Happy Thanksgiving Day

Although we don't usually celebrate this American holiday, this year we decided to have a Thanksgiving Day brunch with you guys.

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have a nice day
have a nice day:
I love the way satoshi smile, just radiating kindness
Gary Lonier
Gary Lonier:
SatoshiSan did such a good job in the beginning with the Vanna White display of the food!!
Carlos Paiva
Carlos Paiva:
Thank you so much for joining us for Thanksgiving!
Allikat Innes
Allikat Innes:
Good bread, good meat. Thank the lord let’s eat.
Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁
Sara Diaz
Sara Diaz:
Happy Thanksgiving.
We didn’t have Turkey, but ribs.
Justin Parkes
Justin Parkes:
Happy Thanksgiving Day guys the food looks really amazing guys keep up the good work with the videos thanks Satoshi and Shinichi Tabi Eats is incredibly amazing anyways your dog Justin has the same name as my first name it's a good name my mom name me that name when I was born thanks guys have a great day. 💖👍🤓😎⭐🌟
ozan kahveci
ozan kahveci:
"it is not too bad" is meaning "it is bad" :))
Oh no, I missed the live! Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm planning a post-pandemic trip to Japan and your videos are always super helpful in planning the food tours! I don't know how the pandemic affected the different tourist spots, but I'll stay tuned to find out! Thank you, Shinichi and Satoshi for all you do!
Had turkey drumsticks 🍗 tonight, tomorrow 9 am will go shopping at our local Japanese supermarket in Cupertino, CA for a Japanese after Thanksgiving food. Thank you for posting your Thanksgiving dinner, Happy Thanksgiving!
Pro PB
Pro PB:
Awww missed the live stream😭 Watching now...the food looks delicious !!😋 Thank you very much for your lovely videos, made my day!! 😇 Happy Thanksgiving!!! 😇
Your dinner looks good
Tabatha thecoloring booklady
Tabatha thecoloring booklady:
Happy Thanksgiving everyone 😊 we had a 45 pound Butterball turkey deep fried 🦃 and a 30 pound smoked ham with pineapple 🍍 and cranberries and sweet potatoes casserole with toasted coconut 🥥 and marshmallows and we had collard greens with ham hocks and butter beans, giblet stuffing and corn bread 🍞 and turkey gravy and Mac and cheese 🧀 and deviled eggs and mashed garlic and butter potatoes, and Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls, and I made some shrimp 🍤 stew with crab and we had fried rice and chicken 🐔 along with green beans and corn on the cob . And for dessert we had sweet potatoes pie 🥧 and pumpkin pie 🥧 and pecan pie 🥧 and a strawberry 🍓 cheese cake with ice cream and chocolate banana 🍌 pudding .
Betty G
Betty G:
Happy Thanksgiving to all 3 of you! Your meal looks yummy!!! This year was quiet, so we made a small meal. Bacon wrapped Cornish hens, candied yams, rice, mixed veggies in dashi, biscuits and ham. We had brownies for dessert...over ice cream.😊
I'm having my Thanksgiving dinner Sunday since that's when my husband has off work! Still haven't eaten!
Pumpkin and turkey sound so good together. I'd love to try that yam. I like using the leftover cranberry jelly in turkey sandwiches or as jam on bread.
Vida Pacheco
Vida Pacheco:
I'm really not surprised that Japan has a "Thanksgiving"..more of a harvest festival. It's a lovely thing. To give thinks for the harvest that feeds you. Usually for Thanksgiving in my family, we go to my husband's family home. Thank you for sharing! =)
Mona Jane Marcos
Mona Jane Marcos:
Happy Thanksgiving from California! Thank you both for always sharing your time 💕 you make me smile when I feel down. Watching your videos is a familiar bond I have with my family & friends. Keep spreading love & joy 🎥 be safe, take care!
Divina Nakamura
Divina Nakamura:
美味しいそう! 😋 Happy Thanksgiving!🎉
Thank you for celebrating Thanksgiving with us viewers from the U.S. It’s too bad I missed it! I’m thankful for you guys! 💛
Joji Ikeda
Joji Ikeda:
Hmm! Nice looking food! I had Canadian Thanksgiving in October.
Angela Mapa
Angela Mapa:
Thankful for Tabieats! You kept me sane under lockdown and even though lockdown is over, I still enjoy watching your videos :D
Pei K
Pei K:
Sorry I missed it :( danged timezones. happy thanksgiving everyone!
dark meat for me, especially for turkey
Tanequa Gray
Tanequa Gray:
Happy Thanksgiving guy's, I enjoyed the video🦃❤
thank you so much❤️this was so nice
Love Japanese bread 🥖 fluffy soft tasty 😋
Amy Miller
Amy Miller:
It makes me smile every time you sa something is yummy/delicious in japanese. It always sounds to me like your saying "oh shit" lol. Love it!
Happy Thanksgiving. Hope it was great for you. Sorry I missed it. Was celebrating with dinner at my mom's house as well as with my fiancé. Glad to see you are both well.
Happy Thanksgiving! We also had a Costco Thanksgiving with the same turkey breast and smoked ham. Our neighbors gave us homemade cranberry sauce and apple pie. We're thankful for good friends, neighbors and all our blessings and glad we discovered your channel about 2 yrs ago.
Happy thanksgiving 🍁!:)
Turkey,beets,stuffing,potatoe etc You make me hungry
Selena -
Selena -:
Happy Thanksgiving!!! 💕
Laura Harris
Laura Harris:
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Justin! ❤️🦃❤️
derick roque
derick roque:
The word your looking for is ripe. When something is fresh and ready to eat.
My experience with those Costco smoked turkey breast meat is too dry
Happy Thanks-giving to you guys!
Mei Parker
Mei Parker:
Happy Thanksgiving Shinichi, Satoshi & Justin! Sorry I missed u guys earlier. Thank you very much for all the great videos on both your channels. It's been a difficult time in our world. Thanks for making me smile and working so hard. You guys are the best! Sending love from California!❤😊🦃
Cat Tenshi
Cat Tenshi:
Could not get a chance to watch this until now, so late HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you, Satoshi & Justin! 🌸 I am thankful for you guys and your wonderful hearts, tours & foodie explorations and for your Mom's health! [Justin would like you to say you are thankful for him also LOL] 🌸 Those of us who do not have family or cannot be with them, usually get together for "Friendsgiving" where we all gather w/friends (everyone usually brings their fav food/drink/treat to share) and it is SO MUCH FUN! 🌸We need to have the 2 of you at our next gathering! 🌸 My mom used to always tell us kids that american fruit could never compare to japanese fruit in taste and size. I know California had the BEST tasting fruits! 🌸 *sending hugs* 🌸🌸
Happy Thanksgiving you two!
Jen Watson
Jen Watson:
Love Justin's tale wappping you that wad 😊
Thank you for sharing this video. Stay safe & healthy
Neftali Marrero
Neftali Marrero:
Happy Thanksgiving guys
Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez:
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Mike Arisbrocken
Mike Arisbrocken:
Happy thanksgiving... I mean, I'm Mexican, but still, have a good one =D
Patsy Johnson
Patsy Johnson:
Hope you had a Blessed day!
Maria Isaksson
Maria Isaksson:
Hej look at you 2 having fun eting paj 🥧
Sylvia Parraz
Sylvia Parraz:
Happy Thanksgiving guys!! I love u guys!!!
Colin S
Colin S:
Happy Thanksgiving here from California. Even though it's not celebrated in Japan I really do appreciate it. Is that a plum sake ❤❤😊😊
Chappy's Tiki Bar
Chappy's Tiki Bar:
Happy Thanksgiving guys!
Jen Watson
Jen Watson:
Pumpkin cheesecake! 👍
T Brown
T Brown:
Happy Thanksgiving y'all.
Lady Vampy
Lady Vampy:
I miss the livestream...we dont really celebrate thanks giving here in the philippines .. but i want to taste a turkey...never had that before...i really like listening to the both of you when your having conversation in japanese...even i cannot understand any words...hahaha...i hope someone from the philippines can send you a few filipino delicacy for you to try...if i only have a job i will send you some...especially the dried mangoes and a corn snack called boy bawang...boy bawang is good as beer partner...it also comes in different variants...
Blue Nightfox
Blue Nightfox:
Oh now I'm seriously hungry! lol
julia manzanero
julia manzanero:
No pie for me happy thanksgiving guys love u
happy thanksgiving i missed the live but talking about persimmons did u see your sisters video on your moms love of kaki shes so cute
kelley davis
kelley davis:
Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
Lisa Stanfield
Lisa Stanfield:
You guys could’ve made your own gravy! So much yummier!
Carly's Channel
Carly's Channel:
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Jen Watson
Jen Watson:
No cranberry, my son dusint like it! Haha, when he was little he thought it was beets now he will not eat it! Its funny because I did the opisit as a kid, but I like beets now..because of my son😚!
amanda miller
amanda miller:
hope you had a great thanksgiving
Jen Watson
Jen Watson:
Oyster stuffing in my home! 👍An I do applecider brined turkey 👍! Garlic mashpotatos, Green bean casarol with beacon! But your dinner looks lovely! 👍🍻
Susan Dominguez
Susan Dominguez:
Sporty Baker
Sporty Baker:
I missed the live stream because i am terrible with getting up early but i'm here now. :) Happy thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates! I'll be having some lovely fish with roasted veggies
for dinner tonight.
Liberty Casanare
Liberty Casanare:
Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁
susan lamoreaux
susan lamoreaux:
Curious1ne Ueckeka
Curious1ne Ueckeka:
Now I need rice.
我が家も昨晩thanksgivingのフィーストでした。 今年はwhole turkeyではなくturkey breastとpork roast でした。

Happy 🦃Day! Take Care & stay safe❗️
Astrid Rusli
Astrid Rusli:
Loveeeee Japanese Denny's
Randy Davis
Randy Davis:
Can you teach us more about the spinach dish? I'd love to enjoy a different way to eat spinach.

I think you're looking for astringent or drying and bitter...for unripe prisimons. They are very bad unripe and then when they become almost over ripe they taste sweet and delicious.
Tipsy Mologn
Tipsy Mologn:
Justin looking at you and saying are you going to eat all the pie? 🥺
Valerie Jackson
Valerie Jackson:
Happy Thanksgiving! We had smoked turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, biscuits, pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll and wine. My daughter is vegetarian 🌱 so I made her a vegan roast.
Jen Watson
Jen Watson:
There are 2 different kinds of persimmons! Eating and cooking! Think there you can just eat.
Then the next day we had pumpkin pie after our leftovers
Michelle Vietor
Michelle Vietor:
Your pumpkin pie from Costco looks so much better than the one I got from Whole Foods. Also, I love that face Justin makes when he is looking at the food from the side. That should be a t-shirt!
Victoria Myung
Victoria Myung:
So sweet of you two to do this to celebrate our holiday with us, here in the U.S. I love that you mixed in the Japanese elements.
The Happy Pantry 開心煮意
The Happy Pantry 開心煮意:
Kim Moore
Kim Moore:
Satoshi looks so hungry😂👍🏼
Carol S
Carol S:
Looks like a great dinner. Just so you know, a real turkey roasted tastes much better than roll up turkey. Mashed potatoes for the gravy is only thing missing.
Also, the pie usually has about one inch high of whip cream on top all of it. Good job guys.
Carol S
Carol S:
One suggestion is to leave some turkey out for the week. Cut the rest of the turkey in thin slices and make packages to freeze for sandwiches or dinner or turkey sub.
I always watch you live. I am a lurker now. the chat is just too busy for me. was a great cheer me up stream. todd
mr. Russ
mr. Russ:
Happy Thanksgiving
Susan Dominguez
Susan Dominguez:
Hi from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our Thanksgiving is on the 2nd Monday of October. We had turkey, ham, mash potatoes, corn, coleslaw, sweet potato, gravy & cranberry jelly. Dessert is apple pie.
Curious1ne Ueckeka
Curious1ne Ueckeka:
Love Justin!
Effie Colida
Effie Colida:
Dinner looks good
abe frohman
abe frohman:
Maybe you can book a haircut at Satoshi’s Salon again?
I’m in America but Don’t Celebrate thanksgiving with anyone cause I. Don’t have any family and friends anymore. (My parents died.) Sad I know. I “celebrated “ the holiday with my 3 cats. No turkey 🦃, etc.
Tony La Russa
Tony La Russa:
We had roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes. We let our persimmons age a little before eating them. They get darker in color and softer. I like dark meat. It's juicer.
Angela Mapa
Angela Mapa:
Justin wants some pie!
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson:
We only get the regular pasiman
I know I probably spelt that wrong.
If they are not ripe the I put the with bananas and that helps them to ripen, this also works with other fruits.
Andrew heuft
Andrew heuft:
I’m live in Canada I have at in October
abe frohman
abe frohman:
The persimmons in LA were not ripe yet. You can put them in a paper bag with a banana and they will ripen in 3 or 4 days. Just fold the bag closed.
Handsom Jack
Handsom Jack:
From America. I wish I could send you guys a slice of my moms cheese cake, or my moms slice of apple pie. In the south my aunt made a tasty pecan pie.
Adney Murakami
Adney Murakami:
I made baked ham. pumpkin pie no turkey due to Covid 19 i am dining at home by myself instead of my usual gatherings.
Hi, guys. American persimmons have to be allowed to fall from the tree before they are edible. Otherwise, they taste "puckery".
abe frohman
abe frohman:
It was fun to see the mix of American and Japanese food.
Susan Dominguez
Susan Dominguez:
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson:
My famae and I don't eat turkey at Christmas (traditionally eaten by the UK.) we just don't like it that must, we prefer chicken.
In southern USA, we have native persimmons that are very sweet if they are allowed to ripen and fall from the tree, usually after there has been a good frost. We put tarps around the tree to keep the fruit from picking up dirt or other contaminants. We generally press the lightly cooked fruit through a colander to remove seeds and skin. The pulp can be used in numerous recipes and keeps a year in the freezer. Unripened fruit is very astringent and leaves a very unpleasant feeling and taste in the mouth.
Mary Beth Dermody
Mary Beth Dermody:
Pumpkin is very good for dogs....poor Justin just wants a taste! Your Costco pumpkin pie is different from theCostco pie in the States. Our pie doesn’t have the powdered sugar on top. I had miniature dachshunds when I was young and a full sized dachshund, all with shorthair. None of them would have been that good near food! Justin is adorable!