Highlights: Liverpool 3-0 Leicester | Jota & Firmino score for record-breaking Reds

Roberto Firmino and Diogo Jota added to an early own goal to give LFC all three Premier League points as they made it 64 unbeaten games at Anfield, against Leicester City.

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100+ comentarios:

Berita Sepakbola
Berita Sepakbola:
Jota x Firmino x Mane ⚠️ sangar juga
Military Update
Military Update:
Love this team, sorry for coming late all
John Odande
John Odande:
James Milner and Zlatan Ibrahimovic need to be studied. Ageing like fine wine? No. Fine wine is ageing like them!
Yousef Shalaby
Yousef Shalaby:
Roberto Firmino was sooo good today could have scored a Hattrick with a bit more of luck. Bobby is back 😍
Hendi Bird Home
Hendi Bird Home:
Jurgen: *Do you believe me??*

Me: *With every single cell in my body!!*
Angie de Costas
Angie de Costas:
Jota just can't stop scoring. It's like a curse, but a good one.
Muhamad Rizal Salam
Muhamad Rizal Salam:
I literally cried when Bobby scored
Jojo Gayo
Jojo Gayo:
Fans: Jota or Firmino?

Klopp: Yes
William Chong
William Chong:
As chelsea fans, i admit that liverpool so gooddd 🚀🚀🚀
G G:
The moment Bobby finally scored , had the biggest smile on my face! Everyone was outstanding!
JAMAL AIMI Jamaludin
JAMAL AIMI Jamaludin:
Haters: Booby should start use his head instead of his feet.
Bobby: damn, they are absolutely correct.... ;P
Wahyu Nur Setiaji
Wahyu Nur Setiaji:
I feel like James Milner is a machine, he always work really hard when he plays. We really lucky to have him.
Ethan TMAPM:
No Salah, no Van Dijk, no Thiago, no Trent, no Henderson no Gomez no problem 😎
batwing mk26
batwing mk26:
"There something that kop wants you to know . The best in the world his name is bobby firmino . "😃🎉
confused stonks
confused stonks:
Robertson's cross was soooooo satisfying
Tori Zekko
Tori Zekko:
There are 3 ways to defeat liverpool:
3.Klopp’s injured
Ong JunWei
Ong JunWei:
Bobby is back , outstanding performance by him. YNWA
A. HaziqJ.
A. HaziqJ.:
Look at everyone faces after Firmino scored. They seems really happy for him.
Marcus Chia
Marcus Chia:
Whats the point of putting Minamino on ..in the 89th min. This guy needs a more game time.
James Tony
James Tony:
Bobby isn't the key player in Liverpool's attacking he is the system
Maldini 3
Maldini 3:
How this game finished by only 3 goals is beyond me. Should've been 7 or more easily but am happy for the clean sheet and the 3 points.
Ронахи Дневной свет
Ронахи Дневной свет:
The ageless man; James Milner... Despite advancing age, does not compromise on football quality and still improves he form. What a man.
Moses Malusi
Moses Malusi:
Firmino: hey ref is that not a goal?
Ref: no.
Firminho: OK, hold my beer
Dini Indraswari
Dini Indraswari:
James "the fine wine" Milner. 🎉🎉
What a performance by Curtis Jones, really solid on the ball.
A. Bamatraf
A. Bamatraf:
Milner played amazing today !
The Spirit Rider's
The Spirit Rider's:
Milner looking like he can still play for the next 10 years what a player and a true leader had a brilliant game
Hendro Richard Del Piero
Hendro Richard Del Piero:
Firmino can't score with his leg and eyes open. He should try to score no look goal again or stick with header.
-Tina You FatLard-
-Tina You FatLard-:
I feel like Firmino was to confident being a first team player. Bringing in jota has definitely brought the old Firmino back
Jk Okkl
Jk Okkl:
Firmino got His confidence back now
Anupam C
Anupam C:
" The more problem we have, the closer we stick together " - Jurgen Klopp, 2020 💕💕💕
imagine if we still win the league with all the injuries and covid cases and we are high up in the league aswell with no defence we should be able to pull off a massive premier league unexpected win as long as Allison stays healthy
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen:
Bobby really deserved that goal today YNWA ❤
Shaun Levin
Shaun Levin:
Honestly, this game could have been 5 or 6 to 0.
Egyptian King LFC
Egyptian King LFC:
-Milner can play ANY position
-Fab is back 😍
-Keita was fantastic (hope he can stay fit)
-Jota is a star
-Firmino got a well deserved goal
Emil Krogh Kristensen
Emil Krogh Kristensen:
Can u image the smile on my face when bobby scored that header.....up the reds!!!
Dan Onil Galang
Dan Onil Galang:
Leicester: you have no VVD, no Hendo, no Trent, no Gomez, no Thiago, no Salah. You got half of your team worn out by the international break... You will suffer.

Klopp: I got Milner.

Salam Falasteen
Salam Falasteen:
That’s called taking care of business and going home winners! Job well done!✅
Adityia Permana
Adityia Permana:
I love you bobyyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️💯💯🔥🔥
Sam azz
Sam azz:
5 Talking points
It’s always great to be in the top of the premier league table
Oscar Murphy
Oscar Murphy:
Robertson was phenomenal!
Wasim Momin
Wasim Momin:
It's hard to believe Milner was a defender in this game!
Paw Leo
Paw Leo:
Firmino's many 1-2s with the post was hilarious 😂
Depit Gudal Official
Depit Gudal Official:
Bobby smile again🤩,diogal jota is fantastic,on fire🔥🔥🔥
Sky Records
Sky Records:
Mana nih Fans nya Liverpool?
Guud Guy
Guud Guy:
What a performance by firmino and jota. Curtis and milly played really well too.
James Tony
James Tony:
Milner is like wine only gets fine with age
Scottish 123
Scottish 123:
Great TEAM performance, these boys blow me away! Keep it going, make us dream, again. Please
I like how they recorded in 60 fps
Muhammad Syamim
Muhammad Syamim:
I'm soooo excited that bobby scored!! 😭🔥🔥
Kamil Maulana
Kamil Maulana:
If you love all each of Salah Firmino Mane and Jota please like this. We're backing all of them, not comparing one to another.
JK : Every player, important. Thank You.
Free Audio Library — For Content Creators
Free Audio Library — For Content Creators:
You'll Never Walk Alone 💪💪💪
Director Z
Director Z:
What a beautiful game, well done RED! This year still be our year!
Ferdinand 87
Ferdinand 87:
Perfect ❤️
Indian Expert
Indian Expert:
Amazing bobby,he was so diff this game .Ynwa.Loved the goal
M Taufik Qurrahman
M Taufik Qurrahman:
Its on trending in Indonesia 🔥🔥🔥
Hi Dayat
Hi Dayat:
13 On Trending Youtube Indonesia 🔥🔥🔥💪💪
Faux Affliction
Faux Affliction:
seeing bobby scores just makes me so happy for some reason,
also jota is outstanding bruv :o
Milner really shows class is permanent how many young have sold and him still there
I really want to join for a professional football club it will be my dream
Robertson is underrated I’m so happy we have him
Al Barro
Al Barro:
That's funny how Evans barely made a second own goal
Ронахи Дневной свет
Ронахи Дневной свет:
Diogo Jota became the first player in Liverpool's history to score in all of their first 4 matches at anfield road.
Godfrey Karuhanga
Godfrey Karuhanga:
Sometimes all a striker needs is one goal to get his goal scoring feeling back. So happy for firmino. Diogo jota is one gem of a player. Milner had a good game too.
Apurbo Baidya
Apurbo Baidya:
We will retain the title👊
Jamil Uddin
Jamil Uddin:
Jota = serious baller.... first player to score in 4 consecutive games at Anfield...(7 starts 8 goals), YNWA ❤
GHANA Nsemnsem
GHANA Nsemnsem:
0:45 Mane would be pissed if that was done to him
Strictly Luxury
Strictly Luxury:
I consider Jota a diamond for Liverpool, I love him❤️
Adhetia Angga
Adhetia Angga:
Wow, amazing Liverpool 😂
Diogo jota can't stop scoring everyday
elcio mendes
elcio mendes:
Glad to see Firmino scoring again!🇧🇷♥️
This Milner lad looks like he could have a great future
Bobby proving a lot of his doubters wrong with his performance here, hope he keeps it consistent 💪🏼
Okay Jonny Evans was man of the match😂😂🤣
Hot Potato Gaming
Hot Potato Gaming:
Get in bobby i love it when he scores
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Robertson:
James Milner is the most important player for Liverpool. He was brilliant today.
kaung_myat_ zaw
kaung_myat_ zaw:
1:08 fifa 21 in real life 🔥🔥
fadhillah basyar
fadhillah basyar:
Man the brazilian boys are looking so good today, Fab,Ali,Bobby are on fire🔥
When Liverpool missing some of their key players, why they always play like unstoppable force? It's like their habit tho.
Mahad Guray
Mahad Guray:
There is no stopping our legendary team💪❤️
Temidayo Gbayesola
Temidayo Gbayesola:
So glad to see Firmino back in the scoresheet. Jota also has been immersing so far for us.
And Milner doesn't look like he's getting old.

It's like the older the wine, the sweeter it gets.
Dimas Rahadian
Dimas Rahadian:
we want extended highlight
Irammaman5k8901 Ammay
Irammaman5k8901 Ammay:
Brilliant fantastic magnificent performance to win treble this season unbeatable 👍
so happy for Bobby today :) masterclass all round by the boys!
Ali Yasin
Ali Yasin:
Jota's thirst for goals reminds me of Ronaldo, he could be the next Portuguese superstar, I hope he doesn't mess up
Fakhri Jati
Fakhri Jati:
Milner 🔥🔥🔥
Queen wanda
Queen wanda:
What a game, mino ❤
I’m so Glad bobby scored ❤️
Yudi Gunawan
Yudi Gunawan:
Look how technology not always good enough, goal line technology decided no goal when the ball is mostly pass the line...
ĐỨc Lê Hồng
ĐỨc Lê Hồng:
The entire squad celebrates the Firmino goal... we all know how important that goal is to him. Don't criticise him too much - even Ronaldo and Messi have periods of low performance.
solomon ayodele
solomon ayodele:
Suddenly they're impressed with firmino's performance.. He's being putting in a link up shift every game.. That's why he's still in the squad. Goals define games but he is not focused much on that with his style of play. I admit I was very happy when he scored.. The criticism is Overhyped sometimes.
Aldy S
Aldy S:
damn, smeichel playing so well.. would score more than 5 goal, if the keeper is not that guy..
Abdullah Alali
Abdullah Alali:
Despite conceding 3 there goalie looked pretty good
King James
King James:
You all saw that. Do you all need another statement of intent.
You'll get another one when shity visits Anfield.
This is a Klopp Liverpool team. Not a team based on fancy individuals.