Henry Cavill Introduces "Super Sweet 16" Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso | E! News

Sorry ladies, the "Man of Steel" is off the market! The actor takes to Instagram to post a shot of him and the former MTV star playing a heated game of chess!

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Henry Cavill Introduces "Super Sweet 16" Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso | E! News

81 comentarios:

His past girlfriends all look similar. He definitely has a type.
“but i want to be born into generational wealth, inherit being the VP of an entertainment company & date a list actors too, daddy! i’m nice!”
Illy Ktve
Illy Ktve:
every pics of this girl is like looking at a different person each time. either it's surgeries or she yoyo all the time with her weight. HOW DOES A 31-32yo get to be a vice-president at Legendary?!
João Pimenta
João Pimenta:
I love how the reporter started with saying "sorry ladies and *gents*".
Brisa higgins
Brisa higgins:
It’s a weird feeling. I’m so happy for them. But like... it’s Henry Cavill. He is literally the human embodiment of perfection. Of course I wish it was me 😂😂😂. But in all seriousness I’m happy for the both of them.
Ian Brown
Ian Brown:
I still get giddy watching that video of Henry reading thirst tweets. Such a dashing chap. Good luck to him, I hope he finds the lid to his pot.
Bob Girard
Bob Girard:
Don't worry ladies. As much as I'd like to see Henry find his true love, I don't believe its Natalie. Henry has deep England roots, where all his family, friends, manager and work is located. He's not about to leave London to go live in California where Natalie lives and work. And I highly doubt Nathalie will leave her high position as a Vice President in a largely well known production company in order to move to London and become a stay home mom. But I might be wrong. We'll see.
wow, must be nice to be a rich girl. Got her a job at Legendary Ent. wooow
Sam Burns
Sam Burns:
Good for Henry -- one of the 'good ones' in Hollywood who appreciates his fans.
Kayla Jessee
Kayla Jessee:
How can you be destroyed over someone who don't even know you
Full Nejwa
Full Nejwa:
Henry definitely has a type .
Blonde with blue eyes but also rich . The majority of his past gfs are from sportive background !
Oh Henry you know how to use your charm , your muscles ! Hhhh
Omg!!! I think i actually saw that Sweet 16 ep. Well she made a life comment at 16 and her life is nothing but sweet. Henry is cherry on top.
Gabriel Miller
Gabriel Miller:
I thought the movie was off the market ?!?! 😂😂 Darn ET make your posts clearer .... as far as that .. well girls sorry 🤷
css rbr
css rbr:
VP at Legendary is just a random title thrown around to sound important, but if you check their Linkedin account you can see there are plenty of those. Who made this video is probably someone who is close to her and was offered to milk this relationship and promote her name because ENews never really cared much about Henry, same goes to People. NV's PR game is really strong.
Boitumelo Beverley Motaung
Boitumelo Beverley Motaung:
I remember that girl 😊
Missie LaVigna
Missie LaVigna:
Congratulations to you in your new love ❤️
Russel Furtado
Russel Furtado:
The timing is so convenient... just after Kate Winslet interview about closeted hollywood stars.
Nooooo!!!! Lol I used to have a client that worked directly with Henry Cavill and they would be on set together. I kept hoping that he would bring him on by... it wasn’t met to beeeeeeeee
Mary Mary
Mary Mary:
What is her zoadic sign cause Henry he is Taurus I think she is Leo cause she very lucky 💔😭
scene de la Reine
scene de la Reine:
I’m not his fan, also I’m not in love with him😂simply I don’t care whom he dates, but it looks like PR stunt. But whatever😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Jana. Veichpartova
Jana. Veichpartova:
Henry Cavill, did you fall from a cherry? You can be a 16-year-old sister.
Just like prince harry (henry charles albert david), californian girl will take her english bf to LA, same story😂
Chichi Brown Singer
Chichi Brown Singer:
So he is dating his boss?
Devon Love
Devon Love:
I'm not the same person I was at 16 years old and did some embarrassing things as well for sure but I'm not into like the spoiled brat vibe she was giving off. Relationships are about collaboration and compromising it's a hella tough road if your partner is selfish. Fundamentally, if she is the same person and hasn't grown up then it's not gonna work out. Depends on if Henry came from money as well or if this is like a business move on his part. Only time will tell!!!
Option Z
Option Z:
She was born in 1989 but she looks 13-14 without makeup 😱
Silena Tasha
Silena Tasha:
Go on IG there's a lot information you can find out on this
Roland Reyes
Roland Reyes:
I feel like he’s cheating on me!
Renea King
Renea King:
How did they meet in a pandemic while he's working in a bubble?
Ally Estrada
Ally Estrada:
They are so adorable! Ok, I gotta be happy for him 🥰
Jezreel Houtz
Jezreel Houtz:
No one even notice how she mispronounced Viscuso and said Viscusio 😆
Dragon Lady
Dragon Lady:
Natalie Viscuso is not the right woman for Henry for many reasons. On soul realm he is already in intensive contact with his ONE, his twinflame, the one true love, since more than one year. They still have a lot of healing issues to do, to release countless amounts of life-threatening curses which prevented them to meet in person yet. This is the only reason for the actual relationship, which is a karmic one, as well as all others had been so far. This is why they did not last very long and he had the obviously wrong partners. Some claimed that he has a type based on this, but this is so wrong. 😂

His twinflame is older than Henry and they will meet each other soon and some day they will be married for sure.

To all haters, trolls, non-believers and clueless weirdos: If you don't have knowledge and experience about shamanism, karma, black magic, soulmates, twinflames and other related stuff, I would highly recommend to keep your opinions and judgments for you and to hesitate to leave any unqualified comments. This would only reveal your true personality, lack of knowledge, intelligence, insufficiencies and so on.
Alexus Rios
Alexus Rios:
Nooooo my favorite super man😭
I remember that episode
Robin Hartman
Robin Hartman:
I’m happy for Natalie and Henry . God bless
It is said it's a PR stunt. This chick has a bully past & her friends allegedly are rasists. It all happened cos Dany Garcia is a greedy person.
Crs S.
Crs S.:
The most spoiled one.
Ryan Appleton
Ryan Appleton:
Henry Cavill IS OFF THE MARKET?!
Doris Johns
Doris Johns:
Not for long, js. I'm jealous
Samantha Weiss
Samantha Weiss:
Yay! I'm SO happy for him! It's taken so long for him to find love. She seems like a great fit for him and I hope it lasts ❤️.
Evie Coles
Evie Coles:
I have no idea who he is 😂
Sumi Garcia
Sumi Garcia:
He obviously has a type which is Blonde
Samuel Freeman
Samuel Freeman:
This might be the most trash headline/title in the history of the English language.
Jake Angel
Jake Angel:
Perfect couple 💕
Alexis Mum
Alexis Mum:
Ah, new love! God bless them.
oyum daan
oyum daan:
So she had a amazing life n on top of that she gets henry while us poor women with shity life gets a partner who looks like potato well mine looks like carrot but still life is not fair I’m happy for them though
He loves his blondes.
Mimi Simone
Mimi Simone:
🤔 and let's see how long it's going to last. Make your bets people
Keeping Up With Gabrielle♡
Keeping Up With Gabrielle♡:
She's pretty but she better treat him rifgt
Lauren Schenck
Lauren Schenck:
Congratulations!!! So happy for them xoxo 😘
Valerie De Leon
Valerie De Leon:
Who is she?
Rosie Saints
Rosie Saints:
He so handsome and courteous but when I saw the episode I rolled my 👀. But I happy that he found someone to challenge him. The only thing that puts me off a bit is how young his dating profile in women is. I guess it’s the norm to date younger but it’s a big gap in age just saying
Sands Time
Sands Time:
Why wouldn't he date the VP that helped produce the movie?
Jacqueline Gil
Jacqueline Gil:
My heart is broken
Lidija Baulovska
Lidija Baulovska:
Schaise frau wee grusige
Silena Tasha
Silena Tasha:
Not true all organised by his team and managers
Crystal Henry
Crystal Henry:
Kayla Jessee
Kayla Jessee:
Ladies get over it life goes on there's other handsome celebrity guys you can melt over like Chris Evans he's still single and plus he's not going to stay single forever just to make his fans happy he also might want to maybe start a family just be happy for him I know I am with his cute self get it Henry
Anna David
Anna David:
Geralt cheated on Yennefer 🥲
Finally!!! I have a feeling....Natalie Viscuso is the woman he has been waiting for.
Now is his turn for being really happy.
LizElda _07
LizElda _07:
I'm so happy for him. Idk why but I am.
Lennys Alison Huanda Alvarez
Lennys Alison Huanda Alvarez:
Omg, lucky girl
An Ra
An Ra:
His type are blondes blue eyes young girls 🥲 I dont stand a chance jaja
He def has a type
Browne Sugarr
Browne Sugarr:
She is "not" the one.🙄😒
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
I'm so happy for Henry ,and natalie they are such a cute couple 😘❤.
Joshua Vega
Joshua Vega:
Why they say *gents* as if he’s gay lol
The thirsty folks crying over the ego desire to claim what can't be

I'm over here jealous AF because my chess set doesn't have dragons and due to shipping where I am... Online buying isn't an option

Though the last 24hrs has made my brain seriously annoyed and frustrated because I know her face

I know I KNOW her face
But I can't figure out from WHERE or when or why but I KNOW her face

I don't watch tv like most folks and I know I've never seen her on the social media side of things
In reality she, her face, is a stranger to me

And yet there is this HUGE familiarity to her... If I have seen or met her, it would be in France or my visits to London

But I get the feeling it's more a Doppelganger situation and I've met someone highly similar

Which doesn't negate the fact that I can't remember WHEN or what or where or why

So I'm over here doing this bouncy peepee dance of hyper frustration because I know I KNOW that face and my brain is not cooperating with whatever information is stored in it

Ah well... Like Val would say, "let it go like a fart in the wind"

I'm genuinely happy for him

Still jealous AF over the chess board though 😂
Therapist Gus
Therapist Gus:
God I love him
Joel Quinonez
Joel Quinonez:
Okkkkk girl she made the come up. VP is tele! Thats something to be proud of.
Chantal Dixon
Chantal Dixon:
I wish them all the best.
I hope she is loyal to him
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus:
She would destroy him at chess... but he would *destroy* her later. 😏
Rosa Jessica
Rosa Jessica:
No way
Page Jenkins
Page Jenkins:
Don't be sad be happy for him to have found love!!!
Kate Chipata
Kate Chipata:
Beautiful couple. Congrats to the both of them ❤️
Cielo zebley
Cielo zebley:
Lynda Salazar
Lynda Salazar:
He has a type. 🤮
Nicky C
Nicky C:
I will sold everything for bet money his married for this girl
Illi Mai
Illi Mai:
This dude is gay, he keeps using all these underaged girls as a cover story for being straight.
Omphe M
Omphe M:
I don't even care . As long as he is happy.
I so don’t care if he has a gf or not. Don’t care!! Too beefy for my taste. Not so hot. Like I have a chance at that 😂😂 Anywho, I really don’t care. People talk about this like he was the last man on earth. It’s silly.
Ben A
Ben A:
Gay! Gay! Gay!