HIGHLIGHTS: Aston Villa 1-0 Southampton | Premier League

The key moments as Southampton suffered a narrow defeat at Aston Villa in the Premier League.

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47 comentarios:

Alex Daniels
Alex Daniels:
As a Villa fan I think we can all agree that we were both awful. 😂
JoeGab 5638
JoeGab 5638:
Without bazunu we would be losing every game this season by 3 goals. Disappointing that we can’t play as a strong team
Bazunu is on another level.... sad to see he didn't develop further with pep but hopefully with Ralph Hasenhüttl
Absolutely unacceptable, one of the most inept offensive displays I’ve ever seen, genuinely can’t even remember one opportunity we had in the whole game
I can't believe this is the Southampton that beat Chelsea...
Anthony Walsh
Anthony Walsh:
yet another very disappointing defeat.
we just do not have the players, simple as that.
Big Balla
Big Balla:
Luiz is deadly with those corners
I thought Southampton have the same problem as Villa with a lack of chemistry.
Aston villa ♥️
C T:
Have to say I have a lot of time for your manager but was surprised how poor you boys were last night. We won because we were very slightly less poor than you - it was an eye bleeding game to watch. Credit to the 1800 or so who made the trip.
Tirto Ananda
Tirto Ananda:
Wonderfull Save From G. Bazunu. Southampton Defeat Against Aston Villa In The Villa Park Stadium.
Jerry Freed
Jerry Freed:
Woooo that man his good work has been everywhere. been seeing a lot of good comment about him on several places. I feel more confident investing with him, I have been on the train for over two weeks now.... Best broker for life.
Alan Tan
Alan Tan:
Aston Villa won last nite against Southampton might have temporarily save Steve Gerrard job...hope Villa can start e winning momentum from this match onwards!!!
Christine Crockford
Christine Crockford:
Is a ducking disgrace Southampton. We played awful and why oh why do we play Jenapo, as every time he gets the ball he loses it. I can't beleve how poor we were. Carry on like this and it's the championship next season. But still don't blame Ralf.
Moris Mujuni
Moris Mujuni:
Courtinho was a striking wasp last night, so "venomous"😂
Olivia Frazier
Olivia Frazier:
This is the kind of information that we don't get from most YouTubers I will keep in touch with him right now.
Mister X
Mister X:
if it's Suarez, it would be 2-0
Referee Lima Puluh Kota SumBar
Referee Lima Puluh Kota SumBar:
sangat enak di tonton👏👏👏
Harry AV Spruce
Harry AV Spruce:
Unlucky southampton I thought both our teams looked absolutely dreadful 😂 if you ask me we both deserved to lose haha
Jack Weber
Jack Weber:
Bazunnu is so good
Owen Kariuki
Owen Kariuki:
Douglas Luiz loves an Olimpico goal attempt 😮
Siam Promana
Siam Promana:
Fight Fight​ The​ saint #Saint Thailand
Fabio Muto
Fabio Muto:
Coutinho nice
Abhorrent performance. Midfield was absolutely dire. Could have been 3 or 4 to villa if not for ABK and salisu who at least tried, the rest of the team however, I don't have such positive words for. I usually defend Ralph now, but does he not ever learn? It's been 4 years of this tiresome drivel.

That said however, I strong believe not bringing in a prolific forward and heavy-weight defensive midfielder will continue to cost us. Hopefully in January, we have some good news.
Hasibul Hassan Rahat
Hasibul Hassan Rahat:
I am not a fan of aston villa but seriously it gives me enormous joy to see coutinho is playing regular here in this team.
Depressing viewing.

Can we please bin off Salisu?
Omed 2003
Omed 2003:
Andrew Blight
Andrew Blight:
Moi must have something on Ralph
Saint Paris
Saint Paris:
Highlights ! You serious that was one of the worst games I have ever seen. Ralph is rubbish but the players share the blame for last night.
Aston villa es el mejor
Olivia Norberto
Olivia Norberto:
I will like to give this a try how can I get started?
Josue Zohn
Josue Zohn:
Same here although got some help anyway, still new on all this but am happy am in.
Nature Clips
Nature Clips:
Prowse should not bother crossing free kicks just shoot from any distance
Richard Lau
Richard Lau:
I will miss the Queen, I am Hongkonger!😢
Matthew Dev
Matthew Dev:
mocax smush
mocax smush:
Worst game in premier league history

These southampton players should never put on a football jersey again
I actually predicted
Villa 1-0 Southampton
Forest 2-2 Fulham
Azmi Azmi
Azmi Azmi:
Gerrard safe for now next manager to be sacked maybe Rodgers his mentor
ralph out
Jack Spank9049
Jack Spank9049:
1 pound
1 pound:
You won’t see worse games than this. Probably the most boring game in premier league history
Booty Club
Booty Club:
Bullet Magnet
Bullet Magnet:
Sorry, we were shite.
Definitely the worst performance of the season. Villa was poor but we was worse I think that's the only way to sum it up. Definitely need to improve. What happened to the flight and spirit that beat Chelsea. We need that spirit back.
Donna Kimberly
Donna Kimberly:
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