Having fallen behind to a goal on 20 seconds from John McGinn, Pep Guardiola’s men hit back to lead through first half goals from Phil Foden and Rodrigo.

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100+ comentarios:

Ophoro Tube
Ophoro Tube:
Foden is ou next Legend
Yanela KAI
Yanela KAI:
"When Foden scores, city don't lose matches"

Just Some Girl with a Mustache
Just Some Girl with a Mustache:
bernando silva really makes a difference when he play behind mahrez those two are powerhouse together plus the wonderboy foden
shiraz s
shiraz s:
MAHREZ & BERNARDO what a duo 💪💙
youyou Limin
youyou Limin:
Mahrez and Bernardo très fort bravo
its true when Foden scores, city does not lose games.
Muhammad Roofi
Muhammad Roofi:
Bernardo playing as mestalla beside mahrez, this duo really make differencies
Michael Mataranyika
Michael Mataranyika:
Foden really i on his way to being the best legend City has ever produced.
Ranger Gamer YT
Ranger Gamer YT:
Foden was immense today
when foden+bernando+mahrez+zinni+Gundo play together, You know its business 👏
Tariq Ahmed
Tariq Ahmed:
That Mahrez Bernardo Combo is golddd
john honai
john honai:
I wish City go back to the form in February -March when KDB was absent And Gundo stepped up. Still remember that tottenham game where Sanchez ate grass😂.
Jehu Khomola
Jehu Khomola:
Fernandinho should definitely take a role as an assistant coach to Pep
ian yator
ian yator:
Joined City in 2018 guys..... Never been a football fan before that... City is my first & only team & i regret nothing....... I Looove you guys ,the club the fans.... I hope we win the league and Champions as well...... i really dont know if we can do this w/out KDB that guy 0ooh my !!..... But i trust Pep and the team i am sure if we'll lose we'll do it like the badass warriors we are !!..... #CmonCity #CityAllTheWay.🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳
Gatra Angga
Gatra Angga:
Imagine if sterling in foden position, the shoot will be missed
Nazmul Sagor
Nazmul Sagor:
Riyad mahrez & Bernardo silva's creation power are amazing. Oh Phil foden is our next legend
auresi mourad
auresi mourad:
manchester evening news said about Mahrez: Another who enjoyed driving at the gaps in the Villa third left for him and continued his excellent form. A master of the glide into the box before laying it off his shoulder for an onrushing teammates. He got 8. Foden got 9 and Bernardo 8
Bernardo+Mahrez 😍amazing👌
Alexandro Gary
Alexandro Gary:
40% highlight
60% fernandinho
Foden and Bernardo Silva masterclass. Bernardo is such an underrated player
2 amazing assists from Bernardo
Jahvain Thompson
Jahvain Thompson:
Poor John He Gets His First Red Card In His Career I Feel Bad He Looks Like He Was Crying
Gundouan Was Furious And Started To Argue With The Referee That's How He Got His Part Of The Booking
I Love The Way Everyone Cares About The Team And Not Themselves
Nathan Desmond
Nathan Desmond:
Foden is just amazing
Abimanyu Fathan Ashari
Abimanyu Fathan Ashari:
fernandinho's english improved so much i'm really impressed 💪💪
Zaki Bouguenna
Zaki Bouguenna:
رياض محرز ❣️ قوة السيتي
"He's never been on the loosing side when he scored for the Blues"
Ousmane Ibrahim
Ousmane Ibrahim:
Fernandinho's English has improved 💪❤💙
COME ON CITY!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙
stella nauctioneers
stella nauctioneers:
Kenyans around tujuane kwa likes
Muhammad Haikal
Muhammad Haikal:
When i see foden in our first eleven,all i know is we are gonna win🔥
Mariam AlZerkly
Mariam AlZerkly:
Riyad, Foden , and Bernardo 🔥🔥🔥
Anon Someone
Anon Someone:
That first city goal was incredible teamwork, passing and positioning !
Rafik Elkhire
Rafik Elkhire:
This moment Mahrez is a nember one of city her passe décisive clefs of the guame
Yosef Zeleke
Yosef Zeleke:
Yep, the future is bright with Phil Foden. Silva is class.
Congrats on the match, lads! And I have to say, Foden's goal was brilliant. It absolutely was. Now you can understand why he is my fave 😍😎🤩
amine 16
amine 16:
Mahrez best Rw in the prem league again
Aymen football
Aymen football:
Every time kdb injured the squad play fantastic game
Hamany Alsabt
Hamany Alsabt:
I can watch this match all day, good job boys!💙💙💧
joshua manohar
joshua manohar:
Love Dave Chappelle's interview after the highlights.
Kenny K
Kenny K:
Just like in previous seasons when KDB is out, Bernado step in perfectly, this time with 2 beautiful assist.
Bradley Ian
Bradley Ian:
Bernado was immense 🔥
Siddharth Vyas
Siddharth Vyas:
The Stones we missed is back 😎
Siyabonga Tshabalala
Siyabonga Tshabalala:
Guardiola is very happy with this victory. Look at his hand shake with Dean Smith. It sparks happiness
Jemimah Kairuthi
Jemimah Kairuthi:
When Foden starts, we dont lose... i hope he starts on Sunday as well....proud of this team..
Good Game. Keep Going You are The Man City 👍
Tomy Herlambang
Tomy Herlambang:
Epic comeback zend
nqobile sibisi
nqobile sibisi:
KDB injured :

The whole team: Activate God Mode
Joel Viju
Joel Viju:
Foden has become an undroppable player for us💙🤟
Taqi matondang
Taqi matondang:
Owww, so happy looking for villa.
Patrik Tori
Patrik Tori:
8 more points COME ON LADS!
Max William
Max William:
I was surprised because Fernandinho's English was so good
Hafid Joseph Cordova Lavado
Hafid Joseph Cordova Lavado:
Come on City, hope you can win this champions league. Support from a Bayern Fan
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
Zinny, Bernardo, Rodri, Gundo, Foden AND Mahrez were so special tonight. So good to see.
R R:
Hope the video has the exact time the goal happens as well as ther isn't a clock timer near scoreline.. it would be pretty cool if ther was tht too
مبروك الفوز لكل ستياوي وتستاهلون 💙💪 + متأخر 🌞
Dell Clouds
Dell Clouds:
I remember Foden's first game. He's in good hands and is following good instructions, learning and we can see the results game after game. 💠
Zawm Gangte
Zawm Gangte:
Well done lads 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💙
Pep... You're the best!!!
Martha Solomon
Martha Solomon:
I was convinced it was another case of the 7-2 😲 Manchester city has me in tears this past week... It's tough being a blue but we love it CTID 💙💙 and oyy Adam on the interviews 💪🏼
rock dude
rock dude:
3 more needed!!lets gooo
zeeshan games
zeeshan games:
Let's go boys another dub 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Shivam Debnath
Shivam Debnath:
❤️❤️what a performance
Keane Mgn
Keane Mgn:
Great game. C'mon city.
Katlego Mabea
Katlego Mabea:
ay fam, i'm new into the fan base, i admit this was my first game as a fan without being nervous or worried during the match
Foden was a talent kid but from where and how he got clicked in pep's mind made him a OUTSTANDING, PHENOMENON FOOTBALL STAR ...
Shivam Debnath
Shivam Debnath:
My inspiration is de bruyne.many times he save..the. City
When they gonna lose..❤️
omar hylton
omar hylton:
Foden is class his maturity proven day by day I'm happy for him and the guys them we really play well today shown professionals as always we never panic under pressure even when we conceded that early goal . Very good performance my team come on city.
藍色天下! 戰無不勝!!!
💙47 💙⚽⚽💙!!! 👍✌️👍!!!
Barca DZ tv
Barca DZ tv:
Great RM26 💙🎩💪🔥
Robelyn Alemania
Robelyn Alemania:
Congrats city keep it up goal for the win God bless to all guys.
Noor Khan
Noor Khan:
3rd pl title in four years soon.guardiola has really turned pl into farmers league.he really is one of a kind ❤️❤️❤️👏👏
Varun Puligadda
Varun Puligadda:
even after aston villa scored, i thought, this is football, not the dumb super league, i enjoyed this match so much
Foden is absolutely immense. Dare I say it, England have a world class side heading into the world Cup
Aldy Naibaho
Aldy Naibaho:
Takudzwa Benate
Takudzwa Benate:
We never lose if foden scores💥💥💥🔥
Toxic Rhome
Toxic Rhome:
Legion 187
Legion 187:
Proud of the lads of killing the game already in 1st half
Cocot santuy
Cocot santuy:
Bernardo 🔥🔥🔥
zkrazitc 97
zkrazitc 97:
You have to say mahrez passes are just class!
Mustafa Əhmədzadə
Mustafa Əhmədzadə:
Phil Foden 💙
Muha Robi
Muha Robi:
Foden! The next our legend!
4 Up
4 Up:
Silva + mahrez ❤️😍
cade cade
cade cade:
Keep going man city and all city fan love u💗💗🥰🥰
Rock City
Rock City:
Here's what I like.😍😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍
Ousmane Ibrahim
Ousmane Ibrahim:
Foden is a Beast at a very young age am glad we have him💙❤💪🙌
Gilang Permana
Gilang Permana:
Foden bermain dengan hati,maka dia bisa seperti sekarang.
Mariam AlZerkly
Mariam AlZerkly:
Foden is absolutely a great player ,, the best English talent 🤍🤍...
The best of epl 👑
Where is Agueroo 🥺😥
Nqabayetu Gwaza
Nqabayetu Gwaza:
I've seen enough, give Foden another Jersey number and extend his contract
The FODEN hype
City Xtra
City Xtra:
Let's gooooooooo!
Mo7m Gen
Mo7m Gen:
It is always great seeing foden, gundo, silva and mahrez together.
Dumie2 Moloi
Dumie2 Moloi:
I like this vid. I like these after game interviews
Muhammad Arif
Muhammad Arif:
Perginya David silva seakan ga terasa sekarang bos
Sajjad Osmaun
Sajjad Osmaun:
Good luck man city
I know u will win the premier league
From a barca fan🔵🔴😍😍💙💖
the best coach in barcelona history🔴🔵😍🏆
Thanks to him
We now have 97 official trophies which is more than any other top european clubs🏆🏆
Football clubs with most trophies in europe best teams
1 barca 97 trophies
2 real madrid 95 trophies
3 bayern munich 78 trophies
4 ajax 73 trophies
5 juventus 69 trophies
6 man utd 66 trophies
7 liverpool 65 trophies
I felt sorry for man city
U deserve more trophies🏆
Currently u have 26 trophies
Tottenham also has 26 trophies
The final against tottenham will be so crucial
I hope city wins
I love city a bit cause of pep guardiola🔴🔵😍😍😊
My team recently won a trophy
But i want la liga back🏆
Anyways good luck for ucl
And premier league and other cups
U have so many finals😂
My team has only 2 this season
Its good
Harry Brown
Harry Brown:
Good to see all the man city supporters watched this video not a single supported didn't watch it
sagar thapa magar
sagar thapa magar:
superb..title is ours
skinny_ bwoii_leng
skinny_ bwoii_leng:
Simdi Austin
Simdi Austin: