Highlights: Liverpool 0-0 Real Madrid | Reds go out after goalless draw

Watch key action of Liverpool’s Champions League quarter-final second leg with Real Madrid

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100+ comentarios:

Carson Yeung
Carson Yeung:
The British Challenge
The British Challenge:
Nearly 50 years a fan. If you join the super league that will all be for nothing. Disgraceful!
Dan Brixey
Dan Brixey:
Liverpool FC are a disgrace if they go ahead with the super-league plans
Reid Hawk
Reid Hawk:
I’ve watch Liverpool for my entire life and now they say yes to a dumb super league
Peter Peterson
Peter Peterson:
No matter what we stay Liverpool fans through and through.. unless they join the super league
Seno Alamsyah
Seno Alamsyah:
I rather to support Liverpool in Champhionship or even League 2 or even the lowest league in England, rather than support them in stupid breakaway league. If they choose to do it than i choose to turn Blue
ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. You are putting money over your fans and destroying the foundations of what Football was based on. Utterly shocked that this club would go this far.
Oliver Linehan
Oliver Linehan:
It's sad if this is my last ever Liverpool game, but if you don't leave the ESL, then there is no other choice.
Estevao Cavalcante
Estevao Cavalcante:
Don't go to "Superleague" Liverpool, I'm from the future and this is a horrible mistake for the world football...
Captain Thameem
Captain Thameem:
"VIRGIL" is the missing piece that we really need 💔.
I don't care how many games we've lost. I will stay a Liverpool fan until the day i die.
Amazing Ango
Amazing Ango:
I dont give a damn about the Super League. BOYCOTT IT. I've been a Liverpool fan ever since I could talk and to see 129 years of history just throw away. NO! I'm flabbergasted on why Liverpool has made this terrible decision! Stop this at once I say . Like if you agree so they see this.
Peter Wackel
Peter Wackel:
Liverpool Fans Since 20 years, but if you jointhe super league, You’re dead For me
Hazem gaming
Hazem gaming:
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Van Dijk and Joe might come in and provide defensive solidity next season but I've really got no clue how that would affect our finishing of chances which has been abysmal for quite some time now.
I will, I promise you, stop being a Liverpool fan if we join the greed league. And that hurts... but as we know it’s the only way... end it now or bye bye
FC Bayern Champions
FC Bayern Champions:
for a club where the fans sing "you'll never walk alone", that's shameful
- Rudi Völler, German football legend
Who is here After They announced the «Super leauge» i will litteraly become a Leeds fan if that goes trough
Jelly Neck
Jelly Neck:
Just cancelled my streaming services and done watching LFC for a while.
Tity Thomas
Tity Thomas:
The first leg really costed us.
J W:
The Gerrard slip didn't hurt as much as it did today. LFC is part of the European Super League. First time in my 40 year existence, I am ashamed to be an LFC supporter. Today we all walk alone.
The thing im upset about is that this has happened 2 seasons in a row. Against atleti we scored one and couldve scored about 20 (if oblak didnt exist) but on Wednesday we just werent ruthless enough
Indra Pratama Official
Indra Pratama Official:
No problem,our liverpool this year did not lift the trophy enthesiasm and focus on the premier league to reach top 4..YNWA❤
Hieu Nguyen
Hieu Nguyen:
Still a good performance at Anfield. Now we have to focus on top 4 in EPL🥰🥰🥰
Devr Singh
Devr Singh:
No worries if there is no trophies, but please just ditch the European Super league
Tom Dempsey
Tom Dempsey:
Say no to European Super League!!!
Robera esrael
Robera esrael:
No problem We NEVER Give Up
We are liverpools this means more ❤❤❤
My Work Here Is Done
My Work Here Is Done:
Dunno how you managed to squeeze 90 seconds of ‘highlights’ out of that game
Bye Liverpool. It was nice with you but I can't support this.
I hope Liverpool fans, who are living in Liverpool, show them what their opinion on this is.
If the managers from my club Rapid Vienna would do this, they couldn't go on the street without fear. I think there would be deaths, when they would sell the clubs soul.
Greetings from Vienna.
dublo achatado
dublo achatado:
6 champions league and 129 years of history for nothing, don't count on me in the liverpool super league, it was good to cheer for you while it lasted, goodbye
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
This match sums up our whole season. Just. Can't. Finish. Chances. It's moments like these that decide the outcome of the game. Abysmal in the attacking 3rd. Diogo would've been more clinical that Bobby in front of the goal and would've got in better goal-scoring positions due but yeah you do have to understand that Bobby was brought in for better link-up and to drop in between the lines to cause chaos and he also has excellent chemistry with sadio and mo. Van Dijk and Joe might come in and provide defensive solidity but I've really got no clue how that would affect our finishing.
Vivy Chauhan
Vivy Chauhan:
Theme for us this year: "When the going gets tough, only the tough get going."

I tell you we'll be back to the best , just let the team reassemble with no injuries on board because you know that without players like Hendo and Virg our football is not the best we have played. YNWA, we are a family.
Gyamtso Sherpa
Gyamtso Sherpa:
If Liverpool intend to play in so called super league its not the club of people no more and the emotion of people is bought by money and greed .so if club like Liverpool who got history and great fan base initiate like this .we will miss old Liverpool but not gonna support who will be playing in super league that’s not good for football development.when Liverpool announced their statement on this i will be one of fans to quit this wonderful club ...
Fanta GD
Fanta GD:
Even though we aren’t doing as well as we want to, I’m still supporting till I die
Apurbo Baidya
Apurbo Baidya:
Don't join the super league!!!
I am a Korean football fan. You destroyed the history of soccer in just one day. Is it football that fights with strong teams a lot?You don't know what we want, do you?
Islooboy Rashid
Islooboy Rashid:
So this was the last game of our Champions League History. Man I'm distraught.
carlos sanchez rodriguez
carlos sanchez rodriguez:
i just want this season to finish! ;/ hopefully they finish top 4! i wanna see vvd play again.
ngl TAA didn't even play that badly, he did do a lot of great passes but they just weren't used too well...
Mighty red productions
Mighty red productions:
Hopefully when Anfield reopens liverpool can play like it's 2019 again
The art of cinema
The art of cinema:
I urge everyone to stand against the owners of these clubs. What there trying to do is kill our game and it is completely wrong.
Don Rebel
Don Rebel:
this game was the story of our season
amirullah paweroi
amirullah paweroi:
Liverpool ♥️
Salam from Indonesia 🇲🇨
Siddhesh Misale
Siddhesh Misale:
This was a much better game than first leg. Just gotta convert those hard earned chances in the box. YNWA 💯
Ansh Gupta
Ansh Gupta:
Just when I was relieved of this pain. Here comes the highlights of greatest misses ever in an important match.
Charlie M
Charlie M:
Built by Shanks
Destroyed by the yanks
Money grabbin wasters. Disgusting
adriel wo
adriel wo:
🙏Hopefully there's a chance to play 🔥Keita-Fabinho-Thiago🔥.
Abdalla Hesham
Abdalla Hesham:
المصريين يثبتو حضورهم🌷💯❤
we might have lost this year but just wait till the next
Stanetti Els
Stanetti Els:
I’m a lifelong Liverpool fan from South Wales. I’ve spent lots of money travelling up to the wonderful Anfield home, but if this ESL nonsense is pursued then LFC will be walking alone. I won’t support any longer. DISGUSTING BETRAYAL.
James Kippax
James Kippax:
No way can this super league be allowed to happen
Arjen De smijter
Arjen De smijter:
My respect for Liverpool📉📉📉📉
Pes is Awesome
Pes is Awesome:
Those chances ❤️, anyways focus on next game
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG:
Shame on Liverpool and Real Madrid owners for joining the European Super League.

There won't be a next season for Liverpool in the EPL, Liverpool is joining the European Super League.
The FA will kick Liverpool, Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs out of the EPL.
Nurikah Hamdan
Nurikah Hamdan:
Tandingnya kapan, uploadnya kapan..wkwkwk
Emperor OHI
Emperor OHI:
The amount of chances missed in this game is insane🥲
Nithin Bruce
Nithin Bruce:
Malayali 🤩🔥
iman azimie
iman azimie:
Just wait for next season liverpool gonna win the title 🔴🔴🔴
A Yousef
A Yousef:
We are liverpool this means more 🔥
Matt Majcan
Matt Majcan:
RIP liverpool fc
Balanced Lion 7
Balanced Lion 7:
We will be back with strength power 🌟✌🏾
Putra Manurung
Putra Manurung:
Need VVD back!!
Need the thirthteen player back to Anfield!!
William AC
William AC:
I'm gutted we didn't win this game tbh. Idc if we didn't qualify but we should have atleast scored one goal. Our attackers have been wasteful this season.
Uzbeki Mapper
Uzbeki Mapper:
Come on boys get the result against Leeds.
Edenilson Galdamez
Edenilson Galdamez:
Never Give Up ❤💪 YNWA
If Salah's netted his chance, we would've win the leg.
Philly Edward
Philly Edward:
I can’t believe the club I love is supporting the European super league. Shame on u!!!!!!
Arun Abraham
Arun Abraham:
I bet we could have gone to.the semi finals .we just should have utilized all the chances 😭😭. Nxt aim top 4 . YNWA
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร์
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร์:
ให้6คะแนน เต็ม10 ถ้ายิงได้1-2ลูก ให้8คะแนน 3-6ลูก ให้10/10เต็ม...
Hazem gaming
Hazem gaming:
Abdullah Al Zohan
Abdullah Al Zohan:
We want to se Alexander Arnold in (CDM)
Good Performance although no goals, BUT PLS CANCEL THE SUPER LEAGUE THIS IS NOT GOOD
Ynt Ynt
Ynt Ynt:
Terlalu banyak peluang yang terbuang. Insting ngegolinnya dh gk setajam dulu.
Vivy Chauhan
Vivy Chauhan:
There keeper became prime Casillas at some moments
Abdulrahman Alalawi
Abdulrahman Alalawi:
Liverpool gave an excellent performance.
Daniel Musiałowski
Daniel Musiałowski:
Nothing happened no liverpool will definitely win the next LM you'll never walk alone Liverpool
Valentine Udeh
Valentine Udeh:
A lot of good chances missed 😌
Don't know what's Klopp plan for the season but we need to change style of playing, also we needa a player, like a playmaker who can change the team play
Thank you for 40 years as a supporter with many good moments, but after the decision to start that "super league " it is time for me to say goodbye! I hate greedy owners and they have ruined the game I love. Bye bye
liverpool l
liverpool l:
I'm still with you my LIVERPOOL they will call you LIVARPOOL or LOSERPOOL but you will still the best team in the world for me.❤️
Sawtooth Red
Sawtooth Red:
Who are advising these owners? How incredibly stupid can they be, again? I’m utterly embarrassed by this action and it doesn’t represent anything close to the ethos of what this club is supposed to be all about. To possibly just throw away qualification of CL next year is unbelievable. We will get punished for this, and now I wouldn’t blame Klopp for leaving.
Why superleague???? I don't believe this situation
O'Brien Denis
O'Brien Denis:
That Gini shot still pissed me off
しぐゆじ ch 피유지
しぐゆじ ch 피유지:
You have lost all respect from all former Liverpool fans. Congratulations.
Zohurul Islam
Zohurul Islam:
Go ahead liverpool🥰
My condolences to all Liverpool fans for Liverpool's intention to participate in the Super League.
Glenn Williams
Glenn Williams:
Earn it!! Say no to the super league
Guitarist Of Rock
Guitarist Of Rock:
0:05 , 0:35 Big Shaq would have scored man
Ash king
Ash king:
I think the hunger for winning a game has died down. Partly because of the injuries our defenders suffered but mainly due to the mentality. The players feel like they have won everything there is to win. Maybe I'm wrong.
Dibyendu Choudhury
Dibyendu Choudhury:
Never give up .you will never walk alone
We need the old liverpool were not doing well please trie to save the team remember when we used to be top
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร์
วีระยุทธ ขวัญบุญจันทร์:
มันเยี่ยมมาก...เล่นได้เหนือกว่ารีล มาดริด ถึง2-3ก้าว...แต่ยิงไม่คมนะ...น่าจะจบสกอร์ได้5-6-0นะนี่นะ...
결정력 ㅆ발 ㅠ 담시즌 힘내자
anthony m
anthony m:
No crowd = no motivation
Daniel R. Mejia
Daniel R. Mejia:
Salah not scoring when we need him the most 🤔
Afif Harist 2005
Afif Harist 2005:
Line Up


Alisson 1 (GK)
T. Alexander-Arnold 66
N. Phillips 47
O. Kabak 19
A. Robertson 26
G. Wijnaldum 5
Fabinho 3
J. Milner 7
Mohamed Salah 11
Roberto Firmino 9
S. Mane 10


T. Courtois 1 (GK)
F. Valverde 15
E. Militao 3
Nacho 6
F. Mendy 23
L. Modric 10
Casemiro 14
T. Kroos 8
Asensio 11
K. Benzema 9
Vinicius Junior 20
Gini 20
Gini 20:
We don't want super league, THIS IS LIVERPOOL AND THIS MEANS MORE.