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The Playlist with Ground Zero and Injustice 2 in it

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Injustice Year One to Five - Full Story | Comicstorian


100+ comentarios:

Iyobosa Joshua Owie Josh
Iyobosa Joshua Owie Josh:
Dude you’re literally better than Netflix
Chris Varghese
Chris Varghese:
Wonder Woman is by far the most annoying character in this trilogy, of all time
Ameen Ahmed
Ameen Ahmed:
Superman (literally at EVERY step of this journey): Hmm perhaps I've gone too far...
Wonder Woman: UhH nO yOu HaVeN't!
Jack Lindborg
Jack Lindborg:
Everyone: *Mourning Nightwing's Death

YouTube: This is a great time for a Trojan commercial.
Bakari Cisse
Bakari Cisse:
What I take away:
1. If you're against Superman, you or your friends are gonna die
2. Harley Quinn can't read the room
3. Plasticman is the coolest superhero
Armoni Qualls
Armoni Qualls:
Glad to see im not the only one who thinks wonder woman is the cause for this. Manipulating superman. Keeping secrets.
Sires Orb
Sires Orb:
Everyone tends to forget that Wonder Woman is technically a barbarian strategist. Probably not the best person to handle the internal affairs of a delicate peace operation.
Bruce Wayne: it's over

Batman: this isn't over
Zero Dragon warz
Zero Dragon warz:
Punches green arrow like 16 times to death.
“ I didn’t,t mean to,it was a accident”
Scarecrow in Injustice Year One: *Dies*
Scarecrow in Injustice Year Five (2:14:06): I'm gonna do what's called a pro-gamer move
Insane Genes
Insane Genes:
*superman break batman's back*

Bane: This guy is pretty cool... ima see what he's all about.
Tomato TCG
Tomato TCG:
Harley straight up hits on a kid
Tubo lal
Tubo lal:
Can we just give the Joker credits for this comics?
Cuz damn he really is the bringer chaos.
Joker: All you need is one bad day "proceeds to laugh in His coffin"
James Karg
James Karg:
"One death! ONE DEATH, to save millions!!"

Really hard if not impossible to argue that.
InsaneX • Loaf
InsaneX • Loaf:
Alfred didn’t actually take a pill he is just a god in disguise
Timothy Biggers Jr
Timothy Biggers Jr:
This version of superman is probably the most human he's ever been tbh
Koopa Troopa Poopa
Koopa Troopa Poopa:
Enjoyed the story, it's super intense. But it gets sort of exhausting after a while because almost every interaction turns into a fight to the death lol. I liked it though.
Kajahz Anshh
Kajahz Anshh:
All this started with one of Joker’s joke.
Elias Silvers
Elias Silvers:
Killing Joker is one thing, but killing Green Arrow due to an accident? That's just not gonna cut it anymore.
Changefullstew 36
Changefullstew 36:
Only if Joker saw the chaos he brought, he would laugh so hard he would die😂
M Mora
M Mora:
2:28:31 When you realize that Alfred has got to be at least in his 70s when he beats the crap out of Superman.
Tyler Sowards
Tyler Sowards:
Superman: *breaks Batman's back* Alfred "I'm about to end this mans whole career
The true villain has been Wonder Woman all this time.
Asutosh Padhy
Asutosh Padhy:
Flash should have just killed supes by vibrating his hand through him.
Justin Negron
Justin Negron:
Still can’t believe Alfred got more hits in and didn’t die to Superman 😂
I don’t like the idea that one of the most powerful weapons in the universe (lantern ring) can be destroyed by Wonder Woman with ease.
Owen P
Owen P:
Superman: lEts JUsT tAkE AtLanTIS anD pUSh iT sOmEwhERe ElsE
BuriTTo Rico
BuriTTo Rico:
Barbara picks up her wheelchair then throws it.

WaIT thAtS iLleGaL
i blame wonder woman for a large ammount of these events
DarkSeid Story.
Injustice Story
20 Movies
10+ Billion Dollars

Warner Bros are sleeping.
Ink is Thicker Than Blood Productions
Ink is Thicker Than Blood Productions:
14:05 am I the only one who thinks it’s honourable that both the heroes AND the villains stood aside to let Batman grieve for his ward? Maybe they aren’t complete psychos after all
ice bank mice elf
ice bank mice elf:
Batman: sees superman
Strength pill:now this looks like a job for me
Soviet Knight
Soviet Knight:
this is just saying whenever someone hurts you start taking pills
king brodan
king brodan:
when you realize that the teen titans are still in the phantom zone

[Edit]: holy shit this blew up thanks
William Batson
William Batson:
"This is the comicstorian, here to explain to you comic books that you're too lazy to read yourself."

There, I fixed the title for you.
GreyJedi 2001
GreyJedi 2001:
Superman: I didn’t mean to kill Ollie it was an accident.
Also Superman: *punches Ollie, a normal non powered human, repeatedly*
Mando Lorian
Mando Lorian:
WW: How dare you question my integrity!
Also WW: Jumps Batman with Hal and Damien
a person
a person:
Why is no one talking about Harley’s comedic moments?
Always get me laughing in the midst of chaos.
Pascal Lockwood
Pascal Lockwood:
Black Canary: Literally about to die
Dr. Fate: I'm gonna do what's called a Pro Gamer Move.
"F*** fate." is one of my favorite moments 😂
Stay Frosty
Stay Frosty:
Rose: Don’t trust
Batman: I’m already 4 parallel universes ahead of you
bluff odin
bluff odin:
Marvel: civil war
Marvel: why you steal
Dc: doesn't count because it's good
Marvel: you right you right
I have never read comic books before and this vid just got into my recommended feed and somehow i watched the full 2 hours and 38 minutes
michael gatlin
michael gatlin:
This made me hate wonder woman so much I swear
Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed:
I like this but, it's one thing that annoying me, that is Zeus destroying other religions
Dedrick Jones
Dedrick Jones:
I just love plastic man im over here dying laughing
DarkSouls 40
DarkSouls 40:
I feel inspired this whole entire time just thinking if I can make my own movie out of this
Maybe I missed something but I'm a little confused as to how Harley Quinn was able to come back, when she was killed wasn't her physical body destroyed how was she even able to hold the Mother Box
Sam Baxter
Sam Baxter:
So basically Batman vs Megahitler
Philip Strugar
Philip Strugar:
So the entire epic story ends with, Injustice characters being scattered across the multiverse and good heros being put into the injustice universe? The story ended so quickly, I don’t completely understand what happens. I feel like some of the heros turned evil really easily.

Great story telling kills! I watched this on my TV just like I would any movie!
Pen and Reel
Pen and Reel:
Your pronunciation of Themyscira drives me mad: It isn’t Ria at the end, just Ra.
Token Handicap
Token Handicap:
Batman and Superman aren't just the greatest friends.

They're the Superfriends.
Lickity split
Lickity split:
That ones called Arkillo, he even has kill in his name

Kilowog: am i a joke to you
Chris Sanderson
Chris Sanderson:
The bits with Plastic Man are my favorite part of this video.

That voice is on point.
Caleb W
Caleb W:
Can we acknowledge how bitchy Iris was? She literally insulted the Flash for not beating superman by himself lol
Ali Azazel
Ali Azazel:
Ok first off amazing video. Second WHY IN THE HELL HAS THIS NOT BEEN MADE INTO A BLOCKBUSTER FILM SERIES!??? This video shows everything that would top Marvel comics films
Superman: plumbles Green Arrow to the ground killing him
Also Superman: i didn’t mean to
Matthew McCormack
Matthew McCormack:
Let’s face it, this is just DC’s Civil War, and a better one
Riley Bachman
Riley Bachman:
Just realized if CA grabbed WW instead he probably could have killed her
(Edit I’m dumb and didn’t notice autocorrect made if is)
K1d R1val
K1d R1val:
Lowkey Harley was the best part of this comic series tbh
Mizael Mendez
Mizael Mendez:
Hold’re telling me that after all of this time watching this...IT’S NOT OVER?!! I have to watch ANOTHER VIDEO?! Fine...let’s do this.
Brandon Marenko
Brandon Marenko:
Bizarro: You am Fake Superman!! 😠
Superman Regime: I am? 😕
Bizarro: Yeah stop right now!! 😡
Superman Regime: Are you from another dimension or genetic experiments? Where do you come from? 😏
Bizarro: Leave not me alone!! 😠

Awesome line I love it.
Christian Garcia-Ordonez
Christian Garcia-Ordonez:
This whole story is just one character Pulling a Karen and calling their enemies’ superior lmfao
Unamed Soul
Unamed Soul:
Bringing the Atlantis into the dessert.

That was so Badass!
This is literally one of the best comic book stories I have ever seen. This needs more attention
- Nedac -
- Nedac -:
I’ve spent almost 3 hours watching and this is one of the most unique story we’re Batman doesn’t give up
Just call me Mike
Just call me Mike:
DC injustice needs to be a 5 part animated film. That’s rated R!
Injustice is such a great, dark story. The two things I wish is that Martian Manhunter would be a more important character, and at least some role for Rorscharch (love the character). Also 2:14:10 how is scarecrow alive?
Reginald Frempong
Reginald Frempong:
01:26 Injustice Year 1 Volume 1
14:24 Injustice Year 1 Prelude Teen Titans
17:55 Injustice Year 1 Volume 2
36:10 Injustice Year 2 Volume 1
45:40 Injustice Year 2 Volume 2
01:01:02 Injustice Year 3 Prelude Constantine
01:04:26 Injustice Year 3 Volume 1
01:18:20 Injustice Year 3 Volume 2
01:30:18 Injustice Year 4 Volume 1
01:42:48 Injustice Year 4 Volume 2
01:55:13 Injustice Year 5 Prelude
02:00:54 Injustice Year 5 Volume 1
02:12:18 Injustice Year 5 Volume 2
02:20:20 Injustice Year 5 Volume 3
02:28:33 Injustice Finale
Cody Hahn
Cody Hahn:
What we learned: Only kill those in your rogues gallery
D. C.
D. C.:
Jesus Christ, that was an amazing video! I’ve never watched anything like this on YouTube before, usually the max amount of minutes like 15 or 20 minutes that I’ve watched in the past. That was an amazing read, thank you for entertaining me!
Carlos Mariscal
Carlos Mariscal:
"Injustice: Alfreds Among Us"
Potatoface 2007
Potatoface 2007:
So the old gods really just went:
“Ight imma head out.”
Hood— Animations
Hood— Animations:
“F*ck fate” 😂
One of the best lines
Superman: We have an army.
Batman: We have an Alfred.
DMG Gaming
DMG Gaming:
The words "x has finally gone too far" happens so much in this series lol
A Username
A Username:
Batman’s back: *exists*
Everyone: “ *im about to end this mans whole career* “
Johnny Marston
Johnny Marston:
Wonder Woman: I demand we settle this by combat
*Shang Tsung wants to know your location*
raven is mourning the loss of her father: excUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuse me?
Kal Raj
Kal Raj:
This will be the only time I hate the joker and Wonder Woman. Love the injustice storyline though
Randy Schwing
Randy Schwing:
Do the justice league not have zoom or skype? They always have to meet physically....
Give me subs Or give me ded
Give me subs Or give me ded:
Batman: we need the pill to fight Superman!

Kryptonite: am I a joke to you?
who else watched the WHOLE video without skipping 😎
-Attack-Mode -
-Attack-Mode -:
DUDE, Great job on the channel. I just saw this. Look forward to looking thru your content. Love it, someone posted a joker scene on Facebook and I had to look at the YouTube station.
You know, the more times I watch this, the more I realize just how many weird plot-holes there are in this series.
I Don’t know
I Don’t know:
Superman: hurts Bruce*
Alfred: I’m about to end this whole mans career.
Kendall ,TaylorMade gift from above,Taylor
Kendall ,TaylorMade gift from above,Taylor:
Why didn't superman use the pit at the league of assassins , a ton of people have come back from the dead with it even alfred did in this story 🤔
Nathaniel Claw
Nathaniel Claw:
wonder woman reached levels of simping for superman no one thought possible
BIGLIPS End mii:
To think that all of this started because of Joker being extra crazy

The butterfly effect at its finest
"This isn't about Dick, Damian."
"It's always been about Dick!"

Well damn, guess that explains the batnipples.
Patrick Ramirez
Patrick Ramirez:
Injustice in a nutshell: “we’ll have to show them our peaceful ways, BY FORCE”
supreme naruto
supreme naruto:
Lol I'm literally watching my cousin play this game while in watching this video 😂
Jacob Chavez
Jacob Chavez:
The obvious choice: So many options to watch on Netflix and other streaming services..... me: chooses to watch 2 in a half hour comic book at 3:45am lmao 😂
Jalen Ikezeue
Jalen Ikezeue:
The Moment Lois Die The Justice league Die long With Her
Fernando Giubilei
Fernando Giubilei:
-"This isn't about Dick"
-"It's always been about Dick!"
ember ashes
ember ashes:
*superman: kills a dictator*
*also superman: becomes the new Hitler*
Lord Vadar
Lord Vadar:
"Having safeguards against us is a breach of trust Batman."
Brandon Marenko
Brandon Marenko:
2:16:36 Did good me cover mouth. Hahahahahahahaha 🤣😂
How many people got knocked out in this