Highlights: Wolves 2-3 Leeds United | INCREDIBLE FIGHTBACK! | Premier League

Highlights from our Premier League match against Wolves at Molineux.

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100+ comentarios:

Man United fan here. Even in a season full of struggles for you guys, your team shows more heart than ours did in years. Hope you guys stay up
Nishita Praharaj
Nishita Praharaj:
As a Leicester fan I must say idk why but when I saw Leeds were losing I was devastated but...at full time I was celebrating like crazy.. it's impossible to dislike Leeds what a club...!!
As a direct rival fan from Everton, I hope Leeds stay in the Prem. I don't know what it is but you guys just belong here. Have a soft spot for you.
sivangie 0705
sivangie 0705:
Man utd fan here.. wish Man Utd played like this every game.The hunger and dedication from Leeds is mind blowing 👍👍👍
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez:
I don't remember watching a game with 8 minutes added on first and second half, four injuried players from the same team three of which on the first half. And then the keeper injured as well losing 2-0 and coming back from death to win the match on stoppage time. Never seen that before. It was unreal. Broke my heart Patrick Bamford crying on the bench. This players are amazing. And what more can I say about Luke Ayling and Stu Dallas. What I always said. They're both the heart and soul of this team. Ayling deserved a game like this more than anybody else. I love that man. And I strongly suspect Stu was injured too but we didn't have any more subs to make.
Andy Torring
Andy Torring:
I'm a a gutted wolves fan, game changed with sending off but Im not going to take anything away from Leeds and I'm humble enough to say well done , wolves aye we
30 years from now, this game could be considered as a comeback classics. Amazing game. Glad I watched it on TV.
Мистер Огонёчек
Мистер Огонёчек:
Leeds deserve to be in premier league.. such a great team to watch..love their attacking mind
As a Spurs fan,I desperately want Leeds and Everton to stay up. Two amazing clubs that are born to be in the top flight
phillip qiker
phillip qiker:
Man, i’m so happy for Leeds and their fans even tho i’m a big fan of Everton
Luke Ayling’s celebration is so wholesome.
Luis Castro
Luis Castro:
I'm a Manchester United fan. I'm from Chile. I like Marcelo Bielsa. I've been watched a lot of Leeds matches. Really hope the team stay in PL.
Ben Turner
Ben Turner:
Rodrigo is starting to become a leader within the team, he has put in 2 fantastic performances since the villa game.
Bailey W21
Bailey W21:
Rodrigo becoming a real leader in this team. Been our best player since Marsch arrived
I don't know what this team has, but you just need to cheer for them
Ollie On Tour
Ollie On Tour:
Yes boys 👏 Love Marsch’s relationship with the players and his passion!
Chilled Llama
Chilled Llama:
Question the talent. Question the organisation. Question the fitness regime. But NEVER EVER EVER question the heart and desire of these Leeds players! MOT! 💛💙💛💙
Arsenal fan here. Watching Bamford cry on that bench was tough. Leeds is such an enjoyable team to watch, it would be a shame that they get relegated (mainly because of injuries). I hope you guys stay in the Prem !
Misa Todosijevic
Misa Todosijevic:
What a game!
As a Spurs fan, thank you Leeds for winning 3-2 after amazing comeback with 4 injuries!
M. Fahri
M. Fahri:
not even a leeds nor wolves fan yet i was so excited jumping around screaming like it was my team playing the champions league final!!!! HATS OFF LEEDS
2wice Wise
2wice Wise:
Ayling doing the acrobatics after scoring was the icing on the cake...man i don't know why i like Leeds ...Bielsa really sprinkled some good charm on you guys..a city fan here wishing you all the best on the coming games
As a Valencia fan this feels nostalgic. Rodrigo scored so many crucial goals for us 💛🦇
Anurag S
Anurag S:
Leeds deserve to be in premier league.. such a great team to watch..love their attacking mind
Rogue Lunox
Rogue Lunox:
Jesse Marsch is class ngl, not even a leeds fan but Leeds def have a place in my heart
R Bentacur30
R Bentacur30:
As a spurs fan I hope Leeds survive this season because I want see Leeds in epl next season
Beuken Phom
Beuken Phom:
Leeds united Style of Playing is just damn good....they deserve to be in EPL
Kasym T.K
Kasym T.K:
Not leeds fan but this was epic & incredable comback of the season 🔥🔥🔥welldone Leeds go on 🤙🤙🤙💥💥💥
Pankaj Rao
Pankaj Rao:
Every leeds match gives u goosebumps 🥵
Steve Sidebottom
Steve Sidebottom:
Follow Liverpool, but love Leeds, the spirit of Bremner, Jordan and Lorimer lives !! Now all we need is Forest back in the Premier League
Shoobbie C
Shoobbie C:
This game is just insanely out of this world. Bravo to Leeds!
David Enciso
David Enciso:
Soy argentino y la verdad me hice simpatizante del Leeds United con la llegada de Bielsa. Antes recordaba que tuvieron un gran equipo, atractivo con Viduka y Kewell como líderes. Marcelo le dió dignidad al club, a sus fanáticos y a los jugadores. Revalorizó todo, fundamentalmente el capital histórico del club, pero reconozcamos que en esta última temporada se notaba que el proyecto estaba agotado, falto de confianza y el cambio por Marc fue positivo, porque trajo nuevas energías, brindo con vino por ello!
Arun balaji
Arun balaji:
I m an arsenal fan bt i got goosebumps when Ayling scored the winner❤️Wat a game🔥
Abdullah Elshreey
Abdullah Elshreey:
what a beautiful team and a historic club from a Liverpool fan I hope Leeds stay in th PL
Louis Dnd
Louis Dnd:
My heart is f*cked ... Rodrigo since Marsch came in ... AMAZING
Cyrus Virus
Cyrus Virus:
The atmosphere is like World Cup finals. Congrats Leeds
As a Man United fan, congrats guys, hope you guys stay in the Prem
Klaesson's saves are massive! What a new star
Colin Ings
Colin Ings:
I love the passion of these commentators, expresses the elation of an unexpected win perfectly😂
Phil Demetriou
Phil Demetriou:
As an Arsenal fan, great credit to Leeds.
Play lovely attacking football.
Shame to see Bielsa go, every neutral fans favourite manager
You'll be in the Prem next season 👍
Aruba Shorts 🇦🇼
Aruba Shorts 🇦🇼:
As a neutral, this had me all in my feelings! Brilliant game!!
craig B
craig B:
Incredible and so deserved well done Leeds real fans just like us geordies hope you stay up and we do of course
IAN. Blackwood,Gwent. Wales / GB
IAN. Blackwood,Gwent. Wales / GB:
Congratulations to everyone, really great win...special mention for all the fantastic substitutes. Including the goalkeeper Takk .🇳🇴
Игорь Янский
Игорь Янский:
Этот матч запомнится мне навсегда!
blurryface _14
blurryface _14:
I slept off at half time as it was 2:30 here in Nepal 🇳🇵
Waking up to see an amazing Leeds comeback is incredible!!!!
Pushpender Gusain
Pushpender Gusain:
What a drama, excitement and thrilling moments. It was remarkable on the part of Leeds to win the game after being down by 0-2.
Jem Krem
Jem Krem:
The real comeback by The Peacocks. I thought Wolves could win this game but nahhh...This is why football is beautiful. That magic moments that we are all waiting for
Ali Alhaddad
Ali Alhaddad:
There's something about Leeds, I'm glad things are going better now, although i wish bielsa was still here but it's what it's, coming from a liverpool fan.
Вячеслав Комаров
Вячеслав Комаров:
What a team, what a character! Comeback experts 👏
shaafici cabdullaahi
shaafici cabdullaahi:
This is why need Leeds United in the Premier league. They make the league so much entertaining
Awesome fightback in the 2nd half. But can we please have one game where we win comfortably? I don't think my heart can take it.
Sam Derrux
Sam Derrux:
This game gave me goosebumps... Congratulations leeds🎉👏
Yahya Rajstar
Yahya Rajstar:
I'm an Arsenal fan, I just remembered the laccazette last minute, I know this feels
Sam DJPractice
Sam DJPractice:
every possible feeling in one game - just wow.
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh:
Quality fightback . My heart rate has only just started coming down. M.O.T.
Erwin Agustin
Erwin Agustin:
masterstroke to have Jesse Marsch working on the team's mental strength. they already have the heart
Fahmi Hussaini
Fahmi Hussaini:
If only man utd players had just an ounce of lufc players desire and determination 😔 well done lufc 👍
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a:
I'm happy every time Leeds win. Because I have been supporting them for so long since 1998, it gives me great joy every time I see them celebrating their victory.😚
Jay Dee
Jay Dee:
Cracking game. Well done Leeds. I hope that you guys stay up.
Teguh Utomo
Teguh Utomo:
What a match, very entertaining.
This is why i love premier league.
Дмитрий Серегин
Дмитрий Серегин:
Спасибо!! Это был сумасшедший матч!!😃 МОТ
Mario césar Subelza
Mario césar Subelza:
Go Leeds Carajo!!!! Argentina love Leeds
Sheikh Mbaba
Sheikh Mbaba:
I felt the passion of the game,, I love such come backs , the cheering from the crowd gives me chill🙂⚽️❤
Leeds deserve to be in premier league.. such a great team to watch..love their attacking mind
We need a longer highlights of this video. The swing of emotions was immense. I was so upset after their second goal that I stopped watching. I started again when I heard what had happened to Meslier and I'm glad I did. Probably my favourite game since promotion. UPS AND DOWNS
Thank you Bielsa for the fight you put into our player!
que vitória improvável do leeds, parabéns pela grande vitória ❤️
Лидс крут)!!! Просто красавчики👍🔥🔥🔥
Laziz Nuridin
Laziz Nuridin:
Well, done Leeds! Hope u stay in the league!
Scott Park
Scott Park:
Despite of long distance from England to South Korea, I felt their passion as if I was there. They are so special and have something that brings people who love football to their everyday single matches. Thank you guys for inspiring me😊
From South Korea
Dirk S
Dirk S:
Fantastic for Leeds and Jesse Marsch!
Daa’uud Ali Hussein
Daa’uud Ali Hussein:
What a comeback wow when Raul takes the red card at that I’m thinking that Leeds will be come back but I’m not sure 100 percentage because two nil down is not easy but when I see this morning the result it’s so suprised to me wow I like this team wow wow what a comeback congrats Leeds for this huge win last night 👏👏
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan:
What two amazing matchs for Leeds United this week today we thought the Match was over at halftime 2.0 down and bodies going down all over the place,then the Best come back of All time by Leeds United the whole team together as ONE. Brilliant commentary Bryn and Tony. Leeds United supporter's 👏 away Top notch hell's Bell's will there be any of us 💓 around come the end of the season what a rollercoaster ride we are on every week My heart 💓 won't last long at this rate 🤪 keep fighting Leeds, marching on together. Totally buzzing on cloud 9 Leeds 👏🤍💙💛✊👊🏐🏟️🦚👏🇮🇨😍🤩😍🤩🇮🇨the Peacocks 🦚 are flying high tonight 🦚🇮🇨🤩😍👏🏟️🏐👊✊🤝🙏🤍💙💛come on Lads we can do this we All love Leeds 🤍💙💛🇮🇨🇺🇦🙏🤩😍👏
I'm not a Leeds fan but well played!!
Adrian Ikeaba
Adrian Ikeaba:
I'm a Chelsea fan but always lived Leeds. Hope you stay in the prem💙
Anibal Fernando Antonelli
Anibal Fernando Antonelli:
Felicitaciones muchachos... Las ganas de ganar que tenía este equipo!

Congratulations guys... The desire to win that this team had!
P C:
I am neutral but I thought it was an exciting game. Credit goes to the Leeds fans who were fantastic!
Liam Behan
Liam Behan:
That was a absolutely fantastic match
Nivaldo Ferreira de Mendonça Neto
Nivaldo Ferreira de Mendonça Neto:
Congratulations Leeds United From Brazil, Brazilian Fan here 😀😁👍🤝🤗🇧🇷
Wow. What another amazing win. A very poor first half but amazing fight back. I just hope we can keep picking up points and hopefully improve our shocking defending. Feel so bad for Bamford. COME ON LEEDS.
Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber:
What an unbelievable game.
Shane Downes
Shane Downes:
Leeds have been a breath of fresh air since their overdue return to the top division. I hope they stay up. COYI
Saad Saleem
Saad Saleem:
Arnav Hangal
Arnav Hangal:
Love the passion from the commentators!!
i wayan rinata
i wayan rinata:
Incredible match, congrats Leeds
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
What a game! As a Spurs fan, thank you Leeds for winning 3-2 after amazing comeback with 4 injuries!
Albert Lie
Albert Lie:
What a game and thrilling comeback. LUFC deserved to stay at premier league
James Kirk
James Kirk:
Highlights when you know that you win are the most satisfying thing in the world. On replay for the next 2 weeks!
Shah Mohammad Al Noor
Shah Mohammad Al Noor:
What a game!! What a scene... emotions flaring all around the pitch... THIS IS PREMIER LEAGUE!!
yorkshire pirlo
yorkshire pirlo:
massive win 😍🤍💛💙 so happy for greenwood for his first assist! i love rodrigos new leader role!! MOT!
DylanPlayz 09
DylanPlayz 09:
Get in lads! Watched this live me and my parents were screaming with joy!!! MOT ALAW 💙💛💙💛
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town:
Results like this are what makes us Leeds,so huge now let’s get 3 points at Watford and give ourselves some room to breath.
Eddie Headley
Eddie Headley:
Injuries have been very cruel to Leeds this season....I really hope they stay up.....they can be exciting to watch.....like today's performance
B. Nzie.
B. Nzie.:
At all levels the premiere league has been entertaining: the fight for the top 4, and the fight to get away from the bottom 3. Great.
Hopefully all the injured players recover over the next couple weeks before the Southampton game, what a win though
Spider-Buy P$G
Spider-Buy P$G:
Told ya to Believe in Jesse Marsch 🔥
Wizz Salaad Diini 💥👊
Wizz Salaad Diini 💥👊:
Absolutely ameasing come back leeds United 💯
Steve Prskalo
Steve Prskalo:
Awesome second half,keep playing like that and Leeds will be safe,I also like the positive vibe of Marsch. MOT.
Paul Rees
Paul Rees:
Condolences to Wolves supporters but everyone loves a comeback!
Himalayan Wanderer
Himalayan Wanderer:
Unbelievable!!! What a match.
RW Hong
RW Hong:
Leeds will survive with that body language and spirit of the team!
Leaving Everton a bit worrying!
not even a leeds fan but this gives me goosebumps