Highlights: Liverpool 0-1 Inter Milan | Reds progress despite defeat at Anfield

Watch key highlights of Liverpool's UEFA Champions League tie with Internazionale, where. Lautaro Martinez goal was the difference on the night.

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Dang Trung
Dang Trung:
Congratulations to Liverpool on winning tickets to the quarter-finals. 1 match, our players finished a bit unlucky. Hope the whole team will play better after this match
Inter is a big team with a great mentality, they deserved their win at Anfield, In the 1st leg they dominated and wasted many occasions and in the 2nd leg they did the opposite being effective in front of the net
Damiano Bartolini
Damiano Bartolini:
From an Inter fan perspective both were great game! Inter created more in the first leg Liverpool a shitload more in the second. We know we had poor chances of going through. But as a team that didn’t got to the round of 16 for 11 years we kept our head up. Liverpool is stronger and their game is just brilliant. The win in Anfield tho’ will give Inter a lot good vibes that missed lately. The referee did a great job too cause Sanchez deserved that red card. Congratulations to Liverpool cause I really think they are one of the 4 team that could win the cup 🖤💙
Afif Nayem
Afif Nayem:
You see that save by Vidal? That's why we watch football, congratulations to Liverpool. Good game. That play in particular was amazing
Lam Cheek
Lam Cheek:
Maybe this loss would serve Liverpool in the rest of their games. They're going to play harder to prevent such result. Wishful thinking - I'm a Liverpool fan.
All that matters is that we get through to the quarters, Inter Milan are a really good side and are the Italian champions, we put it behind us and move onto Brighton this Saturday! 👍🔴👏
Devon Yardi
Devon Yardi:
I love Inter forever......
catur utomo
catur utomo:
I am both Liverpool & Inter fan. I am happy that both have the quality to beat each other.
Congrats Liverpool for the progress
Mainak Das
Mainak Das:
We might have won the match against them but luck didn't favour for us. That goal for Lautaro was brilliant.Still we went into the next round .Yes ,I think ,this lose will make us to play the next upcoming matches . 🙃🙂
Bence Szabó
Bence Szabó:
Brilliant defending from Van Dijk, i think he is the best the game has ever had. Never seen someone standing with the confidence he has. Can he be the best player of all time if he continues like that? He is already the best if you ask me
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
We hit the woodwork thrice(!) and conceded from outside the box. Just wasn't our day. We're through and that's what matters
It was just one of those days where the ball wouldn't go in, every team has them. Thankfully it came for us at a good time and didn't cost us anything, hopefully it's out of our system now and we can refind our goalscoring touch.
Daniel Bhagwandas
Daniel Bhagwandas:
On a different day Liverpool would’ve had 4 , that’s how it is some days all teams go through it , we conceded from a defensive error as well a goal out of no where great goal tho heads up let’s move on
Pape Liverpool
Pape Liverpool:
I think that Liverpool played well but luck was not with us
Dark Thunder
Dark Thunder:
They did really well , unfortunately Matip corner head and Mo 2 goals then diaz just so unfortunate Inter was o k but Liverpool for sure dominated hopefully it's for a better win next time
Erik - Stelar
Erik - Stelar:
Diaz is a phenomenal 👏, never seen such a good player that adapted this fast to a team, he should start over jota for now
Arbër Piro
Arbër Piro:
Forza Inter and good luck Liverpool in the next round ⚫🔵🤝🔴🔴
Ragunathanh Ragunathana
Ragunathanh Ragunathana:
Good performance, but lucky is not our side, thanks for Liverpool players work hard until the end of the game.There is an opportunity for next game, winning is our spirit.
0:39 What a Goal keeping
Nerswmai Daimary
Nerswmai Daimary:
We learn from mistakes. Congratulations to liverpool reaching the quarter finals. YNWA.
Jacopo Pisanty
Jacopo Pisanty:
Si esce a testa alta forza ragazzi⚫️🔵
not too disappointed with this lost, the boys looked sharp just no goal. but that martinez goal is glorious
Abri Sam
Abri Sam:
The game looks very challenging but we miss a chances especially the 3 that hit posts, but at least we won it and just get on with the lost, Inter played well also that night, next stop Brighton!!
Daily Footballz
Daily Footballz:
Even though we lost a bit more work to be done with the finishing , this was a pretty exciting match hope we will not a lose a single game after this YNWA
Luis Miguel Valcarcel
Luis Miguel Valcarcel:
Tremendo equipo Luis Díaz entró muy bien
Wild dude
Wild dude:
This time it's been hard for the reds,Great proof And few luck could cost them dearly!Bonne chance.🙋
ياسين تركي
ياسين تركي:
للأسف الحظ وقف ضدنا كان الفوز حليفنا وبنتيجه عريضه لكن المهم هو التأهل والقادم أفظل أنشاالله
Asghar Ali
Asghar Ali:
I can’t believe that van dijk lost his first home game since he came to liverpool😯😯😯 but he is still the best defender in the world
Sazm G
Sazm G:
There's a good chance Firmino would have passed it to Mane for a goal in that last situation
Robert Sales
Robert Sales:
Yes we lost but we just knocked out the Italian Champions and conceded only 1 goal in 180 mins. Could have been 2-3 goals on another night. Pretty darn good going!
john hawkins hawkins
john hawkins hawkins:
WELL WON, despite not the greatest performance; should be a quarter goal given each time we hit the posts or the crossbar, then in the event of a tie.....!
People complaining about Diaz making a no look shot
All that did was made him shoot even quicker than he would have if he took a moment to look at the goal, and he was facing away from Mané anyways, it was the right decision, Vidal got there quickly and well, so fair enough
Matthew du Sart
Matthew du Sart:
Up the reds ❤️
David Keeling
David Keeling:
Do not agree with D Canon's comments on Thiago. Some of these x players don't want Liverpool to do well and they will try to stop us in every way. Thiago when fit is one of the best midfield players in the world and plays a huge part in this Liverpool team today.
It's a big wake up call! I don't Want to see Liverpool losing at Anfield! Always YWANA
Aslam Khan
Aslam Khan:
0:39 that save was 🙊🙀
P V:
That was really legendary from vidal
Menahem Baraka
Menahem Baraka:
Beautiful Game
karl Erasure
karl Erasure:
Just imagine this was the first leg and we lost at home. Nobody would give the reds a chance. Return leg we win at San Siro 0-2. Then all would say. omg what a team, what a comeback 👍😊
MDR Football HD 2K22
MDR Football HD 2K22:
You will never walk alone 👬
A great Liverpool fan from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
islam pancasila
islam pancasila:
Just unlucky strikes. May God bless Liverpool fc always.♥️🤲
Jimmitry Niquez
Jimmitry Niquez:
Super match. Woaw Trent ❤️
Naruto The Legend
Naruto The Legend:
Wonderful game from curtis
For some time Liverpool hasn't been themselves, otherwise the team they are , they should be thrashing weak opponents with at least 4-0, and strong teams like inter with at least 2-0,
Need to come back to the ground if we want the continue winning
Yeah little sad that Liverpool lost second round but it dont matters! We win overall 2-1 YESSS!
Aldo Gr.
Aldo Gr.:
Lose feels like won... Keep calm and forza Inter... Respect liverpool
Sazm G
Sazm G:
Damn they're really missing firmino rn
Shademan Irvanipour
Shademan Irvanipour:
Well played Liverpool football team
突擊手 我不是外掛【〆Ƀløød】
突擊手 我不是外掛【〆Ƀløød】:
There are lots of chances for Liverpool🥲
Ardianto Palullu'
Ardianto Palullu':
3 time hits 😁. Still A long way to treble
Alex Mascaranhas
Alex Mascaranhas:
hitting the post thrice is just so sad …. but we still make it and that is more than enough
Good job 👏🏽
David Smith
David Smith:
that run by alexander-arnold tho
Ayub Abdi
Ayub Abdi:
I hope the reds will play better in the semis and will hopefully win the champions league
Mas A
Mas A:
Inter Milan fans and other rival fans: If Sanxhez didn't get a red we would have won. LFC fans: If one of our FOUR chances that hit the woodwork went in we have put the game to bed.
Nghĩa Văn
Nghĩa Văn:
Liverpool 🥰
It’s the first time seeing a defeat
Joe Fyodor
Joe Fyodor:
Minamino deserves a better treatment 😢, Klopp's doing him dirty 😥
Could have easily been 4 with a bit of luck there
Lintang Abimanyu
Lintang Abimanyu:
Bravo Liverpool ... agregat Liverpool-Inter Milan : 2-1
Great goal from martinez
Mili & Wili
Mili & Wili:
Salah is one among great player on earth. It's really weird the fans don't want him to stay at this club.
Math Rock Maniac🎶
Math Rock Maniac🎶:
Goal Bars man of the match.
Eric Wang
Eric Wang:
Salah could have easily score 2 goals here but God, those 2 goals just kept hitting on the post
This game could have ended 4-1 for Liverpool,
Liverpool was so unlucky in front of goal. Three shots on the post and one ball cleared in the line.
Rohman Bly
Rohman Bly:
Love Liverpool
Abdullah Saeid
Abdullah Saeid:
Is that salah who missed....?!??
It is sad we lost our win streak
iwan nirawandi
iwan nirawandi:
Liverpool were very unlucky salah hit the Post two times apart from one wonder goal Inter didn't created any great chances
Iner Gigić
Iner Gigić:
Svaka cast momci sjajno ste igrali.Da osvojimo ligu pravaka i da predtignemo mancester city u premijer ligi.Ako moze da me pozdravi Trent Alexsander Arnold
Dadama 7
Dadama 7:
My team liverpool❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Roslan Hassan
Roslan Hassan:
Kesilapan matip membuat inter menjaringkan gol..dalam liga inggeris sedikit kesilapan akan membawa padah..apa pun liverpool memang layak menang sebab liverpool lebih banyak peluang terkena tiang gol ..syabas liverpool 💪💪💪👏👏👏
Cesar Cedillos
Cesar Cedillos:
Salah needs to get his best form back or we won’t win another trophy
Sasidu Divyanja
Sasidu Divyanja:
Forza Inter 🖤💙
Aiman Z
Aiman Z:
And diaz's first liverpool loss as well
aditia prasetiawan
aditia prasetiawan:
Damn sanchez red card...
Юлиян Първанов
Юлиян Първанов:
Not ourself tonight to be honest 😤😡, but in the 1/4 final place is ours! 👊
YNWA reds 🔴
l*Qpr# NOUR
l*Qpr# NOUR:
انا مشجع ليفربول من مصر وحزين جداا علي الخساره من انترميلان😩😩
Candance Trevis
Candance Trevis:
All that matters is that we get through to the quarters, Inter Milan are a really good side and are the Italian champions, we put it behind us and move onto Brighton this Saturday! <== saya setuju :)
Berenice Scerra
Berenice Scerra:
All that matters is that we get through to the quarters, Inter Milan are a really good side and are the Italian champions, we put it behind us and move onto Brighton this Saturday! <== saya setuju :)
Riccardo Fererri
Riccardo Fererri:
golazo Lautaro. Referee mistake on Alexis' fault.
EL-33-19 James Rohit Sundi
EL-33-19 James Rohit Sundi:
Why is Diaz doing no looks in the box?
Team 4 us
Team 4 us:
But still we booked quater final seat😎😎😎
This is what we thought in childhood that if we hit the post barr we will not get goal
mohamad akil
mohamad akil:
Jota performance decline after coming back from injurie
Ishtee Rashid
Ishtee Rashid:
When you realize that goal-post is a better defender than Maguire.
amirullah paweroi
amirullah paweroi:
So unlucky 🤭
Congratulation to next fase in liga champion. I hope liverpool winner champions league
bergstrom oliver
bergstrom oliver:
amir sablot
amir sablot:
evvai forza INTER 🟦⬛🟦⬛
Flame Striker
Flame Striker:
Unlucky today but we take the qf ticket

Lets revenge from Madrid
Faizal Keely Tay
Faizal Keely Tay:
The 96 hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣
Aiman Z
Aiman Z:
This is their first game loss this year...but through the quarter final lesgi
B7G GaMEr:
Respect GG
Matthew Kuttivillayil
Matthew Kuttivillayil:
Liver: better at attacking but unlucky
Inter Milan: decent defending
It's a big wake up call! Always YWANA
Wth was with crossbar ans sidebar today??😂😂