How did Christophe Dominici die? Former France rugby star Christophe Dominici dies at age 48

How did Christophe Dominici die? Former France rugby star Christophe Dominici dies at age 48.
Former France winger Christophe Dominici passed away suddenly today at the age of 48, according to multiple French reports.
Dominici, who scored 25 tries in 67 games for Les Bleus, enjoyed a stellar career with Stade Francais and France.
He played against Ireland six times and scored three tries including a brace in the 2005 Six Nations game at Lansdowne Road.
Having burst onto the international scene when he notched a try on his debut against England in 1998, Dominci went on to feature in the famous World Cup semi-final win over the All Blacks the following year.
Dominci called time on his playing career in 2008 having made 142 appearances for Stade Francais, as well as winning 67 caps for France. The diminutive wing played in three World Cups for Les Bleus, and also won four Six Nations titles, including two Grand Slams.

Dominici had plenty of a success at club level too. He started his career with Toulon before moving to Stade Francais in 1997. Dominici won the Top 14 five times with the Parisian club, and also played in two Heineken Cup finals, in 2001 and 2005.
News of Dominci's sudden death has sent shockwaves through French and world rugby.
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Peter B
Peter B:
This video is a disgrace to the memory of a great rugby player. Can’t even be bothered to get his name right. It should be taken down immediately.
Julian Mcwey
Julian Mcwey:
The guy was a legend!!! And hes only dead a short time at least have the courtesy of a human voice not some robot!!!
Jonathan McMath
Jonathan McMath:
So it doesn’t even answer the question in its own title
L P:
Answer the f* question man. Pfffft. 👎💩
nam lacrymae
nam lacrymae:
repose en paix domi
"Less Blee-uss"? WTF! Delete this now.
Adrian MacGrath
Adrian MacGrath:
Aufgeklärter Historiker
Aufgeklärter Historiker:
fucking world where the best always go first .....repose en paix mon ami !
Humphrey Tuhanuku
Humphrey Tuhanuku:
Your video doesent really.say how he died.....your kimda baiting people with the heading there respect at all
Michael Mower
Michael Mower:
Appalling video , pure click bait.....cannot even show enough respect to pronounce his name correctly. Absolute disgrace....shame on you
Suicide. He had many demons
lola van
lola van:
Stayed Francis? Jerk.
Bryan Tree
Bryan Tree:
What a way to gain views 👏, just completely ignore what you put in the title and just give a run down of his career.
Are you that desperate for views to put up a misleading title 🤔 .
Shane Simpson
Shane Simpson:
Can the commentator show some respect and get the pronunciation correct? So many errors, but at least get his name correct.
james Adams
james Adams:
Pourquoi autent de pouce rouge ?
U cud at least pronounce his name correctly.
Reported for being misleading.
Whoever put up this clickbate: I hope you're sad and lonely, there's no other excuse.
On topic: it's always sad to lose a fellow rugby player, even more sad when it's a suicide. To those who suffer: there is always some form of help. You chose your path, but you don't have to do it alone.
Let's all enjoy our memories of C.D. and reflect on what his death means to us.
Terrible video. The man died. Stop trying to get views off somebody else's misfortune. Pathetic
Inside Chocolate with Jimothy and Floyd
Inside Chocolate with Jimothy and Floyd:
Idiot video . Doesn't tell us
The commentator sounds like a robot
Richard Kenny
Richard Kenny:
The mispronounciation in this video is disgraceful.
Jim Butler
Jim Butler:
You should be ashamed of yourself posting this rubbish, have some respect
How will Barrack Hussein die?! Hope it's hard and he screams.
Serge Grattu
Serge Grattu:
The reporter is not able to answer to his own title so i will do it.I am French. He comitted suicide in the parc de st cloud, its near Paris. He jumped from a 10 floor building. He had depression since long time. French rugby world is very sad. It was a warrior.