HIGHLIGHTS! MAN CITY 3-0 ARSENAL | Sterling, De Bruyne, Foden

Raheem Sterling bagged his first goal of 2020, as City returned to Premier League action with a 3-0 win over Arsenal.

Sterling opened the scoring just before half-time, volleying home another superb Kevin De Bruyne assist, as Pep Guardiola’s men resumed Premier League action after a three-month postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic with a 3-0 triumph over Arsenal. Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden scored the other two goals. David Luiz was sent off for Arsenal.

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100+ comentarios:

Aidan Jane McIntosh
Aidan Jane McIntosh:
Luiz: "Frank, we are old friends, I'd do anything to help you"
Lampard: "Anything?"
Luiz: "Anything"
Lampard: "Go to Arsenal then, destroy them from inside"
Speak the truth
Speak the truth:
Man of the match goes to
David Luiz.....LMFAO
Chelsea fans must be over the moon when they sold David Luiz to Arsenal...
I'm a Chelsea fan too...
Amy Zheng
Amy Zheng:
Even when playing for Arsenal, Luiz never stopped being a Chelsea player 🤣🤣🤣
Mr. Arya Stark
Mr. Arya Stark:
As an Arsenal fan...at least Leno kept it from being 6-0
Nathan Roberts
Nathan Roberts:
A brilliant man-of-the-match performance from Luiz, simply unplayable today...
Faraby Muhammad Zabaril
Faraby Muhammad Zabaril:
Thanks to David Luis
Agent Chelsea 2019
megah azizah
megah azizah:
"David luiz is the best defender i've ever seen" -stevie wonder
Graeme Anderson
Graeme Anderson:
Wishing a speedy recovery for Eric Garica 🙏
Tainá Cácere
Tainá Cácere:
Abdullah Amir
Abdullah Amir:
Lol..welcome back.. Same arsenal Same stories.
Il Trequartista
Il Trequartista:
"david luiz can scored header with his weak foot" - thomas alva edison
ROG Chunli
ROG Chunli:
David Luis’ performance was exceptional
Harold Simarmata
Harold Simarmata:
When luiz and mustafi plays together, watch out, there will be GOALSSS
Cristian Macedo
Cristian Macedo:
Absolutamente nadie
Agüero cuando vea la repetición de su poste: To sho ahí
Guillermo Franco
Guillermo Franco:
Estaría bueno que el kun festejo haciendo el mítico "OJO AL TEJO"
Sunny Martin Official
Sunny Martin Official:
As much as I love this, football without crowd is just not right 😫😫
Justice Ojule
Justice Ojule:
Arsenal really knows how break the heart of their fans is too early for this, congrats to David Luis he is the man of the match.
Yohan Jacob
Yohan Jacob:
Damn the stadium's really louder than ever, impressive.
ABU Swaleh
ABU Swaleh:
If Arsenal defence plays like this throughout the season, then Leno would surely die playing alone in defence
Younes Ten
Younes Ten:
Great match, legendary performance Man City 👍😍 We love Man City from Algeria 💚🇩🇿👍👍
Leoress fox
Leoress fox:
When's the game starting?
I'm goddamn tired of watching City training videos.
ozlem yguler
ozlem yguler:
EVERY LİKE wish good luck for Eric garcia
football meme
football meme:
It was good training can't wait our first game c'mon city 💙
Example For
Example For:
Pecuw pecuw
Has lost
Willy C.
Willy C.:
I really enjoyed the way we played the 2nd half. Brilliant performance for Pep's guys💙💪🏻
Muhammad Barokah
Muhammad Barokah:
David Luiz, always become City’s best friend for a decade
Joshua Mau
Joshua Mau:
Un streamer :0
David Luiz MOTM, what a performance from the lad 👏🏼
Soma Bhowmik
Soma Bhowmik:
KDB was still warming up in Arsenal match🔥🔥
Kevin Pk Limit
Kevin Pk Limit:
Vamos todos los nuevos fans de agüero apoyando a el city y a él siempre 👌⭐
Teddy Ngowa
Teddy Ngowa:
Congratulations,I knew the results before the game started.
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
David Luis or Mustafi or Sokratis? And the awards goes to..
The crowd is so dead 😭😭
Darine lydia
Darine lydia:
who brought back the penalty ?? why don't you show !!!
mak maka
mak maka:
Viva Algérie inch'Allah 😍🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 Mahrez
大曼城万岁! 蓝月亮加油! love MC!
Arham Arisha
Arham Arisha:

Commentator: dEbrOona 0:41😂😂
اسلام حق الدعوية
اسلام حق الدعوية:
*قس إيمانك* :
- *بشعورك حين تأتي للصلاة وتؤديها* ٠
- *وبمشاعرك حين تتصدق من مالك* .

د. محمد الربيعة
Deep hug
Deep hug:
Arsenal really knows how break the heart of their fans is too early for this, congrats to David Luis he is the man of the match.
man city : goalscorer
arsenal : date of the match
Zeke Da king
Zeke Da king:
Arsenal: playing good
David Luiz: I’m bout to end this mans whole career
Zaki Nacer
Zaki Nacer:
Mahrez ❤
Rabie Houdjedje
Rabie Houdjedje:
I could see Mahrez's effort to win the penalty is being *unappreciated!*
Karthi Karthi
Karthi Karthi:
Fantastic performance from Kevin dy bryne😘😘
Mohammed Moh
Mohammed Moh:
Riyad mahrez 🤩
Richard Were
Richard Were:
''Sideshow Luiz'' does it again!!!....XDDD
Mr 5
Mr 5:
Wow! The stadium was packed to the rafters!!
Regular Meme
Regular Meme:
David luiz:

Chelsea Express
Chelsea Express:
David Luiz MOTM, what a performance from the lad 👏🏼
Mikel Angelo
Mikel Angelo:
Жалко Луиза конечно с Арсеналом, но все же победили заслуженно 💙🤘🥇
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi:
I really enjoyed the way we played the 2nd half. Brilliant performance for Pep's guys💙💪🏻
Clash Match COC
Clash Match COC:
great job city

thanks for david luiz 😂
Manudrax YT
Manudrax YT:
what a good attendance
Peter Adi Saputro
Peter Adi Saputro:
City players do a great jobs after competition off for around 3 months
Luiz: 2 assist
Amazing Player😵
Beatiful end with Oasis ❤️
Chelsea Express
Chelsea Express:
Thanks for davis Luis. Agent Chelsea 2019
all the players and coaches who "shake hand" in that way are realize that they are not infected?
It's been a long 3 months ... too long for some players ...
jack wiski
jack wiski:
Drey Kim
Drey Kim:
Amazing performance by Luiz 😂😂😂😂😂
Football playlist
Football playlist:
Hmm me too big ars and what happens to our player
The Man
The Man:

Arsenal fan: Bets against their own team everytime
Jean Ramos
Jean Ramos:
Seems like david luis has been in decline since the 7-1 agaisnt Germany in the WC 14. Maybe trauma😂
هلاله الأهدل
هلاله الأهدل:
In addition, I warn them from the torment of the planetoid of torment that will cause quakes behind the western Atlantic in the United States of America, thus, it will stir up clouds of dust from their land causing the atmosphere to be full of dust, a striking wave will spread widely in the whole world. And you will know that we are truthful by the permission of Allah, Lord of the world. After that, there will come the planet "Saqar" in case the torment planetoid was not enough of a reminder for you, so fear Allah O you of understanding

5 March ,2020
Imam Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni

moses thomas
moses thomas:
David Luis!!, David Luis!! David Luis!! Back from the Covid_19 break.....same story.
This video reminds me of me seeing sane play one match before he leaves the citizens for Bayern Munich
Jeveun Campbell
Jeveun Campbell:
My 2 favorite clubs.. City is ma #1 💯 i love man city
Carlos Codling
Carlos Codling:
Man City is such an amazing team!
Post Malone
Post Malone:
Breaking News-

Man City have awarded David Luiz for a brilliant performance that sealed victory for them.
نسيم سايكو
نسيم سايكو:
love you mahrez 💪❤👍💖
ilhami coco
ilhami coco:
ederson said: "this is my chance"
Riah Hughes
Riah Hughes:
you dont know how long i waited for this !
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss:
Congratulations,I knew the results before the game started.
All goals:
0:53 Raheem Sterling
1:14 De Bruyne (P)
1:23 Phil Foden
Likith Srinivas
Likith Srinivas:
1:24 mustafis signature move
Putra Project
Putra Project:
We love man city :*

You (???)
Kevin Bruyen
Kevin Bruyen:
Glad to see they agn I really miss Manchester city '' '
Miguel Felipe
Miguel Felipe:
Melhor jogador em campo do city:David Luiz
Good game !💙
I wish Eric a quick recovery.🙏
Don Mario
Don Mario:
I wish Epl would introduce artificial crowd noice like la liga. This is just sad
Faithly Faith
Faithly Faith:
Well sponsors can certainly advertise themselves well with that amazing crowd...
beelinemercy beeline
beelinemercy beeline:
Uncle steve play football all time...🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️
aziz el amraoui
aziz el amraoui:
لي شاف او صادف الكمنت بغيت ربي يفرج همه ويبارك في رزقه حط جيم ودخل دعمني فقناتي محتاج ليكم ناس الخير
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله تعالى وبركاته
إخواني العرب أنا غزلان من المغرب حلمي أصل إلى 1K وأريد مساعدتكم يا عرب جزاكم الله خيرا أعرف أن قلوب العرب كبيرة ماشاء الله
أسال الله كل من أسعدني باشتراكه أن يسعده الله ب جنة الفردوس ان شاء الله.

والله ولي التوفيق
numan sabuj
numan sabuj:
Love from Bangladesh 😍😍
Ben Hammond
Ben Hammond:
Yes I'm finally here late
opzz xsin
opzz xsin:
Seems like david luis has been in decline since the 7-1 agaisnt Germany in the WC 14. Maybe trauma😂
Adwait Savargaonkar
Adwait Savargaonkar:
Loved the Zoom crowd on the sides.
Hobby Xperiment
Hobby Xperiment:
David luiz cuma lari2 saja..🤣
Daman K.K
Daman K.K:
We cheer you in our hearts Manchester City!!!
Waiting for the coach to sell you know who
Mohammed Umair Khan
Mohammed Umair Khan:
Gotta say, Arsenal Keeper Played Great :)
justin alika
justin alika:
Fun game I was so glad 😅
Cristóvão Chaves
Cristóvão Chaves:
Guardiola <3
ken kicktal
ken kicktal:
De bruyne, Jesus & Sterling 💙💙🔵💙💙much love from Africa
Jesus Medina
Jesus Medina:
Relator de dls o fts pense estaba jugando eso dos jueguito xd jajajaj