Highlights | Greenwood strikes as Reds draw | Manchester United 1-1 West Ham United

Watch the highlights from tonight's draw against West Ham as Mason Greenwood's strike earned a point for the Reds.

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100+ comentarios:

Jacko Football
Jacko Football:
Lwazi Sikhakhane
Lwazi Sikhakhane:
Greenwood has a cannon in his foot🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀💣💣💣
Shafik Rahman
Shafik Rahman:
Every time Greenwood scores, there is always Matic Hugging him..ALWAYS
Wow, Greenwood isn't just justifying inclusion, he's getting United where they ought to be. A bit like Rashford a few years ago, although you have to say Greenwood just looks more naturally talented. Scary talented.

Need to get better at unlocking defences if the back line is still going to take a couple of transfers to fix.. We score lots of goals but lose lots of matches. Too many draws.
Joe S
Joe S:
People talking about keeper and defensive problems. Let’s not pretend that midfield 3 hasn’t shown problems throughout that run
florry sheekoh
florry sheekoh:
Woi,our 18 old Greenwood saving us once again,I wish him the very best next season🔥🔥🔥 he can be anything if he want to
Disappointing match Bois, but let's keep our heads up, for the first time ever, can't believe I'm saying this
Hope Liverpool win
The result isn't that bad owing that chelsea lost 5 - 3 to Liverpool
Kitco Khan
Kitco Khan:
Not to be mean but i forgot when's the last time de gea saved a penalty
Danny Chan
Danny Chan:
Feelings after watching the game live here in Hong Kong:

First ten minutes of second half,
is the energy we shall last;

Fatigue problem is obvious,
but no one on bench we could trust;

Seldom we cross pass from the wings,
coz possessions were lost in midfield in a blink;

Painful watching the whole game till 3am,
may luck be with us till the season ends!
Riven Siscar
Riven Siscar:
Thank goodness both Chelsea and Leicester lost. We’ll take the draw cuz now we’re top 3
A K:
With all those easy points we should have had and could have easily had, really we would be pushing city for 2nd place..

Stick together, we're on the right track!
Raito Kries
Raito Kries:
draw against leicester will secure top 4 .Win top 3,GGMU..Hope manchester will play with attacking mindset...GGMU
Chetan Bangera
Chetan Bangera:
Bring in Jack Grealish,We can't rely on Bruno everytime he looked tired against chelsea nd west ham we need rotation with qualities both r quality players
Abdirahman Mohamed
Abdirahman Mohamed:
Boys come on still we have big chance to finish top 3 Chelsea losing 5-3 to liverpool
Night bot
Night bot:
This result is bad but we stuck on 3rd
As thankyou liverpool enemies for winnng chelsea
David dea gea was superb
Qendrim M.
Qendrim M.:
how can we loose against david moyes we should have won against him like 7-0 just for the reason. And yeah we drew but it was a loss
Ayaan Sajil
Ayaan Sajil:
Not the result we wanted but nonetheless we win on Sunday 3rd is ours
Chandan nikhil
Chandan nikhil:
Every time in penality de gea goes to his right wth
Subhan Qureshi
Subhan Qureshi:
we need squad depth and some competition in the team..our players take it very easy as they know they won't be dropped as there is no competition in the team..
Ko L
Ko L:
Leicester away is no freebie. They'll be right up for this. Worried we've thrown it all away. Rashford poor again.
Japuko Game and vlog
Japuko Game and vlog:
When we lost with leicester we lost champions league
Gavri saragih
Gavri saragih:
Pogba....mistake vs Southampton
And in this match..
Iyann berss
Iyann berss:
Yess Chelsea lost!!, Next Macth Man.United had to win over Leicester
Adrian Sparks
Adrian Sparks:
where would West Ham be without Fabianski? Phenomenal goalkeeper
United must bounce back and win against Leicester 😭💪 Come on u reds!
A.O.M FC The Journey
A.O.M FC The Journey:
If you do believe Greenwood left foot is magic Let's gather here 👍
Agus Salam
Agus Salam:
Leicester City vs Manchester United, the final match
DayedXD Gaming
DayedXD Gaming:
It would definitely be funny if chelsea they lose to wolves and dont make the top 4🤣😂😂
Dave Goodwin
Dave Goodwin:
First time since 2016 we’ve had something to play for last day
Eminent Mnzavas
Eminent Mnzavas:
When rashfod his tied I think James he is the best substitute for him also when Greenwood's is tied MATA he is be perfect substitute for Me
Abdullah Mohammed
Abdullah Mohammed:
Why did the ref count that as a penalty 😕
If pogba didn’t use his hand he would have been in Hospital right now
Adriano Gomes
Adriano Gomes:
Bruno Fernandes needs food supplements
He looks too exhausted. The Ballon D' Or in 2 years time
James Winny
James Winny:
Greenwood is a natural scorer, he just needs to work on his movements off the ball and he will be on Salah’s record if not better.
User tank khufra
User tank khufra:
Stay strong Greenwood💪💪
Franklin Nguyen
Franklin Nguyen:
how magical Martial, why Ole dont use Fred, he full energy physically and mentally , I dont understand this
James Mayer
James Mayer:
Want to win top 4 with just greenwood and bruno🤨
Jadeem Hall
Jadeem Hall:
It's Simple Really, Beat Leicester and we Finish 3rd.
James Dyal
James Dyal:
Greenwood will score 20+ goal this season ❤️
It was always going to come down to the game v Leicester. Both sides out of form so 0-0 is likely. Which will do just nicely.🤞
lost in synthetic world
lost in synthetic world:
Finishing 3rd would be an achievement for this team.
But we got the tendency to loose when it matters..

Gonna be a tense Sunday this week..
Come on UNITED💪🔥
Hobby Xperiment
Hobby Xperiment:
00:58 headshot
Alex Divine
Alex Divine:
Cmon we’re still in third anyway
Mobile Legends
Mobile Legends:
Send Diogo dalot on to the field.🔥🔥
TSAL_ Me me
TSAL_ Me me:
Lindelof and Williams must take a break
Sacrifice his team for his face. Instead of sacrifice his face for his team.
Literally no highlights showed the pass from Rashford to Bruno that he mistrapped
Jarred Beiling
Jarred Beiling:
The build up play to Greenwood's goal was masterclass!
Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool:
If we qualify we Need atleast 3 first team and 2 squad signings to keep us in champions league next season .
Kazakhstan with you, GGMU!
Saahil Nagar
Saahil Nagar:
COME ON United
We Got this, I believe in our lads
Saugata Choudhury
Saugata Choudhury:
Thanks for making a sexy Sunday manU
Love from Man City
Jithu Surendran
Jithu Surendran:
Reds can do this...🔥
Justice Ojule
Justice Ojule:
Beautiful setup to Greenwood's goal pls continue with this kind of attack in the king power stadium.
Septian Azhar
Septian Azhar:
Please Ole, makes Romero as first choice on last match of season
I miss shaw. brandon was falling down so many times did that eye injury affect his balance in the medulla oblongata
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง:
Diar messi
Diar messi:
Pogba : "my head is more important than 3 points"
Noer OZL
Noer OZL:
Not our day.. keep spirit united🔴⚪⚫
Abubakar Bala
Abubakar Bala:
😭💔 I still have hope 👌
Ujjwal Garg
Ujjwal Garg:
Pogba's mistake will cost us why the hell he used his hand for defending that free kick.
Zayn Salman
Zayn Salman:
Our team looked sort of tensed today cheer up boys win lose Manchester United till the day I die
Awees Bile
Awees Bile:
He is greet young talent goal scorer mostly score stunning goal
de gea perfomed so well in his early years that people expect more from him
Bikas Gurung
Bikas Gurung:
Give him(Greenwood) chance to show his class ❤
Leave that right side to Greenwood he'll take care.💪
Gymgains and Rocker UK 86
Gymgains and Rocker UK 86:
We needed win really n the passing was slow too and it takes us too long getting goals
Mr. Lonely
Mr. Lonely:
Nice my Devils, 1 more fight.
Fuad Hasan Damanhuri
Fuad Hasan Damanhuri:
🍼here’s a bottle, enjoy
Greenwood predestined to become a champion 💪💪!!
rehansh Hirani
rehansh Hirani:
Pogba had better reflexes than David de gea (btw I’m a united fan)
sardar ehtasham
sardar ehtasham:
Final day of the league will be a memorable one for all of Us
SR Production
SR Production:
Ole do some last favour i mean ...start fred insted of pogba plz
Paulo Roberto De Souza
Paulo Roberto De Souza:
Neymar Jr e Tiago Silva 🏆🔥
We Will probably fail against leichester 😭
16. Iqbal Fahrozi Setiyono
16. Iqbal Fahrozi Setiyono:
Go Manchester United Top 4, Liga Champions+J Sancho+J grealis+ skriniar
Gurumoorthi Sathish
Gurumoorthi Sathish:
When last David De Gea saved penalty??
Raja Madhav
Raja Madhav:
We keep on believing our Gaffer ❤️❤️❤️
포그바 너무 핸드볼 파울으로 손에 공을 잡아서 진짜 실망이다.
Greenwood is something else. I hope he keeps improving and he will be world-class one day. He's got the composure and flair in or out of the box. He is already better than Rashford to me.
Cr7 RJ7
Cr7 RJ7:
If we really want to start challenging for title we need more squad depth everyone on that pitch looked worn out today
PSC help 360
PSC help 360:
Iam come here for mbappe < greenwood comment
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
Greenwood is unbelievable ❤️
Hernandez Owusu Innocent
Hernandez Owusu Innocent:
We have had the chances to guarantee our top 3. How amazing it will be if we loss against Leicester
Phelipe Silva
Phelipe Silva:
Vamos time, precisamos de uma vitória apenas...
Nga Linh
Nga Linh:
Yepppp ....Greenwood 🌹❤️. Great 👌
As I said the day before, we would be in the top 3 👍👏 🥰💃☺️
The difference between Fosu Mensah in the first half and Wan Bissaka in the second half. Wan should start the match against Lei and hope Luke can play in the next match- round 38 . MU keep flighting 💪❤️
Hope the lads rest up for Sunday, they looks so tired and lethargic the last few games
Halef Helinay
Halef Helinay:
Mason foden ♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
kande bathily
kande bathily:
greenwood reminds me a lot of van
Melvin Lim Wey
Melvin Lim Wey:
We r No.3 now🔴💪
Mang Tae
Mang Tae:
thank you agent moyes
M_ 2
M_ 2:
still 13 games unbeaten in the premier league since bruno joined. just remember that
Susilo DJ
Susilo DJ:
Michael Antonio used kagebunshin no jutsu?
Mijjal Thapa
Mijjal Thapa:
We r in top 4 🤘 ggmu
I love mason greenwood 😍 😍
even pogba have better reaction to the ball than kepa
Abiy Haileyesus
Abiy Haileyesus:
waaaw man utd we can do it finish on top 3.....
just one sub!why
Greenwood the Beast!
Alphius Wambua
Alphius Wambua:
Actually on second thoughts I'm not sure I want to see this team in ucl. Did the players really know what it means to have ucl in the line?