HIGHLIGHTS | Manchester City vs Arsenal (1-0) | Premier League

We sit fifth in the Premier League table after a narrow defeat at Manchester City.

Thomas Partey made a late debut for us following his deadline-day move, but the only goal was scored by Raheem Sterling in the first half.

This was a much closer encounter than recent visits to the Etihad, but we paid for not taking our chances.

We looked untroubled early on, keeping City at arm's length without creating much ourselves. But it was from a period of relative control that we conceded.

Riyad Mahrez had been the main threat for City but it was Sergio Aguero who set this chance up, finding Phil Foden for a shot that Bernd Leno parried.

The loose ball could have gone anywhere but it rolled kindly for Sterling to slot into the net with Hector Bellerin just unable to get back in time.

The goal gave City confidence but, after Leno had denied Mahrez and Foden, we went up a gear.

Bukayo Saka was the catalyst for most of our best moments and he dribbled through to fire in a rising shot that Ederson tipped over.

Saka went even closer after he and Kieran Tierney showed tenacity to win the ball back on the edge of the City box.

Saka found Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the captain slid a return pass into Saka's path and his first-time right-foot shot flicked off Ederson and flew just over the bar.

Ederson saved well from Aubameyang as we kept the pressure on, and we might have had a penalty on the stroke of half-time when Gabriel was impeded by a high boot.

Another chance came and went early in the second half when Pepe flashed a header straight at Ederson from Aubameyang's cross.

The chances dried up for a while but Pepe curled a free-kick wide before we had our first look at Partey - on as a substitute with eight minutes left.

The Ghanaian looked neat and tidy but we couldn’t find a way back into the game.

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100+ comentarios:

0:20 - The best moment for City
Plz don’t complain about partey not starting when he’s only had 1 training session
A kid like saka played better football than his seniors smh 🤦
Afif Izi
Afif Izi:
Not bad guys. We are just unlucky, this is a process. Maybe we got lost tonight but, you can see the prospect of all the players.
Star Lord
Star Lord:
This game actually could've been a win if only Saka, Pepe and Auba were able to finish...But to be fair, Ederson did some great saves...
Gaurav Saikia
Gaurav Saikia:
Lack of creativity in the middle will cost us a lot of points in the future..
De kruz
De kruz:
The boys did well to keep the score at 1-0 but they need to learn to take long range shots and also be ruthless!
And we need CREATIVITY!!!
A I:
I feel like Arteta tried to big brain these big games a bit too much. Willian as a CF when we have an in form Lacazette is weird. Also the subs were way too late to mean anything. Still behind him coyg.
Kajian Sunnah
Kajian Sunnah:
Since ozil not playing, arsenal looked so hard to make a chance and goal.
Saka was on fire with all the chances 💯
Onkar Choudhary
Onkar Choudhary:
Without Ozil - The Creator, this team is nothing
Keep losing
Just Sum Geek
Just Sum Geek:
I remember the days where I'd watch the highlights without knowing the score.

Now, I'm watching Arsenal, knowing they lost, hoping Saka banged that one in.
Play 433, Leno, Maitland-Niles, Luiz, Gabriel, Tierney, Saka, Partey Ceballos auba laca pepe
nevin sunny
nevin sunny:
Bring back ozil pls🙏
Sam Tong
Sam Tong:
I stg every keeper always turns into prime Casillas against us
Bahauddin B. Ahmad
Bahauddin B. Ahmad:
Özil IN please. One last ride before he go. I do really miss watching his creativity and eagle eye passes. Give him classic no10 role behind 2 strikers and infront double pivot like Inter Milan play
Caleb Chung
Caleb Chung:
We didn't play that bad, Ederson was just a beast in goal for City this game. If we keep doing this, we'll surely get top 4. COYG!!!
Shout out to the Golden GOAT Boy: Bukayo!!
si kancil
si kancil:
If arteta can put willian in the starting 11, why not ozil
We need player with passing skill
Jaden Agyare-ntow
Jaden Agyare-ntow:
can we talk about how good leno played today
Willian shouldn’t have started today.
Iyer Iyer
Iyer Iyer:
The thing is they could win without De Bruyne :(
Jonas Baumann
Jonas Baumann:
So that’s the arsenal squad that don’t need Özil ?....
Ahahahhahahahahahah Arteta is a joke 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rowan CFC
Rowan CFC:
Really wanted auba to get his first etihad goal so he can put his signature on the stadium
It's Leno's fault. He can't collect a ball ever! He always punches it and that's what happens
Jesse Opata
Jesse Opata:
we need a proper playmaking midfielder, Ozil is being reserved while being the answer to our prayers.
Sam Maish
Sam Maish:
I will always say this. ....The worst mistake we made was to sell Martinez. He is making Aston Villa fly wth confidence.
Aydon Grey
Aydon Grey:
Everyone is sleeping on how well Leno played since the goal conceded wasn't his fault and it's very hard to parry it elsewhere in that position and to save the rebound.Saka, Gabriel and Tierney were also brilliant today
We had Not a Bad Game. Keep going Arsenal. There is More to come. COYG
if we had giroud in Pepe's positions, those headers would have gone in without a doubt
Hydra Hunter
Hydra Hunter:
Someone needs to take that refs whistle
MuStHu MasS
MuStHu MasS:
Only the legend ozil can make your team strong!!! We need him back in the squad
El unico
El unico:
Two word
"It's a shame"
TDSM 99:
Never play Willian again. Thanks
Ash The one
Ash The one:
Never been this early😂
Christopher Law
Christopher Law:
Played well just couldn't finish the 1 on 1 chances
Benjamin Roelofse
Benjamin Roelofse:
I’m very positive for the rest of the season
Samuel Lee
Samuel Lee:
We got our chance but we didn't take it, on to the next one, I still believe we can still get into Top 4, COYG! 💪
Black Axe
Black Axe:
Arsenal when losing: Hey let's pass around the goalkeeper, maybe we can say score a goal
Anmol Bhatia
Anmol Bhatia:
Auba needs Laca on the pitch to play good. Laca is the reason why Auba plays so well.
Arabian Boy
Arabian Boy:
DIAS he put Aubameyang on his pocket 😂
Glorious Mike
Glorious Mike:
Im a spurs fan but im going to be honest, you have improved since last season. The signings of Partey and Gabriel were good. Good luck for the season 🤝👍
Keith O’Toole
Keith O’Toole:
When City always got on the attack Bellirin would dive in to quick
Lakshay Sharma
Lakshay Sharma:
Ozil was smart work player in the arsenal's hard work squad
Akshat Sharma
Akshat Sharma:
Our record against top 6 away from home is abysmal , we need to improve that if we want to stand a chance winning the prem
Rishabh Malhotra
Rishabh Malhotra:
Arsenal played well. But in this match I felt that problem is in forward. Mid field and defense were good. But this match at Etihad was best if I compare last two matches.
Don Ting
Don Ting:
That was a great performance, Ederson kept them in the game, I’m very happy with the progress I’m seeing since 2 years ago 👌🏽
Stylish Leo
Stylish Leo:
Joao Cancelo is gaining his confidence good sign !!!
good fella
good fella:
I was Arsenal fan in early 2000's. Bergkamp, Henry, Pires!
its okay they tried so hard i know this season we finished in the top5
lucario is the beast
lucario is the beast:
Xhaka was not very nice at all he never manages to push forward in entire time, and so why they always been pushback and kept time defending most of time in first half
Rizal Bakhtiar Hanif
Rizal Bakhtiar Hanif:
The Back is jokes luiz , Miss Ozil Need midfielder creator 😥🔥
Liyan APL
Liyan APL:
Where Ozil.
Best Clips
Best Clips:
Literally to the 1% who's reading this , God bless you , and may your dreams come true , stay safe and have a wonderful day :)
Learn Indonesian With Chandra Sianipar
Learn Indonesian With Chandra Sianipar:
Selamat pagi: Good morning
Bellerin should have done better for that goal,he was slow to react
Kris Tianto
Kris Tianto:
It should be draw😣
Prijo Jo Yesudas
Prijo Jo Yesudas:
Play again with Ozil❤️❤️
Attempts on target, sure afc had the advantage there. Could've actually one if converted the sitters
dagne melkamu
dagne melkamu:
no ozil no creativity
no thomas no partey
Ustenbergs 4 AJ
Ustenbergs 4 AJ:
Need to play how they did in the first half every big game compact but aggressive and attacking
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar
Mr. Rithesh Brahmavar:
Basically MOM goes to Ederson
Tushy Ranx
Tushy Ranx:
It is my hope that the Partey will start in earnest starting from next weekend
S Yue
S Yue:
David Luis almost did it again! 1:53
Oba Razzak
Oba Razzak:
I didn't expect us to win this to be fair, I didn't watch it and when the final result came through on my phone I wasn't disappointed at seeing 1-0. However we were unlucky to not get at least a point, Ederson pulled off some terrific saves.
Partey didn't started from the start so we had no party....
Vincenzo Angelo
Vincenzo Angelo:
City, all my life <3
Hasso Hustler
Hasso Hustler:
How on earth can David Luiz take our freekicks while we have William on the pitch and the game is 1nil against us those are vital moments in the game we got two good freekick in promising positions and decent chances but we never took them Arteta should give William set pieces duty the better the earlier!!!
EAL Teacher Kumar Sharma
EAL Teacher Kumar Sharma:
Meanwhile Torreira had a solid debut at AM , a 7.1 performance. Still wondering why did we loan him out when Party was gonna be bought anyhow. Party, Torreira and Ceballos would be perfect.
2 days ago
2 days ago:
Maybe PARTEY needs time to learn Backpassing football, thats why he didnt start.
Nelson Mburu
Nelson Mburu:
Please give ozil second chance we want him alot this time.
Jade smith
Jade smith:
Simon Williams
Simon Williams:
Ozil would even contribute more than what Willian has been putting in lately. To me he hasn't done anything since that first game against Fulham, but then somehow Arteta gets the idea to play him as central striker when Laca has been performing, its bewildering
Daniel Attuah
Daniel Attuah:
I don't know why arteta had to bring partey and nketia at the eightest minute
H. S
H. S:
Tahir M
Tahir M:
And that gabonese , where are his goals now ?? after signing the contract we haven't seen anything good frm him ..
Lawd. Ruben my god you looked like a statue today MOVE!!! Brilliant Enderson! Keeping 3 goals out.
The PlayerFromSlovakia
The PlayerFromSlovakia:
Im so hurt man, Auba wasn't showing up and we could of won that, we had 3 really big chances. :(
Christopher Law
Christopher Law:
Partey start next match and I'd rather Ozil play false 9 than Willian ANY day of the week
Pes is Awesome
Pes is Awesome:
Ederson u beauty 🔥🔥
Willian should never start. The guy shows no interest, no passion and no aggression. But the whole team looks too soft. No aggression and no anger. I think it was only Thomas who got booked when he came in and wanted to show City players that he was not accepting the way they were moving the ball around. Arteta got completely wrong with his tactic today. Arsenal showed too much respect to a city who had half of their best players injured and not on the pitch. Arsenal should learn from Leeds and Leicester who showed City no respect and played their game. Arsenal is a big club and should show some self respect. They cannot play like small teams against the the ”big six”. It was painful to watch them. That is not the way to reach CL spot. It is too bad.
Saka was the only one making something happen
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus:
One thing I’m happy about is Ederson is only our back up keeper for brazil and he’s pulling off stuff like this 😂😍
Michael Kamau
Michael Kamau:
If we're going to play without creativity we need to be more clinical ...I feel like today we lost a point
Abbaabba Abbaabba
Abbaabba Abbaabba:
Once a teacher always a teacher🔥🔥😂
Sir Truth
Sir Truth:
The tactics were questionable, we move on tho and keep learning.
Nicola Cordioli
Nicola Cordioli:
I'm really astonished by Saka performance. Such a wonderboy in my eyes.
9M Hiro
9M Hiro:
They just lucky, saka and almost score if not hit ederson shoulder
harry jones
harry jones:
How's sterling captain when aguero is on the pitch
cristian durán
cristian durán:
vamos kunsitooooooo uwu
Harkeerat Pruthi
Harkeerat Pruthi:
Partey out in this game was understandable but from now he needs to get his chances to prove himself
Parvez Khan
Parvez Khan:
Overall a statement of a performance, we'll sure do better in the coming games..

But the idea to Auba wide was a huge mistake and deliveries a from Willian were quite disappointing..
Nimrod GD
Nimrod GD:
We played pretty decent though, we could've come away with a draw or even a win, but very unfortunate that we conceded, we played at the same level as much as we could, fair play to the lads.
Kevin UK
Kevin UK:
I don't get why Arteta brought the subs out at such a dieing time, if not we had every reason to win the match.
Eduardo Nashnate
Eduardo Nashnate:
Por fin pudimos ver jugar al Kuncito!
David luiz fiet phill jones in arsenal..
Centerback comedy🥳👏👏👏🤣🤣
Art Art
Art Art:
We have to finish the score more accurately. 😴
Mendrova Andila Joseph
Mendrova Andila Joseph:
Without Ozil Mesut no creativity in attack can be seen from the way of playing looks destroyed
Thank you for this video 🙂