Highlights | Reds held at St Mary's | Southampton 1-1 Manchester United | Premier League

See all the highlights from St Mary's as United are held by Southampton despite Mason Greenwood's second half strike.

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100+ comentarios:

When Pogba + Fernandes combine it’s glorious football.

Greenwood does what he does.
Yahya Oa
Yahya Oa:
Pogba is looking monstrous as he enters his prime!
Google d2
Google d2:
Men imagine scoring a goal 10 min into your debut and having to watch Fred and Matic take your place for the rest of your career.
I just saw from a post on Instagram saying that Donny's first career goal was against Molde which OGS coached.😅
Augustine Liyanda
Augustine Liyanda:
Ole is like a child that cries for new toys and when you buy him new ones, he stops crying and goes back to playing with his old toys..
Pranjal Prakhar
Pranjal Prakhar:
Whenever Matic and Fred start, our build up really struggles. Ole should've started Fred+McTomminay or Matic+Donny. I don't understand what's wrong with Ole. He just needs to sell Matic or just sell Fred
Laishram Kendrajit Singh
Laishram Kendrajit Singh:
Above all CDM crisis ,one thing I would like to say that our DAVID has back in his goalkeeping vibes🔥👌
And this is why we need a CDM. As long as its Fred or Mctominay, we will be losing points. And why did Ole not start Varane and Sancho? Clearly they deserve to start, and also why doesn't he give VDB a chance? At this rate VDB will likely put in a transfer request if he can't even play against Southampton.
Play Varane and sancho today was a prime example why we need to play them
Satya Agni
Satya Agni:
At this point we really need a quality DM to be signed this summer. We cant rely on fred if we wants to win the league
David Ogundipe
David Ogundipe:
Today's draw is on Ole, I mean we can have world class players in every position and Ole will still play favorites.
From Carrick and Scholes to Fred and Matic 😭😭😭
Football Utd
Football Utd:
These Fred and Martial will cost us at least 10-12 points. Mark my words
GB 192
GB 192:
De Gea saved us. Without that save we would have lost the game.
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
It happens every week but i still can't believe Fred starts for Manchester United.
MAP Square
MAP Square:
tbh pogba has been brilliant
Odinakachi Odynaks
Odinakachi Odynaks:
Martial, Matic, and possibly Fred... These guys doesn't deserve the starting XI cos they've in many occasions cost us points 😭
Ole needs to get his belt tighter
Vedant Pagare
Vedant Pagare:
Thanks David for giving us atleast a single point. All such draws need to stop, if we drew against top teams like City or Chelsea it's ohk. But drawing against teams who won't finish even in top half of season is terrible. If we want to be serious Title contenders, then we need to find consistency in winning.
Canady Canady
Canady Canady:
David saved us again
Dave saves 🔥❤️
Yaw Osei Tutu
Yaw Osei Tutu:
I've kept mute on Fred all these years and today I can boldly say though he ain't that bad but he's just not the midfielder to take us forward if we're to win a major silverware. Bissouma is there for the taking. Strong, skillful, quick and can tackle. What the hell is Ole waiting for?
Give Ole another 5 years after that one, he ll push the wheelchairs for Martial and Matic
Mufc Racer
Mufc Racer:
We can't drop silly points like today we had the chances to win.
Not starting Sancho & Varane was criminal over 100 million on bench whats point. Onto Wolves Ggmu
Gomal Gaming
Gomal Gaming:
Thanks señor De Gea for that crutial save 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Cheuk Hei Isaac Ng
Cheuk Hei Isaac Ng:
Can we just appreciate what De gea does in this game?
Kim Gall
Kim Gall:
Manchester United will never win trophies with Martial, Fred and Matic. We still have some deadwood in the team. Jones, Bailly, Lingard they all need to go. We cannot win trophies if we don’t trust our B team to win a game.
I'm convinced it's in VDB's contract that he isn't allowed to play games
Hafidz Garib
Hafidz Garib:
Ole! Listen to us!

Start Van De Beek, bench Fred and Matic! is that so hard to understand?! VDB deserves to start, he's young and motivated, but you still start the game with slow players.

I still dont understand why Maguire is so slow and likes to hold the ball too long!
Richard Nana adjei
Richard Nana adjei:
Man Utd should press high against Wolves FC this week,Varane and Van de Beek should start,Sancho and El Matador as well...The ball mustn't go to the goalkeeper always but infront at all time.GGMU‼️
Mohammad Bakhtear
Mohammad Bakhtear:
I'm very hopeful for David de Gea. Hopefully he comes to his best!
Louis van Gaal
Louis van Gaal:
Like i said before, United need a midfield general and a top striker.
Martial is a squad player at best.
Abraham Turaga
Abraham Turaga:
Pogba is just class 🔥👊👊
Brian McSherry
Brian McSherry:
Man sell Donny poor man can’t get a game even when Fred drops his weekly disasterclass!
YouTube Lover
YouTube Lover:
Matic did crucial error passes today.
We all had enough of Fred and Matic.
Elias faroq Fafa
Elias faroq Fafa:
All players seemed tired. Don’t sell Fred but instead kick him out
Enzo Tan
Enzo Tan:
On a side note, i like the way pogba celebrated after greenwood's goal
Aditya Narendra
Aditya Narendra:
Watching Martial play like this makes me sad, I just want the lockdown martial back :(
Daniel Bolajoko
Daniel Bolajoko:
Ive always clamored for us getting a proper DM. The only one we have is Matic who is ageing. With Mctominay and fred, we'll keep losing vital points, but tbh, this one has to be on fernandes, man cant be playing soft and expect the referee to blow for u always, you gotta at least protect the ball, and if its lost in our final third, hustle and get it back
Odinakachi Odynaks
Odinakachi Odynaks:
Watching this draw with the Saints is more like a painful moment to me. What a poor team selection from Ole. 👎👎
Ole really do like Martial n Fred on every match doesn't he 😂😂🤣🤣
Surya Antara
Surya Antara:
This match proves that WE NEED CAVANI✔️
Brian Phiri
Brian Phiri:
Everyone is busy talking about matic and Fred, shall we gather here and praise David de Gea😎😎
Why didn’t either of the two signings start?
jacek michalski
jacek michalski:
Jiboooty !
Jiboooty !:
Dont understand how Ole didn’t start sancho or Varane?
Reeves Wong
Reeves Wong:
Forget about winning anything with that PE teacher in charge. Ole out
The Dark Knight Racist
The Dark Knight Racist:
Look, United just bought another 2 bench players, Sancho and Varane, now they have a world class bench players, Sancho, Varane, Cavani and Van De Beek !
Light Yagami
Light Yagami:
1:01 My respect for Maguire after this 📈📈📈
Daniel Jordan
Daniel Jordan:
2 in 2 for Fred. Who wants him. Sell him now while his price is high
McFred is the double pivot duo that we complain about the most, and it's the most balanced one United have.

That should tell you everything you need to know about our midfield options.
Stoetzer Amoah
Stoetzer Amoah:
Pogba on another level 🔥🔥🔥
Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew:
Man Utd’s attack came alive when Antony Martial return to his best position, the bench.
This was a really great game to watch. Cmon United
rehan nehru
rehan nehru:
if there is no DAVI DE GEA 100% the match is 2-1 big thanks for him
TM Malejoane
TM Malejoane:
In as much as Varane was said to be coming in for Lindelof, looking at this game and the previous game, lindelof is looking much better than Maguire at the moment. Harry almost cost us this game. And from these games, both goals came off the left hand side where Maguire and Shaw had to be covering. So I'd drop Maguire for the next game, put Varane in with Lindelof and see which pairing is better. The favorites FC has to stop, especially in our midfield as well. How Donny didnt get in this game is just a mystery to me. It is absolutely beyond me.
Surya Antara
Surya Antara:
Next match please starts Varane & Sancho✊🏽🔴
Dennis Yeo
Dennis Yeo:
Utd CLEARLY need a DM. Watch Brighton v Watford. Go get Bissouma! You can't play McFred if we want to challenge for titles.
Need to offload Martial n Matic too.
Nic sim
Nic sim:
don’t start martial anymore please. he is gone.
Philip on fire
Philip on fire:
Put vdb in the main squad
Raja Salman
Raja Salman:
I feel sad for donny , he deserves first team
azizi muhibu
azizi muhibu:
Fantastic save from degea 🔥
Vanilla Al
Vanilla Al:
Sell Fred, Matic, Lingard, Martial and FIRED OLE!!
Khuong Chan
Khuong Chan:
Robaldo is oficially combeback to MU! I'm so excited!!!
vxrbalist_ Clodz
vxrbalist_ Clodz:
I think we missed mctominays runs and him running with ball into the final third
Well done! First draw of the season! HOW THE FK YOU WANNA WIN EPL?!
R M:
We need that CDM Signing now !!!!!! 🙁
Martial was a passenger, fingers was crossed Ole would sub him at HT, clearly something had to change in CM earlier. This game was for VDB but hey what do we know😏 OLE AT THE WHEEL🤣
Wilfred Gratian
Wilfred Gratian:
If Pogba will be playing from the left, then there's sure space for Donny in that midfield.
Subhamram Mishra
Subhamram Mishra:
When u needed Muscles, you play Matic and Martial. Well it will cost ManU points for sure.
A lot of top players in our team should be in training in the morning. Bruno, Maguire, Fred, Matic. Martial needs his p45.
mike Blings
mike Blings:
Sell Fred now that his price is still high to avoid tears. Mark my words
Kumar Shambhav
Kumar Shambhav:
De Gea again saves a day for United... ❤️❤️❤️
Israel Bayode
Israel Bayode:
Well, I expected something better from Ole. Why Fred? Why not DVB? Why didn't you start either Sancho or Varane or even both? Why then did you buy them?
Ahmad Ilalludin
Ahmad Ilalludin:
The coach is joking and just being praised for winning, it's better if you don't praise him
Dan's Daily Vines
Dan's Daily Vines:
Fred out here robbing Donny of a career in board daylight
Inspiration For Your Day
Inspiration For Your Day:
Inconsistency still hits 👊
Mike Oxmall
Mike Oxmall:
I would love to play with Pogba such class
Albert Lawu
Albert Lawu:
OGS deliberately put fred and mctominay to show woodward we need a CDM
RayShow TV
RayShow TV:
Maguire was a beast today. I'm being sarcastic
Isiaq Roqeeb Opeyemi
Isiaq Roqeeb Opeyemi:
We can't win anything with Martial and Fred
Tasie C. Benjamin
Tasie C. Benjamin:
Maguire can be sluggish sometimes, his sluggishness almost gave the saints the 2nd goal, thanks to David in goal who came to the party at that point with a huge save.
kw kwski
kw kwski:
Bruno was slow in reacting once he received the ball.. and Fred ball watching moment b4 the goals... YNWA.....
Irawan Adi
Irawan Adi:
Buy DM, try play 4-3-3 (1 DM), sell Martial!
Management decisions in this match was beyond crap
Ronie Iebach
Ronie Iebach:
for solkjear, please start next week, week 3, against wolves, and so on, try, start early in the game, field center backs varane and maguire, for a duet, and sancho on the right wing,, for greenwod stickers, or cavani.. don't do martial arts, it's better to reserve martial arts, enter the 2nd half, to substitute for pogba, in the left wing position
beau holland
beau holland:
I really don’t understand ole I was looking forward for this game but when you see him starting matic and Fred together you know your in for a hard game cause none of them can keep the ball and control the game in the mid as they always lose it. defenders weren’t up to much as well I reckon bin the varane 1st game at home and just play him next imo really crap performance; we need to win them easier games for the league
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
Tuchel said Chelsea didn't pay that much money for Lukaku not to start,that's the difference between our manager and theirs
Abdirahim Mussa
Abdirahim Mussa:
If we could Nick a goal with Pogba’s effort Dam. It could be 9 points so far
Henry B
Henry B:
A CDM was the priority this summer and we haven't signed one this club is a joke..
Bradley Perroux
Bradley Perroux:
Another trophyless season in the making thanks to OLE
Forget about the title, they never wanted it anyways, was aiming for top 4 all along
Aviral Singh
Aviral Singh:
if we somehow reaches to get any final in future we will lose definitely owing to poor midfield of fred, matic or whoever plays... mediocrity will take us nowhere
Bilal Althaf
Bilal Althaf:
Adams goal was awesome got to admit although many fan
이 경기 보고 느꼈다 올해도 우승은 멀었구나 정신력이 아직 멀었음
St Mary's is always a tough game for United
Keep Your Chin Up Reds!!
Roni Ellyanto
Roni Ellyanto:
Get zidane or conte pleaseee😂
Lol, the Manager were prefer Martial and rotating the squad then played Varane and Sancho as starting lineup. Best experiment ever.. 🤣🤣🤣
Born to HODL
Born to HODL:
Thank you Dave
Dayne Richards
Dayne Richards:
I expected us to lose or drop points this season but not so quickly
Thursday is the UCL draw
Don't let what happened last season happen again
Cheers to a sixth place finish🥂... unless, miraculously, we get a proper CDM.