Highlights: Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool | Jota & Firmino secure big three points in the capital

Enjoy all the key moments from Liverpool's away victory over Arsenal in the Premier League

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Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек:
Allison is simply the best goalkeeper in one on one situation rn
What a save
Udi Nelumbu
Udi Nelumbu:
I've been a Liverpool fan for 20+ years, This is the most complete team we've ever had.
Chinnawat Indravasu
Chinnawat Indravasu:
As an Arsenal fan, it was devastating to see the team played really well but got beaten 2-0 in the end.
But man, I’ve just came to the conclusion, Liverpool is probably the best team in the world right now.
Salute to Jurgen Klopp!👏🙏👍
Berlin Ocelot
Berlin Ocelot:
I think there were times in this game where Arsenal looked very good. Liverpool are a different level so credit to the Gunners for taking it to them and maintaing a game plan and attitude was so positive. Well done to LFC. Well done to AFC.
What a win!!!
Making Success Inevitable
Making Success Inevitable:
Jota is the best pure finisher at the club with either foot and Firmino is irreplaceable! Both of them will never kick up a fuss playing from the bench and are humble and reliable. Truly the best squad! YNWA
xrrxy vvoi
xrrxy vvoi:
Прекрасный матч, прекрасные эмоции. Спасибо любимой команде!
Ricky Goh
Ricky Goh:
no many expected Jota to score from that tight angle but he did and it was a BLAST! another smart run and goal from Firmino....welcome back Bobby!
Ronàk Dash
Ronàk Dash:
My man Robbo was outstanding, from one box to the other . RELENTLESS
Hayden Lam
Hayden Lam:
It is so touching when i saw Firmino run into the crowd. Can't imagine how emotional he was. He's been putting on the bench for a long time, there is no progress to his contract and his country did not call him up for the national team. Many things might make him doubt himself, but in this game, I can see Bobby is back.
Layth Barzangi
Layth Barzangi:
Matip was definitely MOTM for me. Top class defending for the length of the match and covered a lot for Trent when Martinelli was constantly giving him trouble down the wing. He's been in his best form in quite a while. Solid in the back, racking up assists, and even getting on the scoresheet. Let's hope he stays fit for the rest of the campaign because fit Matip is proving to be a BEAST!!
Another great win today!!
As a Liverpool fan. Martinelli was amazing yesterday. Big up.
class performance from our players.....n then there's gabriel martinelli....would love to have him at our side
Blessed 🤲🏼
Blessed 🤲🏼:
That Mo Salah presence right at the edge in case Firmino missed, what an amazing 3 Front Fighters.

I am so proud of each and everyone of our Lads. No complaints whatsoever.

This is our year 👍🏽
Jota, Diaz, Mane, Salah, Firmino, all fighting for 3 spots. This is the kind of depth that wins trophies
Александр Шевляков
Александр Шевляков:
Прекрасный матч, прекрасные эмоции. Спасибо любимой команде!
Mista Pita
Mista Pita:
Great Arsenal, they were really prepared and 1st half was really good for them. But at the end LFC made two quick punches. Great game, two great teams and two great coaches!
Spirit Of The Age
Spirit Of The Age:
Robbo was once again immense. The way he hunted that ball down and kept on it, to set up the 2nd goal was the best play of the match and shows once again how inspiring he is to others in the team, about giving everything max energy and conviction.
Excellent team with excellent results! And Firmino! Top class work! 🤩
Firmino is such an intelligent footballer, his link up play is world class
Mazzy Hammoud
Mazzy Hammoud:
Nice to see Firmino in action again scoring goals, Love his style of play, such a talented player. Once again the amazing Allison saves the goal !!!
Haven’t celebrated a first goal like that in a while. What a win!
bowen voowy
bowen voowy:
Прекрасный матч, прекрасные эмоции. Спасибо любимой команде!
Dan Sheldon
Dan Sheldon:
Watched the match live I thought Thiago was stupid with the back pass but then i realise it wasn’t his fault. From the highlight I think he passed to van dijk but he didnt notice
Firmino is such an intelligent footballer, his link up play is world class
Siyabonga Ngcobo
Siyabonga Ngcobo:
It's a privilege to be following this amazing football club❤
HS Daily 7 PM
HS Daily 7 PM:
Awesome save by Allison! Important goals by Jota and Firmino!
Cursed Fetus
Cursed Fetus:
what a goal from jota,real class finishing ,so happy with how he play this season, klopp should give him more game time
Percival Mtungwa
Percival Mtungwa:
The flair with which Firmino plays football 🔥🔥🔥
Vaital V
Vaital V:
Fabinho & Robbo were different class in this game. Alisson impeccable & Bobby brought a level of composure we didn’t have before he came on.
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan:
Firmino is amazing . He provided that change in the game . You expect arsenal to have more possesion and attack more when jota scored . But firmino just turned the tide and liverpool controlled the game for the rest of the 90 minutes. Robbo is a machine . Matip brilliant again . Jota stepping up when we need him most . And props to martinelli , he gave every liverpool supporter a few minor heart attacks here and there .
mercyz MT
mercyz MT:
What a performance from the boys! Boby still world class, Robo magisterial, Fabinho controlling the the atmosphere 👌 Arnold good decision not to offense as usual , Allison improves his pass. all in all killing the rival softly!
Football Shorts
Football Shorts:
Imagine this team came from 14 Points behind the leaders To 1 point.
Believe me every team can't do such a great comeback .
YNWA we are all one Family ❤
Fezan Ahmed
Fezan Ahmed:
Go on Liverpool you made us so happy beating arsenal now it’s only 1 point difference between Man City and us you doing really well keep it up well done 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Derek Doku
Derek Doku:
This Liverpool team can become a great scoring side when the players are able to find and play to each other in opponent's goal area. In most games, they lose the ball and only latch on crosses, opponent's missed kicks and 50-50 wins. There's a lot of potential for this side.
shane Baxter!
shane Baxter!:
Firminio smiles and it lights up the stadium. (literally). What a player what a team.
Cak Adi
Cak Adi:
What a tremendous team performance, lads! 👏
Keep up the hard work ✊! I hope all players stay fit and ready to fight for 'Capolista' on April 10th 🔥🔥🔥
Destiny Chibuzor
Destiny Chibuzor:
Martinelli's strike though. Deserved to go in, by some twist of fate.

Well done Liverpool. Deserving winners.
Devanarayanan J
Devanarayanan J:
Allison is simply the best goalkeeper in one on one situation rn
What a save
Humphrey Ogofugha
Humphrey Ogofugha:
That flick by Firmino, goodness me! 🥰
Nicodemus Mutua
Nicodemus Mutua:
Jota always scores against Arsenal what a player💪💪💪
Magnus Askeland
Magnus Askeland:
I remember (almost) all the pundits writing us off before the season and having Chelsea and Man Utd ahead of Liverpool for the league. Buzzing after these 3 points!! 1 point behind City and I believe we can go past. So exciting having a title race again!
Devesh Bhavsar
Devesh Bhavsar:
Matip has been our best defender this season so nice to see him play regularly.
Iain Johnson
Iain Johnson:
Great win but I've got to applaud martinelli. What a great performance. He deserved a goal.
Esmat Nalshik
Esmat Nalshik:
Amazing squad. If Salah, Mane, Juta and Diaz keep up the team spirit they have shown in this game, and with a little bit tiding up at the back, Liverpool can win remaining 3 trophies.
Rishabh arya
Rishabh arya:
What a team ❤️
Ciaran Doyle
Ciaran Doyle:
We are witnessing an absolute elite team in the peak of their powers right now. Long may it continue but embrace it while we can.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo:
Excellent team with excellent results! And Firmino! Top class work! 🤩
Eriksson Kamau
Eriksson Kamau:
You can feel the respect Klopp has for Arteta after the final whistle 🤝
Raizo rain
Raizo rain:
Jota is superb, Liverpool attack is on fire , also the defense, Allison is really world class.
Kuki :
Alison Baker did really well this game too. Keep on going! Keep the spirit up Liverpool. YNWA!
Firmino is a class footballer. I'm very happy to see him play and scores again.
We can win this season, lads! 🔥
Marco Best
Marco Best:
No one is talking about Matip! He is in the form of his life! What a player he has been for us, considering we got him for nothing.
chilaka ikechukwu
chilaka ikechukwu:
Wonderful second half performance from the lads💪🏽❤️.
And immediately Salah and firmino was brought on they changed the game👌🏽.
Let's keep riding on reds❤️ we are going for four trophies🏆 this season on God🙏🏽
Rif Film
Rif Film:
Bobby seldom score but he give he that calmness in the squad. Great to see him scoring in such a crucial game.
N P:
Love seeing the og front three back at it. But I gotta admit I missed Bobby more, the main gear in our team.
Ayden Stephenson
Ayden Stephenson:
The Arsenal fans applauding Thiago for making a simple back pass after his almost shambolic mistake was quickly hushed by that assist! What a game!
Emily An
Emily An:
When Firmino is feeling it he is in a class of his own.
Kaydee Duminy
Kaydee Duminy:
I'm glad Liverpool won this game, well deserved. Title race is on 💯👏🏽
Muhammad Rifky
Muhammad Rifky:
I love this editing, Thiago from making a blunder to made an assist 😂
U Tube
U Tube:
what a goal from Firmino
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen:
Let's just take a moment to appreciate all the important goals Firmino has scored for Liverpool throughout the years
Firmino is always the Game Changer when he comes on ❤️❤️🔥🔥
Alinda Al Arib
Alinda Al Arib:
Lets be honest

A Bobby goal always feels different ❤
Lewis Cole
Lewis Cole:
I thought I'd seen it all in late 80's when I was a kid we had the best club team in world then but this team right now at this moment is the best team in world an in club football , what a time to be a scouser an a red hey come on red men 🔴⚽❤️👌🏾
Mahmoud Al Hussain
Mahmoud Al Hussain:
Besides the amazing win of Liverpool let's respect the effort that Martienelli put into that game he was just incredible
From 14 points behind to just one point behind Man City.. we deserve the title for that come back alone!!

EDIT: I freakin love the unity in our comment sections. We’re in this together, Reds! YNWA!
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Liverpool 💚💚💚. Firmino played phenomenal Football in winning cause 👍👍👍.
Aden Sahal
Aden Sahal:
Am yet to see a player like firmino. His humility, selflessness, dedication & love for this club is something u cannot buy with money. I know u are going to mention Steven G but am speaking of klopp error.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
1:31 robertson reaction after the goal always the best! 🔥
Another great performance from Liverpool 👏🏽❤️🔥
minij hooi
minij hooi:
Nice to see Firmino in action again scoring goals, Love his style of play, such a talented player. Once again the amazing Allison saves the goal !!!
Wishing LFC to keep this win to the end of PL. Fantastic team both in the pitch or bench.
Rene Fit
Rene Fit:
guys did great job! this win really shows how we are serious on the trophy! YNWA.❤❤
Yoel Arokeum
Yoel Arokeum:
Fantastic performance from Liverpool ❤️🔴👑
Diogo loves scoring against Arsenal 🔥 glad to see him back on form.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu:
Great to see Firmino get a goal once he gets fielded after being benched for so long from injury. True class
Mems kara
Mems kara:
Proud of my team we showed we are 3/4 players from away from a great team who will compete with the best . Well done to our manager his hard work has started to show .
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
_"It's still in our hands." - King Mo Salah_
*I Believe in this Liverpool Team.*
Cirkin Kral
Cirkin Kral:
Big points of season for lfc respect🙂
Castiel Chieng
Castiel Chieng:
Despite being an injury prone, Thiago really changes the game when he is part of the team
Dan Onil Galang
Dan Onil Galang:
I love how Thiago made that wrong pass that almost caused them a goal, and then immediately did the same kind of pass for Jota's opener. Habits, I guess. 😂
What a perfomance from both 🐐
Adeel Janweri
Adeel Janweri:
That beauty of the goal 😍🥅
Ron dass
Ron dass:
Best performance boys, good onya.bring on the three more trophies 🏆 still out there, it's got liverpool written on it, we will because we will never walk alone.
Cheeky Monk
Cheeky Monk:
Monster performances from Alisson, Joel, Robbo and Fabinho. Top top result.
Dang Akong
Dang Akong:
It seem easier to the LFC boys than i thought. Thanks for the win.
Martinelli, what a beast!
Mark Lee
Mark Lee:
Robertson totally made that goal. Hits a lousy cross/shot, scrambles to recover the loose ball, blocks the clearance, gets some luck with the bounce chases it down for the assist. 100% heart
G L E N:
Firmino's goal 🥺 such an intelligent player
Akshrit Jasam
Akshrit Jasam:
What a win!!!!🔴🔴🔴
Nicolas Hartenfaust-Lutz
Nicolas Hartenfaust-Lutz:
Very good game by the team but the goals by Jota and Firmino were scored with elegant precision!!
I was fulming at the first half of the match, but these guys turned out to be the Liverpool I know, playing with so much passion and resilience. Not to mention how emotional I got when Firmino scored that goal, I literally cried. I'm so proud of my brazilian guy
Seyi Lisk
Seyi Lisk:
That through pass from Thiago to Lacazette is so genius.
Mariam El-shiaty
Mariam El-shiaty:
Damn Thiago nearly gave me a heart attack there! made up for it with a lovely pass to Jota.. Alisson 😍
Kurt Jackson
Kurt Jackson:
Ожидаемо, предсказуемо, браво 👍👍👍
The goals we conceded were very considering the context of the game and like I will continue to say we need a CF that will be a consistent treat during games and Martin Odegaard needs to turn up in the big games and has for Saka he had a poor game really didn't understand why Arteta took so long to take him and Laca off .
William Leong
William Leong:
Keep up the great work !....
Play calm, play safe and play as a team.
And we believe in all of you.
Thank you YNWA-SG
Thoroughly professional performance, kept them at bay and except for the one from Thiago's mistake they did relatively little. Onwards.