguez
Kevin Rodriguez:
I literally get chills every time I rewatch this battle
Anton Kirilenko
Anton Kirilenko:
The "you shall not pass!" moment. I like those.
Efrén Lazcano
Efrén Lazcano:
Grande Checo.... Es la maniobra de defensa de la temporada.
Enrique Bogdan Hernandez
Enrique Bogdan Hernandez:
Cero y van Dos a favor de Checo vs Hamilton. Estos encuentros me estan gustando jaja.
Danial Waleed
Danial Waleed:
I just came here to say Perez was so on point with his defense.
Sandro Galizzi
Sandro Galizzi:
Perez has always been a great racer, his strength has always been the race, his big weakness is simply qualifying, where he is too often 7 or worse!
What a great defense !!! Loved it, this is how team mate should be when the other is playing the title and fight against his rival ❤️
ulises morales
ulises morales:
One of the best battles in this season, Sergio's extraordinary driving
Johannes der Säufer
Johannes der Säufer:
Great, but so sad that everyone is loving him now and hating him when he is not performing ...
joe r gonzales
joe r gonzales:
Checo earning his paycheck. This was epic!!
Adalberto Pedregon
Adalberto Pedregon:
What a performs hopefully checo gets the recognition he deserves I know it’s been tough for him this past few races but he owns up to the challenge every time
Maximilian Nguyen
Maximilian Nguyen:
This may be a story behind: Lewis delayed Perez's first win in F1 at the previous year's race, so this time Perez delayed Lewis' charge on his c'ship rival, Max.
Fer Mendoza
Fer Mendoza:
Es sin dudas el mejor, si no fuese por esa parada en pits, no lo pasa, Checo es invensible; ni Bottas, ni Hamilton pudieron con él. Es el orgullo de México!!! ❤🇲🇽🏆
What a suburb drive today from Perez his defensive driving was almost Alonso like

Magnificent just Magnificent

Have some of that Crymilton
Rob V.H.
Rob V.H.:
This is what Formula 1 is all about! It was so satisfying and so exciting to watch that battle. I wish we could see more moments like this. Sergio Perez is a class act!
jarryl ibrahim
jarryl ibrahim:
One of the rare moments that they use this shot and it's the perfect choice, you can clearly see the action and the choices each driver made with every corner
P Haak
P Haak:
Hamilton fanboys: Lewis is just so unlucky

Fernando Alonso: Karma
sp33dbump33 33
sp33dbump33 33:
One of the best battle to watch! I'm sure Checo fought extra hard for Max today, keeping Lewis at bay.
As-Saba Hossain
As-Saba Hossain:
Sergio Perez just confirmed his 2023 seat at Red Bull. He did something what Bottas was unable to do in Mercedes when Max was in similar position. And it was as clean as it could get 👍👍👍
Random Account
Random Account:
It’s great for Perez, he’s got no pressure now knowing that RB are explicitly going for the drivers championship rather than the constructors
It's a shame Perez doesn't seem able to get his qualification speed up to par, as his racingcraft is topnotch (much better than Bottas at Mercedes, but he does have the speed in qualifying a lot more times)..
Jason Paul
Jason Paul:
Checo! Gotta love my dudes push for his team!
Tiago Irineu
Tiago Irineu:
This was beautiful . This is what F1 fans want.

Forget Sprint races. Forget reversal position. Just create regulations that lead to competitive races.
reminds me of his defense against Bottas at Monza, he let him through knowing that the line they picked won't hold at that speed for the next corner, so he makes the jump
Gregorio Neto
Gregorio Neto:
eu sou da torcida de Hamilton, más o Pérez nessa disputa limpa 👏👏está de parabéns!!
Alejandro Carrillo
Alejandro Carrillo:
After Hamilton pushed Checo off the track (0:30); then Hamilton realized that Checo was going to throw the car completely at him, so Hamilton no longer looked so "brave" afterwards.
Those camera angles were absolutely insane! Truly made this battle come to life for us watching at home!! 🤯🔥
Timmy Schnitzel
Timmy Schnitzel:
It took 10 years for some F1 fans to realise Perez's masterclass in racecraft.
I reckon this changed the race for Hamilton. That’s all we have to do to keep him back in races. Make him fight for those positions.
Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral:
Vamos Checoooooooooooooooo!
Asteris Bampos
Asteris Bampos:
When Perez got the place back the whole track went absolutely wild 🤯
Jakob K.
Jakob K.:
An amazing defense. That day Perez really earned his Redbull seat.
Karen Olarve
Karen Olarve:
This is epic to see!!! Hope to see Checo keep on improving in the next races to come... 💯🔥🙌🏻
Harshal Patil
Harshal Patil:
Absolutely amazing by Perez. He had almost certainly lost it at last corner.
Ahh Ahh
Ahh Ahh:
He just needs to up his game for qualifying. He does great when it comes to race day.
Sudo0101 Sudo
Sudo0101 Sudo:
Norris let Ham passed way too easily, finally Perez got himself a podium with that gorgeous defense 🥳👍
Now when I see again I can see how calculated it was from Checo. Very skillful defense. He did everything to have the inside before the final straight and it was his goal from the beginning.
Oscar .Toledo
Oscar .Toledo:
Amazing job by Perez! We has some great to wheel action this season so far! Alonso vs Hamilton, Perez vs Hamilton
Epic battle. This will go down as one of the best. Great job Perez holding off Hamilton.
Ulises Faustinos
Ulises Faustinos:
What talent of Checo, the teammate that RB expected so much for Max 🥵
Excellent position defence. Hamilton applied the "I'm going to take the natural line even when I don't have it even if you have to leave the track" as he did with Max in Silverstone but he didn't count Pérez had extra track in that corner from the pit entrance.
I still don't understand how he didn't get driver of the day. Even though it counts for nothing, Perez gave us most exciting moment of racing.
Ant Call
Ant Call:
Best racing all season imo! Checko showed his amazing skill especially with the merc having so much more top end speed 🤘
Kobus Swart
Kobus Swart:
Well done to Perez..both Max and Lewis should watch the replay, and learn from it..(HONDA supporter).
Dominic Komadina
Dominic Komadina:
35:00 sec coolest thing I’ve seen in my short 8 year of being a fan
Aaron French
Aaron French:
And Lewis always complains about Max pushing him off the track...Ironic
Gabriela Uribe
Gabriela Uribe:
I wish I could see Toto's reaction to this epic battle.
Jose Carlos Velazquez
Jose Carlos Velazquez:
Checo was never going to give back without a fight. He knows he is a skillful driver who has won his seat. He is a beast. More podiums are coming for him.
That redbull front wing looks amazing from above. I wish this wasn't a one off livery
Sunny nethala
Sunny nethala:
fell in love with sergio perez . Even max cannot do that defending .... great driving by checo....
Roberto T
Roberto T:
Imprecionante defensa del paisano ante el G.O.A.T. demostrando que un mexicano no se arruga!!😉
Akmal Ibrahim
Akmal Ibrahim:
I really thought Checo had lost the battle when Ham overtook him on the main straight. Other drivers would've given up at that point. That moment could well be the title decider.