"I'm emotional in interviews, I care." Steven Gerrard challenges interviewer after Arsenal loss

Steven Gerrard was not impressed with his Aston Villa side as they fell at home to Arsenal, and kept our interviewer Des Kelly on his toes after the game!

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100+ comentarios:

That was the most calm and collected ripping apart of a reporter's dumb questions I've seen in a while. Didn't berate the guy, just explained why he thought his questions were bad. If I were a Villa fan I'd be quite happy with how Gerard carries himself, calm and collected but passionate.
Nothing but respect to Gerrard. A man with a winning mentality. From an Arsenal fan
Jordan Reynolds
Jordan Reynolds:
I’m an Everton fan but I’m genuinely grateful to Gerard for this interview- interviewers making statements instead of asking questions has done my head in for years. Not like they have a hard job
Jonno Berto
Jonno Berto:
Gerrard absolutely crucifying the reporter 😂😂
T I M E L E S S:
Being a United fan I don’t like siding with Gerrard too much but I have to say I totally agree with him on this. Some people may say he was harsh but he is right. Most of the questions in interviews and press conferences are absolutely atrocious.
Hopefully this is a lesson to other reporters not to ask stupid questions straight after a game. I’ve seen this way to often and not enough managers have stood their ground. Well done Steven Gerrard
Peter Land
Peter Land:
I was a Gerrard fan when he was a player - it's impossible not to be one now in his coaching years!
Manny Ogu
Manny Ogu:
I love this. Sometimes the interview questions aren't there to gain answers or insights. Sometimes they're there to trigger managers. Fair play to Dez for taking the criticism well though.
As a Liverpool fan, it’s pretty cool to see his winning mentality carry on from him being a captain and leader in Liverpool to being a manager
Manny Ogu
Manny Ogu:
"I thought your questions would be better" 😂😂😂
That's cold!
Classy from Gerrard, passionate but didn't lose his head.
Fake Email
Fake Email:
The guy isn’t even asking questions, he’s just making statements and expecting an answer. Ask questions it’s an interview
Great to have a manager who doesn't gloss over reality with club PR speak! Win, lose, or draw, loving being a Villa fan under Gerrard! Up The Villa. We all know where are, and without Gerrard we'd be in relegation now! We know Gerrard needs a full season to really stamp his mark on the team. 👍
That is one of the coldest interviews I have ever watched. I have never seen some get killed while smiling. He’s an assassin it’s just brutal.
the Sun and the Earth
the Sun and the Earth:
A class interview. He showed way less aggression compared how the interviewer was and he does not listen. Over the years, the questions have been pants from football journalist.
Dick McCarthy
Dick McCarthy:
Eventhough i am a Gooner, i have mad respect towards Gerrard. Top class professional as a player and as a manager. If Villa can keep him and provides funding, there's no doubt that up up is the only direction.
He always schooled the media up in Scotland too.Well done Stevie,fondly remembered 💙
Jacob Ladder
Jacob Ladder:
Ha - Brutal! Gerrard has always been one of my all-time favorite players, and he's very quickly becoming one of my favorite managers
Love this guy!! Talks sense and speaks well
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal:
even if the questions were weak, interviewer still managed to show us how classy Gerrard is. mad respect for this guy
I have utmost respect for Steven Gerrard, I’m so impressed by his Rangers record, the fact that he can pull it off as a manager is just awesome, he’s a sure bet, future Liverpool coach.
Daniel Valdez
Daniel Valdez:
Well done to him. Thats exactly how to speak your mind keeping your composure and manners. Must be a joy have him as a leader
Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson:
He’s a legend. Sorted out the Scottish media while at Rangers with their bullshit questions! Handles it so well! 55 stevie 🇬🇧💪🏻
Gerrard showed more might in that interview than his team. clearly sending a message to the players. would be a great achievement if he gets villa into top 6-8 places next season
ynwa 96
ynwa 96:
I’ve never seen Gerrard like this in an interview before! Love it!! 😂
Dimi Demetriou
Dimi Demetriou:
Get in Stevie! Hahaha, didn't cross the line but had the reporter melting 😂 Even as a Chels fan now one of my favorite managers, brilliant dismantling.
Rangers Legend, loved his passion it filtered through the whole club 🇬🇧💙
Alexandre Wilson
Alexandre Wilson:
Pure class as a player, pure class as a manager
He’s the man, hope he does well
Joseph Cotterell Bass
Joseph Cotterell Bass:
Absolute class from Gerrard. 👏🏽
Liz VonFliz
Liz VonFliz:
“i thought your questions would be a little bit more better… no disrespect”
lmfao this man
Saqib Akbar
Saqib Akbar:
As a football fan I like what Gerrard did there. There is so much scrutiny and accountability on the performance of players and managers by the media and yet nothing the other way around. For the longest time; the questions in press conferences and match related interviews are uninspiring to say the least.
Costcobear 1
Costcobear 1:
Everyone who works for the media should be shown this level of respect
to be fair the interviewer took it really well and even though questions was weak it was still a good interview to show gerrard’s personality so fair play
Gerrard outclassed him and the reporter knew it
TheRealest 811
TheRealest 811:
Nice one Gerrard for calling out reporters for bland and unintelligent questions
Saaid Abukar
Saaid Abukar:
As an Arsenal fan I respect this man
Karlito Bergkamp
Karlito Bergkamp:
What a lad! Any club that has Steven as manager is going to be one lucky club 👍🏻💪🏻👏🏻
Legend of a player. Legend of a man
That's one of the friendliest maulings I've ever seen 😂
Rather Not
Rather Not:
Gerrard communicating that winning mentality even when the chips are down.
Kenny Liverpool 8
Kenny Liverpool 8:
Absolute class this guy. My captain ❤️
Jay Jay
Jay Jay:
Smashed that interview their. Class act is Gerrard.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith:
Really rate Stevie think he's gonna be a top manager. Commands respect, intense personality and he's a pure winner.
Alan Woolmer
Alan Woolmer:
He knows his stuff SG and he speaks his mind,loved the way he handled himself.
Omkar Bhave
Omkar Bhave:
Absolutely love his interviews as a coach, even with Rangers, no bullshit, no mind games not afraid to just say the true stuff out loud.
Frank warrens shoulder
Frank warrens shoulder:
What a legend love from a gooner
Wat a leg end....class as a player and gonna be an amazing manager 👏
dylan westren
dylan westren:
Good job Gerrard. Held the interviewer accountable or his lazy questions. It's about time we had real journalists again
Genuinely feels like he's reviving Aston Villa and not just for one season.
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Absolutely bodied the reporter 😭😭😭🙏🏻
Did he genuinely tell the manager of Aston Villa that there is a gap between them and Liverpool and Man City? No disrespect to Aston Villa who are literally one of the biggest clubs in England but obviously there's a gap? Liverpool and Manchester City are teams that are both in a league of their own, no one comes close. People thought Chelsea have entered the fight for the title but they haven't even come close, Arsenal are a bigger threat to Chelsea now.
John O'Brien
John O'Brien:
Refreshing to see there’s still a bit of banter rather than managers stomping off when it doesn’t go their way
Chivati-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞
Chivati-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞:
As a Liverpool fan, it’s pretty cool to see his winning mentality carry on from him being a captain and leader in Liverpool to being a manager
Struan Robertson
Struan Robertson:
I like how gerrard was in control of himself here and didnt flip out at the reporter...like a lesser man would have. Well done, handled this like a true professional...interesting to see what villa do next season. Gerrard is a good manager...
Brilliant from Gerrard 😂 hilarious interview, I think the reporter did that deliberately trying to get him to bite, either way good viewing
it was always about gerrard when he was a player, and it seems he's going to keep it that way now he's a manager
Geordie Dee
Geordie Dee:
Love seeing these young managers come into the league with new ideas Gerrard Howe Viera Arteta Lampard etc hopefully Scotty Parker will join that mix it's great to see
Arsenal lozz 1886
Arsenal lozz 1886:
Fantastic player gerrard was and I wish him
The best of luck with villa who I also like as a club. I’m arsenal through and through but I thought gerrard was excellent in the interview and shows his winning character . Great player and will be a great coach for sure
Heeeeer'es Rossy!
Heeeeer'es Rossy!:
Steven Gerrard: The epitome of a perfect gentleman.
Heard him do this a lot while Managing rangers he was always respectful but when silly or bad questions got asked he was game for them
Rilind Bardoniqi
Rilind Bardoniqi:
Love that from Steven. The same way managers get criticized interviews should also be. No reason to mention the gap and the 1 shot on target. Both were obvious fact which Steven was never disputing. Instead ask questions that will give us some new information
That was the most calm and collected ripping apart of a reporter's dumb questions I've seen in a while. Didn't berate the guy, just explained why he thought his questions were bad. If I were a Villa fan I'd be quite happy with how Gerard carries himself, calm and collected but passionate.
Thank god the interviewer pointed out that there is still a gap to liverpool, city and chelsea. I don‘t think anyone knew that😂
stephen mcdonnell
stephen mcdonnell:
Very good interview
Steven Gerrard is a class act
And as a rangers fan 🇬🇧
I hope he has great success at Aston villa because he is a top manager and will be for years to come
Big respect for that man!!!!
Trev Bailie
Trev Bailie:
I loved him as a player and he has matured like a very very very fine wine.
Great work at Rangers. Great start at Villa.
The term "Top Bloke" understates it.
I wish him nothing but the very best.
MR Alpha_420
MR Alpha_420:
I come here thinking he's gonna be crying he handled it perfectly everything he said was bang on the money lol
N S:
What an interview by Gerrard 🔥
Always enjoyed Stevie G's interviews up in Glasgow. All the best from Rangers to Stevie and his team.
James Smith
James Smith:
😂🤣 Steven Gerrard absolutely schooling the reporter and let's be right he is doing a good job at villa
It's refreshing to see someone actually call out these interviewers and journos for their terrible questions
The class is unreal! I’m a little bit emotional he ain’t on the pitch anymore! My absolute hero!
Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson:
He will be a brilliant manager at Liverpool in a few years.
KM 1365
KM 1365:
😂😂i love stevie and his interviews
Milani Nodada
Milani Nodada:
A class act right there. Tells the reporter his business… Respectfully and then wishes him the best✨
Teerapong Sutlamsum
Teerapong Sutlamsum:
Great response from Stevie even though Des Kelly was trying to wind him up! Its really hard for one to stay so calm after just losing a game. Big respect.
Andre Sarian
Andre Sarian:
Man what I’d give to see this man pass the ball into his own half, and hear the commentators voice say ‘gerrrrard’ like he’s about to bang it in from half way😂😂
Nothing like the truth been told..
Respect to Steven
Mikail Mirza Safdar
Mikail Mirza Safdar:
what a legend
Tom Brien
Tom Brien:
Gerrard shutting the interviewer down 😂
han solo
han solo:
Stevie g. The man. The legend.
Love the man!!
He came in this season to keep Villq safe - which he has more or less done. He needs a few more windows to take them to the next level towards to European spots.
L S White
L S White:
Gerrard's the man 👌
Shane lfc
Shane lfc:
Love this guy so much. He will be, if not is already a top top manager.

Edit: Villa fans whats your thoughts on the manager?
peter anderson
peter anderson:
🤣🤣 What a great response, Gerrard showing his off the pitch grit.
ARSENAL only had 3 shots on target all game, not a hell of a lot...Goal well, it was a lucky crack that found its way through defenders legs, not a superb bit of play.......Arsenal deserved the win, but Stevie G did a great sliding tackle in on the "one the shot on target dig" took the ball cleanly and sent him packing,....SG, legend never gives in or drops his head...
Grahame Leighton
Grahame Leighton:
He was like this at Rangers aswell love how he doesn’t sugar coat the press
Alfred Royal
Alfred Royal:
Stevie G, “where’s yer 10 in a row now?”. LEGEND, HERO.
Sachin Korde
Sachin Korde:
There is so much Cloughy about him.. absolutely love it!! Wish him all the success..
trucker Mark
trucker Mark:
What a guy man so glad he manages aston villa 👏
S P:
He handled this very well!
Lewis Light
Lewis Light:
Keep doing watt ur doing u was a magnificent player for lfc and 1 day ur gonna be a magical manager for lfc the 1 and only Steven Gerrard 8 🤴🤴
Zulfiqar Soomro
Zulfiqar Soomro:
Love Steven Gerrard ♥️
paul grant
paul grant:
Well done Steve G. Once a Ranger 🇬🇧
Robert Rankin
Robert Rankin:
Stevie G never forget what he done for my Rangers hope his time Villa picks up.
Day Day
Day Day:
Made my day in a way knowing Dez got owned again tbh. Well played bravo 😂👏
Notice how when he listed the teams better, he doesnt mention spurs lol
Alberto Febres
Alberto Febres:
A total gentleman on and off the pitch
Dan Drake
Dan Drake:
Class from Gerrard from a gooner 👍