HBO's Chernobyl vs Reality - Footage Comparison

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CORRECTION: The visualization of the phone call (seen at 0:27) is was created by Andriy Pryymachenko, it is not actual footage from Chernobyl.

It appears HBO recreated the graphic for the show, Andriy says, without permission. More info:

You can see his channel and the original here:

A comparison of scenes from the HBO Mini Series Chernobyl with real documentary footage shot in 1986 from the documentary "Chernobyl 1986.04.26 P.S."

You can watch the full documentary series on YouTube here:

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100+ comentarios:

Those soviet cameras had better quality than some smart phones nowdays
Aussie Poof
Aussie Poof:
It’s freaky to think that picking up just a tiny stone of graphite for even a second, you’d be dead within a week.
I was surprised to see the real footage of the helicopter falling apart in the air. I though they did that to make the series more dramatic and interesting
Father Gabriel Stokes
Father Gabriel Stokes:
4:28 they got actors who looked exactly like the real people. Dedication at its finest.
Lucas NG
Lucas NG:
It is so ironic that right after the series was a hit, Covid-19 happened. Many governments did exactly the same mistake as the Soviet Union: downplay the problem, hide information, put political interests above saving lives etc.
Saif Ahmad
Saif Ahmad:
Velary Lagasov - Man who literally saved millions but was completely removed from history untill HBO - Chernobyle series came.
Kia Kiayi
Kia Kiayi:
The most important message of this mini-series is: Our lies will destroy us
Ey, my grandpa was there on that roof cleaning all that radiation...he is sadly dead now.
Rich Smith
Rich Smith:
"How lies can lead to disaster"
The Americans are going to learn the hard way. Look at their country at the moment and how much the media bend reality to fit their agendas.
Bilimin Sırları
Bilimin Sırları:
Old Soviet cameras have better quality than %99 of UFO sighting videos which are supposed to be recorded by modern smart phones.
Alper VEZİR:
Those miners, divers, firefighters etc. are real life heroes...
Monika Biedziuch
Monika Biedziuch:
Radiation:will kill you in seconds
Cameraman filming places with deadly radiation levels: hold my vodka
“Fifty thousand people use to live in this city, now it is a ghost town”

-Captain MacMillan
Tushar Bhat
Tushar Bhat:
"Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later that debt is paid". Man is that line amazing
the reality is, that surviving liquidators today receive a pension of 72$
T0NI 911
T0NI 911:
This is one of the beste mini series ever created. Period.
Krishna Ghosh
Krishna Ghosh:
4:28 that accurate man..
tapac 777
tapac 777:
My uncle is one of those people who was cleaning the roof. He told that they werent told how dangerous it was. Now he is one of few people from that crew that are still alive.
The two emotional parts in HBO’s Chernobyl series was the scene where they buried the firefighters in pure cement and in another scene where they were shooting the dogs, even puppies because of the animals having radiation exposure.
karthikeyan perumal
karthikeyan perumal:
That sound of radiation meter through out the Series is enough to equal 100 thriller suspense horror movies
1:25 OH MY GOD. 😱
Jeffrey Waugh
Jeffrey Waugh:
Man I had no idea there’s actual footage of that helicopter falling apart. This whole series is so haunting
Green Ghoul
Green Ghoul:
The roof scene was so intense, perfectly depicted the real thing
Swapnil Nimase
Swapnil Nimase:
Those who were at the frontline to contain the fuel are real heroes of mankind. Those men's knew that they are definitely going to die, still they contributed for cleaning operation. #Respect for those #UnsungHeroes
everybody gangsta till the control rods start jumping up and down
Arya Dwitama
Arya Dwitama:
that helicopter falling down scared me especially when realize that is real
Alba.D. Hattington
Alba.D. Hattington:
4:51 You vs The guy she tells you not to worry about
Radion Corlateanu
Radion Corlateanu:
I was born april 23rd 1986, in USSR. About 500km, or 300miles away. Have friend with physical anomalies like missing fingers, and this show looks so authentic that I cannot believe it was done by a different country, every single detail, its just unbelievable.
one thing I was sad that didn't make it into the series was the fact that liquidators took counters from newer recruits so they wouldn't go to the roof to basically die, that meant that one veteran soldier could've gone to the roof multiple times, exposed over and over again to very dangerous levels of radiation. While the scene in the roof is dramatic, I think there could've been room for this as well.
This series was incredible. Rest in Peace to all the victims of this horrible disaster.
Phil Sim
Phil Sim:
For anyone wondering, yes, geiger counters had a massive boom in sales after this show.
Tyler Dowd
Tyler Dowd:
I swear I learned more about this event in 6 episodes than I ever had in my years of schooling
Frane Solarić
Frane Solarić:
Subtitles: *speaking russian*
Me: AHH yes, Now i understand everything
Basically they got almost all other facts except the medical ones correct lol
Robbie Diaz
Robbie Diaz:
Many lose their minds on fantasy shows, but this one is one of the best I’ve ever seen.
Trexie Pabalate
Trexie Pabalate:
The scientist trapped inside trying his best to Cooldown the reactor: I've tried my best, but at what cost?
Sova Sova
Sova Sova:
it's my country , it's my pain, it's my unhealed wound. I was 6 when it happened, but I remember everything. I was live in Kiev and was on May 27 at the children's playground with my friend. It was beautiful warm morning. I remember the green juicy grass and the smell of cherry blossoms.
Ashwarya Inda
Ashwarya Inda:
This series shook me to the core
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma:
Critics —- “GOT and Breaking bad are all time best series “
Chernobyl —— Hold my Graphite !
I wish the new Estonia disaster series would get this much attention as this series...
There were times when I could not tell the two apart
This has to be one of the best shows ever produced
4:29 This blows my mind most, how they found actors that similar!
after watching this miniseries I think cleaning any room now looks easy.
Riot Breaker
Riot Breaker:
Can you believe the divers outlived basically everyone else? I'm sure two of them are still alive today.
Juan Fernandez
Juan Fernandez:
4:29 amazing how similar they are
Watching the series is just haunting. It's so hard to believe that all that stuff actually did happen. What a world.
Вічна память
Johnny Jawbone
Johnny Jawbone:
The scene with the three volunteers going into the reactor basement, wading through the water with just the sound of the dosimeters going off the scale, with no dialogue, just sheer panic, is one of the most humbling, aniexty inducing and inspiring scenes I have seen. I felt so many emotions I needed a day or two just to process it. Masterful film making.
When those three men were wading in the contaminated water in the dark... and their flashlights went out......very chilling!
Abigail Zimmerman
Abigail Zimmerman:
3:37 Wow even the news on the TV looked almost the same.
RTX 3090
RTX 3090:
Man i could not imagine the pain getting Radioactive sickness 😔
gabriel garcia
gabriel garcia:
Es una maldita obra de arte de esa no hay duda la habré visto como 4 veces y cada vez que la vuelvo a ver me impresiona
Johnny Rivas
Johnny Rivas:
This mini-series is a haunting masterpiece that deserves mention among HBO's greatest shows.
vlado 123
vlado 123:
I live in the country right next to the Ukraine, I wasnt born yet when this happened but my parents remember this very well. Big moment in our history 😞
The sound of the radiation meter was hell freaky. ⊙_⊙
Elmārs Spalva
Elmārs Spalva:
It's hard to imagine that while this was going on, on the other side of the planet there was a group in making call N.W.A. ...
Kind of puts things into perspective...
Arthur Gomez
Arthur Gomez:
The attention to detail is seriously what made this show amazing and winning awards that are well deserved.
i didnt know there were that much real footage... now the show becomes even more terrifying
semptember 1 was valery legasov birthday may he rest in peace and everyone else who sacrificed their life’s to save ours
Rhys Sherring
Rhys Sherring:
This show and its story is my definition of true Horror.
Anand Sali
Anand Sali:
i loved this series, i absorbs you into it, RIP to all the people died helping others
Serious Lee
Serious Lee:
I cannot believe there is a real footage of the helicopter's disintegration. Such an awful sight, yet amazing.
Konstantin Negrebetskiy
Konstantin Negrebetskiy:
This is a real director, he respected the people who went through it. Love from a Ukranian♥️
S P H I N X:
I watched it about 10 times and it still doesn't bore me
I honestly would love more docu-drama series like that. I've watched Chernobyl twice now and its just mind blowingly well made. I think It would be awesome it we can teach more people about history like that.
This series is a masterpiece.
"Don't let them suffer."
"I did everything right."
"In one week, you'll be begging for that bullet."
"In five years, we'll be dead."
Jamil Dacalos
Jamil Dacalos:
they only one got missing, the cameraman who recorded all of this
Best show I saw, too freaking short
Faiz Oktarivandi
Faiz Oktarivandi:
I love how the camera keeps zooming in and out every scene in reality, it gives me vibe of some old sitcoms
Abbey Grey
Abbey Grey:
This is really underrated huh
Ibrahim Kasana
Ibrahim Kasana:
Amazing series hats off to such an astonishing cast that brought to life a truth untold... it's such a life-changing experience.
jules peeters
jules peeters:
It's concerning that we only realize the truth after a while or that the truth only gets revealed when everybody is...
Patrick Krott
Patrick Krott:
The sound of the geiger as part of the score is brilliant.
Wizard of Emerald Isle
Wizard of Emerald Isle:
This series had me goosebumps.. yet I could feel the terror.. amazingly depicted👍
Chris Pease
Chris Pease:
I’ve always noticed that Hbo series have always taken account of time appropriations and how exact they want to portray with footage or anything
Sushil Ghonse
Sushil Ghonse:
I would give this series a 100/10 on imdb. It's the best docu-drama made ever in the history of cinema and tv.
EeneMeene Miste
EeneMeene Miste:
Probably the best and most important series you could ever watch!

I was shocked how they acted then.
Derek Tang
Derek Tang:
This show is a masterpiece.
I wasn't expecting the actual footage to look this good tbh. And I sure as hell didn't we'd get to see the shovelling on the roof for example.
I want to clean my memory to watch this film again 🔥❤️
João Henrique
João Henrique:
now i have to see for the 7 time the series.... masterpiece
03_ subhajeet Biswas
03_ subhajeet Biswas:
Chernobyl is my favorite mini series due to it's connection with reality
The Show is a true masterpiece
Rip all the people who died in Chernobyl and the people who where there to clean up the mess
Vlad Safronov
Vlad Safronov:
there is not enough ambient music that was in the series, so I'll find it in the background and watch this video
Azlan Mehmood
Azlan Mehmood:
To all liquidators
You were real heroes
I find it incredible how similar the show shots are to the real video. Really outstanding work IMO
Aaron Brall
Aaron Brall:
They didnt actually film anything for the show, just made the old footage HD, its honestly incredible how close to the real deal they got
I’m scared of chairs
I’m scared of chairs:
Wait who was holding the cameras on the roof?

Nadhine R
Nadhine R:
I just watched Chernobyl last night, it was so difficult to watch because I know how it’s going to end. It’s especially hard to see the first two episodes when those who are in charge are making bad decisions after bad decisions.
Sam Cooper-Drake
Sam Cooper-Drake:
The difference in the color-grading is noticeable, creating very different moods
Anton Cvetkov
Anton Cvetkov:
the first thing that caught my attention was the details and how realistic it felt, the atmosphere takes you back in the time
Fairuz Fairuz
Fairuz Fairuz:
I don't havr hbo but this is one of their shows I wanna watch
Shadow Poet
Shadow Poet:
I understand condensing for time, but I'd like a full length personally
аса ст
аса ст:
Простите без слез смотреть не могу, тяжело, людей жалко... Когда же к нам будут относится как к людям, фактически ничего не изменилось
Petter !
Petter !:
The Swedish Guy that directed this series is a genius 👍🏻
Hazel PT
Hazel PT:
I watched the show for the second time in this pandemic and it hit different this time.
4:28 HBO went to the past and brought the real people
I did not know that it was this accurate to history. Surprising, considering how often people associate movies and series with solely being entertaining.