Injustice: Gods Among Us All Cutscenes HD GAME - Justice League

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MadMan 479R
MadMan 479R:
Cyborg: **sees catwoman unconscious**
"Well, im still turned on..."
Cyborg no
Squall Leonhart
Squall Leonhart:
"Superman's been more of a father than you ever were."
"You stopped being my son when you killed Dick Grayson."
"He was my son!"
Sad, but awesome lines
Lex Luthor
builds body armour:
there is no helmet
Spencer Chuong
Spencer Chuong:
“Crime took my family too Clark”
“But you weren’t the gun”

These lines always gives me goosebumps
When you see good superman come through and observe how he acts, it truly shows how far the bad superman fell
Naps 16
Naps 16:
Joker won. All he wanted to do was to make the heros go to far which in this case was killing. He knew he could take advantage over any situation due to the fact that the JL's code was to never kill. He finally broke them and succeeded his goals. Truly an interesting character
William Moore
William Moore:
This plot is really bomb af. This would’ve been a fire ass movie
EpIc FoRtNiTe GAmEr
EpIc FoRtNiTe GAmEr:
”And miss my chance to fight supermans rebound girl”
”How dare you im an amazon”
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil:
*”All it takes is one. bad. day.”*
'after my ring is charged we can go fly to the watchtower' proceeds to have like 3 battles without actually charging the ring
Jake Rutigliano
Jake Rutigliano:
This is what the DCEU should be.
Frost WickedPaw
Frost WickedPaw:
Bary: *slaps Hal*
Hal: well how about a hammer, two busses, and four jets
Владислав Шаклеин
Владислав Шаклеин:
Joker: "I have lots of planning to do to top this."
Also Joker: Screws the entire world by making Superman into a tyrant a minute later.
Well... guess he is as good as his word.
brock breacher
brock breacher:
"I should be dead.... THANKS HAPPY PILL!"
The Holy Man
The Holy Man:
1:32:58 Can I address the fact that Superman cold bloodily murdered a child?
Timothy Matthews
Timothy Matthews:
Doomsday: You mistaken your wife for me?
Superman: I was drugged.
Doomsday: You should've tested to see if it was me.
Kassim Tajideen
Kassim Tajideen:
“Green arrow died trying to explain that to him”
Green arrow : mOviNG oN
Superman: "I made them safe. Shielded them. But are they grateful? Do they appreciate my protection? No...They whine. Complain. Side with those criminals...If they prefer chaos, I'll give it to them...Metropolis and Gotham. I'll flatten 'em. Set an example."
This to me is the moment that Superman truly became no different than the Joker. Sure, he was an evil dictator before this moment. But here you realize he's become an "agent of chaos" like the Joker when he promises to 'give' the people chaos. Also, the Joker ultimately destroyed Metropolis (by tricking Superman) in order to prove a point: that anyone can become like him, anyone can be corrupted, that everyone is just one really bad day away from becoming like him. And here, in this masterful monologue Superman gives, you realize that, like the Joker, he is willing to destroy an entire city just to make a point...he's even willing to kill a child who gets in his way.
Knox King 96
Knox King 96:
Batman:Crime took my family too clark.
Superman:But u weren't the gun.
Hugo Strange: Muhahahaw you may have beat Deathstroke, but you will never beat me Batma-
**Batman walks past him**
Hugo Strange: Oh...okay then...

Thus Hugo is never seen again.
1:50:44 The last time that "S" gave anyone hope in the Injustice Universe.
Han Salo
Han Salo:
The funniest part about injustice is tht when you do Batman’s special, no matter where he is, the batmobile always comes to plow someone. EVEN WHEN HE’S IN SPACE!!!!!
Can we give props to the person who played? They missed some buttons and did other questionable tactics but he still didn’t cut them out
Cheeze Boigas
Cheeze Boigas:
I wish they had gotten their Lois as bait for the evil Superman, maybe she could’ve told him a thing or two
Signor Tommy
Signor Tommy:
Green Arrow : ''How's Grundy?''
Green Lantern : ''Weightless. In orbit''
Wonder Woman : ''You didn't''
Batman : ''Grundy's a zombie. He'll be fine''
1:49:35 lol the universe couldn’t handle 2 batmen fighting
ember ashes
ember ashes:
Humpty dumpty fell through a truck
Humpty dumptys suit is all f---
Walk The Dinosaur
Walk The Dinosaur:
Bane: now I break your back...


*literally obliterates bane without damage*
Lhanze Jared DiCarpio
Lhanze Jared DiCarpio:
42:59 Joker to nightwing: "Tell me. Who's boots are tastier to lick?:

its me the 15410 guy
its me the 15410 guy:
I like the fact how every one is fighting and marsian man hunter just cool with it
Grant Dreyo
Grant Dreyo:
"Why does she hate pankcakes?"
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch:
“I’ll have to tell Batman there’s been a death in the family”
Gus_ JP
Gus_ JP:
Lets Admire Shazam A 12 year old who Had the Most Balls out of everyone in Super Mans Side.
I love how the best DC animated movie ever made.... is a video game.
That Guy Over There
That Guy Over There:
The Superman designs in this game are so underrated. I want a Superman suit like that in the movies
HAYABUSA Muthafucka
HAYABUSA Muthafucka:
Lex: how even did you get your car here in space? It doesn't makes any sense!!!

Batman: cause I'm BATMAN
Batman would kill me if he knew what I was thinking about Selina.
Barry Y
Barry Y:
9:53 - so apparently you need your car with you in space.
Christian Warrior TV
Christian Warrior TV:
Catwoman: What's that?
Cyborg: That's the none of your damn business alarm.
Lol 😂
Captain Unstoppable
Captain Unstoppable:
"He was my son"
McGraidy Macatangay
McGraidy Macatangay:
Yellow lantern:
Barry don't make me do this.
*proceeds to jab lantern's face*
1:14:40 “You stopped being my son when you killed dick grayson. HE was my son” ouuuuuu
Turtle Mike
Turtle Mike:
Honestly, this is already better then the justice league Movie we had.
James Estrada
James Estrada:
I love the design of ares in this game. Too bad he wasn’t in injustice 2. He’s my favorite DC villain
Yusuf Zaman
Yusuf Zaman:
Martian manhunter always makes sure he doesn’t miss a fight😂
VP Mike Pence
VP Mike Pence:
Flash hits Green arrow with a punch going at 30,000,000 mph, “that’s enough Ollie I’m on your side.”
Nicolas Xu
Nicolas Xu:
Joker ”Why does she hate pancakes?”

Charlotte Lipe
Charlotte Lipe:
It was not cool when bad superman Lazered shazam
The Cholo
The Cholo:
29:27 Me when my mom tells me to do homework
lol the graphic difference between injustice and the second version is enorme... its only 2nd ... and imagine injustice 10s graphics !!!!
51:16 Did he immediately know what Supes was planning? I feel Lex was being a real friend in that moment.
Mr. Dude
Mr. Dude:
When lex died all I heard was:
"I don't wanna close my eyes, don't wanna fall asleep cuz I'd miss you babe and I don't wanna miss a thing..."
Clem Nkomo
Clem Nkomo:
This is just perfect, we start off in the darker dimension of dc then to another casual justice leauge universe, this game is just perfect
Joker: "I should be dead... Thanks Happy Pill!"
Haldos Prime
Haldos Prime:
51:04 I appreciate they added that line in, as well as specifically Luthors answer.
Christina Henderson
Christina Henderson:
8:31 he says “I have waited a long time for this” here
Tom Knight
Tom Knight:
Lex looks disturbingly like Bruce Willis
Black Superman
Black Superman:
It’s the “none of your damn business” alarms
Best line of the whole movie

Batman: "Why do I hear boss music?"
Batman: "Why do I hear boss music?"
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson:
“It’s the none of your business alarm” lol the sass is strong with Cyborg haha 🤣
Ahmad Salem
Ahmad Salem:
Bane: “He appreciates my talents.”
Also Bane:
Destiny Dimension
Destiny Dimension:
Watching the 2 Cyborgs hack each other was rather hilarious.
John Smith
John Smith:
I remember when this game came out like yesterday. My friend and I stayed up all night and completed it. Such great times.
Considered Leader
Considered Leader:
Batman: Raven, that’s enough!

Crusty Lemon
Crusty Lemon:
I love how the fact that martian manhunter is just standing there....watching batman fight and is doing nothing.
Joker: Harley, it's me! I'm the Joker! Look, it says so right here on my underwear...
That's honestly one of my favorite Joker lines! XD
When Lex died was one of the saddest moments. Really nice to see him as a hero
End Man
End Man:
This is DCs best story, ever.
Wonder Woman: "We are Amazons. We are here to save mankind."
Random Amazon: "Yeah, well, but are you the one who sign our paychecks too?"
Maykil Nayyef
Maykil Nayyef:
when you realize that DC could make a ton of awesome movies just by looking up their video games stories. yet, they chose to ruin their universe by making the movies we know these days. damn it
Shasta Nardone
Shasta Nardone:

Batman: "I'm handling this... *sticks out hand*"
*next scene is Batman nearly against the wall while Superman floats in*
Vector • 12 years ago
Vector • 12 years ago:
I love how you can see Martian Manhunter just vibin’ in the background
Owen Davis
Owen Davis:
1:22:10 One of the greatest screams I have ever heard
javier penaloza
javier penaloza:
Cyborg: I’ve downloaded this world history
Also cyborg: Uhh yeah we had some wild times
"I'm coming for you"

"Get in line"
The Injustice series has taught me a few things...

1) Harley Quinn makes a better hero than villain
2) Lex Luthor makes an outstanding hero
3) Superman makes a great villain just as good as a hero
4) The Joker should always be a bad guy
5) I gained new respect for Green Arrow
6) Injustice Wonder C*nt is a monster
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson:
Aquaman asks:wheres batman🦇?
Joker🃏 said theres one right there😂
1 2
1 2:
Superman so op. He needs himself to stop him lol
Sack of Potatoes
Sack of Potatoes:
"Well, I'm still turned on"
- Cyborg
Nick Z
Nick Z:
"Are you ready superman?! To take on the might of atlantis?!"

"Yes, *WE* are"

Yellow Hal: *Makes an antiaircraft gun*
Green Hal: I've got just the thing! *Makes an aircraft*
Me: *Visible Confusion*
Imagine if this was the justice league movie
Brandon Marenko
Brandon Marenko:
Green Lantern: That’s enough Adam. You’re done.
Black Adam: You Presume too much.
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson:
All those guys to bring down Batman?

They're gonna need some more guys.
guardians: *sees two hal jordans* what in the sam hell?
Luis Cheung
Luis Cheung:
When the two cyborgs were fighting,it was like watching two cyber bullies fight and they both pressed”like your mom was last night” at the same time
jokers finisher is hilarious, i mean come on look at his face 37:49
Kyla Sharma
Kyla Sharma:
I’m rewatching it and this is where I had to pause it don’t mind me xD
King Viper
King Viper:
when you're drunk and you take a wrong step in the stairs...
Lantern: “Superman, good news. We’ve captured Batman.”

Clark: “I’m on my way.”

Lantern: *leaves with batman*
William Moore
William Moore:
38:38 has me in tears 😂😂😂😂😂
vulkan. j
vulkan. j:
1:25:17 Is that Harley's Thong???
Definitely a huge graphics improvement in injustice 2 but still I personally like both games
beatrice brathwaite
beatrice brathwaite:
All fighting games from netherealm have good stories that I can watch over and over
TopsDaily Productions
TopsDaily Productions:
Injustice is has my favourite Superman suit design, just looks so god damn badass!
9:12 - and Martian Manhunter just chilling there like nothing 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Toon Trooper
Toon Trooper:
"We're not gods. We don't decide who lives and who dies."

Get this man to talk to Man of Steel Superman.
$weet James Jonz
$weet James Jonz:
27:20… Aquaman is more badass in his cutscenes than in gameplay.
24:48 You had them fooled right up till that one point, Arthur.
Lucky Bee
Lucky Bee:
I know Superman, is supposed to be evil but he looks like he hasn't slept in days.