Highlights FC Barcelona vs Atlético de Madrid (2-2)

Atlético de Madrid takes one point from their visit to the Camp Nou thanks to two penalty goals by Saúl Ñíguez. Messi, with another penalty goal, and Diego Costa, on their own goal, were the goalscores for Setién's men. Matchday 33 LaLiga Santander 2019/2020


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Odey Yg
Odey Yg:
Premier league VAR - we are the worst
La Liga VAR - hold my beer 🍺
Scott Farrell
Scott Farrell:
Jesus the penalty decisions were woeful in this match, I bet the referee smelled like alcohol and cigarettes
Simon Eigner
Simon Eigner:
The VAR was used at the 1st penalty as Ter Stegen moved to quickly, but wasn't used to review that Carrasco tripped over his own leg.....wtf?😂
10k Subscribers with 2 videos challenge
10k Subscribers with 2 videos challenge:
Premier league VAR - we are the worst
La Liga VAR - hold my beer 🍺
Najib Rahman
Najib Rahman:
0:09 0:50 1:07 This is an embarrassment to the Sport
Jonathan Jebbison
Jonathan Jebbison:
They were penalties because of coronavirus , no contact.
Post Malone
Post Malone:
Breaking News: Carrasco has just beaten
Neymar in a diving competition

Seriously, even somebody who knows nothing about soccer can tell that he dived
Darren Kenneth
Darren Kenneth:
So you're telling me VAR couldn't see that last penalty was Carrasco tripping himself.. A video replay couldn't see that?????????.. What's the point in VAR then if it can't work???
Chi chan
Chi chan:
Referee giving both false penalties,
Perfectly balanced as everything should be.
1:07 "Was he tripped? Was he fouled?" Nope he just fell over!
What the hell was this match, 3 pens and an own goal
Erika Barnes
Erika Barnes:

කිරීමෙන් පසු බන්ධනාගාර කියලා ජූඩි
Ali Zafar
Ali Zafar:
1:07 disgraceful tackle by semedo, should've gotten a red card in my opinion...
Mia Lee
Mia Lee:

වැස්ම ඇසිපිය කොපුවේ පසුව ඔහුගේ ඇස්
Asamoah Worae K Richard
Asamoah Worae K Richard:
If vAR can detect a goal line for penalty to be re-taken, why can't it detect the corrupt penelty for the so called refree???
kpaakpa martins
kpaakpa martins:
How do u award penalties like that.
Awful refereeing
N M:
This was the most disgusting match I've ever watched. 3 penalties given, 4 taken, an own goal...
Legendary 7
Legendary 7:
Diego Costa : 😳 own goal

Carrasco : who needs a autograph Iam the best actor

Saul: Iam embarrassed but have to do it
Nuraz Waris
Nuraz Waris:
And this is why, ladies and gentlemen, the ever classic “kicking a ball and pretending to be hurt” stereotype is formed for soccer... it isn’t even a bad sport. Shit like this just gives it a bad rep.
1:08 social distancing foul 😂
Just Football1
Just Football1:
Both of the Atletico Madrid penalties were not penalties !!! 😤😤😤😤 This costed Barca 3 points
see me
see me:
Woah And i thought the Premier League was bad but this is just Insane with VAR and everything
leon 5284
leon 5284:
1:07 dude how's that a foul
Dan 0192
Dan 0192:
match fixing at its finest 😂😂😂 the ref deserves prison time for them decisions
Rohan Swadi
Rohan Swadi:
1:07 That's a socially distanced foul right there
Ahmed Sido
Ahmed Sido:
Commentater: You need nerves of steel to do that against a keeper like Oblack.

Messi: Here we go again.....😂
Stream AP
Stream AP:
At the minute 1:11
He tripped him self , it should not be a penalty
Ali The Konqueror
Ali The Konqueror:
*you can clearly tell that guy tripped on his own*
Tien Nguyen
Tien Nguyen:
When you have Hernandez Hernandez reffing and Lahoz as VAR, you just know the match is gonna be scuffed as hell
This was one of the weirdest games I've seen.
Louis Anderson
Louis Anderson:
I am a real madrid supporter but can't understand how the hell atleti won their second penalty. He literally trips over his own ankle
Владимир Маликов
Владимир Маликов:
1:08 is it a penalty?! Are you serious?
Barcelona could have won, I didn’t know kicking your own feet can get you a penalty
Trinh Viet Duong
Trinh Viet Duong:
1:06 The Academy Awards want to know your location
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay:
Have never loved that ref taking on a Barcelona match in my life.. he's a cheat
Vlademir xD
Vlademir xD:
Real Madrid shows who is king s team.The referee should retire after this match
Bigman Duff
Bigman Duff:
3 embarrassing refereeing decisions to give all of the penalties, I feel like this is consistent in la Liga except when it involves real Madrid
Barcelona need neymar, NEYMAR NEED BARCELONA TOO
Ben Lyons
Ben Lyons:
all those penalty decisions were absolutely attrocious
1:09 how the f was that a penalty! 😂
Carrasco dived so hard when athletico got second penalty
kraffhty kush
kraffhty kush:
sergio ramos made himself invisible. Fouling atletico players so they can stay on top 1:08
1:07 When they said u should social distance yourself that’s not what they meant
AGLAN Gaming TV:
اتمنا من متابعينك العرب
يوصلوني 200مشترك فقط
يارب تفرحوني 😍😍😍
Karolly Tamasela
Karolly Tamasela:
10k Subscribers with 2 videos challenge
10k Subscribers with 2 videos challenge:
This was one of the weirdest games I've seen.
Darren Mackay
Darren Mackay:
How pathetic is football becoming
VT Arctic
VT Arctic:
How on earth were those penalties lol
masimba mandengenda
masimba mandengenda:
for the second Atlet penalty that atletico player tripped himself even a blindman can see
Manuel Fermin
Manuel Fermin:
Who else is here since there's no other sports?🙋🏽‍♂️
sarp muharremoglu
sarp muharremoglu:
In atletico's second goal. There was no penalty. The refeeres neeeds to be more careful
These penalty calls are a disgrace
Lohan Tolessuog
Lohan Tolessuog:
I have learned a valuable lesson from this game. Fall over and yell and I'll get a pen
Brothers MYM
Brothers MYM:
أحبتي بالله عليكم شجعونا وادعمونا بالاستمرار في اصدارمقاطع جديده بقناتنا ادخلوا لقناتنا وشوفوا مقاطعنا الحلوه واشتركوا بالقناة ولايكات ونشر لها. الله يرزقكم سعادة الدارين ❤️🥰
Mycael Kwame
Mycael Kwame:
Oblak's freekick save🔥🔥..
It's like he was thinking, 'he's going left, left, oh wait, woop!, ah! whew!, close one'..😹😹
Best Moments
Best Moments:
*Всем читающим этот комент, крепкого здоровья, исполнения желаний и всех благ!❤*
100% cheating on that second atleti pen hahahah
Viva Roach
Viva Roach:
1:08 my man got fouled by a paranormal entity right there
A Guy With Thumbs
A Guy With Thumbs:
How tf was carasco fouled the second time he tripped himself up 🤦🏻‍♂️
Blockhain Investor
Blockhain Investor:
semedo hit carrasco's foot vs carrasco hit semedo knee vs hit each other vs carrasco hit his own leg
Pavel Juga
Pavel Juga:
Why is there VAR in La Liga? They obviously don't use it...
Ishaq Khan
Ishaq Khan:
Bruh I can’t believe that last penalty was given was a clear dive by carrasco
Ancil Winchester
Ancil Winchester:
That man trip on his own so onfare
Владислав Глент
Владислав Глент:
1:07 Ahahahahah
YouTube account
YouTube account:
Semedo nearly kill Carrasco for the 2nd penalty
adenio santos
adenio santos:
Não dá mais pro Setien, vem Xavi 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👊🏽🙏🏽
Osian D
Osian D:
1:07 That's one of the worst fouls I have ever seen.
Gabriel Moors
Gabriel Moors:
"Was he tripped, was he fouled" ? Can you still pretend to have any integrity, I'm actually not a barça fan at all, but even the stop on the Pen taken away is BS
Lou B
Lou B:
Isn’t VAR suppose to correct these mistakes? Guess not
B0b R0ss
B0b R0ss:
Damn mr referee was smoking the dirt before the game
Muhammet_ YT
Muhammet_ YT:
1:08 it Was a dive Dumb Ref
1:07 Perfect VAR
0:49 how s that a pen... Simido dived
Zaidoon vlogs
Zaidoon vlogs:
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥السلام عليكم اني زيدون يوتوبر عراقي عايش بكندا انزل فلوقات يوميه اتمنى تدخل لقناتي و اتابعهن و تنطيني رئيك البارحه نزلت فلوق و اليوم نزلت و باجر هم راح انزل🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Albert Tseng
Albert Tseng:
I didn't even see any contact on Athletico's 3nd penalty
Barça board be like: Puig is playing amazingly well, let’s sell him!
er wertg
er wertg:
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Cezareus Philip
Cezareus Philip:
Carrasco first dive
Carrasco : yeahhhhh!!!!
Semedo : I can do better!!!!!
Semedo made super dive
Carrasco : Nani??!!! You challenging me?!!!!
Carrasco made world’s finest dive
Semedo : 😯
Thanx for sharing this dear 🙏. Keep growing
abdullah oktay
abdullah oktay:
give some more penalty atletico we are waiting
Twister PlayZ
Twister PlayZ:
1:08 that penalty was so unfair the dude tripped on his own leg
He tripped over his own foot 1:07
1:07 Una vez que lo vi, no sabía que era un tiro penal.
دائما الجديد / dima Al jaded
دائما الجديد / dima Al jaded:
*_vedyooo nadiiiiiii_*
*_Ana Yalah badi Bari d3m baboni labrto bach nrba7 flossss adsnssss_*
*_Kandirrr vdywat memes Moroccan_*
Rebekah Chalmers
Rebekah Chalmers:
1:08 are you kidding me?! 😂😂
HRT - Gaming
HRT - Gaming:
Good luck against Villarreal, you’re going to need it very badly. Especially with the VAR! 😂
Meanwhile in Serie A: Dybala, Cr7, Douglas Costa --> 3 Amazing goals.
Syed Naqui
Syed Naqui:
Carrasco: Running and trips on air
Ref: I think that’s a pen
Ka paragraph
Ka paragraph:
So,this is VAR technology ?
professional Referee ?
Fair play ?
How is that a penalty?
Axel Galloway
Axel Galloway:
Ok fine I'll go watch Serie A
Rafa Valiente
Rafa Valiente:
what a poor VAR they have , oh my goodness
if you look closely you can see there's contact in all the penalties. I was puzzled by atletico's, but looked again and there it was... even in the 2nd one, which ends up being clear lol
1:07 審判上手すぎ
Anay Gokhale
Anay Gokhale:
1:07 carassco literally tripped on his own leg
Meu ministro topoppp👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏻🇧🇷
Márcio Gonçalves
Márcio Gonçalves:
Barça empatou graças ao apito amigo,pq não foi pênalti pro Barcelona mas o penessi não tem nada haver foi lá e fez o gol de número 700 na carreira,sendo 550 dos 700 marcados de pênalti,por isso o nome dele penessi.
Isaac Parlingayan jr
Isaac Parlingayan jr:
Hello im here eatching you idol from dubai.
laughs plug
laughs plug:
Day 6 of growing my YouTube channel in the comments