Highlights: Leeds United 5-2 Newcastle United | Five-star attacking performance! | Premier League

Premier League highlights from our 5-2 win over Newcastle United at Elland Road in the Premier League with goals from Patrick Bamford, Rodrigo, Stuart Dallas, Gjanni Alioski and Jack Harrison!

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100+ comentarios:

Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Greaaatt game🔥
imagine the atmosphere with fans with the Harrison screamer
Legend in the making
Legend in the making:
I've fallen in love with this team. They don't park the bus, they come at you with everything they have. Bielsa has done a magnificent job.
Sujay Sannyamath
Sujay Sannyamath:
Whether it's winning or losing Marcelo is a man of extremes. Never boring.
Daniel R. Mejia
Daniel R. Mejia:
Leeds plays ultra atacking football
Longer highlights please, i wanted to hear Bryn building to climax on the last two breakaway goals
Sam Luckett
Sam Luckett:
85th minute, 3-2 up, 5 vs 3 in oppositions box. This is the Bielsa way. Amazing 🤩
Millie Scaife
Millie Scaife:
Thank God for That We Just need to play like this Sunday against Man United
Chris Loftus
Chris Loftus:
Great to see Pablo back on the pitch where he belongs 👊👊👊
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar:
The good thing about bamford is that most youngsters loose their way with Chelsea , and never discover their talent but bamford kept working hard and here is he today , leading the line for Leeds , in premier league and he has the capability and hunger to thrive in premier league , as a Liverpool fan we appreciate what Bobby firmino does for Liverpool, same is the approach of bamford.
Superb from him
Leeds deserved it. And deserve to stay in the league just because of their manager. Great guy. Playing style is really good
Love you Leeds from Italy, you are my favourite English team , i will support you forever 💙💛
Bamford is the 🐐
martin candela
martin candela:
Este es el leeds que quiere ver la gente, vamos leeds carajo
Wayra Codes
Wayra Codes:
These commentators are absolute gold!
Shint B
Shint B:
MOT. Could be goal of the season that, just what the lad needed ! Thought Rodrigo's was cracking too.
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero:
¡¡Vamos Leeds... vamos Bielsa, carajooo!!
I enjoyed all the matches with Leeds United! Very dynamic, energetic and joyful!
Roberto Eduardo Castet
Roberto Eduardo Castet:
Muy buen partido jugo Leeds ,tuvo contundencia ,que le faltó en otro partidos que no mereció perder,hoy demostró que es un gran animador de la Premier Liga, felicitaciones Maestro Bielsa.👏👏👍
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell:
That bloke on the Kop had some view for the 5th goal. Great result lads, kudos to Raphinha he was exceptional in that first half, real quality 👍👍
Ali Luqman
Ali Luqman:
From Kurdistan Iraq, leeds for ever 🧡❤️
Esteban Santillan
Esteban Santillan:
Well done Leeds greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷
Martin nolan
Martin nolan:
2 assists within 6 minutes from the magician....
Raphael Barbier
Raphael Barbier:
0:43 commentator felt that goal 😂
x7 Brothers
x7 Brothers:
Leeds second goal by rodrigo is way underatted
First the loft pass from rodrigo to Harrison to cross, then rodrigo runs into the box from like 30 yards out and connects with the outstanding first time volley cross after that incredible touch from Harrison and rodrigo nods the ball home with a diving header. Well done, one of the best plays of the season.
sanz leaso
sanz leaso:
Jack harrison is a baller🔥🔥🔥🔥
Marcelo Bielsa
Marcelo Bielsa:
well done Leeds👏👏
Good Day
Good Day:
1:20 five on two, just shows how fast Leeds players counter up the pitch. So dangerous on the counter.
hernan cabrera
hernan cabrera:
Vamos Ledds Carajo !!! Saludos desde Rosario Argentina.
el flaco
el flaco:
Harrisonnn... what a goal!
Natasha Brown
Natasha Brown:
😍 perfection
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi:
I like Leeds entertaining football, great to watch and this is from Liverpool fan.
Muscab Cabdulaahi
Muscab Cabdulaahi:
5 of the 7 goals scored were headers
2 Much Sauce
2 Much Sauce:
VAMOS LEEDS CARAJO! love from New Jersey (i'm 🇲🇽 🇬🇹)
Lauren F
Lauren F:
Just need to stop conceading goals
bingers laroo
bingers laroo:
Get in lads. Cracking result. Exceptional team performance. MOT
Muzamilcabdi Nuur
Muzamilcabdi Nuur:
Bamford man of the moment😍😍😍
Myles Jahmu
Myles Jahmu:
The commentators really loved their job.
I should have watched this instead of Liverpool-Tottenham
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
Now that is what I've been tell you Leeds supporters, give them time. Playing too good to not win.. We all love Leeds utd..
Dan Whitaker
Dan Whitaker:
With a capacity crowd that last screamer would have lifted the roof off!
José Luis Prieto
José Luis Prieto:
Ary Brunengo
Ary Brunengo:
Aguante el leeds y el loco bielsa Saludos desde Argentina
Ajinkya Ajax Salvi
Ajinkya Ajax Salvi:
I feel Ayling should play centre back full time coz he complements well with Koch better than Cooper and as fullback, he seems out of depth. No disrespect to Cooper but when Koch & Llorente gets full fit, he is going to have a tough time.
Jamierm dm
Jamierm dm:
Please can you release an extended highlights as well. Would love to see the commentators reaction to the build up play and chances
Zack Tim Stuart
Zack Tim Stuart:
Well done Leeds we are all proud of use 💛💙💛💙
Vander Katrik
Vander Katrik:
5 perfect header goal..
George Macpherson
George Macpherson:
We need to have a stronger defence to stop leaking goals. After all we have the second worse defence in the league after West Brom. Bring on Scumchester United on Sunday and they will lose.
Love Rodrigo's energy. Good to see Pablo back as well.
Mr God Mode Gaming. MOT
Mr God Mode Gaming. MOT:
What a performance. What a finish Rodrigo. What a finish Harrison. Great poachers goal bamford. Pablo a class act when he came on and just controlled the game. Raphina and Dallas has great games aswell. One thing I want to point out which THANKFULLY didn’t matter in the end was when it was 2-1, we’d been quite dangerous off corners surprisingly and Phillips plays that god AWFUL pass straight to one of their players which leads to the corner that they eventually score from. Our game management can be appalling at times. Anyway, onto Man U. MOT💛💙
leeds, you must be feeling so good
Jack Harrison is on fire!
qwertyu asdfgh
qwertyu asdfgh:
Can't wait to watch leeds vs manU, i am manchester united fans btw
kush eu
kush eu:
Back to proper bielsa football ⚽ we all love leeds 💙💛💙💛💙💛💙💛
Kobby Kay
Kobby Kay:
The last goal is ronaldoesque
Let go we win 5-2 come on next match in lees to win
MOT💙💛 Hope we made our virtual mascot proud 💪💙💛
Lord Protector
Lord Protector:
I love the fact that so many Argentinian friends appreciate Leeds now, because of Bielsa. Welcome.
inonk gaming
inonk gaming:
Needs defender upgrade tall n strong cb just Loan enough for us
Alfie Keith
Alfie Keith:
That game made me sweat if we play like that all season woah 😦
The only team in PL that I can watch a full replay of the match without getting bored .
PoH 871
PoH 871:
The Magician is Back
Juuls Deh_purge
Juuls Deh_purge:
Phenomenal play
Leeds have got an ultra attack mode
Just gotta work on the defense especially during set pieces
Eddy Kasili
Eddy Kasili:
Now this is the Leeds I know
Have been liverpool fan all my life but LEEDS seems to be another sleeping giant like my team that is just waking up.

Would love to see you guys win a title sooner.

All the best
Calvin Liu
Calvin Liu:
Well done Leeds 5-2 defeat win
Matias Lewicki
Matias Lewicki:
Francisco navia bravo
Francisco navia bravo:
Que triunfo más revitalizador, felicitaciones a la hinchada y agradecimientos a los jugadores y cuerpo técnico.
lloyd lerato
lloyd lerato:
wow LEEDS on fire! MZANTSI salutes you
David Salaverry
David Salaverry:
2 stars defending
King Spani
King Spani:
The commentator had a difficult moment at the time when Rodrigo scored the second goal 😂😂😂😂
who knows
who knows:
imagine if bielsa got chelsea budget 💥
El Papu
El Papu:
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell:
Who will win next game?
Leeds or Man United
Aimless Ideas
Aimless Ideas:
The passion these commentators have is amazing
Samir Grg
Samir Grg:
One of the most exciting team to watch this season❤️
Lorenzo Pesenti
Lorenzo Pesenti:
The cheers in the 4th n 5th goals, atroden
Can’t stop watching these highlights, when it works it’s such a pleasure to watch. What a great game
mijuo roui
mijuo roui:
That bloke on the Kop had some view for the 5th goal. Great result lads, kudos to Raphinha he was exceptional in that first half, real quality 👍👍
Leeds hatrick by head for first second and third goal..awesome
John H
John H:
I think Tony Dorigo had to change his underpants at least 3 times during this game 😆
잘했어!! 나의 리즈!! 영하8도의 아침이 상쾌하군!!
Satrio Radhitya
Satrio Radhitya:
0:42 Best Reaction From The Commentators
0:43 *moan*
We really need to sort out these set pieces. Teams now know it’s our achilles heel. Great win though.
Are they limiting these videos to two minutes? Because the editing on this was weird. Like missed the brilliant build up play.
Mukharom Saja
Mukharom Saja:
Bamford 🔥🔥🔥
Man United next! COME ON LEEDS! 💙🤍💛
Alligator Uno
Alligator Uno:
Dale Leeds necesitamos mas partidos así, no bajen los brazos. Super Leeds!
Jeyakumar Sundralingam
Jeyakumar Sundralingam:
Thats more like it lads! 5 star performance an early Xmas present for the fans. Keep the presents coming from all corners! ALAW
Luuk Van Gendt
Luuk Van Gendt:
It’s so much better to have a proper club like Leeds in the PL than Brighton for example
This club💙💛💙💛💙💛
ps wong
ps wong:
They are amazing.
Tmmzy TooRoyal
Tmmzy TooRoyal:
Here before 100k views
David Donald Chu
David Donald Chu:
Need to make his move permanent. Harrison belongs to Leeds. 😉😁
Once again..I..your only Nigerian Fan is very proud of my Team..💙💛...Leeds forever
Patrick Sivertsen
Patrick Sivertsen:
Great game Leeds...4 goals with the head in this game .😂
Mariano Freyre
Mariano Freyre:
<3 <3 <3 Saludos de Lima a Bielsa. Se le quiere bastante.