HIGHLIGHTS | Arsenal vs Manchester City (0-1) | Premier League

Watch a recap of the match action from our 1-0 loss to Manchester City at Emirates Stadium.

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Enjoy match highlights, training and behind the scenes to get closer to the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, David Luiz, Vivianne Miedema, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Leah Williamson, Mesut Ozil, Bernd Leno, Danielle van de Donk, Willian, Hector Bellerin, Jordan Nobbs, Bukayo Saka, Kim Little, Gabriel Martinelli, Thomas Partey and more.

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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886 and amassed 13 League titles, 14 FA Cups. Some of their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

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100+ comentarios:

Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis:
Pep has a soft heart for Arsenal. Almost like he feels sorry for this once big club. He demolishes other teams but takes it easy on us.
Philip Lloyd
Philip Lloyd:
When you feel bad for your little bro on fifa so you pass the ball around for 90 minutes so you don't hurt his feelings
pep doing the most to keep his intern in a job. city went easy on us tbh
Nykhil Sandhu
Nykhil Sandhu:
I don’t wanna see anyone be happy or accept a 1-0 loss, the manner in which we lost in was disgraceful, Man City could’ve humiliated us but they took their foot off the gas, and even after that we were still woeful. Shambles
Cesar Vialpando
Cesar Vialpando:
*Concead early and lose*
Arsenal Rex
Arsenal Rex:
I don't know why Arteta still treating Pep like Pep's he's boss... Respect off the field, not on the field
G B:
The Ceballos for Elneny substitution should have come 10 to 15 minutes into the 2nd half. Arteta seemed happy and resigned to defeat as long as we weren't pumped by Man City.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Wheres the gabriel martinelli bandwagon? He's just wasting another players role on the bench, poor man.
La Frog
La Frog:
I don't get why Pepe didn't play on the left and Saka on the right to begin with. That's where they've been playing well!
harits mbone
harits mbone:
It's okay, because this is a calculated lost match. keep strong Arsenal. fans from Indonesia
Young Gooner
Young Gooner:
Absolute joke The mentality is wrong at this club people are happy with 1-0 defeats losers 🤦🏾‍♂️ anyone that thinks there is progress ur deluded
Liam Talks Football
Liam Talks Football:
One shot on target the entire game...
Mr Oyra
Mr Oyra:
We still need warrior like rosicky in Mid, the one who hungry for win
Crappy Entertainment ツ
Crappy Entertainment ツ:
We mustn’t forget that it was windy
This fanbase is a disgrace, we have 11 L’s nothing’s fine, need a movement before our next generation of fans jumps ship
Arteta still using 90z tactics,,who the hell waits for 75+ minutes to make substitution decesions
Let's be real here, footbally speaking Arsenal is exactly where they should be at the moment, right at the middle of the table.
Sheikh Robbie
Sheikh Robbie:
Couldve been worse. Massive effort from Tierney and Saka in the second half, thought we could nick a point but not the end of the world
Vu Thanh Truong
Vu Thanh Truong:
Sick to watch the way Arsenal plays,panic scared of the ball,players can’t keep the ball for few seconds,needs to buy Buendia and Grealish. Today stupid line ups deserves to lose.
How many lose again we need to sacks Arteta? 😭
Guys I know it’s a hard loss to take but we rested players for the more important game against Benfica. That’s the more important game and remember this is a rebuild. Like so everyone can see
Arsenal Rex
Arsenal Rex:
I mean we are now a deluded bunch. We get so happy when we win against Leeds and Auba getting a hat trick when that's he's job and now we're all laughing and clapping when we lost to man city not because our defence is horrendous...is auba can't even score!!!
JJ 7 Auba
JJ 7 Auba:
We didn’t play well but keep training lads
Love how they edited the highlights in a way that actually makes it look like it was a close game. Could ve done 2mins of highlights just for the first 10 minutes of city pumping
Arsenal need to spend more money and buy quality players. Arsenal players are average.
Jamiu Olumide
Jamiu Olumide:
Even the coach knows he can't win
Radix OD
Radix OD:
Aubamayeng, you need to watch Saka... That's how you play football. Whatever it is that's causing you to play this terribly you need to fix it, 'cause this inconsistency is unacceptable.
바닐라 vanila아이스 ice
바닐라 vanila아이스 ice:
City went easy cause they're getting ready for ucl
Lol emirates is blue :(( 😭😭
Pulsar Fuse
Pulsar Fuse:
It took us 77 seconds to lose this game. We weren't threatening enough on the final third and Man City could've easily cruised past us but we kept holding our ground but it's still a loss.
Qaraami Faarax
Qaraami Faarax:
Do we remember Arsenal midfielders who can score goals? I have got that football position is midfielder no matter your striker poor or good.
Leonardo Pérez
Leonardo Pérez:
Bye bye Hector Bellerin, you’re a good person but not good enough for the team. Same for Elneny and some others.
Muhd Qairul
Muhd Qairul:
Everton, spurs and liverpool is on top of us but city beat them more than us. Thanks pep
PVL - TheGunners
PVL - TheGunners:
*Smith Rowe vs Saka vs Gabriel Martnielli, if all three young talents play together regularly, all three Arsenal players will thrive. ❤️*
panos panou
panos panou:
well since we aint going to be relegated, we are happy and thats improvement XD
pyungkwan k
pyungkwan k:
00:26 올챙이 한마리
Tom Golab
Tom Golab:
We are where we deserve to be, sadly. Remember Wenger and his countless years in a row in top 4.
Ahmed Sido
Ahmed Sido:
In this game it felt like Pep told the boys to take the bicycles out instead of the lambos😂
Arteta out!! He could have played saka on the right and pepe on the left and also why elneny and why no Smith rowe
Ahmed Hassen
Ahmed Hassen:
Keep working in your training !Come on guys 💪💪
Aaron Davids
Aaron Davids:
1:57 of highlights just shows how crap of a team we are .. nothing but mid table jokers with no European football next season ... useless all of them
Don One
Don One:
Arsenal football club, once the pride of London. Destroyed by the vulture capitalist KRONEKE. Wake up arsenal fans, drive these parasite's out this once great club
Arsenal Rex
Arsenal Rex:
Aubameyang please don't make me laugh.... arsenal legends don't perform like that... 370k a week and there can't even score on a regular basis.
Jack Low
Jack Low:
From the invincible to this one-shoot-on-target lameduck 😂
El Jamu
El Jamu:
Raheem sterling one of the smallest players in the pitch scores 😂😂😂
Mahrez 🔥
obi bamidele
obi bamidele:
I was thinking arteta will use 442 play lacazette and aubameyang
Our coach need to learn how to use all his players they are just wasting 😥
Som Hero
Som Hero:
We played the best we can
The hell I'm watching this
Fun centre
Fun centre:
I hate the we we keep winning and losing games we will win today lose tomorrow haven't the players had enough
If we all buy a electric car that should see them plumet to where they were 10 years ago. Football is a circus now and we all know it.
the highlights should have been 10 seconds long
Patrick Roos
Patrick Roos:
Conceding in the 2nd minute...and then this nothing performance, embarassing!!
Topan Lesmana
Topan Lesmana:
Xhaka is the Man of The Match. He always is. LOL

I can't believe that he's the best we've got against a team like City. No wonder we lost and lost and lost. COYG. 🤭
Eldenny and David Lewis can only do a back pass? The other players are unable to attack.
Roar Edland
Roar Edland:
Get Rid of Bellerin and Elneny, and Pepe and saka should switch sides
Tony Flowers
Tony Flowers:
Could you please employ a proper manager!!! Arteta is simply not good enough!!!
Great highlights lads 🙃
Adam Destro
Adam Destro:
This defeat is acceptable if our number of games loss in the EPL is 5 or 6 games. But 11 losses in 25 games is unacceptable. What hurts the most is they're not even trying.
Th Henry
Th Henry:
Elneny and xhaka midfield 😭😭 😭
You can change the name of the club to Positives FC.
Sterling huggged mahrez like he was his daddy
Aaron Whittington
Aaron Whittington:
Adrien go the Bill away from go way
Yo CLicKZ:
I have never seen a team soo afraid of City this whole season except today's Arsenal. Horror and disgraceful performance.
Oba Razzak
Oba Razzak:
I'm disappointed that we seemed so content to sit back & not attack City.

Also what was with Luiz & Cedric laughing at the end with the City players??
Devin GWEE
Devin GWEE:
Real Legends turn up on these kind of matches and sometimes single handedly turn the match with a brilliant piece of skill.. Abu is not legend and is a long way off.. Arsenal fans be humble and don't expect too much magic from ARTETA pls.. 🙏
Billy Dolton
Billy Dolton:
@Mr DT
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra:
They've had already thrown in the towel before the game even started and the excessive long clearances is the indication of a very low confidence level. I don't know what's written on Odegaard's contract, but Arteta had better start Smith-Rowe in the CAM position and return Saka/ Lacazette to their best positions
Gustavo Mendieta
Gustavo Mendieta:
Hope you all realize that the guy who headed the ball is only 1.70 🤦🏻‍♂️
Adarsh Gibson
Adarsh Gibson:
Our only shot on target was KT's long shot!
AGMP Bekasi
AGMP Bekasi:
MC, congrats... Arsenal👍🏼
Thought you should know that the player who used to mark Mahrez was loaned out to West bromwich albion. Says a lot about the club.
Said it from the begining sack Arteta
Ahlul Urfhi
Ahlul Urfhi:
MKT music
MKT music:
arsenal fans before 2006 :
we have to win the UCL ... thats not enough .
arsenal fans after 2010 :
awww ... we lost 1 - 0 only to man city ... what an achievement
Tyreese Bond
Tyreese Bond:
we r really happy for winning againts Leeds, but feels normal to lose againts City. Agree or not Arsenal has change, we're not a Top Table Team againts. thank you for The Presiden and the stupid Board!!!
Arsnal are now 5th club in london, let that sink in
Aaron Whittington
Aaron Whittington:
I was care home see work shop 2 Paul Richard Adrien Tracy Watson council's I was care home 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 💪. Karry says Aaron go the I care home ok
Th Henry
Th Henry:
Elneny and xhaka midfield 😭😭 😭😭😭
Th Henry
Th Henry:
Elneny and xhaka midfield 😭😭 😭😭😭
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar:
I was supporting home team on this match last night because I don’t wanna see away team win and dominated league by a far gap, but I realized the home team still a mediocre team. Pitiful
Mr Tee productions
Mr Tee productions:
Savage 8views 20 comment
William G
William G:
Any good right backs in the academy
Is this the real Arsenal handle?, Yes, it is and I am saying that
"*There's no way you can convince me as a fan that you are fighting so hard yet players keep toasting the ball around from center to back yet when the opponent gets the ball puts you on the run in scramble for goal and that's how our fellow mid table clubs have succeeded to claim points from us, by frustrating us on counter attacks. To be sincere these seasonal praises we give our players are just compromises and encouragement to the young lads otherwise we nolonger enjoy football like we did in Wenger era. I am saying we because It's me and wifie fabrication, okay"*.
Alex George
Alex George:
If we are going to play a system with a sort of false 9 that drops back, and links up play, then we can't have Auba up top-he's a good goalscorer but doesnt have the same hold up and link up ability as Laca. If Auba does play in that system it has to be on the left
Mat Icir
Mat Icir:
we get used to it..LOL
JJ 7 Auba
JJ 7 Auba:
That pitch in Rome is bad tbh
Not to make excuses
Lectro Mings
Lectro Mings:
Love arsenal for the drama
arteta losing games is improvement. Let's support our manger on the road to 15th place trophy 🏆
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ:
Collection of average players.
just an ordinary dank man
just an ordinary dank man:
Is anyone not gonna talk about how Aubameyang blocked saka's shot which might have gone in.
Ahmed Sido
Ahmed Sido:
This is why i love Arsenal, they dont waste your time in making you lose hope.
When is this going to end Robbie?
Red Gunner
Red Gunner:
I still believe that arsenal can win in the next round
kansiime rodney
kansiime rodney:
The players totally lacked confidence and and had a very very weak mentality.Awful game from our final third except from SAKA who tried.
أحمد عامر عبدات _3
أحمد عامر عبدات _3:
losss lahh dah kebiasaan
Benjmin Peter
Benjmin Peter:
City too strong for us, Xhaka great match, 'Pepe must be sold'
Stumpt Dragon5
Stumpt Dragon5:
What highlights?
Vibezz ッ
Vibezz ッ:
there is still time to delete this...
amine 16
amine 16:
Mahrez was insane 🔥