City had to work hard to see off a stubborn and determined West Ham at the Etihad and record a 20th win on the bounce.
Goals from Ruben Dias and John Stones either side of an Antonio equaliser gave City a 2-1 win which extends our lead at the top - ahead of this weekend's fixtures - to 13.

It also means we are now 27 matches unbeaten - one short of equalling the Club record of 28.

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Sinan Uluc
Sinan Uluc:
John Stones' shot at first time (without controlling the ball) should be a lesson for the likes of Sterling, Gabi etc. They all mess it up with too many touches in the box, letting the defenders fill in the spaces again. Just shoot the friggin ball.
Daniel Santana de Almeida
Daniel Santana de Almeida:
The precision of the Kevin de Bruyne's assist is unstoppable.
Clive Shelvey
Clive Shelvey:
Agüero: *Doesn’t score*
Stones and Dias: “So anyway, we started blasting...”
Anti Pauler
Anti Pauler:
“And mahrez has it stones * realizes* STOOONESS”
Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Juara nih kayaknya👀
Umar Khan
Umar Khan:
If it’s not the attackers or midfielders it’s the defence
Ophoro Tube
Ophoro Tube:
Jamani tupeww kombe letu, Ligi ianze upya tu
Lord Zaky
Lord Zaky:
2 goals from the 2 rocks DIAS & STONES 🛑🛑
2 assists from the 2 magicians KDB & MAHREZ 💫💫
Sterling would have a lot if goals, if he could shoot a ball like Stone did. Without making million touches in the penalty box.
What an assist from Mahrez ⚡️
Dale Gordon
Dale Gordon:
I appreciate these grinding victories more than the stroll in the park victories...brilliant from the boys
Hassan Din
Hassan Din:
Brilliant game Dias and Stones to the rescue. COME ON CITY WE ARE WINNING THE LEAGUE AND OF COURSE THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. 20 straight wins in a row for city and another 5 more wins will beat Bayern Munich’s record.
Conspiracy Theory
Conspiracy Theory:
Two of the best defenders scored today 💙💙💙💙
Sky Karim
Sky Karim:
You cant beleive how i am happy for stones, one of my favorit players this season. He passed by tough moments, and now he is back in the right moment for the team
Sky Karim
Sky Karim:
Mahrez stepped up in the last 3 pl games and he was crucial in that games . 3 tough games and very importants in the title race.
ahmed-amine bahamou
ahmed-amine bahamou:
Wish all the luck to manchester city on their road to creating history this year. From a barcelona fan we conquered europe with guardiola i hope they do the same.💪💪💪
Moc 2137
Moc 2137:
Kevin De Bruyne is just something else.
Kun Aguero
Kun Aguero:
The best offense is defense

And the best defense is Dias and stones
The two best center backs in the world💙💥
石本遊Kusen Yuu Liu
石本遊Kusen Yuu Liu:
What a thrilling and interesting game! When an offensive player can't score, rely on two central defenders to score! Dias&Stones proves that they can defend and score! Congratulations to Dias for his first Premier League goal! Come on! City! Go The champion keeps on striding forward!
sam soso
sam soso:
Mahrez dribbling Skills 👏👏🤗🎩🔥.... Thanks for the Amazing Winner Assist Tonight. 💙 ....Roben Diaz and Jone Stones are LOVE🔥.'... what à Top Centre Back Duo. 😍😍💙💙💙 ...20 win ib à Row my City is Unstoppable 💪
sniper tnt
sniper tnt:
تحيا حروووز .🇩🇿
Nuradin Ader
Nuradin Ader:
That pass from Kevin Deburuyne 🥵
Dias & Stones are the best defensive duos in the world. An other win 20 consecutive wins in all competitions 13 points ahead of second place absolutely no chance. Congratulations for pep Guardiola and his team for this amazing performance 👏💙 from Chelsea fan football is all about respect 🙌✊
shiraz s
shiraz s:
Great assist by MAHREZ 👌
Jason Gaskell
Jason Gaskell:
I know it’s mad but wins like this are the most satisfying!! Everything points to city dropping points today but the blue worriers do what they do,and as a fan you can understand that ur team can not be beautifully every game.. blessed to be a blue long live king pep 💙
Great assist by MAHREZ 👌 :)
Abdel Fares
Abdel Fares:
Riyad it’s amazing !!!
Let Love Lead
Let Love Lead:
Champions Man City has a winning DNA that no matter opposition they find a way to beat them. Congratulations to the entire club for this unprecedented achievement.
john snow
john snow:
Jan Kraul
Jan Kraul:
Stones and Dias have scored more goals than they have conceded in the 16 games they've started together for City this season.

Thats breathtaking.
Ahmed Abdelmoniem
Ahmed Abdelmoniem:
when stones and dias dont get a clean sheet they get on the scorline
Bit Frost
Bit Frost:
Riyadh Mahrez is high flying solo !
Dias n stones are the best center back pair in the premier league at the moment. No doubt abt that
Amri Ide
Amri Ide:
Incredible Manchester city, the points are getting away, champions this season.
Robbie Rae
Robbie Rae:
Super Dias 🔥
Surprisingly The only team to put up a decent challenge since the winning run started
Prometheus Reign
Prometheus Reign:
Mahrez see what happens when you pass, last week Sterling this week Stones both game winning goals
odhete ananthesa
odhete ananthesa:
It reminds me about old barca, when everyone can score a goal
Jefferson Romero
Jefferson Romero:
We're making history, 20 win streaks. Absolutely brilliant, thank you Pep for making us happier everyday
Good match of Defense but Assist from Mahrez was also amazing
Jayden Gray
Jayden Gray:
Am sooòooooooo glad dias scored💥dude been working rlly hard
Antonia Prince
Antonia Prince:
The scoreline we love to see after a very high pressuring performance from West Ham.
Khaoula Bens
Khaoula Bens:
Great game from stones and mahrez
CJD 21
CJD 21:
When ruben Dias goes on to win the quadruple and win poty well remember his first goal
BF Putra
BF Putra:
Two central defender becoming two goal scorer for today... Amazing
Manchester City have to win the Premier League Title 2020-21.
Lorenzo oranje
Lorenzo oranje:
Come on City let's get the win vs wolves to hopfully get the momentum to finally break the curse by beating the rags at the etihad because I'm getting tired of constantly losing to United at the etihad
Teguh Priambodo
Teguh Priambodo:
If you want to make City cant win, hijack their all coach. Everyone in city have been trained well to shot a ball. Very fast and accurate.
Saad Khan Khan
Saad Khan Khan:
West ham deserves appreciation for how they played
Younes Ten
Younes Ten:
Manchester City wins all the titles this year 😍👍
Sidharth biju
Sidharth biju:
John stones really revived his career
Karthik p
Karthik p:
can we all just accept the fact that lingard has improved a lot
gro toni2
gro toni2:
De bruyne can get injured he's still gonna get the most assits at the end of the season
Bit Frost
Bit Frost:
From Defencing Rocks to Attacking Rocks ! , Game Changing Duo , and let us not forget that assist from Mahrez to Stones !
Sreehari V
Sreehari V:
മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ?
KDB 🔥🔥🔥
Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar:
I can't wait for the Moment when Our Manchester City will lift the Cup.
Fortune Cartel
Fortune Cartel:
Best duo in the world so far🔥🔥💯 come on you blues💙💙
Sang Pengamat
Sang Pengamat:
Pertama dari Indonesia 👍🏻
9M Hiro
9M Hiro:
Glad dias got his first goal he only need that for perfection
SPEAK #Spoken & Unbroken
SPEAK #Spoken & Unbroken:
When two center-halfs score, then you just know the opposition has quality. Congratulations to Man City and big ups to West Ham United; their evolution is remarkable!
Guchay Sir
Guchay Sir:
And that brings us to straight 20 consecutive wins ! ❤️❤️❤️ Let’s break Bayern’s record. Yeah ! #cmoncity
T. O
T. O:
The way De Bruyne switches from right foot to left foot positions to set up the first goal is just a thing of magic
April 7teen
April 7teen:
Love from Tanzania, Africa!! 🇹🇿🌍
Iman Aliyev
Iman Aliyev:
Proof that KDB is still unstoppable 💪
Aizawa DAL
Aizawa DAL:
Diaz Debut Goal🔥
Juan Hernández
Juan Hernández:
Love Manchester City Honduras 🇭🇳🇭🇳
Iulian Garboan
Iulian Garboan:
Everyone here seeing how underrated really Lingard is?
Daniel Leinak III
Daniel Leinak III:
Almost all of the players from Man City have scored a goal in this season
After the first assist

The GOAT back🥺🔥🔥🔥
Blast Doom
Blast Doom:
City team is “more england” than most teams in EPL i think. Walker, Stones, Sterling, Foden, 😅
Ali The beast
Ali The beast:
You can see the passion in ruben’s eyes
What an impact he’s had on the team
Vimbai Maiswa
Vimbai Maiswa:
Welcome back KDB
Let's go city
Ibnu Yoga Khaikal
Ibnu Yoga Khaikal:
Two perfect defenders, man city❤️❤️❤️
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi:
That run up the left side of the pitch from Foden in the final quarter utterly astonished me
He is the future of the club, swear down. Such talent and courage to make that push. What a play, shame it wasn't followed up on but it was awe inspiring.
Amine Maarouf TV
Amine Maarouf TV:
Mahrez 💣🔥🇩🇿💙
Noob Master
Noob Master:
Let us all appreciate west ham for the tough time they gave us. 👏
Bulma 87
Bulma 87:
Each players can scores in Man City ! Bravo
CAP 21R:
John Stones x Ruben Días
prince Eric
prince Eric:
The accuracy and precision of Kevin de bruyne is immaculate
Salam Triple
Salam Triple:
Common City 💙⚽
Aqila Hana
Aqila Hana:
amir khateri
amir khateri:
Stones and Dias are not just great defenders but also great goals scorers
namwano Roselyn annah
namwano Roselyn annah:
Wow Johnson did well without controlling the ball and scored
Balaji G.J
Balaji G.J:
I would definitely love a second season of "All or Nothing: Manchester City"
Sphesihle Cele
Sphesihle Cele:
They defend but most of all they attack!💙💙
Ibrahima Lo
Ibrahima Lo:
20W... top performance💪
On veut la LDC
Rubina Shaheen
Rubina Shaheen:
I love how stones and dias celebrate each other's goals 🤩
Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Omar:
Manchesters been blue for about 10 years now 💙💙
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar:
Damn that de bruyne cross is just perfection
Muhammad Zuhair
Muhammad Zuhair:
May this victory continue💪
mancity supporter
mancity supporter:
Well done Mancity today Ruben Diaz and John stones did both defence and attack love u city 💙💙💙
Ruiz Rumi
Ruiz Rumi:
De Bruyne really gives me chills when he gives such kind of assists...
cabdikariim maxamud
cabdikariim maxamud:
We need more victories 💯

Come on Man City
Let's do it 💪
Aizawa DAL
Aizawa DAL:
Diaz Stones🔥👏
20 wins streak🔥🔥
Evangeline Wangari
Evangeline Wangari:
Dias and Stones are amazing
Jahvain Thompson
Jahvain Thompson:
At Last Dias Gets His First Goal Good Work John Stones And Great Job City 20 Wins Keep It Up My favorite Team
Also Aguero Was So Rare In This Match He Had A Chance But He Didn't Catch The Ball But Still Good Work City
Redhyliansyah Muhammad P
Redhyliansyah Muhammad P:
Diaz & Stones 🔥🔥