How the Stonewall Riots Sparked a Movement | History

The Stonewall Inn Riots sparked the beginning of the gay rights movement in America. Learn how members of the LGBTQ community came together to protest exploitation and police harassment.
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100+ comentarios:

Isobel Grace
Isobel Grace:
I still cannot believe this is not taught in history lessons.
Sasha Whitefur
Sasha Whitefur:
Don't forget the one who started them, she was a Transwoman, and she threw her High Heeled shoe at the cops.
Chris Paez
Chris Paez:
When people ask why there’s an LGBT pride month or why there’s no “straight pride,” show them this video and remind them what they ever needed to fight for.
ThinkerTinker Tanker
ThinkerTinker Tanker:
It took a mere 4 minutes to teach us about this important event. They can squeeze that into the curriculum in school.
Congratulations to all brave people who made our lives today so much better!! Thank you so much!!
Rahman Jamall
Rahman Jamall:
Riots happen when individuals are disrespected,mistreated,murdered
Kevin Canete
Kevin Canete:
The important history everyone should first learn before going to a pride parade.
as a bisexual person i owe these brave fighters my whole life and i hope that i can make enough difference that 50 years later LGBTQ+ community does not have to suffer
Tudor Miller
Tudor Miller:
After watching this video, I'm still wondering why people in Boston MA, want to hold a Straight Pride Parade ? Do straight people feel oppressed in 2019, like the LGBTQ+ community did in 1969, and still do in 2019 ?
Wayne Feller
Wayne Feller:
I am amazed by all the positive and inclusive comments on this thread! I know bigots are still out there. Bit what joy that most people here recognize the need for liberty and equality for all.
When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes a Duty. ✊
To anyone saying the riots going on are stupid. Remember this, remember the civil rights riots. Stop choosing to be ignorant
Gdess 2001
Gdess 2001:
Marsha P. Johnson? You didn't even mention her at all. That's like talking about the Civil Rights Movement and not bothering to mention Martin Luther King Jr. Come on History Channel what's up with that?
javier guzman
javier guzman:
Maybe riots do accomplish things...
Thank you for educating me. I got chills.
AJ Leary
AJ Leary:
Huh...just realized I'm watching this on June 28
googlee docs
googlee docs:
This is the first time I’ve ever heard about this and I’m graduating in 11 days
Aly V
Aly V:
May we forever remember those who had to hide in the closet for who they are. May we all continue moving forward
Jen Lightwood
Jen Lightwood:
and my family complain that the LGBT+ community have a whole month to celebrate. It's certainly worth celebrating after what we have been through throughout history.
Hakoh Bangz
Hakoh Bangz:
And some people just keep on bashing why Pride Month is celebrated. Duhhhhh...
Layla Blanco
Layla Blanco:
June 28th is my bday I'm so proud to be born on that day!!!
Daniel Webber
Daniel Webber:
Thank you my brave brothers and sisters!
Hey Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hey:
Funny how unjust treatment by the cops caused them to become bolder
The only type of American history I care about ☺️
Mike Mariano Flores
Mike Mariano Flores:
I'm here to celebrate our Pride Month 2020. Much love from the Philippines!
Stephen Pereira
Stephen Pereira:
Stonewall may have bought the community together and fight for equality but it was not the first. The cafe Compton’s in San Francisco three years early, as just one example.
We may be in quarantine, but it wont stop us from celebrating! HAPPY PRIDE MONTH YALL ❤💅
This video should be shown to every LGBT person who says the BLM riots are not valid and shouldn’t happen.
Happy Pride 2020 everyone! <3
Donald Lusk
Donald Lusk:
They pushed pride month in our state to September because of the virus.
Thank you to the original crusaders. Everyone needs to honor their bravery, and young people need to be aware of how, why, and where things began to change and are today much better while still certainly not perfect. We all benefit from what they started. Of course, can still be fired from a job, be denied housing or accommodations, and no federal law protecting rights. Come a long way baby, but haven't crossed the finish line yet. Be loud, be proud, and live your truth. So glad you "winged" that shoe honey at that police officer. You go girl! To think people minding their own business being harassed like that just because they can be. Even today, those who have served their country (UNLIKE THE CURRENT PRESIDENT) can be denied their right to serve and benefits. More than shameful, almost as shameful as Mike Pence.
Xinlock •
Xinlock •:
The day we stop marching is the day the love is expected around the world.
tina pedirn
tina pedirn:
The book Stone Butch Blues really opened my eyes to these injustices
Ally Flogio
Ally Flogio:
I got goosebumps. I can't imagine the feeling of how it feels like to be there.. This is amazing! ♥️
I am just learning about this meanwhile 2020 Race riots are happening
Jayme Brown
Jayme Brown:
Yes, Pride Month would have been a good day to show a video or YT video in class for a history lesson. this would have been a good video for education purpose.
Connor McLernon
Connor McLernon:
Prior to doing research on my birthday, I had no idea that my birthday coincided with the Stonewall Riots though I was born a couple decades after it happened.
sir kenneth
sir kenneth:
anyone else here for homework?
It’s depressing that this isn’t taught in school. I never learned this in high school despite it happening 50 years ago, but I learned about 9/11 and the Great Recession etc etc. I get those events are important but they had 50 years to make stonewall part of the curriculum
Euphoria .a
Euphoria .a:
I'm really glad I am getting taught this in my history class:)
Jordan Branch
Jordan Branch:
Let us do the same thing for police brutality.
Sebastian A
Sebastian A:
0:29 yo, shout out to Illinois
GTPR Muffin
GTPR Muffin:
Now notice how the riots worked🤭 and they’re the reason we have the rights we have❤️
why didn’t y’all speak about the REAL QUEEN MARTHA P JOHNSON?
Sometimes violence is the only recourse there is against oppression and thus it becomes a legitimate expression in the social struggle for denounce such methods is to be a collaborator in the oppression
Rahman Jamall
Rahman Jamall:
There aren't any laws protecting two spirited individuals like myself and I will be damned if I make a fool of myself and wind up in jail or murdered
Okay this is kinda off topic but at 0:53 the guy to the right of the person in a hat low key be looking like Tom Holland...
Can you please add captions to this video? I want to use it for a training I am doing and I like to ensure everyone can understand what they are saying, Thanks!
She was the start of the movement! A true hero! A Black Trans Woman! Teach History right, History Channel!
These are the OJ SJWs. Today, they would be called Social Justice Warriors. They would be accused of hating "free speech" today and attacked by "skeptics" like Milo Yiannaopplous. The Right would call them "snowflakes". :Look up how college students "no platformed" neonazi George Lincoln Rockwell in the 60s.
Bi Gugly
Bi Gugly:
We are rioting again from black equality and the corrupt system !!!
Everest DeMontebello
Everest DeMontebello:
thank you for this. It helped me write a paper. :)
Richard MacLean
Richard MacLean:
God Bless my Late Husband 💔
working title fnfnchdhsnansx
working title fnfnchdhsnansx:
A very important moment in history. I wish we could learn about LGBTQ+ history in school, so people really understand how homophobia has impacted our community, and how it still does.
Jolyne KuJo
Jolyne KuJo:
This should be taught in schools
Barbara Boros
Barbara Boros:
One can only push a group so far before anger takes over. NOW we can talk peacefully because everyone knows this group will no longer be pushed around! 🏳️‍🌈🦋
Michael Scott
Michael Scott:
3:00 nice T-shirt
Ahmed Faraz
Ahmed Faraz:
Hugs from India to the bravehearts who made all this happen!!!

सिमलैंगिक अधिकार मानव अधिकार हैं 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Mason MM
Mason MM:
This is the most pride filled and homophobic comment section 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈
Rahman Jamall
Rahman Jamall:
StoneWall Riots that was our MARCH on Washington
There should be a musical about this, if there was one about Alexander Hamilton there should be one about us to. I also asked my parents if there were any other riots besides the ones about innocent people of color being beaten up or killed, and they said no. I mean, how could they not know about this? They were born in the 60s.
Jolyne KuJo
Jolyne KuJo:
It may have been violent, but it was what the world needed, that violence is one of the fee I can accept.
Thank you for the people who sacrificed for this cause so that our voices can be heard. Happy Pride :)
Daniel Otte
Daniel Otte:
Monica Star
Monica Star:
Thank you to all those who battled for our rights today !
Roy Tabet - LeTRoy
Roy Tabet - LeTRoy:
🌈 😍🏳️‍🌈❤️❤️❤️HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYONE OUT THERE ❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈May God Protect the LGBT Community! 🙏🏼
Lily G
Lily G:
who else came here from
Ryan Schwartz...
Josey Bonnie
Josey Bonnie:
Why can't we learn this in history lessons??
Yung CashRegister
Yung CashRegister:
Happy Pride Month 2020!
Love going to stonewall!! Best vibe, chill spot ever.
Rahman Jamall
Rahman Jamall:
read about it in detail video to short
Its nice this Inn is still around.most of the important places in NYC are gone now.
Othniel McClinic
Othniel McClinic:
No mention of Marsha...
Emily Hancock
Emily Hancock:
This is very applicable right now...
don't forget about the black trans woman who threw the first glass during these riots
Alien Attack
Alien Attack:
It's almost been 50 years since stonewall y'all I'm so proud of our community 💕💕
Sergio Garcia
Sergio Garcia:
Anybody else came here expecting aliens?
Kelvin Mutisya
Kelvin Mutisya:
What's the name of the narrator?
Kelvin Mutisya
Kelvin Mutisya:
What's the name of the narrator?
Whale Cat
Whale Cat:
Still think there should be straight pride?
Private Privare
Private Privare:
Gareth Williams MURDER
Tef Poe
Tef Poe:
*Stonewall Uprising
Arbe Bitbit
Arbe Bitbit:
Send this to Derrick Barry
Mackenzie Mae
Mackenzie Mae:
Thanks for this video, I've never learned about the Stonewall Riots before.
Peter Phelps
Peter Phelps:
This is a great summary of the riots! Well done! One little bit that I read somewhere a lonnnng time ago was that prior to the riots the police would raid the bar by appointment, so that the patrons who did not want to be arrested and have their names and photos put in the paper would be able to avoid the bar that night. I wish I could remember where I read that, but it was definitely before the internet, so it must be true! ;-D
I always search for stonewall008 and this fkin video comes up :/
Lars Honeytoast
Lars Honeytoast:
Don’t forget stonewall club was owned by the mob and was racial segregated
You don’t mentioned the black trans women that started resisting the police violence that day...
Jesus Navarro
Jesus Navarro:
Grateful for everything people did for our freedom 🥰
Rudie Obias
Rudie Obias:
It's crazy that this happened in New York City.
Ethan Trenaman
Ethan Trenaman:
I think the violent riots don’t seem very bad compared to what the LGBTQ community went through. And them setting the bar on fire with police inside seemed like the logical thing to do to people who literally were trying to erase you. Karma gets everyone eventually.
Bratz Lip Logical
Bratz Lip Logical:
The American
The American:
Nice favors
Rahman Jamall
Rahman Jamall:
I'm hurt
Graci Grapefruit
Graci Grapefruit:
Ahhh happy pride everyone
Logan Repasky
Logan Repasky:
The easy solution is to amend the constitution to make exceptions to free speech so that things like homophobia and transphobia aren’t protected.

If there is a consequence to the bigots for their worldview, they will stop having their worldview because they will fear the consequence, the consequence in question being death, of course.

Enabling bigotry and letting people live even if they are homophobic is part of the problem.
stonewall riots marked the beginning of LGBT equality. If it wasent for stonewall, i dont think lgbt would be legal in the US or else where.
Sam Bradley
Sam Bradley:
50 years ago on June 28, 1969, the burgeoning LGBTQ fought against the oppression & the police brutality that they faced(& sometimes still face), it sparked the LGBTQ liberation movement, it was one of the struggles of the 1960s. Along with the struggles for Blacks, women, Latinos, etc, the struggle for the LGBTQ community was a watershed mark of the 1960s.The marginalized people were following the example of oppressed 3d world peoples who fought for their liberation against Colonialism & Imperialism. ✊✌
Homophobes what do u hav to say
77 62
77 62: