How Tom Cruise Pulled Off 8 Amazing Stunts | Movies Insider

Tom Cruise is perhaps most famous for doing almost all of his own stunts, which have intensified throughout his career. In the "Mission: Impossible" franchise, he climbed part of a 2,000-foot cliff in "Mission: Impossible 2" and then climbed 1,700 feet up the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, in "Ghost Protocol." In "Rogue Nation," Cruise did not one, but two dangerous stunts. First, he hung off the side of a plane that took him up 1,000 feet in the air. He then had to hold his breath underwater for about six minutes, a stunt that required military-style preparation. In "Fallout," he jumped 25,000 feet out of a plane and filmed a helicopter stunt that required him to get 2,000 hours of training and learn how to do a 360-degree corkscrew dive. Outside the "Mission" franchise, he filmed a scene on a real zero-gravity plane instead of a soundstage in "The Mummy" and learned how to do action in an 85-pound suit in "Edge of Tomorrow." He is soon set to return to one of his most iconic roles in "Top Gun: Maverick."

“The Mummy” Is Now Available On Demand.

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How Tom Cruise Pulled Off 8 Amazing Stunts | Movies Insider

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100+ comentarios:

Hobbit Stomper
Hobbit Stomper:
The real reason Elon Musk created SpaceX is so that Tom Cruise can film The Martian 2 on Mars.
Terrarian Gamer
Terrarian Gamer:
now I'm starting to wonder if mission impossible is just based of tom cruise's life experiences
Elon Musk Zone
Elon Musk Zone:
Directors must hate him. The amount of extra money he must cost the production.

Director: Hey Tom we need a scene where you jump out of a plane. Let’s prep by the green screen.
Tom: I’ve got a better idea.
Director: For fucks sake.
Nahian Karim Khan
Nahian Karim Khan:
Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise are living Legends!!!
Nymgmhb A
Nymgmhb A:
Wow Tom Cruise does his own stunts

Jackie Chan: how cute
The Burj Khalifa stunt was just insane. No other actor would have done that.
2 years from now Tom cruise will be able to lift a fricking military tank
JJ long
JJ long:
I think Tom has driven every vehicle imaginable...
Tom Cruise doesn't act, Tom Cruise does. If you told dude his next role was as a NASA astronaut, Tom would fly the rocket himself.
You know who experience the most extreme experiences after Tom Cruise? The camera man
Brenden Stahl
Brenden Stahl:
KeRon Morey Jr
KeRon Morey Jr:
Everybody gangsta till Tom stars in a movie about the earth being destroyed and he does it for real.
The Demigod
The Demigod:
Tom Cruise and Christopher Nolan would probably make the movie with the least amount of special effects, possibly none
AA-VFX Motion Backgrounds
AA-VFX Motion Backgrounds:
*He's the man!* 🤯
Moulik Raj
Moulik Raj:
I thinkcruise must be the safest man in the world as he knows how to fly a heli, can fly a jet plane,Can hold breath for very long, can jump from a great height and climb anywhere.
fraz waraich
fraz waraich:
Love him or hate him. He gives his 100%. Last of the 90's action heroes still coming up with good action.
The word “impossible” is embarrassed because it knows that with Tom Cruise, anything is possible.
sangeeth kaloor
sangeeth kaloor:
Now let's just wait to hear that he operated a space shuttle in the space by himself.
Joe Banter
Joe Banter:
“Wasn’t happy til he did the take 8 times.” Nah stupid, he was happy with the first, he just realized how fun it was to hang on to the side of an airplane.
Daniel Davidson
Daniel Davidson:
Doesn't anyone thinking of the cameraman especially on the MI:fallout (8:40)the man is just stabilizing his throughout the fall to get the perfect capture of the character
Hats off man
Aarav Gaming channel
Aarav Gaming channel:
“Sequence was wrapped after a whopping *64* takes”

Me: How about a stack of takes
Kofi Skingley
Kofi Skingley:
“Cruise is always finding ways to top himself”

British: poor choice of words
Caden The glitchgamer
Caden The glitchgamer:
Wow, and I can’t even get out of bed without feeling a goddamn cramp in my foot
Movies R Awesome
Movies R Awesome:
It's funny that every mission impossible was actually possible
When Tom Cruise turned 18, his parents are the ones who moved out
2 honest 4 my own good
2 honest 4 my own good:
He's one of the very few actors that does his own stunts!!!! Rarely use green screen.
Your Average Cat
Your Average Cat:
Directors: Want to do the act's on a green screen?
Tom Cruise: NO!

Directors: So you actually wanna do the stunts?
Tom Cruise: "yes"
Mo Samuels
Mo Samuels:
I once tripped Tom with a cable on the set of the mummy - sorry tom xx
letsall getalong
letsall getalong:
He might be a bit weird but you got to hand it to the guy he willing to do the most dangerous stunts for his art, fair play to him!
Random Thougts
Random Thougts:

My Bone when I get up : 5:03
Swifty Dynasty
Swifty Dynasty:
We should appreciate the cameraman who jumped with tom cruise
I have respect for him to be doing all these practical effects instead of relying entirely off cgi
Mahbub Memories
Mahbub Memories:
The quote "Thanks to the cameraman who risked his life to get the shot" is perfectly true for Tom Cruise's movie.
Edge Lord
Edge Lord:
The actor and the camera man at the same time🤯
SZN_sp_ec_tr _
SZN_sp_ec_tr _:
This man will never die😳
SuiSui Gaming Channel
SuiSui Gaming Channel:
Imagine you were his cameraman who forgot to turn on camera while filming him.
Ezekiel Butterscotch
Ezekiel Butterscotch:
Tom Cruise could do any stunt in the world, but he really earned my respect in Magnolia. Holy shit was he good in that.
Praneel Ramanan - Photography, Editing and Travel
Praneel Ramanan - Photography, Editing and Travel:
He is just living his best
fun fact : he loves his stunts so much that he keeps smiling while doing some stuff and scenes get ruined because the character should not be enjoying that lol

Imagine after scaling Mount Everest they are just like whoops wasn't recording lol
iTs Messiah
iTs Messiah:
Actually he doesn't just play the character he actually live the character.. great dedicated man
Jojo Galit
Jojo Galit:
Tom Cruise is the real Jacky Chan of the Hollywood. But in my opinion I think he did more crazy stunts than Jacky Chan.
Grampa what did you do for work?
Cruise: well I hung off a plane, climbed a wall and flew a jet
Did you know New Zealand was the only country that would let them film the helicopter scene YAY NZ
Uday Chougale
Uday Chougale:
Doing those stunts for real even with some safety measures is just freakin insane...
8 takes hanging off a aircraft???
64 takes in zero gravity????
Wearing a 130 pounds suit???
2000hrs flying hours to do it for real for a movie scene is INSANE dedication to his work..
Jeremiah Godard
Jeremiah Godard:
Him falling down the building a little, that takes guts oof
Niklas Bucher
Niklas Bucher:
What I learned in this video: Tom Cruise is basically Ethan Hunt in real life.
Somnath Chakravarty
Somnath Chakravarty:
He became more daring with his stunts as he goes older.
natalia sanchez
natalia sanchez:
I can't even navigate to a mall without my legs getting tired quickly
Vincent Menard
Vincent Menard:
Tom cruise be like: you know, i like to put myself in danger in the name cinema

Édit, nobody talk about how the cast need to film all of his stunts
D L:
My Favourite Tom Cruise stunt is yet to come... Now that we all know he is upping the game with every movie, ranking his stunts becomes a Mission Impossible.
Everyone talks about Tom Cruise's stunts, but nobody talks about the cameraman.
If you meet him, never, I mean NEVER, really, NEVER ask him about ANYTHING related to ANY MOVIE !!! You'll end listening a 2 hour, more-detailed-than-production-itself talk about how they managed to shoot something... :) That's how passionate he's about making movies... :)
B Storm
B Storm:
Tho he may be crazy in his personal life, no one can deny how badass of an actor he is.
Chiranjeeb Ojha
Chiranjeeb Ojha:
He's the most daring and brave actor of all time
I really admire action actors doing their own stunts like Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan 👌❤️
Elias Gonzalez
Elias Gonzalez:
If Tom cruise was ever to appear in a Star Wars movie , he would probably study one year of physics and develop an actual space ship and fly it and find tatooine
Brandon Bomer
Brandon Bomer:
Bro this man could legit be a CIA agent or something I mean he’s literally practiced multiple skills. Sure he wouldn’t mind training further my god😭😭
No wonder why he’s one of the best actors ever.
Khalil G
Khalil G:
Mad respect for not using a stunt double and actually doing his own takes, whether you like the guy or not, you gotta admire his passion.
When i was a kid I thought everything that we see in movies are real but when I grew up more, I started to realise most of it is visual effects but this video changes everything
It’s just kind of funny to me to see that there was a second camera man jumping out to get the footage of the first camera man jumping out to get the footage of tom cruise
Lesson learned: Don't believe everything you see and hear.
Irwan Santoso
Irwan Santoso:
He lives life to the fullest
Tom Hunter
Tom Hunter:
He is the greatest actor. He is not made a bad movie. He’s an amazing human being. Absolute and complete and total respect
Levi Bailey
Levi Bailey:
Cruise just wanted to hang off the airplane more then once 😂
Dilan h
Dilan h:
Imagine Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise doing a movie together ❤
Simon S.
Simon S.:
Now I feel like watching his movies just because of the things he have been through.
So that's why the movies are called "Mission Impossible" because he did stunts that really are almost impossible to do
Micah Can't
Micah Can't:
Now Cruise is starring in the first ever film shot in space... No joke
Robert Jones
Robert Jones:
Quality Act ....
Not just an actor
Number 1
DontPressOnMyProfile Pic
DontPressOnMyProfile Pic:
Tom cruise might single handedly be one of the most dedicated actors i know
Marty Trimmer
Marty Trimmer:
My favorite and imo the craziest tom cruise stunt was when he pretended to like women.
Lil Hxxdache
Lil Hxxdache:
I think the cameraman deserves more attention😂
Darrin Nunyah
Darrin Nunyah:
Xenu would be very unhappy if he saw how TC was taking risks.
Yep, it was actually Tom sliding on the floor in his underpants in Risky Business.
Imagine if the cameraman forgot to record the whole scene
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake:
Elon better watch out because I'm fairly certain Tom's going to demand that he be allowed to pilot the Dragon capsule and do an EVA.
Adit Magotra
Adit Magotra:
His acting seems so good coz he is not acting
5th Republic
5th Republic:
Cruise: Yea we’re going to do it again
the girl: oh no not again
Bea Toralba
Bea Toralba:
Imagine being compared to Tom Cruise and being offended about it......
Soumya ranjan Sahoo
Soumya ranjan Sahoo:
This tells me, what I am doing here in office cubicle damn! His profession is the way to explore human potential to the most. Insane actor. Imagine his grand grand children will have never ending stories..
Zijarvuige Keehl
Zijarvuige Keehl:
He's the best actor who ever live!
Shayan Asim
Shayan Asim:
His work ethic is phenomenal
Massive respect for this man for at making the things we see somewhat real
Moe F
Moe F:
This guy is immortal. I watched his movies as a kid now I looked older than him!
New Blu
New Blu:
Oh god Imagine if Tom Cruise and Michael Bay did a movie together. There would be so much explosions, running, and crazy stunts.
StoffiePlayzz !
StoffiePlayzz !:
Know Thyself
Know Thyself:
Tom Cruise singing : how show ya how to stunt 🎵🎶🎵
Adriana yip
Adriana yip:
Movies Insider: How Tom Cruise Pulls Off 8 Amazing Stunts
Me: “Um cause he’s Tom Cruise. Need I say more?”
tom is going to be the first ever guy to actually cross of his bucket list and not on a ficitional movie
sangeeth kaloor
sangeeth kaloor:
The halo stunt🔥
This is a great way to escape the rumours.
Eric Henry
Eric Henry:
I think his best stunt was dancing in his underwear in Risky Business. But that's me.
Konark Gosain
Konark Gosain:
My respects with the cameraman who jumped with him hundred times
Edward Brady
Edward Brady:
This guy is unbelievable and worth every dollar he makes!
Jaymes Villafuerte
Jaymes Villafuerte:
Jackie chan: Finally a worthy opponent!!

Our battle will be legendary!!!
Rhons Liner
Rhons Liner:
What can we say? the guy just having fun🙂