HIGHLIGHTS | Canada v Suriname - CONCACAF Men's World Cup Qualifiers (Qatar 2022)

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100+ comentarios:

Kent Martin
Kent Martin:
In all seriousness, I hope Suriname continues to draw good players. It would be great if they can join the group of competitive teams in CONCACAF. It makes competitions like the Gold Cup and the Nations League (and World Cup Qualifying) better if there are more teams that can threaten to win any given game.
Luis Valoyes - Games
Luis Valoyes - Games:
David is 21 and Davies is 20, there's a bright future ahead for Canadian football ⚽️🇨🇦
Logan Van Dyk
Logan Van Dyk:
Great game Canada, love the brotherhood!! Davies to David never gets old 🤫🇨🇦❤️
Coach27 28
Coach27 28:
I love watching Davies fighting getting tripped on the third goal instead of doing the typical soccer flop. No complaints , no arms in the air, no giving up, just fighting through then picking himself up off the ground and dishing a beautiful assist to David. Impressive performance all around but really really nice to have two first class players ( Davies and David) up front.
Scott Kennedy and Stephen Eustaquio are gonna be a revelations for Canada
Congrats to canada (from a 🇸🇷) and good luck in the next rounds
Ana Claudia Garcia Calderon
Ana Claudia Garcia Calderon:
Is crazy the quality of Canada's national team. Davies, David and Larin are in a whole other level from the rest of CONCACAF, up there with Pulisic, Reyna, Lozano, Tecatito and Bailey. They deserve a spot at Qatar.
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez:
Remember when that Suriname fan said they'd win 4-0? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Phunter - Football Manager Mobile
Phunter - Football Manager Mobile:
Where’s all the Suriname fans at I wonder??? They’ve awfully gone quiet. Good win for Canada against better opposition. Onto Haiti, Canada has to overcome their demons.
Graham Giancola
Graham Giancola:
Let's get REVENGE ON HAITI!!! 🇨🇦
Let’s go Canada !
Rajeev Parmar
Rajeev Parmar:
Now we gotta finish the job vs Haiti over both legs plus we need revenge for that 3-2 loss in the 2019 cold cup. Canada's away form is usually pretty shit but this team is way better than anything we've had since the 80s or 90s (or maybe ever) so hopefully we'll be able to win the first game in Haiti which should set us up nicely for the second leg in Chicago.
Philo Judaeus of Alexandria
Philo Judaeus of Alexandria:
It was a surprisingly even match until Canada found the first one and Suriname had to chase the game.
I still can't believe Suriname fans seriously thought they were going to beat us, though.
Good game Suriname. Excited to see what you guys do in future tournaments. Onwards Canada!
J Do
J Do:
Kiezo RFC
Kiezo RFC:
Scotland made it to the euros Canada qualifying for the World Cup would be the icing on the cake for me my two favourite nations
These man disappeared just like their team 2nd half 😂😂😂😂
Coulda been 5 or 6 nil 2nd half if we left Phonzie on, or Cavallini wasn't Canadian Alvaro Morata you know!
Chris May
Chris May:
I mean no disrespect by this at all but why is Suriname in concacaf and not commebol? Also Davies best player in concacaf
Trueno AE86
Trueno AE86:
Davies and David are the future
EL Papi
EL Papi:
As an American i hope Canada makes it to the wc will be tough just hope davids and phonzie stay healthy
David Lillee 🔴⚪❤🇨🇵💪❤💪🏆🏆🏆
Nugget the hamster forza juve rhino4k shrek
Nugget the hamster forza juve rhino4k shrek:
David was so dominate today
M Press
M Press:
From having underrated Team Canada for most of my life, this transformation feels like a dream undergoing a baptism of the real. "Way to go Canada "!! Keep that shit up!!
Graham Giancola
Graham Giancola:
Let's hope and pray that the thing that happened when the Belize team went to Haiti and something bad happened, that it doesn't happen when Canada goes to Haiti!
Orlando Rantwijk
Orlando Rantwijk:
I'm from Suriname. Canada have played a good game and they won. They prepared very well. Also respect to their excellent coach John Herdman. I hope Canada can make it to WC final. They have an excellent team and also the players to improve that. This was a first good test for Suriname to reach the top of the Concacaf. Our next is the Gold cup were we go to improve better. My congrats to Canada.
Justin Kelemen
Justin Kelemen:
That pass by Kaye into Cavallini that drew the penalty was beautiful!
Job done with another solid performance. We have a team going places!
420 Maniac
420 Maniac:
proud of my country🇸🇷❤️
Leo B
Leo B:
Well done Canada, God Bless!
Davies + David combination ripping shizzle up!!
Arno Cardon
Arno Cardon:
Great win Canada!
Tip for Onesoccer: it would be nice if you could include a short overview of the lineups in the beginning of the video, thanks!
Jesse Balfe
Jesse Balfe:
It’s FIFA on beginner mode for Davies😂😂
Games Nogueira
Games Nogueira:
Let's go Canada🇨🇦⚽
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi:
From having underrated Team Canada for most of my life, this transformation feels like a dream undergoing a baptism of the real. "Way to go Canada "!! Keep that shit up!!
govind Giri
govind Giri:
Everr Deadly
Everr Deadly:
Damn i use to play soccer ⚽️ now I’m moved on to hockey 🏒. Had some good hard kicks
Dash sanramat
Dash sanramat:
Well played by Canada good luck to them in the the next round

And as a proud surinamer🇸🇷
We gave it our all we did our best
It was just a unlucky for us we lost better luck next time su oe Noh bah ete we Kong Baka Wang dey Les gooooooo
Alberto Ga
Alberto Ga:
Great game Canada! 🇨🇦
Greetings from Mexico ✌🏼
weston macks
weston macks:
Wow davies has such a big role in Canada.. he is like messi even though he plays left back.
Cyprian Tochowicz
Cyprian Tochowicz:
Johny David is an epochal talent
Ronaldo Arauz
Ronaldo Arauz:
Canadá será el Caballo Negro en las eliminatorias😮
Ollie from OneSoccer say “Hi DeeKay” at half time during the Haiti game to prove you read the comments 😉
edgar sg
edgar sg:
The DLD trio strikes back!
Nugget the hamster forza juve rhino4k shrek
Nugget the hamster forza juve rhino4k shrek:
Forza canada let's goo now just need to beat Haiti in those 2 games and then where in the final round
Supermassive Black Hole
Supermassive Black Hole:
Congrats to Canada from the UK
🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦
Félix M.
Félix M.:
Greetings for Panama 🇵🇦 / I'm really impressed on finding this many canadian fans, thought u only cared about hockey 🤯
Branko Kockica
Branko Kockica:
Lol this is like when my crew from the hood plays football
No Name
No Name:
Dest and tecatito still own Alphonso Davies 🥱
Lovata 1
Lovata 1:

Youtube: This is fine
Someone: Says "heck"
Youtube: BE GONE
однако я люблю таких рыбаковo..
sharif ise
sharif ise:
Well done boys!!
Demonstrating what excellent development, recruitment and coaching can do for a team.
Bryan Gonzales
Bryan Gonzales:
The Suriname fans were taking sh1t way before this match now they just disappear. 🤣 Reality is often different than your imaginations.
Pansa Chevo
Pansa Chevo:
MARIO Ballo:
Suriname komt sterk terug 🇸🇷❤⚽️
Mohammed Wasi
Mohammed Wasi:
as an American i want canada to succeed! good for concacaf too
Alex Eden
Alex Eden:
Really hope the Canadians can do it! Been following you since Marcus Haber signed for my club (Crewe Alexandra) years ago. Got some great talent coming through and you’re definitely a team on the up!!
randy randy
randy randy:
Well done Canada !!! Canada have played a very good game. mi lob SU!srsrsr
alida flus
alida flus:
From having underrated Team Canada for most of my life, this transformation feels like a dream undergoing a baptism of the real. "Way to go Canada "!! Keep that shit up!!
Long Boy
Long Boy:
Hopefully Canada can qualify, they have some good talent and it will be good for them to be in a world cup again before they host it
Kalsaume Satungiamata
Kalsaume Satungiamata:
Davies owned that match
I love Jonathan David
Cristofer García
Cristofer García:
Que equipazo tiene Canadá fácil la tercera mejor selección de concacaf no se les debería complicar la calificación al mundial
Imam multajim
Imam multajim:
Ayo wong jowo
Gabriel Albuquerque
Gabriel Albuquerque:
The Big 3 Cavallini,David and Davies
Elhan Hernandez
Elhan Hernandez:
I'd love to see a friendly Honduras vs Canada before the third round, but it is unlikely since we will be opening most likely in Toronto.
oscar g
oscar g:
we are going to the HEX, mark my words!
Congrats to Canada and the fans.
Canada was the better team.
I am still proud of Natio(Suriname team).
We just get started with the Surinam soccer team and the new players, we wil come back stronger!!
I have no doubt about that!!
I wish Canada all the best.
Gr from a surinam fan 💪🏾🇸🇷
N C:
Congratulations to Canada! I'm French and I have a question for you, Canadians : is this generation better than the 1986 generation? I hope see you in 2022!
seiom jvony
seiom jvony:
David Lillee 🔴⚪❤🇨🇵💪❤💪🏆🏆🏆
fanny torrez fernandez
fanny torrez fernandez:
Suriman come to play to conmebol. Here your level will increase
Gabriel Urriola
Gabriel Urriola:
Surinam :(
Elmo Jusce
Elmo Jusce:
The superficial grouse ethnically release because scene aetiologically head athwart a broken kohlrabi. phobic, naive touch
Brian Gartner
Brian Gartner:
4 goals and a only a five minute video? the only replay was of davies' move at the end of the game? come on onesoccer, get your shit together
david so good
To beat a country I have never herd of by 4 is kinda sad...
felipe borges
felipe borges:
Canada tá forte em... Certeza vai estar catar
.tem. muitos jogadores bons e tem alguns que são canadenses mas filho de pai de outro país .
*Group prediction*
Suriname (I'm sorry for underrating you)
Cayman Islands
congratulations from a usmnt fan goodluck against haiti i think yall just need better defenders and you’re team could be really solid
Juned Ahmed
Juned Ahmed:
weston macks
weston macks:
Canada will definitely become and are starting to be elite in concacaf.
Retro IMP
Retro IMP:
Suriname deserves to be in CONMEBOL
douby mezier
douby mezier:
The Haitians will show 🇨🇦 how heart and grits can win over skill and values
Khoa Topp-Nguyen
Khoa Topp-Nguyen:
Almost comical the way Ryan Donk (No. 15) doesn't seem to give a shit in almost every clip
Kirubel tedros
Kirubel tedros:
David Keatley
David Keatley:
Just goes to show you that sending lads to Europe makes them strong.
Fidel Dequeemani
Fidel Dequeemani:
Lets go Phonzy
Good Supply
Good Supply:
Great offensive game, I like the way Canada moves the ball with short passes. I am absolutely terrified with Doniel Henry. He looked exactly like how I remembered him on TFC. Garbage. Isn’t Theo a better player?
freeway News
freeway News:
Titicaca vietnam 🇻🇳 https://youtu.be/i-CgQnM9F4M
Mehakpreet singh Sohi
Mehakpreet singh Sohi:
Suriname fans went quiet
Félix M.
Félix M.:
will Curazao take revenge for Suriname? 👀
nah idts let's go 🇵🇦🔥
Brett Gibson
Brett Gibson:
Easy win 😄
Eryn Moore
Eryn Moore:
Nervous start but solid finish
Joao Carlos
Joao Carlos:
Suriname. Curaçao. Aruba.guyana . Guyana francesa e Trinidad e Tobago na conmebol 👍⚽️
Sanja 1994
Sanja 1994:
Milan BORJAN! 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
A D:
me 🇮🇩 to 🇸🇷
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon:
Scotland made it to the euros Canada qualifying for the World Cup would be the icing on the cake for me my two favourite nations
Gaetan Kabangu
Gaetan Kabangu:
Too bad for Suriname. They started off great. It would've been a different game if that first ball went in. Ah well. Better team wins I guess. Let's see what will happen against Haiti!