Here Is Why Manchester United Want To Sign Facundo Medina 2021 (HD)

Facundo Medina - Lens - 2020/2021 ➠ World Of Football
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22 comentarios:

FACUNDO MEDINA! A report from French outlet La Voix Du Nord via Goal has indicated that United are showing some interest in Lens defender Facundo Medina, and it’s suggested they’ve even reached a point where they’re prepared to offer €15m to make the transfer happen. Stay tuned! - WOF
Bruce Trappleton
Bruce Trappleton:
Argentina has 2 CB way superior: “Cuti” Romero (Atalanta) and a Left CB who plays for Feyenoord I believe, his name is Marcos Senesi. They are both way better with the ball than Medina and great at playing the ball forward from the back. As well, they are very young players.
Iain Ps
Iain Ps:
passing only 7/10?? From this compilation at least i would score him 9 for a CB, great range of passing and far superior to likes of Brickhead Maguire and Lindelof
Herbert A
Herbert A:
These compilations make phil jones like prime maldini 😂
He just reminds me of rojo ngl
James Knowles
James Knowles:
Potentially a cdm, has the passing range, depends how disciplined he is.
Phillip Fry
Phillip Fry:
Rojo was never an outstanding player. Just had an amazing World Cup, playing as a left back. He was never a great central defender
Vamos argentina💙⚪
The Broken Man
The Broken Man:
Never goes to ground. Interesting sign
Sin Wai Liew
Sin Wai Liew:
Long pass skill🔥
mala debie
mala debie:
Can you make a comp of Mateo Klimowicz (Stuttgart)? Please.
Jonathan Owemhenzele
Jonathan Owemhenzele:
brilliant player
Hussain Qureshi Waish
Hussain Qureshi Waish:
Hopefully he can replace Marcus rojo
Mahsum Salih Çelik
Mahsum Salih Çelik:
The Viking
The Viking:
long pass 9/10
Bruce Trappleton
Bruce Trappleton:
Marcos Rojo with a better mentality. Classic Argentinian rough and physical defender with control on the ball and good passing, like Passarella, Ayala, and others. He has lots to learn, just like Rojo when he arrive to MU. The difference is that maybe Rojo had the arrogance of someone whom at a very young age had already played the world cup final, the intercontinental cup final, had won one copa libertadores and was about to play 2 Copa America finals. I think all that made Rojo an impossible to train player. Differently, Facundo Medina has won nothing, hence he may be more receptive to teachings.
Masharudin Masry
Masharudin Masry:
Next marcos rojo
Lucas digne plz 🙏
D i m w i t
D i m w i t:
Que tiene que ver rojo? Mamita, estos pibes tienen menos fútbol
Good rough diamond!
Tall, strong, domineering and good pace!
Will take a lot of polishing to get to constant starter.

It’ll be a miracle if Ed pulls the trigger though
Fergie 99
Fergie 99:
No thanks
Coconutmonkey inc.
Coconutmonkey inc.:
Marcos rojo 2nd?
Fauzan 26
Fauzan 26:
Is this facundo pellistri brother?