Highlights | Manchester United 1-0 West Bromwich Albion | Premier League

See all the highlights from an action packed game at Old Trafford, as Bruno Fernandes' retaken penalty gave the Reds a vital win over West Bromwich Albion.

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100+ comentarios:

The Batman Channel
The Batman Channel:
Don’t know why i’m watching this again, it was bad enough watching it live😂😂🤦‍♂️
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
*I miss jesse lingard goals ⚽⚽⚽⚽*
Tenzin Kunkhyab
Tenzin Kunkhyab:
I can’t believe I stayed up late to watch this crap. I could’ve watched highlight of a penalty in the morning
Mu keren mantap
Nam Phuong
Nam Phuong:
Keepers against other teams: Avg
Keepers against UTD: I'm spidaman
The referee to the rescue as usual...!!
Mr two penalties got his two penalties again😂😂😂😂
Even on the penalty retake, the keeper was off his line...
Steven Hyde
Steven Hyde:
Johnstone off his line the second time as well, someone tell him the rules
Jimmy Fawwaz
Jimmy Fawwaz:
Our ex-keeper always be outstanding, Sam Johnstone
Stef Lernout
Stef Lernout:
Outstanding game from the Ref, needs to play more so you can win at home...
winning against west brom at home because of two penalty with only one goal, what a joke lads
God D Usopp
God D Usopp:
broh, I hate these performances we keep relaying on Var to win us games
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki:
Give them penalty until they finally score!
Buat Premium
Buat Premium:
Poor Fred, he seems to be playing alone .. His partner doesn't cover him and often causes problems losing the ball
lalhluzuala pachuau
lalhluzuala pachuau:
man utd always save VAR ole out
Jaka Sundana
Jaka Sundana:
We loved how this ManU's referee saved Ole job...
Ronie Iebach
Ronie Iebach:
All Manchester United players every match must play aggressively, high presing, high spirits want to win, sharp and deadly in front of the opponent's goal in order to win the English League this season
Mark JuniorKenya
Mark JuniorKenya:
Tonight cavani must make psg regret why the let him out 😂
Lewis Bulaya
Lewis Bulaya:
i worries me as a a united fan that we need 2 penalties at home to beat west brom
R H:
0:43 defense masterclass
syed rizvi
syed rizvi:
Can't stop laughing how Bruno takes penalty 😂😂😂
al abby
al abby:
Once again, still the penalty. Brunooo penaldes
Reece Goatley
Reece Goatley:
Whoever decided to leave De Gea’s world class save out just before we got the penalty should be sacked...
Benn Emri
Benn Emri:
When mata and bruno play together
It's a sick
Alonso Peña
Alonso Peña:
Ole outttttt
Ridho maulana
Ridho maulana:
Thank you for the Penaltieeessss... very WELL Deserved 😂😂😂
Orator Dathriller
Orator Dathriller:
Well, we need improvement in our team greatly!! Manchester United
kevin millington
kevin millington:
Cowardly tactics playing 2 cdms at home and mata also, and whats Ole on about saying opposition of this quality? What relegation fodder wba😂😂😂? Get him out the job now before the season is fked again
Techminator Eleven
Techminator Eleven:
1 voucher penalty + extra guaranteed penalty
Wisnu Utomo
Wisnu Utomo:
I miss lord ligard goal
Outkast 1337
Outkast 1337:
Fernandes' back further strained from carrying this team
Amestan Sadik
Amestan Sadik:
Thank you mr referee for giving us the win...against West Brom lol.
Vipper Kong
Vipper Kong:
It’s so dumb how your team relys on so many penalties., you also keep on getting lucky but we’ll show you when we face each other 😉
Aarya Shah
Aarya Shah:
It's so funny how Fernandes scores always..... 🐐🐐
Shahidullah Al Kawser
Shahidullah Al Kawser:
I think the keeper was off his line in 2nd penalty too and it would have been retaken again if Bruno had missed
geoffrey botha
geoffrey botha:
If this is not Proof of why Ole must RIP then I don't know what is
Alex telles❤❤❤❤
GG ✨❤️🔥
Fabian Pillay
Fabian Pillay:
Refs always helped them in the pass an now an in the future
John Stevens
John Stevens:
The villa penalty decision was shocking too!
Pavel Pau
Pavel Pau:
Goalkeeper ❤️
Irvan Septian
Irvan Septian:
Son Of Var 🤣
Mgr. Ivo Mac Etchu
Mgr. Ivo Mac Etchu:
Premier League is fixed !!! Seems Man United cannot win a game without having penalties? This has been the case in over 25 games since last year!
Wow😍😍.. Man.u got bouble luckies..in last 2matches...
Gunahlan Subas
Gunahlan Subas:
another classic performance lads! well done keep this up and we might just stay up
Louis Nicholas H
Louis Nicholas H:
Wow. That's totally unfair for West Brom. Can't believe the referee ruled West Brom's penalty out.
That was a penalty though. Did we really spend on refs ? 😂😂
Laxman.M Shettigar
Laxman.M Shettigar:
amazing performance,
instead of dropping points at home as usually united do, they finally won!
Wicaksono Arief
Wicaksono Arief:
selamat siang indonesia glory glory man united bravo OGS semoga bisa juara 🏆🏆
E K:
let Mata take penalties as he never miss like Bruno in tough times
Ben 138
Ben 138:
So every keeper we vs turns into Prime Yashin
Dongho Kim
Dongho Kim:
abdikheir osman
abdikheir osman:
It’s the high time ole drops martial, he’s got enough time.
Nifio Hauzantaqi
Nifio Hauzantaqi:
Always GGMU 💞
Harun Almasi
Harun Almasi:
we played well..we'll do better next time
Mahlon kipruto
Mahlon kipruto:
Ole is the man, Ole all the way, the next Fergie..FFMU
OrcasRule x
OrcasRule x:
We should give credit to westbrom for a spirited display
phatsawee Chamnan
phatsawee Chamnan:
Glory Glory Manchester United The Best Footbal teamof the World from Thailand
*When United can't score from open play*
*VAR* : *Hello there.*
Budi Suhendar
Budi Suhendar:
Man of the match : Sam Jhonstone 💪👍
Can any one tell me how many times Bruno scored from penalty spot since he came to manu ?
Avi Channel
Avi Channel:
We love united we do 👹 UNITED TILL I DIE
Hau Ngo
Hau Ngo:
Ole out
Brian Omundi
Brian Omundi:
Without Bruno United could be in some deep shots. His penalty conversion rate is beginning to be worrisome. Sam Johnstone had a point to prove against United.
Altman Royden
Altman Royden:
Bruno "The Man 1/2 Penalty" Fernandes.
Scots Grey
Scots Grey:
this team cant do anything without penalties lol
Bony Akal
Bony Akal:
What exactly going on with martial he makes me miss lukaku
Guerrilla Games
Guerrilla Games:
We look clueless and a mess on the pitch. Glad of the 3 points though.
Joi Pol
Joi Pol:
Even bruno didnt look happy with that. Next match for sure MU forward will aim enemy hand instead score a goal in the box.
wayne cockerham
wayne cockerham:
Wait so he did the same thing on the second penalty that he did on the first ...but the second counts ?
جلوري مان يوناتد ❤❤❤
I’m glad I didn’t watch this game....this look brutal
B U F F:
some players still need to work on their finishing...
What a shame, Manchester United
Fred is so underrated.
Aviral Singh
Aviral Singh:
why every keeper becomes like buffon against utd😂😂
Sandi G. Kusika
Sandi G. Kusika:
No penalty no party, that MU way right now.
Pranjal Prakhar
Pranjal Prakhar:
Bruno created nearly 3 goals. 1 wasted by Martial, 1 by Rashford and another one is not shown in this highlights video.
Ade Lutfi
Ade Lutfi:
Voucher penalties again 😂😂
Louis Baltimore
Louis Baltimore:
Johnstone On Fire mdrr. 👌🏾🔥
Mohamed Adel
Mohamed Adel:
what a performance by johnstone
Fo of
Fo of:
Former red devil John played very well. Feel proud😁
Hanzo Hasashi
Hanzo Hasashi:
Haha what a disgrace. Only we couldn’t breakthrough WBA, needing two penalties.
Zhafi Lesmana
Zhafi Lesmana:
Hahaha gossookk terussss... 😂
Aridan Stripes'92
Aridan Stripes'92:
4everMU... Congrats!!!
nischal dahal
nischal dahal:
Home win can make united fan cry now😭😭
Berto de los santos
Berto de los santos:
pemancing abal-abal
pemancing abal-abal:
😂 VAR united
alif midi
alif midi:
Thanks Bruno, next Captain
Adam Kusumah
Adam Kusumah:
Sangat kontroversial wkwk
Supermendol rs
Supermendol rs:
tom lakes
tom lakes:
Gk was off his line again for the goal. whats with this double standard in football now
Bonny Musaka
Bonny Musaka:
Happy for the win because I am a Manchester United fan bt was not really convincing
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard:
What a shockingly boring game. Where’s the passion, the creativity, the consistency and the goals? Absolutely disgraceful.
Canady Canady
Canady Canady:
Ref saved us
What a save by de gea🔥
lo del
lo del:
All premier league refs support manU, fact.
I bet they give all the MU players BJs after the match as a bonus along with the penalties.
Abraham Mangesho
Abraham Mangesho:
MOTM Sam Johnstone
vacha arafath
vacha arafath:
Man Utd always playing 11players +VAR 🤩
Vigan Fajar
Vigan Fajar: