I’m Fighting Floyd Mayweather This Week

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I’m a 26 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

100+ comentarios:

This is insane. I remember watching Logan in 2014 on Vine. We are living in a simulation.
The amount of Memes that can be made with this after this fight is over. Cant wait
Rebel Watch
Rebel Watch:
Respect to Floyd for going into the ring and surviving 8 rounds
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Just happy that you turned over a new leaf, whether you win or lose, you've proved that you can improve as a person
Cristiano Messi
Cristiano Messi:
I respect him so much for appreciating that he is going in the ring with such a boxing icon
Dan Surprise
Dan Surprise:
Gotta respect his hustle
I believe in you dude you got this 💯
im not even gonna lie i watched logan years ago and i NEVER imagined him becoming a boxer. clear hes on that grind and i respect that
I respect logan more than I respect Jake. He went for undefeated mayweather.
Ryan Mathern
Ryan Mathern:
He needs to make a new video I know he's training but he can at least tell us what he's been up to
〘 ɢʀᴇʏ 〙
〘 ɢʀᴇʏ 〙:
As long as Logan doesn't become as immature as Jake, I'll keep respecting him.
Duckster Mans
Duckster Mans:
Alternate title: I’m giving Floyd Mayweather lovely hugs this week
Dev arts
Dev arts:
Good luck logan love you for everything❤❤
Nikhil Mathew
Nikhil Mathew:
notice how the title isn’t “I’m beating Floyd mayweather this week”
if logan goes through round 2, i already have a ton of respect
Yeeda Q
Yeeda Q:
Logan acknowledges his opponent, keeps moderate trashtalk, and has a humble approach towards this fight. You gotta respect that.
UraniumPuppy 4000
UraniumPuppy 4000:
He actually survived the fight. Epic.
Sacred Hope✨
Sacred Hope✨:
I can see you winning.. Its all about the manifestation in our minds.. Like you said "see it, achieve it, believe it" God bless you!
Good luck bro you got this 💪👑
why does this put the thought of him winning in my head
I can't believe this is happening..
Kiutang Q
Kiutang Q:
Love you bro good luck.
Hoping for the best💛
Mayweather vs. Paul predictions

Brian Campbell: The physical advantages Paul will enter the ring with can't necessary be overlooked. The former standout high school wrestler and football player is 18 years younger than Mayweather, six inches taller and has a reach that is four inches longer. He's also expected to be anywhere from 45 to 50 rounds heavier. Mayweather has never fought anyone bigger than 154 pounds and Paul weighed 199.5 pounds in his pro debut. Expect those never-before-seen obstacles to give Mayweather at least a round or two of pause as he gauges the hand speed and timing of his younger foe. But once he's fully adjusted, Mayweather should have zero issue -- even retired at age 44 -- of being able to land clean, hard pull counters anytime he pleases. The biggest question regarding Paul's ability to survive surrounds how good his untested chin can be against the pinpoint accuracy of a real professional. Paul is both hungry and fearless but his rudimentary knowledge of the sport compared to that of Mayweather can only produce one result: a mid-fight knockout.
Moore Vlogs
Moore Vlogs:
Good luck braddah!!! Godspeed. You can be anything. Don't have to be just a fighter or a creater, you can make vids still. You document your life regardless of the label as a youtuber. You live. And you document. We don't see you as a youtuber anymore or at least I don't. I just see you as a athlete documenting his journey. Perspective my man. Perspective. Again good luck G. 👍🏼🤙🏼🤘🏼
Ayaan Khan
Ayaan Khan:
Justin Schmidt
Justin Schmidt:
The editing is next level
Chuck Current
Chuck Current:
Good luck bro you got this!
However, one of the Floyd's greatest weaknesses is also his biggest strength – punching. One of the ways to secure a win in boxing is by punching a knockout, but Mayweather's punches are never thrown upon striking the opponent. It's a risky move but it's been proven successful for Floyd so far
Rebel Watch
Rebel Watch:
Respect to Floyd for going into the ring and surviving 8 rounds
insane to see how its almost been 1 month since the fight. feels like 1 week ago
Crazy dudes only a year older than me, but making more in this fight then i have in my whole life lmfaooo GG logan
Tom Foyll
Tom Foyll:
so with the mcgreggor fight floyd hardly threw anything through 4 rounds.
tired mcgreggor out.
never dropped his hands below his elbows
bent over
makes you chase him, then after 4 rounds he starts turning on the heat (just with mcgreggor)
I don’t get how Logan changed at the same time I changed my interests on YT. I used to love Logan’s old vids back in 2016 and 2017 when I was 10 and 11 then i noticed he was kinda annoying when I was 12 ish. Then it took him less than a year to transform into a brand new YouTuber. I find it crazy how he stayed one of my favourite YouTubers even when I changed my interests with what I watch because he changed his video style at the same time I started not liking the old Logan if that makes sense.
"Im having a hugging contest with floyd mayweather"
I have respect that he has the balls to get in the ring with mayweather
Vic N
Vic N:
Respect to Logan. This man can take an L and come back with a even crazier and more wild goal then he had in mind before. He simply does not give up, And that’s why he’s at where he is today
EDIT: I legit just paid 50 dollars to watch 2 grown men hug
This looks like an actual movie trailer... insane editing!
Louis Castillo
Louis Castillo:
i like how you knocked out floyd it was incredible 🤯🤣🤣
Sir Cumcised
Sir Cumcised:
Respect, you actually boxed the Floyd Mayweather
Griffey Johnson
Griffey Johnson:
Floyd just need more rounds. The 12 round fight you would’ve been on your back.
Logan always pushing it to the limit 💪💪
GAurav Vlogs
GAurav Vlogs:
Good luck brother nice video ❤❤🔥🔥🔥
Conejo Malo
Conejo Malo:
Don’t delete this inspirational video once you get ur shit rocked by Floyd
gg gamers
gg gamers:
Man logan has matured alot since i last watched him
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu:
This looks like an actual movie trailer... insane editing!
Bob Stone
Bob Stone:
“When a fighter has nothing to lose he’s dangerous”-rocky balboa
Fadhil Rais
Fadhil Rais:
Bronne Dwayne
Bronne Dwayne:
Love you Logan!!!!!!!!!!♥️
Bro u got me so hyped up!
Uan kewl
Uan kewl:
He finna do well!
if Logan wins Mayweather would be in a total chaos.
Alec 5
Alec 5:
Why aren’t his coaches teaching him how to use his feet and hips when he throws hooks and to keep his hands up🤦‍♂️
Devil's Advocate
Devil's Advocate:
I'm SIKED you guys love the edit! 🙏 Make sure to watch part 1 as well on fanmio's youtube channel <3
Jeff Sanders
Jeff Sanders:
Can we give Logan some credit for just stepping in the ring with Floyd Mayweather
Courtney Knight
Courtney Knight:
When you win this fight I wanna see the old you the funny videos where u post videos that make me laugh and that give me that sense of knowing u r still somewhat a YouTuber
Sharkmankill Games
Sharkmankill Games:
Imagine he took every L possible but in the End his first dub is against the Best Boxer in the World 😂😭
Dylan Justus
Dylan Justus:
Yes, I believe in you Logan
Respect 🙌🏻
"Im having a hugging contest with floyd mayweather"
Hope you got the stamina. Cause floyd going to try and always go for the long fights.
“If I let statistics rule the decisions in my life, I’d be nowhere”

still the one quote stuck in my head that Logan said from the press conference. Good luck to you on June 6th
Murilo Cardoso
Murilo Cardoso:
Vim do futuro pra dizer que vamos sobreviver a essa pandemia Amém...🙏❤. . .
Jason Bryant✔︎
Jason Bryant✔︎:
good luck it’s tonight all u been training for has come to this do not let this flop you got this in the bag beat his ass. be the one that ends him. I believe in you Logan. Good luck champ.
All the best bro 🔥🔥
best Lana
best Lana:
Man I love u u can do it ❤
The Yeti
The Yeti:
The man who never lost vs the man who never won

Holy fuck
Never Dies
Never Dies:
Good luck Logan! You’re amazing.
Don’t know you but best of luck. Respect to you for stepping in the Ring and making that walk
chelin wa
chelin wa:
Respetos desde Colombia ,creo que logro lo que quiso y mostró un punto el particular ,lo que desee hacer ,se puede hacer , sin miedo al éxito
Clara -My New SAX Video Vlog
Clara -My New SAX Video Vlog:
Login you got this man I believe in you you will win 💪 🙏 you can do this you will WIN beat Floyd Mayweather as you can do this win
even if he does lose, big respect to logan for staying dedicated and putting in the hard work 👌🏼 mans a beast
Petition for new title: I'm Hugging Floyd Mayweather This Week
Luis Soltero
Luis Soltero:
Mad respect for u
I know this is going to be awesome but i have a quick question! i thought you fought Floyd maweather in February the 20th or is it a re match?
TC Campbell
TC Campbell:
I wasn't rooting for you, But I will give you props when it is deserved! 💯🤘💪 Good fight! You definitely stayed true to your word, so did Mayweather.. according to the stats Mayweather won, but you did great for the first big time fight 💯👌 Showing everyone that we can do anything & you don't have to be famous!! 💯💯
Jake The Viking
Jake The Viking:
Dude I’m hyped for this!
Good luck Logan you will need it😉👍
“Im fighting Floyd Mayweather this week and I am gonna lose” should be the title. He does not deserve this fight at all. Boxing is now a joke sport
Fighting a professional boxer…… You’re so smart 😂😂
Muguthan saravanan
Muguthan saravanan:
Good Luck Logan Paul🔥
At least hes fighting a real boxer and not a professional ball thrower.
Luqiago Junior
Luqiago Junior:
I can't wait for Mayweather knocking you down man😂😂😂
Aadarsh Naik
Aadarsh Naik:
This is one of the best motivational video of my life. If you want something, you have to make it Happen
landon lafreniere
landon lafreniere:
Hey Logan you got me through rough times and I’m having my birthday on the sixth and I hope you win
even if you lose ill still support you for fighting a real boxer
Mayweather wins: people don’t care they expected it
Logan Wins: whole internet is broken
Manuel aguilera
Manuel aguilera:
Login you got this man I believe in you you will win 💪 🙏 you can do this you will WIN beat Floyd Mayweather as you can do this win
e t
e t:
Win or lose, I support you. Good luck Logan
Ren Vanis
Ren Vanis:
Wow just wow , for u to step in to that ring w the best boxer in history takes hella balls man wow amazing fight today I feel like u won well played to both of y’all keep going Logan 💪
Ston Kambu
Ston Kambu:
Let’s gooo!! 🇵🇷🇵🇷🔥🔥
Jordan Vincent
Jordan Vincent:
Keep pushing the boundaries 🙌🏻
Crazy !!! This fight is insane
The Dislike Button
The Dislike Button:
A perfect match between a boxer who never won and a boxer who never lost.
Beavermatix X
Beavermatix X:
Bro If you win I feel like I need to do something with my life
abdiel San
abdiel San:
Ryan McFadden
Ryan McFadden:
Even if Logan doesn’t win if he finished like 6 rounds he’s gonna get major respect
Der Parodix
Der Parodix:
Damn, he is in such a great shape :O
CoolBoy 1324
CoolBoy 1324:
Good luck Logan Paul all your fans will be rooting for Ya?:D
😂 you can’t knockout scrubs and you ain’t gonna do Floyd like that. Punch timing ⏱ is everything which Floyd has
Mr. Shah
Mr. Shah:
Good luck logan paul ..... i trust you bro..... Show them that you can be the champion