How salmonella-tainted food gets in your fridge

The USDA knows it’s there.

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Salmonella is the most common food-borne illness in the US. More than a million people get sick from it every year and nearly 400 people die as a result. That’s because food safety regulators allow producers to sell products containing the bacteria and won’t issue a recall until after people get sick.

Watch the video above to learn why salmonella outbreaks are still a regular, dangerous occurrence. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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Justin Y.
Justin Y.:
_Sam O'Nella theme plays in the distance_
Cat K
Cat K:
People don’t wash hands after every time they touch raw meat? Wtf
*touched meat*
Has to wash hands to wash meat
*touched meat*
Has to wash has to grab knife
*touched meat*
Has to wash hands to add spices
*touched meat*
Has to wash has to grab the bowl
*touched meat*
Has to wash hands to put the lid on the pan

Can someone just start selling plastic gloves for cooking. Because it’s annoying.
Jakob Hansen
Jakob Hansen:
"laughing in european"
All examples used are grounded foods.
*has grounded beef sitting in the fridge*
Thanks I’m going to throw my entire fridge in the bin.
"Something could be lurking in your fridge"

yeah, me
_Bob McCoy
_Bob McCoy:
*_Chickens have left the chat_*
If you sub to me you will gain absolutely nothing
If you sub to me you will gain absolutely nothing:
That’s how salmonella works
How to properly clean your metal computer
How to properly clean your metal computer:
Last time I checked I had Indiana Jones in my fridge.
Anfal Bakhsh
Anfal Bakhsh:
imma eat air
I've had salmonella, and it wasn't just a few days of unpleasant times on the toilet. It was a week of severe diarrhea and heartburn so bad I had to try to sleep sitting up. The heartburn issues remained for a few years. And, since I worked in foodservice, the Board of Health was notified and I had to stay out of work unpaid for nearly a month and pay out of pocket to be tested negative so I could return to work. I was certified in food safety (so I could work in food service) so it's not like I was making chicken sushi, it was probably a quick moment when my mind drifted while making dinner that caused this. It sucked and the FDA/USDA should do better.
Daenerys was just Remodeling
Daenerys was just Remodeling:
I’ve had food poisoning. It’s the sickest I’ve ever felt in my life
1,000,000 subscribers without videos
1,000,000 subscribers without videos:
0:00 can we talk about the fact that this fridge is controlled by ghosts? 0:45
asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw
asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw:
Tl;Dr the united states doesn't care about the safety of its citizens. What a surprise.
"Never wash poultry" An explanation of why might have been useful since that's certainly counter-intuitive.

They put salmon-ella in the fish-tacos.
well hey i guess i'm a vegan now, how r ya doing today
I'm not taking any chances so imma just start that Vegan Lifestyle™️
Oc Boi
Oc Boi:
Meat: *exist*
Kyle Li
Kyle Li:
Sometimes I wonder if companies really just want all of their customers to die.
478 will regulate
478 will regulate:
Salmonella is able to survive in just about any food. Freezing, washing, rubbing with lemon juice or herbs will not get rid of salmonella. FDA, state agriculture departments, local health departmenta, and tribal authorities do consider salomnella an adulturant.
Beth Nott
Beth Nott:
America is a disaster
It's Raj Bro
It's Raj Bro:
0:23 That's Our Local TV Station! The One with Anchor Dave Clark
The reason why it is not listed as an adulterant is because it is very difficult to prevent salmonella contaminating meat due to the antibiotic resistance and if salmonella is listed as an adulterant it would result in a large amount of food waste, more antibiotics would need to be used resulting in more antibiotic resistance and battery farms would need to be redesigned, all of the above reasons are partially why it is not listed as an adulterant
Awesome Haircut
Awesome Haircut:
I need salmonella free chicken so I can finally enjoy my chicken sashimi without having to go to the ER immediately after
1:05 YO WASH YOUR HANDS JERRY! We just talked about contaminated food and then you go spreading it all over the kitchen boi. Great job, Jerry. Great job.

4:39 - Didn't wash off soap. Pretty much useless
Candi Soda
Candi Soda:
My parents had such bad habits in handling food that I have a high tolerance for food-borne diseases :)..

Or at least that's what I tell myself so I myself can continue have bad food handling habits too :)
Candi Soda
Candi Soda:
3:42 hmm.. Honestly wondering, where is that statistic from? Maybe steak I believe but undercooked burger???
Dang, I wash my chicken every time I get home from the grocery...
19\ Felisitas Michella Purnomo
19\ Felisitas Michella Purnomo:
That's why I Burn mostly of my meat😂😂😂
insano man
insano man:
0:00 shout out to that string, anything for a good shot lmao
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un:
Salmonella has left the chat
Jasper Volkmann
Jasper Volkmann:
I'm glad that I live in Germany where, due to the high meat regulations, the probability of salmonella is a lot lower.
Paige C
Paige C:
This came into my recommendations while I'm questioning whether or not my sausage is fully cooked.... better not risk it
Évariste Galois
Évariste Galois:
For a second there I thought the title said:

*”How **_Somali-tainted_** food gets in your fridge”*
Your government loves you so much 😊❤️
Bass Empire
Bass Empire:
0:04 alcoholic's dream
Zachary Jones
Zachary Jones:
'eating a burger while watching this'

I have a question for the people who live in usa: how did you survive so long, according to the theory of evolution you must already be dead long ago.
Mmm, I love meat!
Pete Smyth
Pete Smyth:
I came to YouTube to get away from work I was doing. I was working on antibiotic resistance!
Helmer Lauronen
Helmer Lauronen:
Hah, finland is /salmonella free/ jokes on you usa :D
I watched this and now my stomach hurts😕
sike! vegetarian 😎
We learned about upton Sinclair and the meat inspection act of 1906 in my class today where my teacher went into graphic detail on how horrible it used to be. I may need to throw up now
Good beers there on the back of the fridge. I liked it.
Karthik Krishna Kumar
Karthik Krishna Kumar:
Wow. I'm washing my hands more regularly after touching chicken.
Decent beer collection in there. 🤙
Good luck getting people to stop washing chicken.
H T Awesome
H T Awesome:
I’m Salmonella, and thanks for watching!
i’ll just eat burnt meat now.😂
This is why I keep my food away from salmon.
Stephan Romero
Stephan Romero:
4:30 Why should you never wash poultry? Seems counterintuitive.
Oliver Cant
Oliver Cant:
Ah, what a coincidence on a day when I've just had food poisioning.
Belle Hiek
Belle Hiek:
I was about to say “woo, pescatarian!” but.. it can get in fish, right? SALMONella
Britt Pomales
Britt Pomales:
this is why I wash my meat, wash my hands, wash my cooking utensils and pots. I have never gotten sick from that.
AGuy WithAHand
AGuy WithAHand:
I've watched that dude Sam-o-nella so much that I forgot that the disease is called salmonella instead of samo nella I thought "haha nice salmon pun"
That's fine, i'll just eat some dust, or y'know, air.
*Goes vegan
Camila Paredes
Camila Paredes:
That’s it I’m going vegan
Kick it out of the park with a follow up on crap Fridge design that encourages cross contamination.
So is this how mafia works?
anna m
anna m:
*laughs in vegetarian*
Olin Sand-Teeuwen
Olin Sand-Teeuwen:
00:04 why are there six bottles of wine and almost 10 liters of beer in that fridge? somebody has a problem with alcohol
I’m Never Eating Meat Ever Again c;
NGC 7635
NGC 7635:
“Something could be lurking in your fridge waiting to make you sick”
Oh so much joke and meme potential right there
It has a high memechlorian count. The meme-force is strong with this one
*I'm never eating again*
Nyasia Brown
Nyasia Brown:
Y’all really out here under cooking your meat 🤢
Sarah Watts
Sarah Watts:
Could you provide the sources you used for this video? I would like to look deeper into the issue. Thanks!
homeboy dave clark in a vox video! wowee
Ирина Ручко
Ирина Ручко:
USDA get out of my house
Pólvora Del Rey
Pólvora Del Rey:
Great, now I have OCD.
Kahn Kerop
Kahn Kerop:
I already do that!!!!
I just consumed a raw egg and scared for my life😰
Mr. Songib
Mr. Songib:
4:31 ?
Bernardo Martinez
Bernardo Martinez:
Americans: "There's poison in our food!!!"
Meat Producer's: "interesting"
Andrew Kjorlaug
Andrew Kjorlaug:
That's an impressive amount of alcohol in a work fridge
SimpleAs Liam
SimpleAs Liam:
Vox I know you're Americans but can you do videos including you know, the rest of the world?
oswaldo adrian
oswaldo adrian:
“Hey kids”
Sweet Epiphany
Sweet Epiphany:
Glad I never have meat in my fridge.
Michael Coffey
Michael Coffey:
>Putting raw meat above fresh produce
*now i’m scared of meat*
Noa Klapwijk
Noa Klapwijk:
Does someone know how this is regulated in the EU? Feel like it is much less of a problem here (I live in the Netherlands)
Francis William
Francis William:
Great video, as expected of Vox. Great job.
*Vegetarians have entered the chat*
Terry Fox
Terry Fox:
Hi vox! Always super high production quality on all of your vids.
Chavi Olia
Chavi Olia:
alejandro estrada
alejandro estrada:
mukbangers be like: Hands off my *Salmonella*
anish lawde
anish lawde:
Thank god ima vegetarian!
I was about to make a sandwich

Thanks a lot vox
4:31 Never ever wash poultry? Whattttttt
Jeremy Cornwell
Jeremy Cornwell:
2021 dog food, DOG!!!
Alejandro Guzman
Alejandro Guzman:
Do a video about bacterial resistance plx :o
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards:
Food borne Illnesses, one of the many reasons to go vegan!
Robert Simoneau
Robert Simoneau:
Please remember we do not need regulations ever. You can chew on that for a while.
Loot Box
Loot Box:
Sam is welcome in my fridge.
We have an agreement.
ne0 ge0
ne0 ge0:
3:17 Can you address why E. Coli is on the rise if it is an adulterant? It seems the FDA or food companies are not adhering to the law
I'm vegetarian why am I watching this?
Onion Blaster
Onion Blaster:
thanks for the info