Highlights | Rashford & Martial strike as Reds draw | Manchester United 2-2 Southampton

Watch the best of the action from Old Trafford as United draw 2-2 with Southampton in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Who else feels like this was a loss?
MJenius MJ
MJenius MJ:
When we're unbeaten in 17,this really felt like a last minute loss
Maguire marking Wan Bissaka on a corner just sums up the last 7 years for us.
Khalid Mustafa
Khalid Mustafa:
Whenever United gets a chance to get in top 4:
United- "We don't do that here"
Khalidul Haq
Khalidul Haq:
As soon as you sub Pogba and Bruno, we started playing bad. I think either 1 should be present for the entire match.
Jevonie #1
Jevonie #1:
is it just me or is lindelof play better than Maguire🤔
morning star
morning star:
The game changed when pogba, bruno and Shaw came out
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams:
This hit me hard than a breakup😭💔 I was feeling myself i was so sad but it's about the hopes and the dreams .
Andreas Albert
Andreas Albert:
What a performance by Anthony Martial!!!
2:10 Toby maguire marking wan bissaka
The King's Kid
The King's Kid:
My heart sank after watching this match.
We're the kindest team ever. Whenever we get the chance to get top 4, we always give it back :)
R4ZI _
R4ZI _:
Don’t worry Man U fans,
Chelsea can drop points at anfield against Liverpool
And u have a chance to defeat Leicester city
Don’t give up hope ✊🔴🔴GGMU
(not a Man U fan)
जेनिस शाक्य
जेनिस शाक्य:
love to see martial having the attitude of a real no.9 he's getting maturr
pardon kasule
pardon kasule:
Martial was brilliant yesterday even though we drawed🙏🙏🙏🙏
Last three games for Man Utd, Chelsea and Leicester:

Crystal Palace vs Man Utd
Man Utd vs West ham
Leicester vs Man Utd

Chelsea vs Norwich
Liverpool vs Chelsea
Chelsea vs Wolves

Leicester vs Sheffield Utd
Spurs vs Leicester
Leicester vs Man Utd

Utd have arguably the easiest run in on paper despite two away games and Leicester the hardest, but it's probably all going to come down to that final game against Leicester now that Man City have been re-instated back into the CL.
Every single time we have a solid looking chance to close the gap.
Cali Raze
Cali Raze:
Anyone gonna talk about how maguire was covering our man on that last play...........
maddy love
maddy love:
We have to win every single match from this moment onwards, and hope the above teams results goes in our favour.
I’ve never felt so much rage after that goal not even due to the fault of anyone I was just genuinely fuming
vT XaN
vT XaN:
this feels like a loss not a draw
Pratyush dtewari
Pratyush dtewari:
I felt Dan james could have started . All that pressing from southampton was ideal for Dan James . that being said we could have still won without him had maguire realised Bissaka was a united player
arick s
arick s:
draw when we need to win. united typical
albert prawira
albert prawira:
that martial solo run reminds me of Giggs.

but yeah, the last goal should have been avoided if only lindelof can defend better.
Mits유 Faiq
Mits유 Faiq:
01:37 i think Martial little bit greedy. If he pass to Greenwood, maybe it makes 3 - 1
This feels like a win.
-Chelsea fan
Anmol Khanna
Anmol Khanna:
Ah it breaks my heart 💔.
1:37 greenwood waitin.
Aburizal Adams
Aburizal Adams:
The late goal is hurt so bad 😣

The 3rd position is ours when we win 😢
I know this is a really unmotivatig result, but come on guys, we still on the run for UCL. This team has given us the hope we've lost for long 7 years, and they wi'll succed as long as we keep trusting them. GGMU
Ebuka Anafulu
Ebuka Anafulu:
Disappointing as the result may be, can we take a moment to acknowledge Martial's brilliance....🔥🔥
Aliya Mohamed
Aliya Mohamed:
The overwhelming feeling thou😐 either way win,draw or lose man u be the league🔥And ofcourse top 3 is a must 💪
3K subscribers with 0 videos challenge
3K subscribers with 0 videos challenge:
I love Manchester United still❤️
Dumb hound
Dumb hound:
The first goal was such a giveaway
muslim preuneur
muslim preuneur:
Maguire: marking awb
Egbert Crafton
Egbert Crafton:
Pogba was sleeping during that match when he played in United's half
Hasan Noz
Hasan Noz:
The nerves came when I realised man city were still in UCL
Héctor A. Moreno
Héctor A. Moreno:
One of this 755 likes is from the official Chelsea YouTube account.
Arief Juga
Arief Juga:
Somewhere in my heart I know things like this would come. Hope now this team more mature than last year, so a glitch like this not make them lost focus. We must get back to champions league.
Lil B Kay
Lil B Kay:
The result feels unreal to concede so late on during the match broke my heart we needed this
Manager should stop the players from giving interviews. Let them focus on the remaining games.
Nazril Ilham
Nazril Ilham:
Bad day for Manchester United, but keep your spirits up:)
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía
Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía:
Classic Ole in the final minutes
Reward: Concede in injury time
Kirumira Oscar
Kirumira Oscar:
It hurt me so bad that I forgot to text my girl goodnight
f society
f society:
Man utd never failed to disappointed us when we got to chance for top4
Really love how Martial got to find his fire again!!!!
Ryan Naidoo
Ryan Naidoo:
It feels like a loss because we had our destiny in our own hand's but I'm glad we didn't lose our unbeaten record but we still positive and support the boys, GGMU 😎🤟😈
Nathanael Seife
Nathanael Seife:
use this as your "hopefully leceister and chelsea screw up again" button
youssef nayel
youssef nayel:
That draw came at a really decisive moment for us.
It felt like we lost, that is stupid
Shubham Chouhan
Shubham Chouhan:
We didn't win but Martial was still great ❤️
Jonathan Ngulube
Jonathan Ngulube:
This draw felt like a loss🤒
gamer 2020
gamer 2020:
1:58 YEAH!
JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON
JON 'el picocuy' FERGUSON:
This wasn't a draw
This was a loss
zitro the simp
zitro the simp:
this team playing its best sinse fergie come on you reds !!
Emmanuel Chukwuemeka
Emmanuel Chukwuemeka:
Am still not comfortable at working place...feel like someone breaks my heart ❤️.
We folded.😭
Goutham Saravanan
Goutham Saravanan:
Didnt watch the match But
Had a look at final score....
Went to sleep....
Couldnt sleep.....
Physically hurts....
But ya... Great plays again and... Trust the team 💯😘
magic hazey
magic hazey:
Never give up, come on united ✌🔥👏
kukuh tri99
kukuh tri99:
Awkwkww i was wondering how the fans was feel very grateful to Bournemouth yesterday like mu will win this match and take the 3rd place :v
Vireakyuth Oeurn
Vireakyuth Oeurn:
I want to see Bailly and Lindelof in the next game put maguire on the bench
Victor Eulogy
Victor Eulogy:
I had a feeling this was gonna happen! They played well but once again, lacked that CHAMPIONS mentality that grinds out wins when needed the most.
「λlik」 jr.
「λlik」 jr.:
I feel my heart **crack**
Ellywillis Gotora
Ellywillis Gotora:
Molamin Kinteh
Molamin Kinteh:
〽️artial 9 on Fire 💯🤩
Paul Guthrie
Paul Guthrie:
They bottled it😭
Sifiso Mpila
Sifiso Mpila:
The real test is how we come back from this.
0:10 Ole explaining to Andreas why he will never be first team player at united 🤣
Kresna Wijaya
Kresna Wijaya:
Harry maguire out!
Posty World
Posty World:
Thanks man u (chelsea fan)
Lennox Ma
Lennox Ma:
Why dint Bruno make a run when martial was going one on one
Time for reshuffle nd rest some playerd
Malayan United
Malayan United:
I watch this match this morning like it was a champions league final! Very intense though 😅 so disappointed to give away the last goal. Like always poor defending by victor. And Martial should pass to Greenwood instead go for himself after his solo run. 😔 he should think for the team result not individual. 😔
wannaki rymbai
wannaki rymbai:
Martial should have passed it to Greenwood SMH 🤷🤦
Jerry 646
Jerry 646:
As a Liverpool fan, I feel so happy to see man utd lost even the match have nothing to do with us. Oh but wait..Our Liverpool B team(Southampton) just stunt Man Utd to get to the top 4🥳😢
our songs
our songs:
Just when pogba said in an interview that his team mates makes him improve😡. We didnt kill the games with the opportunities we had.😡
F E:
So close, and yet again we couldn’t close the game out.
Still feeling sad
deno Njoka
deno Njoka:
I Say Bravoooo Great! Great Manchester United On How Yu Came Down From 1-0 Down 2 Southampton at Old Trafford 2 Lead 2-1 In Which It Ended 2-2 Draw With Southampton *While I Please Ask Why Did The Match End at 98 Minutes & Not @ 92 or 93 Minutes While I Say That Manchester United Needs One Extra Midfielder and One Centre Back Like Koubailly, Jandon Sancho & Alex Sancho While I Say That I Support Great! Great Manchester United Manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer One 💯% That The Way He Has Led Great! Great Manchester United This Season of 2019/2020 EPL Season Has Been Great 4 Manchester United Manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer Needs Manchester United Fans Support & Not Attacks* & I Urge Great! Great Manchester United 2 Focus on The Next Three Games Against Crystal Palace, West Ham United & Leicester City Where They Don't Underestimate Those Teams 4 We Can Beat Them Together With Chelsea at Wembley In The FA Cup Semi Final 4 I Say Great! Great Manchester United.
Derrick Mwai
Derrick Mwai:
This team is starting to be a disappointment I will rather watch a career mode on FIFA 20 for Manchester United
Achmad Faristyawan
Achmad Faristyawan:
I just not understand why Ole didnt make a 5th subs when Brandon injury
All One
All One:
Come on united! Let's be consistent for our goals till the rest of the season!!!
junior luphahla
junior luphahla:
Mini Gun Mason
Mini Gun Mason:
How many times is Maguire going to cost us a goal
Hariz Aizat
Hariz Aizat:
You guys had the chance and you blew it🤦🏻‍♂️
Aryaman Bhattarai
Aryaman Bhattarai:
There's always a hope that never fades away. Just one bad game. GGMU🔴.
Alberto Silva 7
Alberto Silva 7:
I could only win, I just wanted to play! took 1, made 2 and then slowed down, I had to keep going until the 3rd or 4th we were playing at home!
My heart was beating the fastest it ever has watching this rubbish match please make top 4!
Raja Madhav
Raja Madhav:
I can't get over my frustration and sadness...we were so close!
Very disappointed results that lost 2 points..still we have game keep on faith sure make it into win against remaining fixtures 👍
J lingz
J lingz:
On the positives martial was lit and rashford looked improved too next game we must smash palace
Aymen Kb
Aymen Kb:
Let's go man united we never give up all support from algeria🔥💪
Cyrus Virus
Cyrus Virus:
You blew it when you got the chance! So sad... Seems like match fixing...
feels like a loss but we move
Dona _
Dona _:
Hello from an Inter fan! See you in EUL, Martial everyday grow up!
Anaknya Traders
Anaknya Traders:
Diego Nonogawa Zimic
Diego Nonogawa Zimic:
This was our oportunity to reach that 3rd place 😭
Lol, after you see the defenders' hilarious performance, do you all still blame De Gea?
Danz Cineview
Danz Cineview:
😭 feel lose
Georges Rojas
Georges Rojas:
1:52 pfff what a save
@2:10 why is harry tackling AWB????🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️