Iga Swiatek vs Anett Kontaveit - Round 3 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Iga Swiatek vs Anett Kontaveit - Round 3 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021
Watch the best moments of the success of Iga Swiatek over Anett Kontaveit in straight sets 7-6 6-0 in the 3rd round.
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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

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100+ comentarios:

I said it before and I'll say it again, Iga is a future legend...and very enthusiastic in the bakery business!
Sapan Singh
Sapan Singh:
Iga’s match is incomplete without a Bagel or Breadstick
Iga is a champion. It isn't how she starts. It's how she finishes.
Hedva Rayna
Hedva Rayna:
The mentality of this girl is amazing. Also, I saw someone calling her the baker just now😂 Seems like bagels and breadsticks are now common occurences with Iga
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones:
Swiatek looks like the champion that Roland Garros needs
Riley Riley
Riley Riley:
I love Swiatek, for the first time since many years I'm excited for a female tennis player. She has such a ferocious focus and her footwork is so good! She's way above other players. So down to earth as well.
Klaus Überhauser
Klaus Überhauser:
This a great example why mentality is so important in tennis. Kontaveit totally collapsed after lost tiebreak
Finally a champion without making a rubber duck sounds when hitting the ball! Beautiful tennis without annoyance of selfishness.
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
She is not afraid to come to the net. She comes from defense into attack in the same breath and notice how many time she goes for it, so to say, in every opportunity. Close to the lines with power and accuracy. And she only has twenty years old. OMG.
Iga has top quality of champion.
Daniel Nowak
Daniel Nowak:
Iga is amazing, her record in the last 10 games in RG in sets is 20:0!!!
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger:
I think iga should run a bakery near RG. She make every opponents hungry.
Barbara Stasiewicz
Barbara Stasiewicz:
I really want the final with Iga and Serena
Anett reached 23 winners and she made 11 unforced errors in that 1st set and it still wasn't enough for Iga Świątek. I think that this tells us a lot... That 2nd set was pure pleasure. Important match for Iga. Last year RG final match in quaterfinal is still possible. Good luck Iga against Kostyuk.
This feels like a legend in the making, just entering her prime.
yuan hu
yuan hu:
Kontaveit actually played very well in set 1.
Dustin Wilson
Dustin Wilson:
Another 6-0 set. A goddess..
Riaz Hassan
Riaz Hassan:
Handing a bagel to someone as good as Kontaveit! Hats off to this feisty young player
Winston Cooper
Winston Cooper:
Iga had some problems at finding her way into the match and Anett was playing her best tennis in the first set, and even that was not enough to win a set against the polish player. This distinguishes Iga from other players such as Sabalenka. Iga increases her mental game from month to month.
Eghosa's Word on Tennis
Eghosa's Word on Tennis:
Swiatek is the new Rafa Nadal of WTA. She will win many Roland Garros titles
kuya sam
kuya sam:
I'm going to name my new bagel store " Iga bagels " !
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
She is really great player every time on court you to be you ever stronger and fantastic play congrats swiatek👏🎾😘
No wonder that Kontaveit collapsed both physically and mentally if she threw all at Iga with 23 winners and 11 UE in 1st set and still lost.
Iga went from 13-11 after 1st set to 21-12 after 2nd.
Świątek is reverse-Sabalenka with her mentality.
Just hoping she improves that serve.
Rambo John
Rambo John:
ladies and gentlemen you are watching future number one
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Iga takes the ball very early, powerful shots and smart play. 🚀🎾Looks like the opponent is slow and off balance most of the time due to Iga's winning strategy. Who is there that can play this fast, powerful and smart? 👀
Kontaveit thought she was going to win the entire match in the 1st set, she spent all of her energy and effort and had zero left in the 2nd. The 2nd set took 22 minutes.
Tomasz Duda
Tomasz Duda:
Swiatek & Gauff. Best future rivalry!
Gabriela Woźniak
Gabriela Woźniak:
pure champion mentality from Iga
Terri S
Terri S:
I would love to see Swiatek vs Kenin again for the Open, and a redo of 2020!!!! Go Swiatek!!
Bart Pickford
Bart Pickford:
I'm eager for her to win again. Go iga!
A real revelation last year plus enjoyed adelaide and Rome wins 👍
Bishal Neer
Bishal Neer:
Iga has become expert in producing bagels!
Good try from Kontaveit, she's one of my favorites, Swiatek is just too much for her or almost anyone for that matter.
Henry Ha
Henry Ha:
Holy shit! Iga is a beast
Lewis Wheeler
Lewis Wheeler:
Kontaveit deserves no shame, but she was playing a VERY special opponent
Swiatek will be the rank 1 in the future, i have no doubts
2 losses with Anett and finally a victory! Good luck in the next round, Iga <3
Swiatek operates a bagel shop as a part time job. She's serving it while playing the match.
Miky Mike
Miky Mike:
Kontaveit peaked too early and Iga showed that she's mentally prepared for situations like this, plus she was much more consistent with her game.
Carlos Andres Castro Medina
Carlos Andres Castro Medina:
Iga vs Kostyuk, two of my new favorites in the WTA, will be a nice match
Out of the current crop of promising young females, I have the most faith in Swiatek to play at a consistently high level for a long time. As talented as they are, Ostapenko and Andreescu just don't have the mentality, and it's too early to tell for Gauff. But Swiatek is incredibly solid and composed: no drama, she just plays, and extremely well. She has the rare combination of being both talented and hard-working, dominant yet humble. In this way, she reminds me a great deal of Henin, whose game I still sorely miss. I'm definitely a fan of Iga's, and am rooting for her to defend her title this year.
Peter Towney
Peter Towney:
Really entertaining with talent and the killer instinct to boot.
Pako Fajer
Pako Fajer:
I'm in awe of Swiątek, Kontaveit had to give her all on the first set and still lost...
Derek S
Derek S:
Swiatek reminds me so much of Justine henin ♡ the power and calculation is off the charts! Shes gonna give alot of these girls a really hard time lol
Jamie Whitney
Jamie Whitney:
throw everything at Iga Swiatek and she will show why Rafa Nadal is her idol, her shots are just like Rafa Shots which is just ridiculous and magnificent to watch! test passed with a huge statement = this is my favourite surface and I will defend my title no matter what Winners you fire towards me!” true grit Iga Swiatek👍😁👍🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪! Vamos Iga!
R Martinez
R Martinez:
Iga is moving around the court is getting faster and stronger.
disk jos
disk jos:
So Swiatek seem to prefer positioning herself in her double backhand position to hit. But the way you slide, stop and change direction and just recover on time? Master class.
Benjamin Xu
Benjamin Xu:
The First Set was fantastic,Iga played just okay but still too good to lose...
Arsalan Ahmed
Arsalan Ahmed:
Iga Swaiatek is the champion of serving Bagel and Breadsticks.
Derrick Wong
Derrick Wong:
Iga has many of the best attributes of Martina Hingis and Justine Henin. Unbelievable player with a magnificent future ahead (if she stays injury-free).
Sergiu Craciun
Sergiu Craciun:
Beware the next Chris Evert of clay courts. She will win again the title with this game
Olaf sørensen
Olaf sørensen:
on top of all her skills you see an energy that are amazing. Clara Tauson wich comes from Denmark could learn a lot from that atitude Iga has. Bedst to Iga .I"m your biggest fan .Olaf Coacch Copenhagen Denmark
Iga is working with a personal psychologist all the time. This is a total game changer in a modern tennis environment, as we've seen so much talented players destroyed by the lack of a proper mental support.
Adrian Pace
Adrian Pace:
Very impressive....
Kat x
Kat x:
thank you Iga i love you and you are really one of the few reasons why im so proud of my country. that we FINALLY can have a GS tennis champion.
Rama Kamepalli
Rama Kamepalli:
Go Iga go, Don't let anyone to 3rd set......will see you in final.
Effy Rea
Effy Rea:
Vamos iga!!
Joel Chicano
Joel Chicano:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome baker Iga Swiatek from Poland🥯🥖👏🏻
pol set
pol set:
Iga should endorse a bagel or pretzel product😂
Her ability to control, dictate and change the game is one of a kind
Mentrail Turman
Mentrail Turman:
Iga will win Roland Garros this year. Watch!
Shaun S
Shaun S:
That first set gave me heart palpitations. Kontaveit played great but Iga did just enough to sneak out the set. The 2nd set Iga was in full swing. Relaxed and hitting freely. If the 2nd set Iga shows up for thebrest of the tournament, should could possibly successfully defend her title
Anna Walczak
Anna Walczak:
Queen of clay? Not enough. Queen of bakery, new Buddy Valastro. 4 matches, 4 bagels (2 w/ Pliskova, 1 w/ Juvan and 1 w/Kontaveit)
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
It took Iga a bit to find her groove but closed it out in dominating fashion.
..weird how the defending RG champ is seeded 8th 🙃
This was a great match!!!
Chris O
Chris O:
Wow she has been taking the will out of her opponents
Iga World Class 💪
Kontaveit’s grunt sounds like a sneeze
Tak właśnie kończą stękadła …
Kontaveit needs to work on her mentality, especially against top players, she's someone that can be 5-1(40-0) and still lose the set...still love her though but knew Iga was winning.
giorgi vasadze
giorgi vasadze:
iga keeps destroying these girls!
Ordinary Guy
Ordinary Guy:
I hope Iga wins the FO.
Swiatek has this easy. Serena stands no chance
Chuck Deless
Chuck Deless:
The practice drills with RAFA are helping Iga in this tournament.
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
Anett’s first set was the best of her career - but Iga is just too tough. She has to be the favorite now with Barty, Halep about.
Bravo. Iga power. 😍💖
Chuck Deless
Chuck Deless:
Iga gets into trouble when she hits a short ball. When her opponent hits a short ball, I like how she hits the winner coming to the net.
Stephan Hersh
Stephan Hersh:
IGA : potential *Queen of Clay*
Iga is the clay queen!!
Maciej Prill
Maciej Prill:
Polish Pride Iga Świątek🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱💪🏆❤
Sel Os
Sel Os:
Amazing performance from both, but Iga is just on another level rn
Sharla T
Sharla T:
A beast!
Peter Latton
Peter Latton:
Rennardy Juwana
Rennardy Juwana:
i hope she wins again this year
Iga has great anticipation and mobility. This, combined with effortless power and great technique, bodes well for adapting to the grass of Wimbledon. If she can develop her volleying skills, then she could well be unstoppable on any surface.
Bilawal Khan
Bilawal Khan:
ι'м n love wιтн ιga & ι'м ғroм paĸιѕтan 🙈
Jose Venancio
Jose Venancio:
Repeat Champion 🙌👌👏
Adam Slowik
Adam Slowik:
Iga, how many bagels 🥯 have you baked since the Rome final?

4 bagels or so…

Perfect memory. Are you gonna bake more ones in RG?

Iga: Honestly, I’m gonna set up a bagel store nearby the center court…
jj b
jj b:
Iga did slow start but overcame it in 1st set. She was unstoppable in 2nd set. Jazda iga.
andy latka
andy latka:
Amazing how strong Iga is , number 1 .
Both tennis players are great!
David Short
David Short:
The first set was the first time I’ve seen Swiatek look off her game. Came back well, but almost looked indecisive to start.
BRAVA IGA .......getting stronger at every mach.💚🔥
Summer B
Summer B:
Soooo good Iga!
Андрей Сыхов
Андрей Сыхов:
Вытерпела в первом сете натиск Анетт, а во втором был come back?!.
nir S
nir S:
Well dome swiatek nice win was a hard match a war congrats
Iga is a monster! Exquisite aggressive clay court player.
IGA! Boom! Boom! Boom! IGA! Boom! Boom! Boom! IGA! 2021 French Open Champion!!!!!
patrick clohessy
patrick clohessy:
This day next week we will be looking at her on this You Tube site with Champion Highlights and Winner Swiatek
Kostyuk will be the most difficult obstacle on the road to the final. Hope Iga will get past Kostyuk.