House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max

Gods. Kings. Fire. Blood. #HouseoftheDragon

House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.


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House Of The Dragon | Official Teaser | HBO Max

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HBO Max:
House Of The Dragon is coming to HBO Max in 2022.
Looking forward to watching this show.
Not looking forward to everyone bleaching their hair after watching this show.
Nilesh Sidar
Nilesh Sidar:
I really hope this series to have a beautiful opening song like GOT.
Don’t rush it, follow the story, don’t rush 7 seasons in 1, please! This has the potential to be the best show in the world, just take your time, we would all love many seasons 😂
Kimxni J
Kimxni J:
“Dreams didn’t make us kings, dragons did” THE SHADE OF IT ALL! I can’t wait
Nate Borie
Nate Borie:
I know people are worried this show will go the way of Game of Thrones, and while the final season may not have been what we wanted, I am in no way worried of how this show is going to go. Because we all have to remember that this is the prequel to Game of Thrones, meaning it can only do one thing: lead into Game of Thrones and do its best to honor it, and I have faith that it will. A few more months left to go, and we will be in the House of the Dragon.
The biggest advantage this series has over the last one: its source material is actually complete.
Watching GOT recently made one thing very clear. The shows that have followed in its wake (The Witcher, Wheel of Time, Shadow & Bone) are not even in the same league. GOT casting, writing, directing, character development, storytelling are all vastly superior. Hope this spinoff is close.
I am excited to see what Matt Smith does with Daemon. He really impressed me in The Crown.
Shady Amgad
Shady Amgad:
I love the fact that we can hear the GOT main theme in the background and the Targaryen theme at the end ♥️ brings back a lot of memories
Between this and Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV Series, 2022 is looking like a good year for TV. People are hungry for medieval/fantasy, it's like gold in today's day and age.
All Time
All Time:
I really want to be excited but the final season of Game of Thrones really hurt this franchise. I'll be watching this with apprehension. I hope it turns out great!
Virginia Native
Virginia Native:
I’m so freaking pumped for this, I hope it has the quality character development, and story like the original beside the end. I’m pumped for it
Biggaboy draws
Biggaboy draws:
I really hope that this show can live up to the high bar that the first 5 seasons of G.O.T has set. We all know that the acting performances on thrones were at a very high level and if House of the Dragon can come close to half of that it should turn out to be a awesome series! Ever since Thrones ended I've had a t.v. drama void that needs to be filled!
First season of HOTD will be top-notch considering their team's hardwork behind production and bringing most modren special effects making every scenes involving this fire-breathing beasts realistic.
aydın Aydın
aydın Aydın:
for my part ! Even more sequels to the GOT series should be made. Loves from Turkey

this series should never end, I believe that if the series ends, everyone will get cold from the HBO channel.
J. McConnell
J. McConnell:
Love how everyone's jumping back into this like a bad relationship 😂
The throne covered in blades left me with shivers.
Freckled Dragon
Freckled Dragon:
I will be watching this just for Matt Smith. I need this to come out like yesterday.
Scottish Prince
Scottish Prince:
Really looking forward to this series as the Targaryans are my favourite House and I loved the story of Rhaenyra.
J P:
I was so sad when GOT ended, im glad we still get something new to watch
Eddie Kane, Jr.
Eddie Kane, Jr.:
Can’t wait to see Littlefinger’s early ancestor, Middlefinger!!😂🤣
Say what you all want, but we all know, if they released another 5 series with the GOT storyline, everyone here would watch every single one of them (everyone that isn't some random person who came across this series).
K'Ehler Martok
K'Ehler Martok:
Came back here to watch it before watching the new one again! It looks perfect. 🤩😍
Muzeu Jonathan Bukasa
Muzeu Jonathan Bukasa:
I hope they include the moment the little prince Aemond gained his Dragon, Vhagar.
"I lost an eye but I've gained a Dragon"
I pray the old gods and the new to make this show a great one. I hope it can even become better ! If the writing is like the first 4 seasons of GoT, it's gonna be IN-CRE-DIBLE
*It's like seeing your old toxic ex who ruined your relationship and part of your life coming back like if nothing happened without an apology and being like "heyyyyy, let's get together again"*
Zubair B
Zubair B:
This show is gonna rule the world...
Ahmad mo3ath
Ahmad mo3ath:
Dreams didn’t make us kings , dragons did👍
Kady Fillinger
Kady Fillinger:
I really hope we see a flashback of the old king Jaehaery's Targaryen. Bed ridden and dying with the young Alicent Hightower by his bed more than likely...still, that would be so cool to see the best Targaryen king ever, even if he's at the end of his life.
Whoa 😳 extremely excited , don’t break it at end please.
Second Sun
Second Sun:
Every time a new GOT series comes out on HBO, the gods flip a coin and the world holds its breath..
Stian Jorge Jarnæss
Stian Jorge Jarnæss:
This is how a trailer should look like 👏👏👏💪
Who Asked? 💀
Who Asked? 💀:
I still can't wait for it I'm so hyped
I’m soooo excited 👏🏽👏🏽
Zallain R
Zallain R:
I’m so ready 💜
Finally we'll learn about the events that led to the mysterious coffee cup.
Hey they at least got the throne to look like how it was described in the book. The trailer looks promising.
Jordan Armes
Jordan Armes:
i’m ready for august 21st!! 🔥
Excellent cast, I'm sure this series won't disappoint.
Kwasi Bruce
Kwasi Bruce:
I can't wait!
New season of doctor who looks good
Patrick Shaffer
Patrick Shaffer:
I'm so glad we're getting this masterpiece after the disappointment of the new "LotR" show, the difference is incredible.
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez:
Just finished watching Game of Thrones, and just in time!
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior:
“Dreams didn’t make us kings, dragons did” 🔥🔥🔥
Finally, more targaryens!
Really hope they plan to take their time with the whole series on this one, like they did for the first few seasons of Game of Thrones.
Schnoz Chan
Schnoz Chan:
interested in this mostly because matt smith is great casting for daemon and the lack of d&d's involvement. could be pretty sick, hope it turns out good.
Bridget Mbodza
Bridget Mbodza:
this show is gonna be epic
Ultimate potato
Ultimate potato:
Hopefully we could see more giants and the children of the forest in action
Quincy Quincy
Quincy Quincy:
"Dreams didn't make us kings dragons did." Yes, but no, both!

Dreams and dragons made the Targaryens kings
Alvaro Torres
Alvaro Torres:
If this becomes a masterpiece, don't let it get to an 8th season, Please.
I’ll miss drogon. He was the best part of season 8
Big thank for HBO studio 🙄 game of thrones is awesome 😎
with all the source material there, I have high hopes. Hopefully it has the same production quality. The GoT writers were doing awesome when they had the source material to adapt.
I can't wait! 😄🔥🐉❤️👍🏻
I gotta read my copy of the book before this comes out so I can pick the show apart like a chicken bone.
ocean8 L
ocean8 L:
Even the trailer soundtrack like a beast..!
Valentines Hearter
Valentines Hearter:
Like any great empire good or bad they fall. I love how the said that the dragons made them where they are, instead of taking the credit for themselves like they did it all
God, Rhaenyra and daemon cast are perfect. 😵😵😵 that close uppp!!
Slade Stegall
Slade Stegall:
S1: Winter is coming
S2: Winter is coming
S3: Winter is coming
S4: Winter is coming
S5: Winter is coming
S6: Winter is coming
S7: Winter is coming
S8: Winter came and left in 30 minutes…
The first four seasons of _Game of Thrones_ were phenomenal, especially the fourth season. The show sank more tragically than the RMS _Titanic._
Pat Archer
Pat Archer:
Miss Game of Thrones so much!! I hope this is good.
Sunny Sharma
Sunny Sharma:
I had no idea HBO was about to drop this...I jumped out of my couch when the trailer started...HBO better make this right after GOT finale debacle
House Of The Dragon BR
House Of The Dragon BR:
We need a new House Of The Dragon Trailer !!! Please !!!
Fardil Husain
Fardil Husain:
"Dreams didn't make us kings, dragons did. " Fucking goosebumps already.
Vishi Mohan
Vishi Mohan:
So, if this happens 200 years prior to the fall of the Throne, Melissandre would be alive in this one as well since it is believed that she is around 400 years old. I hope they bring her back. I loved Carice Van Houten's performance ❤
It's really interesting to see house targaryen in this show after seeing what a only one of (Daenerys )them did in game of thrones
I just want every producer out there to know-it's okay to actually fund/allow/come up with NEW ideas for tv shows and not just a bunch of remakes and spinoffs.
Hope we'll get the official trailer soon 🥺
Lets hope this hits you more in the feels like the first seasons of Game of Thrones, not like the last seasons of Game of Whatever.
I hope this also has a great cast as the GOT
Painkiller 111
Painkiller 111:
No doubt, GoT is a good series hope they make more movies or Tv Shows to view the wonderful world of Westeros.
HotD will be more cool than GOT because it has a good material of dialogue and Fire and Blood is one the interesting novels i suppose 💛
House Of The Dragon BR
House Of The Dragon BR:
We need a new House Of The Dragon Trailer !!! Please !!!
Important note: the Game of Thrones showrunners are not involved in this in any way.
Considering that, I'm so hyped for this show.
The visuals 😍
sophie classic k
sophie classic k:
Matt Smith ! Well, now I can’t wait to see it.
Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues:
Finalmente tá chegando 2022 🙏🙌
ea sayr
ea sayr:
aside from everything, Matt Smith's voice is a total eargasm.
Magic World
Magic World:
The soundtrack is an alternate version of 'Master of War' from Season 8 of Game of Thrones🔥
Jim Sty
Jim Sty:
Aegon II may have won the dance of the dragons, but Rhaenyra's and Daemon really won in the end. It was their bloodline, not Aegon's, who lived on through their son Visery's the II.
Yüzüklerin efendisinin fragmanını gördükten sonra buraya geldim ve şükür dedim
Hbo sen bu işi biliyosun 🦄
jeff white
jeff white:
Cregan Stark. Hour of the wolf. I know it'll be at the end (if at all) but would love to see this power house on screen. Favorite stark in the books personally.
Drez Univerze
Drez Univerze:
Just finished fire and blood and well...i'm kinda excited tbh
I'm excited to finally see something new in the game of thrones universe, we deserve something great after that last season
House Of The Dragon BR
House Of The Dragon BR:
We need a new House Of The Dragon Trailer !!! Please !!!
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar:
This is going to be epic :-)
Karl Austin Delicana
Karl Austin Delicana:
The Tullys in HOTD:

“Dreams did not make us kings. Muppets did.” 🤣
This is going to be good, can’t wait!!!!!
This will either be the best series ever or the worst show.
Brittnee Mae
Brittnee Mae:
I REALLY wish HBO was doing the LOTR too 😫😫 this looks so great! I’m so excited for house of the dragon, not so much LOTR 😫
Ananya Singh
Ananya Singh:
I'm Imagining a GoT themed graduation hat that says on top : "Dreams didn't help us graduate, desperation did"😆😆
Lorne Catwell
Lorne Catwell:
Looking forward to it!
Ceez B
Ceez B:
wow wow wow... this is gonna be epic.
Hamza Bhf
Hamza Bhf:
We're going to see the greatest battle in 2022! The Lord of the rings vs House of the dragon 🔥
I've watched Game of Thrones like 5 times and I'm obsessed with it and now 2 months later I see there's a spin-off. How tf did I miss this😂
Matilde Wosnjuk
Matilde Wosnjuk:
Wow! Can’t wait!
House Of The Dragon BR
House Of The Dragon BR:
We need a new House Of The Dragon Trailer !!! Please !!!
So excited for this