Idris Elba - Live from Amsterdam (Heineken powered by Defected)

Heineken & UEFA Presents The Opening Party Powered By Defected | Playlist available here:

1. Brokenears - The Game
2. Idris Elba – Make It Bump
3. Felix Leiter & Ben Rainey – Good Times

4. Heller & Farley Project- Ultra Flava (David Penn Extended Remix)
5. ID-ID
6. ATFC – No Words (KPD Remix)
7. Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto -3am (Low Steppa Remix)
8. Idris Elba & Inner City - No More
9. David Glass – In My Heart (Original Mix)
10. Supernova Feat. Marley Munroe - Can’t Stand It (Extended Mix)
11. Darius Syrossian – Come On Come On (Extended Mix)
12. 2 Sides Of Soul – Strong
13. ID-ID
14. Ace2Ace & Agent Greg – I Want U
15. DAVIE – Testify (KDA Remix)
16. ID-ID
17. Idris Elba Feat. Shadow Boxxer – Girl With The Bat
18. Adamski & Seal - Killer (Made By Pete Re-Rub)

High Scream


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100+ comentarios:

According to Idris' skills list, Idris probably piloted his plane to the city, drove to the venue in his race car, DJ'd this set, then teleported back to Asgard.
I bet When Idris throws a party he builds the venue, cooks the food, produces the beats that he DJs and hosts the guest.
Raul Monreal
Raul Monreal:
Idris Elba? Are you kidding me? Best House mix I've heard in years. Raise the roof my friend!
Survived another day of corporate blight and a dementia-laden mother, stumbled into this while sitting in a dark room trying to catch my breath. Straight fire for my life, Ildris. Your light energizes me in only the very best of ways, cheers!
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson:
OMFG! Is there anything this man doesn’t do perfectly? This set is amazing!!! And that’s coming from a fairly critical old school Chicago House Head! Much Love Brother! You are killing it!!!
Straight fire. Not enough people know this guy is a wicked DJ.
Benjamin Curtis Daniels
Benjamin Curtis Daniels:
Playing a set like this is tantamount to admitting that you had a few 'late ones' back in the day...and quite possibly all that goes with it. Skills Idris 😉
Idris Elba is seriously too cool to play Bond. Imagine Bond DJ’ing.
That was my first time with Idris music, and I'M BLOWN AWAY!!!! I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS TO BE THIS GOOD!!!!!
Props to Idris, absolutely. But whoever designed the tv set display gets just as much credit in my book.
Echoes in May
Echoes in May:
Amazing production and choice of tracks. Man I wish DJs in my local clubs would play this!
Fermin Garcia Huizi
Fermin Garcia Huizi:
I just saw a a couple of weeks ago a series in Netflix with him as a dj, never in a million years I would have thought this great actor loved dj'ng! Spot on mate!!!
Abdul Halabi
Abdul Halabi:
for all my House loving Brothers and Sisters......the name "Idris" is the Arabic name of the Prophet found in the Quran.The name literally translated is 'The Interpretor', with the attributes of studiousness,intelligence with an innate ability to learn new skills which in any language describes Our Brother on The Decks!! Love your work brother Idris!! love from Aus ...
Awake Not Woke
Awake Not Woke:
One of the best sets I’ve ever heard. In my entire life.
WatchTheDJ Highlights
WatchTheDJ Highlights:
01. 0:00 Brokenears - The Game [DVINE SOUNDS]
02. 2:35 Idris Elba - Make It Bump [7WALLACE]
03. 5:45 Felix Leiter & Ben Rainey - Good Times [WH0 PLAYS]
04. 10:10 Heller 'N' Farley Project - Ultra Flava (David Penn Remix) [DEFECTED]
05. 14:00 ID - ID
06. 18:25 ATFC - No Words (KPD Remix) [FREAKIN909]
07. 22:43 Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto - 3am [DEFECTED]
08. 26:50 Inner City & Idris Elba - No More
09. 30:00 David Glass - In My Heart [UNDER NO ILLUSION]
10. 32:30 Supernova ft. Marley Munroe - Can't Stand It [DEFECTED]
11. 35:15 Darius Syrossian - Come On Come On [DEFECTED]
12. 37:57 2 Sides Of Soul - Strong [CLAPS]
13. 41:46 ID - ID
14. 44:25 Ace2Ace & Agent Greg - I Want U [SOSUMI (FREE)]
15. 50:04 Davie - Testify (KDA Remix) [DEFECTED]
16. 53:45 Kenny Dope pres. The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) [HENRY STREET]
17. 55:50 Idris Elba ft. Shadow Boxxer - Girl With The Bat [7WALLACE]
18. 58:52 Adamski ft. Seal - Killer (Made By Pete Re-Rub) [MCA]
Maria Kitsou
Maria Kitsou:
Omg Never have I ever expected from him to be such a good DJ!!!! Go Idris!!!🎧
Leeann Bagshaw
Leeann Bagshaw:
I love your energy & commitment to rythem, your so talented, this lifts me to want to dance all the time.
alexander zapatier
alexander zapatier:
Powerful and energizing set. Thankful I came across this gem.
Grant Curran
Grant Curran:
One of the best sets I’ve ever heard unbelievable
Nick Enchev
Nick Enchev:
He must still have covid cause these tracks are siiick!
Free Vortex2200
Free Vortex2200:
This set is pure fire man, this got us proper in the West Indies as well
Alexandria Stephanie Persaud
Alexandria Stephanie Persaud:
This made its way into my top 5 DJ sets ever now!! Wow!!! Mr. Idris Alba is incredible!!
Live mixing, gotta love it, he's a legend. He definitely needs to the next bond
Some of the best house (original house, real house) I've heard in a long time. Not the best. But the very best in years I've heard ;). Pretty much the essence of how I remember it from the 90's.
He is also a producer. He has got that great late 90's deep house sound.
Boba Bola
Boba Bola:
As a DJ myself i have to say I'm impressed! Ofc the transitions aren't perfect but considering he isn't a full time DJ this is fucking impressive.
Allen Wolff
Allen Wolff:
After the rough transition from the first track to the second, it was a daaaaaamn fine set!
Ainsley Harriott
Ainsley Harriott:
Keep coming back to this now and then. What a set. Looking forward to his next ones. There’s not a dull moment in this.
Linio Oliveira
Linio Oliveira:
Idris Elba é SENSACIONAL!!!!!!!!!
Bogdan Jovanovic
Bogdan Jovanovic:
Idraman is a type of man who has and did tried everything he found interesting without doubt and fear....respect
oliviermasis77 Masis
oliviermasis77 Masis:
Amo este tipo de música es mi favorita.
i've listened to this too many times
i still love it
Muito bom poder curtir um chat de House music
Debbie George
Debbie George:
Yet another talent, is there anything this man can't do. 🔥🎶
HammiTime 09
HammiTime 09:
Idris is just a machine! Great set!
Andreas Christofi
Andreas Christofi:
Imagine going to the local Amsterdam house club with your buddies to have a drink and lo and behold... Idris Elba on the decks :)
Wanda Rosario Martinez
Wanda Rosario Martinez:
Idris man, love this set, love your energy, vocals, house, tech, hypnotic beatz. bro this set is dope. Todd Terry vibes. Masters At Work . Just good house music. Thank you Peace
Chuffinon Strong
Chuffinon Strong:
He's putting alot of ELBA greese into that set 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥
aldo barreramdq2020
aldo barreramdq2020:
Está mortal !!!! Sonido sublime y a ..... Bailarrrrrrrrrrr🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺👍👍👍👍
John Anita
John Anita:
Hi Idris, I'm your newest fan. Really liked your choices for the set!
Turk Akbay
Turk Akbay:
Idris Elba is the 21st Century “Chuck Norris” All CN impressions goes for him too. Love this set. MORE MORE MORE
Anyone trying to knock his skills during a live set or some other bullshit to say trying to knock him down to lift you up... In simple words get fucked! Great actor, learning DJ not afraid to share his current skills he's clearly passionate about and can whip your ass in the street. Nice work Idris!
Idris is on fire! I love it!!
Great set, beautiful city. I love Amsterdam.
Good Morning Family!
Good Morning Family!:
DOOOOOOOOOOPE... listening again. Hips cannot stop moving!
We love you Idris, great set ! ❤❤
Cláudio Santos
Cláudio Santos:
Amo este homem!!!!!
Rebecca Balfour
Rebecca Balfour:
OMG, been jumpin in the techno/edm scene for the past 20...TWENTY years and this set is CLUTCH A.F.!!! Has a retro sound that I've missed terribly. Good times at Connection, Play, excess/orbit & Kiss after hours scenes in Nashville many many moons ago.
What can this man NOT do? I feel like every other day I discover yet another talent he has! Amazing human being!
Desiree Vega
Desiree Vega:
I love how you can see the sky changing colors until it gets dark
amazing set btw!
V E:
As a house DJ, I love this set. Personally because I see myself there, the style, the way he’s into’s raw too, it’s not preset, it’s live..he messes up a little, which happens in a live set, has a little train wreck here and there...LOVE IT
D G:
That set deserved to be in an arena!! 👌🏻👌🏻
truptutupta tv
truptutupta tv:
The fact that on top of being uber talented actor, he's also a groovy DJ is one of the most wholesome things ever.
TauVi Wilson
TauVi Wilson:
5 secs in and you know its poppin when the DJ cant help but get in the groove... YOOOOO Idris STOP DOIN EVERYTHING SO WELL!! You makin it hard for no-name Brothas like me.. LOL
GuggleMeNow!!! Unboxing & Indulging
GuggleMeNow!!! Unboxing & Indulging:
Mad props for an old dude getting it on the one's and two's. House was the best in the 90's and he made me love it again with those soulful lady vocals. And he can dance at the same time. Impressive. Plus, I always wondered what that building was when I visited Amsterdam. Sick
Some really classy transistions, reminds me of the magical house sets back in the 90s, where the music was smooth and each track just blended hynoptically into the next, great job!
Daniel Melkonyan
Daniel Melkonyan:
This reminds of Carl Cox's sets. Did not expect this from Idris Elba, literally clicked to see if it's the same person i was thinking of... Well done.
M J:
If only we could get back to dancing and having fun again… Thanks Idris for the great music! Will be using this to jam to for sure!🙋🏽‍♀️
Leadership is a Philosophy
Leadership is a Philosophy:
Amazing set, from about 28:30 to 35:50 is sublime..
Sujin Lee
Sujin Lee:
I love it. It's not hardcore, it's a melodic, groovy, easy-going but dope mix!
José Paiva
José Paiva:
EXCELENTE 👍 👍 🔝 🔝 👏 👏
Jonathan Young
Jonathan Young:
Can we all argree his work ethic is probably the best I’ve ever seen it buy along shot the drive on this man is like no other , the world is this man’s play ground. Game recognise game keep doing you Idris
Ryan Solomon
Ryan Solomon:
How can one man have so much talents. Enjoyed every moment of this.
Neil Edwards
Neil Edwards:
Fair play to him, pretty decent mixing, and awesome set selection....
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
Both the Bouncer and the DJ, no wonder Asgard's Nightlife is lit.
Dude is jamming it………👊🏻😊💯
Diggin' the fact that Idris is doing this. Mixing could use some improvement, but good track selection and a quality set overall!
Riz Q
Riz Q:
He never fails to impress!
Noel Lachaume
Noel Lachaume:
Nothing is impossible for Idris! He can wear any hat, all he does is talent!
Fabianne Deacon
Fabianne Deacon:
This mix is super classy and the quality of sound is crazy.
juan carlos orostica
juan carlos orostica:
Muy bueno, te felicito... un saludos desde Chile (Sudamérica)
José Paiva
José Paiva:
Muito bom 👍👍👏👏👏
rockit man72
rockit man72:
Class stuff, love the retro house/vocal❤👍
Peter Doherty
Peter Doherty:
This set bangs hard 🙌
“Welcome to Asgard”
*Drops an hour of straight heat*
“Okay, now let me show you around”
Camilo Ospina Espinosa
Camilo Ospina Espinosa:
When Idris Elba plays, they can hear his music in Asgard.
Sodarath 🕊
Sodarath 🕊:
Damn is there anything this man couldn’t do. He’s just eff-ing PERFECT!!
Open-Edit Systems
Open-Edit Systems:
A little bit of house never hurt anyone. Drink it!
Ally Renee Penny
Ally Renee Penny:
Love this Sound 🔊🔊🎶🎵🎶👌👯💃
Amazing this set 👌
Don't get me wrong Idris Elba is an amazing actor but when it comes to his DJing? Also amazing.
Its easy to forget that Idris is a DJ... a top tier one
Cassandra Batson
Cassandra Batson:
Love It💃🏽❤️‍🔥
Love that music from 5:30 til 10:00❤️
daniel Goad
daniel Goad:
Watching his enjoyment and hype for this is so entertaining and wholesome
Marco Pineda
Marco Pineda:
He beat out other actors for his roles, beat covid-19 and now is beating on these decks!!! What a beast 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Nathanael Robinson
Nathanael Robinson:
This dude really does it all #idriselbaking
Lana Carter
Lana Carter:
This makes me love him even more! Get it Idris! 😍😍😍
UOU!!!! idris elba nos graves hahaha 😎👏
Excelente música 👌 saludos desde Barcelona 🇪🇸😎🤟
Idris Elba without beard looks like a totally different person
Ar Fa
Ar Fa:
Lovely set design! Bravo 👏
Son of Baldur
Son of Baldur:
I can say already, this set will set me up for today
Steven Peach
Steven Peach:
Whoa. This is amazing. There's nothing he can't do well. Also, he is the definition of "cool."
10:09 is when it locked in for me. That's the tech house I know & love!
Ashleigh Covelé
Ashleigh Covelé:
Sick man, sick mix 🔥 🔥 🔥 I played this twice in a row, my body loved every second of it! 😍 took me away to a festival ✨ IDRIS YOU FIRE!!!!
Aaron Armstrong
Aaron Armstrong:
What a stage!! What a mix too
Shannon Duval
Shannon Duval:
Great Actor, great guy, good ear for for quality tracks, just hope he becomes as consistent with his mixing as his acting, especially if he's deciding to do this on a pro level... but, all the best Idris, just remember the "point 8" rule and you can't go wrong 😉 Amazing set btw...
Kevin Drape
Kevin Drape:
What a total belter set by a total superstar absolutely love it big up from canny kev from Newcastle
Benedict Echavez
Benedict Echavez:
Dude can mix better than a lot of "big" DJs I've seen. One once used a prerecorded set at a club I saw him at. smh.

And it was super obvious. He left the stage to go pee (was drinking a lot) and a transition happened while he was gone.