Heung-Min Son scores TWICE in HUGE London derby win! | HIGHLIGHTS | Spurs 3-1 West Ham

Watch the highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 3-1 win over West Ham in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Son always on Fire 🔥
Ayesha Taher
Ayesha Taher:
I am a Chelsea fan but I just wanna say Son is one of the best in the game and no rivalry can shake that fact that he is world class
Son is not a striker, he is LWF player. However, he scored 13 goals in the league this season. WITHOUT PK
What makes son so great: No pk goals, only field goals.
نادية لطفي‎,
نادية لطفي‎, :
Son Heung Min is currently #2 in the EPL scorers(13 goals)..This South Korean is a player who always gives his best, whether he scores a goal or not. People forget Son's dedication to the team Some media and some fans criticize Son with strict standards if he fails to score in one or two games. Conte "Son you're talking about a very very good player. He suffers if the performance is not good and if the results are not good. He thinks first for the team." Someone want Son to be like Messi in his prime in every game.. The same standards should be applied to all players
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu:
Son is just the world class!
Louis Yoo
Louis Yoo:
Please shut up haters! It is Son, No. 2 scorer in EPL. What more do you need from him?? Just enjoy watching that brilliant plays~
He ranked second in attack points and scored double digits every season.
However, there are people who criticize him.
How many people in EPL are doing better than him?
There are people who say they have to leave the team because they didn't do well in the two games.
Do you understand that?
Kris does nothing
Kris does nothing:
haters aside, ive seen many spurs fans also shouting to drop son, and i had the same reaction as conte when i saw them, "are you crazy, we can never drop son", and this is exactly why we can never drop son. Nice one sonny Nice one Son 🔥🔥
There will never be a better duo than Son and Kane!
Adrian kim
Adrian kim:
Fact : why not to love him?
#1. More than 10 goals in 6 consecutive seasons : has only 13 player in premire

#2. His role is mostly Wing side not forward.

#3. Historical duo ever with Kane

#4. XG% No.1 from 2016 to 2021

#5. Loyalty and dedication to COY
(No troubles in his life, loves fans, no issue on contract extension)
The ceremony where Son points to Kane's jersey number after his scoring is really touching. Kane was a bit sluggish at the beginning of the last season since he received a lot of criticism from fans for transfer rumors before the season, but even then, Son often held these kinds of celebrations to inspire Kane's confidence. I think these two great players are the strongest and most closely related duo not only now but also in EPL history.
Jayden K
Jayden K:
Son deserves to be treated more better. Sometimes he doesn't look like he's not on that such a good performance, he must not be blamed given what he has done for us.
Son is amazing . He could have scored a hat trick. If Tottenham fans think that he isn’t good enough just because he didn’t score in a few games , then he can come to Liverpool, no problem 😄
J I:
Son is too good ... Benefit of being able to use both feet. Wherever or whatever angle he finds himself, right, left, centre, HE WILL BURY IT!
Isu Yi
Isu Yi:
Do not criticize Son. He basically carried the team in the early season when Kane had issues with transfers and Kane not being in his best form. Well that time English you guys only criticized him a bit well now what? Just 2 games of Son not scoring equals to some insane trashtalk? That is racism guys. Sonny is the man who carried the offense in the early season and has been a very persistent and consistent goal scorer. 2 games of not scoring happens to everyone. Even Ronaldo had like 9 games of not scoring. Also Messi. Its not like Sonny is really a god to score every single game. Man if your gonna criticize, criticize Kane more not Sonny.
bg jun
bg jun:
Respect and Believe Son. He is a already legend. Also, He proved many things till now.
He deserved to get respect from fans.
What a game of performance by Son, silencing all those nasty critics just like that!
H Joe
H Joe:
Kane's assist for 2nd goal was brilliant. But if other players had been in Son's place, most of them would have failed to score.
daniel Sdg
daniel Sdg:
What a great player~
Son is a world class
Sung-hee Lee
Sung-hee Lee:
Conte: "I am not crazy to drop Son. He is the player that makes a difference in the games"
Acaso Sero
Acaso Sero:
Son is legend..
Damn look at that 3rd goal,
Captain of France -> Captain of England -> Captain of Korea unreal connection from the captains
손흥민이 팀이 어려울때 해준게 얼마나 있는데 일시적인 폼이 안좋다고 까내리는 사람들한테 아주 좋은 본보기가 되어서 좋았습니다. 다른 선수들이 컨디션이 좋지 못한거에 대해서 너그러운 시선이 있는 반면에 손흥민에겐 너무 엄격한거 같습니다. 손흥민 선수도 사람입니다. 감정이 있고 체력적으로 지칠 수 있습니다. 그런 시점에 선수에겐 비판보다는 격려와 응원의 목소리를 내는것이 참된 팬으로서의 역할이라고 생각합니다
손흥민 선수..!
우리는 당신이 자랑스럽습니다..!
The shot was wonderful yes but that first touch on the third goal was just sublime
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams:
Son is absolutely world class
George Chen
George Chen:
Dont blame him, dont judge him, dont doubt him, and we are in the way to top 4! COYS!
He is very hardworking and always gives good performances which includes goals, assisits , marking. Simply a brilliant player.
Tottenham fan
Tottenham fan:
Son and Kane are perfect! These two players never give up and always go forward to score a goal. No matter what happens they will always be the best duo in the world! 💙
Almost hattrick 😂 손흥민 선수 응원합니다 💗
I love his performance @Son 💥💥💥 More hearts for you
Dele Alli
Dele Alli:
Don't let anyone doubt Son, You guys don't deserve to blame him.
어떤 선수보다 그는 팀을 위해 항상 최선을 다하고 있다.
Kane is a great scorer but his passing this season has been amazing
Everyone has ups and downs. The important thing is how sincere, how consistent, and how best he can be. If you blame someone with occasional mistakes and occasional slumps, it is difficult for anyone to be praised. Looking at Son Heung-min's record at Tottenham, no one can blame Son Heung-min. Kane had a slump, and the best player as Messi ever had a slump. As a fan, I think it would be desirable to steadily encourage and support the team and players.
Wee Keong Lee
Wee Keong Lee:
Son, absolutely brilliant!
Chuck Anderson
Chuck Anderson:
Just incredible, speechless ....Son and Kane! Wow is all I can say.
Simon Wandia
Simon Wandia:
Son is pure CLASS! Best Dynamic Duo with Kane.
Son the Korean king !!!!
He is on fire 🔥🔥
Always Sonshine on Hotspur stadium 🤍🤍
KA Khararngam
KA Khararngam:
Wow he scores all of three goals in 1 match it's stunning
Victor Petrus
Victor Petrus:
I can not hide my admiration for this dynamic duo Son and Kane.... what a combination... deadly finishers
Son is a winger not a striker… 2nd in the EPL top scorers without PK?… Crazy!!
Richy Lee
Richy Lee:
That was a crucial win! Glad to see the team back to top5!!! Another 2 team-up goals from Kane/Son. Romero was also doing great securing Antonio. The attack-defence transposition was quick and nice 👍. Keep going Spurs!!!
Son and Kane are amazing as usual, also my credit goes to Kulu and Benta who's been played amazing recently. COYS!
I really really want to see his reaction in other games. Fighting!!!! Coys!🔥🔥🔥
Nick Graham
Nick Graham:
Dont doubt the second top scorer in PL
쩡미남편의 무식영어
쩡미남편의 무식영어:
I'm very proud of him,Sonny is always best player!
don’t hate on Sonny he’s been giving his best and scoring goals ever since he came
Google search ANONFXD & visit d website
Google search ANONFXD & visit d website:
Just incredible, speechless ....Son and Kane! Wow is all I can say.
Aung Myat Min
Aung Myat Min:
Son is just the world class!
모지리 두명
모지리 두명:
Son is one of the the best players around the world.
Son and Kane such a joy to watch them play like this. Absolutely wonderful
Sonny is definitely one of the best player in the world
Your Kukuh
Your Kukuh:
Always assist to Son. He will score incredible goal - GOAT
오철 권
오철 권:
Sonny's play is good but most people don't seem to know his love and commitment to his team is greater
Outstanding first touch from Sonny for his second.
The ceremony after his first goal was his message to the media
Toan Doan
Toan Doan:
His first goal he knew he can’t make it but let the ball go through defender make it own goal what a excellent move 👍👍
손흥민 선수 고생많았습니다...항상 잘됐으면 좋겠네요!!
we love sonny ! wonderful goals and wonderful duo Son and Kane! 손흥민 케인듀오는 정말 !! 최고의 조합! 오늘 멋진 활약 감사합니다^^
Nwosu Chimobi
Nwosu Chimobi:
Kane remains the best passer in the EPL at the moment.
The front 3 of Kane, Son and Kulu is just amazing. The way Kulu fits into Kane and Son's play is out of this world.
Kane and Son? The best!!!
Far the most impressive game this season. The ball was well held, everyone was confident. Just look at Romero, Holjberg, Bentancur and every other person. Cool passes, counters and finishes. I'm impressed!
hj kim
hj kim:
Captain of Korea, Captain of England and Captain of France wow goosebump
Anurag Panda
Anurag Panda:
Sad for those Spurs fans who were criticizing Son in the Man UTD game....This guy can play for any team in the world
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
Fantastic performance from Son ⚪👑💪🏼
39 combined goals and still counting. I wonder when this record will ever be broken.
Zem Anes
Zem Anes:
Nearly a hat-trick ❤️
Parda Halomoan Simatupang
Parda Halomoan Simatupang:
What a player! ❤️ Son Heung Min
Seriously , Legendary Duo
Son and Kane
Love you both ❤😁
JK Jeon
JK Jeon:
Can he kill the game?
Yes, Super-Sonny killed the game. He did it as always.
Nick Graham
Nick Graham:
If you take a look closely at Son's first goal, what is amazing is that Zouma actually did pretty well to block Son's right foot but he totally forgot Son has 5star weak foot lol
Conte smiled brightly and hugged Sonny, and I cried.😭
I am happy when Sonny smiles happily with a bright expression.💕😍😄
Tottenham do not deserve Heung-Min Son. Substandard fans do not know how much Heung-Min Son has contributed to Tottenham.
Zai Storiuuuu!
Zai Storiuuuu!:
Heung Min deserve the trophy 🔥
Taurique Albertus
Taurique Albertus:
Son is incredible for the last 5years or so
Pedro Olamide
Pedro Olamide:
Can we acknowledge those genius passes from Kane, especially for the second goal. attacking midfield instinct at the sharpest.
I’m very proud of Son.
손흥민선수 자랑스럽고 고맙습니다!!! 손흥민 화이팅~~!! 토트넘 화이팅~~!!
슬렌서아 Slenn Seoah - 슬렌더 룩북
슬렌서아 Slenn Seoah - 슬렌더 룩북:
Fighting Son Heungmin I always support him, he is the pride of Korea.😇😇
i hope him not accident problem wanner see more long time him play☺️
Saumya Chauhan
Saumya Chauhan:
What a massive win. This is feeling more and more like a conte team every match. Hopefully, the consistency comes in the most important part of the season. Believe in them. COYS
와~~정말 시원시원하게 골을 넣네~손흥민 자랑스럽습니다~손흥민 화이팅!!!
Mauro Funzamo
Mauro Funzamo:
Conte é o melhor comemorador de sempre
Son Heung-min shows the results to the haters.
Super Finisher and Super Passer💥💥💥
daan Kruger
daan Kruger:
Great performance! Matt doherty is really getting into his wolves form, great to see!
nahdi abbas
nahdi abbas:
Son is a fantastic finisher, perfect tandem with Kane. Just need to win something together!! Onwards and upwards #COYS
Conte wanted the big name players Lloris, Kane, and Son to step up more and carry the team to top 4. They did exactly that on the 3rd goal. Conte gets what he wants.
Son's smile and performance make me happy.
Tbh Kane/Son/Kulusevski is becoming a crazy front 3.

You can see a glimpse of Rooney/Ronaldo/Tevez or Fimino/Salah/Mane in them. They’ve got the speed and accuracy, and they’re all also great passers of ball.

With Conte as manager, and If spurs can strengthened their midfield and defensive positions, they’re one to watch next season.
Yoga Pramudya
Yoga Pramudya:
Kane and son just incredible duo👏🔥
The most talented and committed player in the team.
This duo really needs trophy. Please levy, Dont let them down. Give them some great players to help them making this club great again
0:56 brilliant pass and goal
Rujal Kawan
Rujal Kawan:
Duo is fire🔥
0:30 Superb play & creation
손흥민과 케인의 조합은
세계 최강입니다👍👍👍
행복한 출근길이었어요! 모든 선수가 부상 없이 시즌 잘 마무리하길 기도합니다🙏🙏
omari's edits
omari's edits:
What a game boys loving every second of every game
Every time we scored conte is happy
Can we get top 4 yesss:) #COYS
Gunawan Tasman
Gunawan Tasman:
as a fan of Juventus, I thank spurs for trusting Kulusevski and Bentancur. So sad to see them leaving Juventus, but really happy to see both of them play really well in Tottenham.
Emoriques Dopeboy
Emoriques Dopeboy:
Am a United fan but... Kanes pass to San is 🌟 awesome nice game spurs
Dadhi Do it
Dadhi Do it:
1 ❤️ Hermosa eleccion *Khusina.Site* de mejor
2 (elecciones ) 9.5/10 3 (culturales ) 9.3/10 Son unos de los mejores conciertos
, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos
desde pantalla,, se que estuvo
Sorprendente. ❤️💙💜