He's BACK - Happy Thanksgiving, let's roast this sh*t country together

hell yeah

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I love that Vaush only shouts when arguing with his chat lmao
Jeremiah Barnes
Jeremiah Barnes:
How will the vod community feel once they see the timestamp god step in the comment section again? The timestamp is in the description. Choke your family members across the table during the holidays it's the best way to get rid of the weak ones in minecraft of course.
We say no to pay to win
We say no to pay to win:
I genuinely think the CEO is a psychopath, it would make sense why he talks about people in such a weird way as if they are aliens.
Whole Foods: We're not greedy. I have no idea where these jealous academics come up with that.
Also Whole Foods: Psst. Hey, kid. Wanna buy a jar of asparagus water for $6?
Lucas Saavedra
Lucas Saavedra:
The monarchy rant starts at 2:40:45
I unironically enjoy the Vaush intro song, it's well-made and fun.
Just scrolling through instagram seeing everybody with their families and hugging their grandmas (litteraly). Yeah we're all gonna die.
Isaac Plumbo
Isaac Plumbo:
We need Vaush on Joe Rogan to talk about socialism so bad. HE'S SO CLOSE
Valentine Mantis
Valentine Mantis:
That whole "The Queen is actually in charge of England" segment from chat gave me cancer, holy hell.
Chris Barona
Chris Barona:
My one year old son heard you cough at the end of the stream and asked if you were okay.
You should break the emails down into individual videos and upload them to a seperate play list. Smaller 2-5min videos would be great for sending to more apolitical people
Unslaad Krosis
Unslaad Krosis:
That CEO was an elitist, psychopathic narcissist. His smug anti intellectualism was infuriating. There are people worth 100 of him who aren’t half as smug or as rich.
The email segment is awesome Vaush. It’s engaging with all the variety and it’s nice to reach out to people who disagree.
Nik Nelson
Nik Nelson:
That CEO is definitely missing a couple of ribs.
Dark Fluid
Dark Fluid:
Destiny see vaush has over 17k subs, Also Destiny see drama. Destiny-I’m gonna to do a pro gamer move, make drama video that get to 300k
jordan ryan
jordan ryan:
Pete buttigieg looks like an extra from the grinch. #StraightouttaWHOVILLE
Every time Vaush and destiny work together at all, it’s a wonder to watch. I feel like they should just work together and avoid conflict, since that’s great coalition building
Poison Damage
Poison Damage:
Regarding the first question of the new segment: i think "that dang dad" does good stuff about men and leftism. He's an ex-cop and a dad. I don't watch him terribly often, but everything i've seen was pretty *dang* good
Fleim X
Fleim X:
The monarchy question was left with no clear answer
Demon Mama
Demon Mama:
Great stream, happy to see ya back :) Hope the cough clears soon
Jennifer S
Jennifer S:
We missed you & glad you’re feeling better than you were! Take care & please don’t overdo it ❤️
Jalle Kulmala
Jalle Kulmala:
vaush is very nice and vice here, hes the guy who should be talking in public to biden and senate and all the rest of world, my man
SuperSaiyan Zero
SuperSaiyan Zero:
I love that this happened with like 11 thousand people watching live LMAO
Everyone tweet your favorite political youtubers to promote the destiny thing we need the senate!!!
Dylan Whaley
Dylan Whaley:
Should do a segment on the cia dude who got got in Somalia
Whole Foods CEO unironically doing the win-win-win segment from The Office
Name the email segment VaushMail plz
TM Fenning
TM Fenning:
Cancelled! He forgot the I in LGBTQIA
I'm in middle Tennessee i would drive down and help if i didnt have a person in my home with a bad immune system.
17:47 - Not gonna lie, I'd rather have a million or two in the bank than a good relationship with my immediate fsmily.
19:17 - My father says that stuff to me to coerce me in to working for him for roughly half the minimum wage.
Vaush's perpetual exasperation with his chat is the reason I always watch these VODs.
internet surfer
internet surfer:
Chud Corner should be the email section's name
I'm glad he uploads the streams since I was busy all day with my family! :D
Happy Thanksgiving, Vaush. I appreciate you making a video despite the cough. Feel better.
This take on English political system is the most wrong I've seen Vaush
Xenos N.
Xenos N.:
Vaush: *loses his absolute god damn shit at the the chat* ... "I missed you guys"
Sandro The Great
Sandro The Great:
Vaush watching some based content from Mandalore and Spirit of the Law
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis:
I submitted a question that had been on my mind for so long, don't think he answered but luckily Comrade Seth basically asked it for me at 2:30:00
I just wittnessed 15 minutes of people discussing the difference between logical implication and equivalence...
Lucas Nahuel Cerante
Lucas Nahuel Cerante:
We missed you
Jaden T
Jaden T:
My mom and I live in Florida and we've been writing letters to Georgians to encourage them to vote in the upcoming election(its through a specific organization). It's nothing wild but even that is something since we are still quarantined.
Brandon Cary
Brandon Cary:
Maybe I didn't catch enough information from this, but it seems like doublethink to admit that capitalism isn't perfect, then argue that socialism cannot work because of citing the USSR which wasn't even socialist, then changes the subject to it's the best we have & that socialism will fail no matter how it's attempted.
Money influences government & corrupts the democratic process, he's so close to admitting it but then backpedals & won't argue it logically.
Francis Xavier
Francis Xavier:
from what i understand, family was really just the friends we made along the way
Headbomb Archer
Headbomb Archer:
Just wanted to say thanks to Tempest (?) for marking segments
Outis Nemo
Outis Nemo:
🎶Vaush back! Vaush back! Vaush back! Vaush back! Vaush back! 🎶
24:21 - I usually spend holidays playing video games and being on social media. It's actually a lot of fun to me. So as far as I'm concerned I don't feel that I'm missing out on anything.
David Mendis
David Mendis:
Love you homie!
Parker Fitzen
Parker Fitzen:
31:25 lucky me, I only know how to communicate with people I don't like
Wilo Polis
Wilo Polis:
2:26:57 Vaush out of context
Capitalism needs a French style revolution.
James Barnes
James Barnes:
With win-win-win we all win. Me included. I win for having successfully negotiated capitalism.
Max Compton
Max Compton:
Man I'm annoyed I missed 2:49:03 live
Genies are literally evil demons
random name seventy two
random name seventy two:
R.I.P vaush's throat
Comrade bliss
Comrade bliss:
SuperSaiyan Zero
SuperSaiyan Zero:
chat argument happens around 2:41:00
Heats up 2:42:00
Parliamentary monarchy is a term that exists guys
2012 nostalgia
2012 nostalgia:
2:41:04 this segment right here lmao. all i know is that i know nothing about foreign politics. i'm still in school and only recently have i started looking into other countries. so far i've only looked into the basics of Canada's system
M Scott Johnson
M Scott Johnson:
1:41:16 What about soup for your family?
Daily Bread Neighbor
Daily Bread Neighbor:
2:09:52 No, anarchy is completely compatible with religious beliefs. If you are a Christian (I presume you are asking about Christianity) go check out Christian Anarchy. It is based on the idea, with evidence in scripture, that early Christians were anarchists, but the faith was later corrupted by state power and perverted into the Right wing religion we often find today. Christian anarchists reject any hierarchy where a person exercises authority over another person, and that includes in the name of God, meaning Christian Anarchists are completely against compelling or judging anyone based on a person's beliefs or moral system. What's more, Christian Anarchy is completely compatible with other forms of anarchy as it doesn't seek to convert believers or spread the faith through any form of coercion.

If you consider yourself a Christian and have an opposition to socialism because you don't like giving the government more power, I would highly recommend doing some research on Christian Anarchy. It aims to remove the need for a state by establishing leaderless institutions of service to meet the needs of all of our sisters, brothers, and NB siblings.

And what's best about it is that anarchy is all about praxis, it does not require a revolution for us to get started right now. Even if you are not a person of faith, you can work towards building community organizations that meet the needs of all community members in order to free them from wage slavery and the boot of the state. If you are a Christian, churches are already established as community centers with an already accepted role as a provider of mutual aid. Disrupting a church from providing people with basic needs is really bad optics, so it can build Leftist institutions with more mainstream legitimacy than secular Leftist organizations currently can at this point in time. Having church support also lends mainstream legitimacy to other Leftist activity, such as protests and anti-fascist action. Don't forget, Sanctuary laws prevent people, including undocumented immigrants, from being arrested while inside a church. Other legal privileges already afforded to churches can also be used to Leftist ends.
Matt Lesner
Matt Lesner:
2:41:00 For the constitutional monarchy shitfest
Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones:
Dan Savage says we have our biological families and then we have our logical families. I like that framing. 😊
Thanks a lot for that family segment. It's true, the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. I'm fucking sick of this social paradigm where you're supposed to put your blood family above everyone and everything else. Are they abusive or shitty? Doesn't matter, they're your "family", gotta forgive them!

You make your own family.
Tameska Sea
Tameska Sea:
• b_kind
• b_kind:
Positive content for men: POP CULTURE DETECTIVE. His videos on masculinity are assault on men are great. I’d recommend starting there.
Ouch my nuckin futz
Ouch my nuckin futz:
magma carter lol
Darren Marson
Darren Marson:
The queen does control the military in the uk
Christer Palmgren
Christer Palmgren:
Hey Vaush, are you a parent?
Anastasios Kyritsis
Anastasios Kyritsis:
Chloe C
Chloe C:
Ok but the 20 minute chat rant about the magna carta is beautiful
Vaush: "There is no point in debating the Whole Foods guy"
Debate him, coward! The people demand *BLOOD!*

Also, to be fair to the Whole Foods guy, he never claimed unions would destroy his business. Instead he said unions are like genital herpes, not fatal but very unpleasant. Which leads me to believe he has genital herpes.
Craig Merryfull
Craig Merryfull:
A country that lets you tell it how shit it is, isnt a shit country. have some perspective.
We say no to pay to win
We say no to pay to win:
120:03 I would point out, although I get what you are trying to say, it was however the enlightenment figures such as Friedrich Nietzsche etc. Who spearheaded ideas of eugenics and later scientific explanation of race i.e. skull shapes etc. That were falsified but held up in the scientific community at the time pre ww2 of course.
His point is redundant for the simple reason, he is using a version of "some people say", which doesn't make sense as the general stereotype is normally that Jewish people are working with academics, not the other way round.
27:56 - For me it would be very hard to be friends with my parents and I have no desire to be. As far as I'm concerned sharing some DNA is no more relevant to my relationship with others than sharing the same hair colour. I want to be friends with people who are compatible with me, whom I like spending time with and with whom I can have a productive and functional relationship. My parents fulfill none of those criteria, so I have no desire to be friends with them any more than some random obnoxious stranger on the street.
Gautam Sarathy
Gautam Sarathy:
Seriously though, constitutional monarchy only developed in places where there was a parliament or something like it that the monarch had to share power with. It could be just an assembly of nobles and gentry, or it could be more representative, but the point still stays the same.
RaptorRed Delta
RaptorRed Delta:
Debates>this Q&A thing. I don't know why you're replacing instead of adding. Debates are what got me to sub.
BJ from Wolfenstein embodies the type of positive masculinity the left should embrace.
Kuddly Kennen
Kuddly Kennen:
I'd rather be a Dark Archon than an Age of Empires monk.
Glad you see you back! Btw it would be cool to see a segment that shows how to argue with people online and deal with all the grifters and brainwashed zombies in comments sections. Do you think it's pointless to engage with people in communities like YouTube/Reddit/Facebook, etc? I find that anonymity tends to bring out bad faith arguments. Not to mention the fact that a lot of these comments are astroturfed so it's hard to know who actually believes what they are saying.
Mi Chan
Mi Chan:
Pigeon baby
Bella Blue
Bella Blue:
Latinas 4 Vaush
Can someone tell me or link me info on how to go to the GA canvassing thing??
2:22:17 HA, tell that to the black people living in the Netherlands who are getting confronted by dressed-up blackfaces every fucking year, because well ''tradition''
Hey, chat. If you believe a constitutional monarchy means a parliamentary system, what would you call a monarchy that also has a constitution that restricts the powers of the monarch?
We say no to pay to win
We say no to pay to win:
I've read a lot of socialistic reading...
Calls socialism state ownership🤦‍♂️...
I think he has somehow read less on socialism than Jordon Peterson.
Hi I'm british here is my take
8932 yoi4j24
8932 yoi4j24:
if you wanted to design the courts to be idealogically balanced, then make each president able to nominate judges for SCOTUS up to 5 active judges nominated by the same party.
Lazy Rainbow
Lazy Rainbow:
Hi there! Im not from the US, can someone tell me if the not being able to unionize is a Wholesfoods thing or if its a general thing in the US??
Worth reiterating: Stacey Abrams herself has repeatedly asked that you out of state people not come to Georgia. If youre in Georgia, fuckin awesome, hit the ground, knock on doors, you're in a position to do a lot. But if, like me, your out of state, donating and phone/text banking is more than enough.
Hearing Vaush mald at the end about constitutional monarchy was really really cringe. He isn't completely wrong about it, just mostly wrong. Constitutional monarchy did not start with the Magna Carta, even if it is considered a type of constitution. It began with the Glorious Revolution of 1688. The Magna Carta ended the concept of absolute monarchy, but in England the monarch still had considerable power, think of King Edward VIII, he was incredibly powerful, although he did have to worry about noble houses and land barons, as well as the church institutions, so he banned the Catholic Church to usurp that power as well. It was King George III was the one that lost a lot of privileges of kingship for future kings, partially because of his insanity.

The monarch of Britain is mostly ceremonial because they hold a position that is supposed to be elevated above petty politics That position is culturally relevant, and the fact remains that the monarch of Great Briton could disband parliament. Would they get offed for doing so without just cause, yes. Are there theoretical reasons why that could be done and the people accept it? Yes. So it is a misnomer that she has no power. She does, but only in certain circumstances. If those circumstances actually arose she'd have absolute power for a period of time.
The weird distorted idea of how academia works is weird as fuck, wait til this guy learns about business school
duck in pond
duck in pond:
About canvassing, Nick Fuentes has stated that he doesn’t give a shit about the senate runoffs if Trump is kept out of office. But then again his word is crap so what do I know.
Mark Finnegan
Mark Finnegan:
If the queen attempted to dissolve parliament, she absolutely could. The british people are the biggest simps for the royal family and would do literally whatever she wanted so long as she was acting within her legal rights
You want some cheese rat?
You want some cheese rat?:
Scotts Barbarossa Logic
Scotts Barbarossa Logic:
I do not know about other people, but I know in Canada, we are taught that we are a constitutional monarchy (in contrast to a republic, like the US; it ties in well with Canada's history), and then there is a list of other constitutional monarchies. It comes down to fundamental fluidity of language, as terminology changes with need of the speakers. If, for example, you tried to reconstruct the term Neoliberalism based on its parts (and without the current misunderstanding of the term liberal), you would probably come away with a misunderstanding of the term
riley young
riley young:
hey vaush, speaking of these posts on reddit theres alot of people in the comments who genuinely think you support legalizing child porn and they're not just grifters and I know that you dont believe responding to disingenuous arguments is somthing that should be done since it legitimizes their arguments in a certain way and you have clarified in the past what you were actually arguing but I would think it would improve your impression on many people by making a segment specifically to clarify what your argument was without being able to be taken out of context, because I would love to have a video I can link them to that singularly shows that their points are invalid because I believe you are one of the best, if not the best media personalities to convince people to move forward to a better world and ide like the ability to destroy their ability to call you a pedophile and convince others at all