HIGHLIGHTS | Portugal 2-1 Ireland - 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifier

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It was heartbreak for Ireland as two late Ronaldo goals sealed a comeback win for the hosts against an Ireland side who gave their all.

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Saumitra Roy
Saumitra Roy:
This man was born to play football.Incredible passion for the game and for his country.
The dedication is just unmatched. He’s like a kid just starting out for a big team every single time he steps on the football pitch.
Iroh Ehm
Iroh Ehm:
Feels bad for Ireland

That ending was like a FIFA match

Ronaldo is built different

Two great headers from Ronaldo
He is worth be depend on whenever you need a comeback. His mentality bring spirit for the team when they need it the most. 🔥
GM Teuton
GM Teuton:
"In the final minutes of the game against Ireland, Cristiano Ronaldo drinking a glass of water on the edge of the pitch told me 'Don't worry, we'll win' I looked at the stadium screen it was 88 minutes. I thought 'What?' Didn't say anything but in the end we won 2-1 He scored both goals, one at the 89th minute and the other at 90+6."

-Danilo Pereira 🇵🇹👏🔥

GOAT on his words
what I admire about Ronaldo when it comes about playing for his national team, he never backs up and never rejects to play for his team, no matter if it's just an exhibition match or qualifying stage and etc. he probably missed just a few games over the course of last 17-18 years.
you will tell me that scoring 110+ goals for national team is an amazing achievement
I'll tell you playing over 180 games for national team is just as spectacular achievement
Ronaldo’s suspension is out of this world. He does this all the time when it’s needed the most. Hala Madrid. It’s so great to see two Madrid legends Pepe and Ronaldo play together against. The love is genuine.. Hala Madrid
ابو شيخ الغرباء - PS
ابو شيخ الغرباء - PS:
11:00 - notice PEPE’s attitude, how great his friendship is with CR7. He was willing to go pick up the CR7 jersey...and best of all, he flipped the jersey, sheathed the tire armbands to CR7. What e real brotherhood!. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Scores in 95th minute, absolute gem of a player he is the best
Sean Meng
Sean Meng:
Incredible Ronaldo! Man United would be very delighted to have him back!
Charlie Liang
Charlie Liang:
CR7's movement for the second goal is amazing. He is behind the man but reads what's coming and steps in front at just the last minute to steal the ball away, leaving the defense clueless what just happened. The anticipation, timing and the movement. His football intelligence is of another level when compared to a normal international. It's the difference between good and great.
Ylda Edita Ramos Soto
Ylda Edita Ramos Soto:
Eres el mejor CR7, nunca te das por vencido hasta el último segundo, un líder inigualable, el MEJOR.
he is 36.. and still perfect condition and perfect skill... he is hero in his country....
lawrence khumo
lawrence khumo:
This man is unstoppable,keeps doing it again and again and again
Username 384
Username 384:
Regardless of where you sit on the “Ronaldo/Messi debate...we are extremely blessed to have two of the greatest footballers playing at the same time on our generation
Abi singh parmar
Abi singh parmar:
Cristiano is always there when his team needs him the most, it's not about just scoring goals it's more about scoring the most important ones that's why he's the GOAT 🐐
The Spark
The Spark:
As a Portuguese I will admit to a lucky call, in my opinion that was a clear penalty by Palhinha, he shoved the Irish forward with his body quite clearly. As for Ronaldo, he never ceases, he will still be banging them in when he is 45 :-D.
Zodinsanga Eric
Zodinsanga Eric:
Love U Ronaldo My Idol, History Maker and History Braker Living Legend ☺
I literally cannot stop myself from replaying the second goal over and over again!!! Viva El Ronaldooooo!
Liam Holton
Liam Holton:
Big props to Gavin Bazunu, 19 years old up in front of one of the world's greatest players. And he saved Ronaldo's penalty! Big achievement for a young man!
Nassah Rakim
Nassah Rakim:
This match just made me respect Ronaldo much more. Never gives up always finds a way to score. Broke the international goalscoring record. He may not be the player he once was but he's still one of the greatest for sure. This is coming from a Messi fan, the Ronaldo we are seeing rn proves he still has that goalscoring ability he once had in his prime which is unreal
CteFox Zeus
CteFox Zeus:
Cr7 is just unstoppable. There is no limit to this guy's talent.
Julpikor Julpikor
Julpikor Julpikor:
What he did was particularly remarkable. He knew how to position himself to exact spot and strike. No wonder he becomes the real GOAT compare to... yeah you know....
Lahai M Koroma
Lahai M Koroma:
This guy is super awesome always he's really a mentor to so many football players
True Human
True Human:
True and world class players show theirselves in tough time CR love you man. Keep it up.
Rabishankar Pal
Rabishankar Pal:
Well played Ireland. With love from India. 🇮🇳
Truth Lovers ko Salaam
Truth Lovers ko Salaam:
Wow 😳. That performance is just amazing 🔥🔥🔥
Sudarshan Gurung108
Sudarshan Gurung108:
No luck. It's pure passion and dedication. CR7 is without a doubt GOAT.
jj jey
jj jey:
Respect to Pepe! What a friend he is!
Ireland had an amazing match, they gave 100% of their ability, unfortunately faced a Ronaldo who usually transitions into a mindset of coming back from a defeat no matter what. So many matches where he has done this, most memorable against Sweden a few years back, Spain in the World Cup, Netherlands in the EUROs and so on...
Parmendra Shaktawat
Parmendra Shaktawat:
Ronaldo is a beast in the air and probably the greatest headed goal scorer. Two Incredible headers under 10 minutes !!
Simon Migosi Mongare
Simon Migosi Mongare:
Never give up.."CR7"..three words unstoppable
# Cam_Critic
# Cam_Critic:
You know he is the goat when you realize that he did not celebrate on the first goal which broke the international record, but his aim was to win the match🙌🙌
Thats the dedication which he delivers to each game and thats why he is the best❤️
Julio Ebert
Julio Ebert:
Ronaldo merece ganhar uma copa do mundo, por tudo que ja fez pelo time nacional ele merece esse título muito mais do que Messi.
Waqar Hassan
Waqar Hassan:
No one has a "never give up attitude" better than Ronaldo 🇵🇹
oladele mike
oladele mike:
Ronaldo is likely to play till 40's.He still possesses the agility at the top level.
CR7 keeps rescuing his nation in the most difficult times 😎
Armando Gomes
Armando Gomes:
quando o arbitro mostra o cartao amarelo a Ronaldo, parece lhe pedir desculpa !!porque esta a viver um momento istorico...parabens cristiano..pelo record .!💪💪🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
He's love he's a class he's everything 🙌🇵🇰
That was an amazing penalty save! With the given context its even better!
lucky kaira
lucky kaira:
What a blessing being in this generation ,watching this legend on the pitch.if u don't like this lad ,u know nothing about soccer
Palestinian Win
Palestinian Win:
When you score too many Goal in your life..........you always know what time it is...
Anthony Martinez
Anthony Martinez:
What a player he is 👏
Noman Johan
Noman Johan:
What a player. Hope he will not retire for another 5 years, he is only getting better with age. He scored his last 50 International goals in less than 50 matches. That's 1+ goal ratio. Incredible!
Les Gilligan
Les Gilligan:
Great game, Best Irish performance I've seen in a long time, Bazunu was the stand out for me, some Great saves
Vadim Plotkin
Vadim Plotkin:
Incredible play of Ronaldo! Unfortunately, he will miss the next game due to the yellow card he got after scoring the second goal.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb:
header of the game was emphatic display by both Joao M. & Ronaldo! And honorable mention to Guedes for the ball control display and pinpoint pass that Ronaldo smashed
Ervan Antariksa
Ervan Antariksa:
The man, the myth, the legend...cr7
Respect for Pepe, because his take the shirt of Ronaldo when Ronaldo do celebration...

Ismail Ali
Ismail Ali:
Ronaldo never disappoints but my eyes were on Jota 👀 what a player definitely underrated!
moe africa
moe africa:
Breaking records , Taking names , best in the world WELCOME HOME CR7 😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
The greatest football player ever end of discussion..
jesus alejandro navarro acosta
jesus alejandro navarro acosta:
Asi de simple, el jugador mas completo pero sobre todo mas determinante de la historia
Night Stalker
Night Stalker:
"In the final minutes of the game against Ireland, Cristiano Ronaldo drinking a glass of water on the edge of the pitch told me 'Don't worry, we'll win' I looked at the stadium screen it was 88 minutes. I thought 'What?' Didn't say anything but in the end we won 2-1 He scored both goals, one at the 89th minute and the other at 90+6."

-Danilo Pereira 🇵🇹👏🔥
Mr. Shann
Mr. Shann:
Feel for Ireland!!
Calvin Barney
Calvin Barney:
Ireland was playing good, but cr7 what a way to secure the lead
Amazing game by both teams.
Olie Zuka
Olie Zuka:
The thing that moves me about this man yes he is talented, it's his HIS HUNGER AND DRIVE.
It's a privilege to see Cristiano and Messi in this era, after they both retire, it's so hard for anybody to fill in their shoes.
elvis daod
elvis daod:
Breaking word record at age 36 . Shredded to the bone 🙌🏻
alex kashia
alex kashia:
Que profesional !!!👏👏👏
jimmy james
jimmy james:
The greatest Header of the Football History, CR7
Danny L Maesela
Danny L Maesela:
am I the only one who watched this highlights more than once, CR7 is a goat and not forgetting Ireland's marvelous shoot stoppers ... great Goalkeeper
Vic Sanchez
Vic Sanchez:
a true fighter this man does everything to achieve immortality Ronaldo will be the name to remember.
alida flus
alida flus:
Ronaldo is likely to play till 40's.He still possesses the agility at the top level.
ashish boora
ashish boora:
The clutchiest of clutch player I've ever seen. Man is on same table with Jordan. 🐐🐐
Mohd Syahir
Mohd Syahir:
Ronaldo....just pure greatness in football
Hanur raasyid
Hanur raasyid:
Epic Comeback From CR7🔥
Nice editing 👌
Much better than other channel's highlight videos.
Shaku MH
Shaku MH:
He still has same power and skill even he is too old.great job.❤️💝
Aren’t head goals look more elegant than foot goals ? That’s why CR7 is far more elegant than any other player , the only player giving me shivers when he scores ! 😍
Moses Obasola
Moses Obasola:
100% motivation. Every successful team needs a CR7.
Lemar Qasemi
Lemar Qasemi:
Absolutly GOAT CR7 36yo and still phenomenal
For anyone to say it was missed on purpose you are dreaming, keeper did a good job in saving it
Rohit Laha
Rohit Laha:
Us: Wow, Ronaldo scored two amazing goals! What a player!
Ronaldo: Fuck! I missed a hattrick! Gotta train more!
Maan King
Maan King:
This was start of his one of the most if not the most clutch season ever!

Almost every goal he scored this season was either last minute goal or winner or equaliser
i'm  GiRi....
i'm GiRi....:
Never judge him before the end of the final visil....
Jerrycan _hoop
Jerrycan _hoop:
Cannot stop laughing at the last goal. He loves that stadium. I mean the defender who gives the ball back to the same attacker
for a second chance at a cross … long after added time has passed. Amazing. Amazing.
Zoro Grg
Zoro Grg:
Ronaldo heads the ball with more power then me with my foot. Legendary CR7🐐
The Greatest Ever in History 🇵🇹👑
The Maharani's Closet (PTY) Ltd
The Maharani's Closet (PTY) Ltd:
This guys a beast. He will be playing at the highest level into his 40's.
Mr Syahx
Mr Syahx:
What a comeback...c.ronaldo is legend...no doubt...he is really legend...salute!!
Ibrahim Borgou
Ibrahim Borgou:
Thlera Changsan
Thlera Changsan:
He deserve the GOAT title bcoz of all the thing he does in his career...how many time..and now his saving Ole job again and again
Alexis Colin
Alexis Colin:
El mejor de los tiempos 👍🤷
Spider Man
Spider Man:
The game is never over when Cr7 is in the team. Just imagine this thought scaring the shit out of the leading opposition in the final minutes of the match.
Aziz Aveiro Rambe
Aziz Aveiro Rambe:
My idol CR7 💪⚽⚽ gol 🔥 SIUUUU...
I'm Madridista
Joko JMC
Joko JMC:
9:21 classic ronaldo, he pushed def and then backtracked, because he knew his header was really strong
Kadir Suyabatmaz
Kadir Suyabatmaz:
Legendary performance from both Portugal and Referee...
Força Portugal
Bhayu Yudhi
Bhayu Yudhi:
9:20 the off ball movement 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
donkeye kyo
donkeye kyo:
legendary football player of all time,,, ronaldo
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio:
Even ireland keeper conceed 2 goals at last. He should be proud of himself coz he stopped Ronaldo good freekick and penalty in 1 match at the age of 19😍😍
Bisola Yoyo
Bisola Yoyo:
Ronaldo makes me feel happy always Ronaldo you are my happiness in football I also welcome you back to Manchester United I wish you all the best 🥰🥰🥰
Jason Lee
Jason Lee:
I don't care how old he is, he is amazing! Also, O'Shea deserved the slap. The Irish goal keeper is excellent. Viva Ronaldo!
Ireland well played.... 💥🔥
I was crying like a kid for Ronaldo . Just him , know what he fell
IG: necipnatsuki
IG: necipnatsuki:
“Two minutes from the end, he came for a drink by the bench and said to us: “Don’t worry. We will win.” I heard what he said and looked at the stadium screen, it was the 88th minute. I thought: ‘What?’ Well, I didn’t say anything, but… in the end, we won 2-1. He scored two goals, in the 89th and 96th minutes…” - Danilo Pereira
Purushottam Ghimire
Purushottam Ghimire:
Both excellent goals by Ronaldo though Ireland goalkeeper saved three times.
shisir thapa
shisir thapa:
Even ireland keeper conceed 2 goals at last. He should be proud of himself coz he stopped Ronaldo good freekick and penalty in 1 match at the age of 19😍😍