I Played Hyper Scape a New Fast Paced FPS

Thanks to Ubisoft for Sponsoring, play Hyper Scape here: https://ubi.li/MXpbt
What is Hyper Scape? From the makers of Rainbow Six: Siege, A new AAA Shooter Battle Royale from Ubisoft that refines the genre with an end game objective and something to do while you're dead. The Hyper Scape Open Beta is live now, with a Battlepass and all that stuff that games tend to have these days.

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Glad to see WarOwl getting sponsors from big companies
Can you do a competitive but with inverted recoil using the command weapon_recoil_scale -1 in your private server?

Like so he sees 👍
Hyperio XD
Hyperio XD:
This game is basically like titanfall 2 without titans on crack
Luke Scott
Luke Scott:
Take a shot every time warowl says “boom headshot”
MALEK001 001
MALEK001 001:
We called Valorant "Counter-Watch: Over Offensive"
Let's call this "Titan legends"
Mackenzie Crowe
Mackenzie Crowe:
Watching the gameplay of this makes me feel like it's an excellently designed arena shooter that was turned into a battle royale game.
Me: Mom can we have boom headshots?

Mom: No. We have headshots at home.

Headshots at home: 6:24
I never thought I'd hear the words "Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam!" right outta WarOwl's mouth. A welcome surprise
Fiery Reaper
Fiery Reaper:
"3 person squad"

Me: its actually called tri-

Apex and hyperscape: how bout no
Danila Yakushev
Danila Yakushev:
Hey Warowl!! You should look into a game called SplitGate: Arena Warfare

It is a free first person shooter, closer to quake than counter strike that allows players to move through portals, just like in the game Portal by valve, thus creating innumerable tactical and strategical opportunities like flanking, creating routes of escape on the go, or catching your enemy off guard by placing a portal behind them, allowing you to shoot them through it.

I think a person like you could find massive amounts of creative uses of this mechanic, and an equal amount of content ;)
IDK Gaming
IDK Gaming:
Based on the graphics it looks like im going to get 10 fps when playing
"Physics man" here: "How do you gain speed, by sliding on a flat surface" - You don't... UNLESS! You might have a propulsion on your back!
Biscuit Physics
Biscuit Physics:
From a physics perspective, I can confirm that sliding on a flat surface looks really cool.
6:35 "uhhh.... none of those were headshots"
This is the transparency we needed in gaming lol.
Angelos Charitos
Angelos Charitos:
This is one of the games that I can't understand what's happening on screen a title proudly held by overwatch for me
The Lunex
The Lunex:
Me: This looks fun!
Also Me: I probably won't touch it.
This might be out of the blue man. but I just want to appreciate your existence in this community, I cannot imagine youtube without warowl. I've been watching you for almost 6 years and I've never regretted the countless hours of watching you. You helped me so much in becoming a better player. The one thing you've taught that I will never forget is that there will always be another game and it only depends on me If I quit or become a champion. Your tutorials helped and your goofy personality made me tuned in for 6 years. You're an S tier in my heart. I hope you read this cause YOU mean a lot to me. I am not going to tell my life story but watching you is one of my ways in coping sadness and depression. You never fail to make me smile and I mean it. I just wanted to say "Thank you, Warowl".
when i see ubisoft, i become soft :(
4:00 WarOwl the physics man!
"How does sliding give you movement speed?"
Phantom Forces players: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that
Jöööns MO
Jöööns MO:
when I saw the trailer I tough "anouther br game..." but actually its has some really good ideas
MaxFu 2007
MaxFu 2007:
Seems like a nice game. Fun with variety, fun movement, fun weapons and fun in the layout. Maybe good mods (?)
What about Competitive but everything is twice as expensive?
n8 bayonet
n8 bayonet:
Glad to see war owl playing the new call of duty game and for once actually enjoying it.
3:00 the music is

"LORN - Anvil"

Thank me later boys
Not so Friendly Neighbour
Not so Friendly Neighbour:
I have no idea what is going on in this game , people flying around everywhere , lights an effects everywhere , guns don't do damage only thing I will say is map design looks very good
damn the movement in this game is really smooth
4:03 Why does he have 3 outlets on the same wall?
Tushan Pawar
Tushan Pawar:
You should do a “warweek” where you upload constantly for a week
"BOOM HEADSHOT" - WarOwl 2020
Vitor Czigler
Vitor Czigler:
this game looks really good actually, in fact, it's a surprise to see a good game coming from ubisoft
lets just wait and see how ubisoft is gonna monetise it
Congrats on the sponsor WarOwl! And nice job making an entertaining video out of it as well
4:00 😂😂 Obviously you cant slide on carpet
5 seconds in an WarOwl has already discovered how broken the crown can be
Infarlock 159
Infarlock 159:
Didn't know there's a combine citadel in that city
דניאל שכטמן
דניאל שכטמן:
When the time will come when I'll see a closer at the end of the video? i hope we will never know
ganesh indusekar
ganesh indusekar:
"None of them were headshots" 😂😂😂😂😂 lmao
pollos x d
pollos x d:
There's just too much stuff going on in this game and it really just makes me uncomfortable.
sees name “Warrenfowler”

they took his name again
Bald man
Bald man:
i remember when i was 6 playing hungry shark by ubisoft and now im playing a high fps game. time flies
Warowl - "Get back on the ceiling"
Also Warowl - *Jumps on the roof*
Rosmida Siahaan
Rosmida Siahaan:
Its just me or WarOwl is Good at Every FPS Game He play
Gotta love some "Lorn - Anvil" playing in the background
Manav Sankaran
Manav Sankaran:
Love the soloq schedule, latest episode was pretty early in warowl standards
Rutvik Panchal
Rutvik Panchal:
5:55 this music reminded me of Halo, ahh the nostalgia...
Lord Mada
Lord Mada:
8:42 for the pleasure of my eyes Brent, for the pleasure of my eyes..
Leomar Castillo
Leomar Castillo:
Warowl: Come on and slam and welcome to the jam
Me, an actual fanboy: AHHHHHH! I love you!
Biboy Reacts
Biboy Reacts:
The intro keeps improving and i like that.
Kugelmagnet Eddie
Kugelmagnet Eddie:
never thought i would see the warowl doing a powerslide on camera! Amazing! :D
Hey Warowl,
I quit CSGO about 2 and a half years ago and I recently came back to the game. I was gold nova 3/4 (not sure) and now i can't seem to get any success at climbing (i'm sivler 4 now). Your old tutorial videos helped me a lot to get back into the game and i've been watching them non stop, but i couldn't find an answer to my questions. How do you deal with people who give up playing after the first 5 rounds? How to "solo" climb? and How to deal with team mates in general, who don't cooperate with the team, don't listen to strats, buy on full saves and don't know what smokes are?
Love you a lot, and thanks.
I'm probably waaay late, but 10 seconds in and i've finally figured out where your unusual gamer name comes from.
4:18 is it just me, or is that a LORN track playing in the background?
cant im one of the first 46 guys to watch this video! i love your content warowl. I got in here when it was 40 seconds uploaded!!!
The gameplay reminds me of flying around with a Tau Cannon in Half-Life DM
Brandon Kelt
Brandon Kelt:
Hearing Lorn -anvil in the background is amazing :)
I realised when warzone came out that the best of the battle royale genre has yet to come. Perhaps this is will be it
Sasha Van der reeth
Sasha Van der reeth:
The second i heard Anvil by Lorn I was completely sold.
Brandon Huber
Brandon Huber:
Yo I've been through AP Physics. Scientifically speaking you would have an "object" falling with the acceleration of earth's gravity. Sliding would inherently give your more newtons of force down on your body... this DOES NOT give you any forward momentum unless your moving on a slope where you can utilize that speed.

No... IT DOES NOT PROPEL YOU FORWARD without other outside forces by the object.
Hyper Scape~ the game where the Negev actually does something~~~
Demopan Gaming
Demopan Gaming:
I love when my favorite YouTuber gets sponsored
hahah, one of your best videos! love the editing
Ognjen Bogicevic
Ognjen Bogicevic:
Heard Lorn - Anvil in the background, can't say i am not amazed by the soundtrack
4:02 *laughs in apex legends*
Ryan Suyer
Ryan Suyer:
That actually tools fun I probably wouldn’t have downloaded if it wasn’t for WarOwl
Suhruth Devraj
Suhruth Devraj:
would love seeing more of this game from warowl!!
still waiting for THE episode of the best series on youtube.
Mazharul 2004
Mazharul 2004:
New battle royale drops
My pc: aight, imma head out
Brett Goosen
Brett Goosen:
WarOwl: Tries to be a physics man. Loses to friction.
Origin Rorschach
Origin Rorschach:
Looks like one of the best BR games yet! I’m with you, it’s refreshing to have a genuinely new experience with a BR game
Jan M
Jan M:
6:12 classic Doom teleport sound
Hunter Forsberg
Hunter Forsberg:
War owl I wish you would upload more because as of a few minutes ago my only other friend of seven years said they didn’t want to talk to be many more and blocked me, so now you’re my best friend, well second only to Jesus
What hyperscape looks like when you're not WarOwl: *You died.*
med K2
med K2:
warowl: how do you gain speed by sliding on a flat surface?
krunker.io players: ...
Can someone persevere the drinking game, when everytime WarOwl says "Boom! Headshot!"? (PS Don't drink hard liquor and slide on carpet, kids **winks**)
Luke Garrett
Luke Garrett:
In the ending, warowl literally became an owl....ow oooooo oooo it burns XD
Games like these give me headaches. I always have to watch from a distance.
Trevor Glisson
Trevor Glisson:
This really reminds me of an arena shooter, which I enjoy that's it not just purely finding good loot and getting lucky.
Furqan Ul Haq
Furqan Ul Haq:
"ooh it burns, why did i do this? "
WarOwl, do you get your inspiration from "cs:go but with X" from hacking videos/youtubers? More than half of the videos u have made like "cs:go but with 3rd person" allready exists in hacked clients
MarkNcheese .B
MarkNcheese .B:
Never been this early. Love the vids Warowl.
Tim F.
Tim F.:
Just heard about it, downloaded it today and just saw this video. He read my mind with perfect entertaining content
Julien Cousineau
Julien Cousineau:
Do you remember your new years resolution....

It was to finish solo queue to global.

Cool game tho.
He got sponsored by Ubisoft because Ubisoft thaught because of his epic voice we'll be in profit
Sam Mehr
Sam Mehr:
Really love the quality of this video!
This is definitely my favourite br game.
Thomas Preston
Thomas Preston:
I wanted to add - I watched a bit of this on twitch and was admittedly uninterested. After seeing your video I am going to download it and give it a try myself. Thanks mate
Royplays Games
Royplays Games:
He looked happy , that made me happy ngl
what’s going on man where’s the comma between hyper scape and a
Clovers Ace
Clovers Ace:
@4:00 my dog when i come home
The grenade launcher reminds me of the softball lol
Alexandre Pires
Alexandre Pires:
Everyone: Nice Game

Me: The map takes place in Paris?
That Wanker
That Wanker:
Hey warowl, do titanfall 2 it has similar movement to hyperscape but it's on the source engine. It does have a progression system but it's not like cod. You can unlock weapons with in game credits that can't even be bought they have to be earned and the weapon balance if anything is favoured towards the starter weapons. I know he has knew videos to comment this on but this is the most relevant video.
Man I watched like 4 videos on this and only yours made me download the game:D
no pls
no pls:
This was great. I didn't mind that it was sponsored, since it was still really well done
THE BALL STRAT WORKED!! The WarOwl reactions are priceless. 🦉
Me watching the video: Wow this looks like a really fun game!
My potato pc: *n o*
Ryan O'Boyle
Ryan O'Boyle:
If anyone's wondering, the song playing in the background is by the artist "Lorn"
3:53 The same way you run faster while holding a knife..... GAME LOGIC
yaqeen 3756
yaqeen 3756:
3:58 thanks now i get it